Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: The Roper

Don was preparing for a trek out in the wilds when something odd happened to this researcher - 

1970s: The Decade Obsessed With Witches and Devils

In the 1970s, Hollywood's new rage was witch-themed and devil-themed movies. They did a horrid job of explaining witches and confusing them with devil worship and sacrifice, as well as possession. Somehow many of these movies came out making the public confused about pentacles and witches as some kind of devil worshippers. It would appear that this trend had a lot more to do with youth's disillusionment with religion, desire to enter into cults and alternative spiritual practices. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Devil's Hole Caves - What Is Lurking In Them?

Devil's Hole - Death Valley, California

Around the world there are legends of caves and crevices that become named "Devil's Hole" for a myriad of reasons, but all of them are dark ones. Let's explore just some of the Devil's Holes found in the United States.

UFO Crash in the Grand Canyon?

I thought I'd put this out there... I went looking on Google Earth in the Grand Canyon for one thing, but my eyes noticed something strange. If that's a rock, it doesn't belong there. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Blue Orbs: Case of Spiritual Umbilical?

From time to time I get a case that is so genuine and intriguing that I need to share it with the hopes that if others have experienced it, they will come forward. The case of the blue orbs is one such case.

Summertime Campfire Tales

There is something primitively satisfying about a campfire. We like to gather around the warmth and light, warding off the chill and darkness behind us. But what does that darkness hold? That is the age old fear. 

Once the campfire is constructed, it is good to let your group get comfy, satisfied with some drinks and perhaps some s'mores or hot dogs.

You need to get people relaxed, comfortable and unsuspecting before you decide to wind up a tale that will make them afraid to leave the circle.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: Two Swamp Area Bigfoot Casts

Dennis Guern and I worked on measuring and examining this hands-foot cast from the US South. We also examined the "white cast" from the same area.

Blog Entry Saturday: The Meaning of Summer

We are well and truly deep into summertime now. As adults, we daydream more, gaze out the window, wish we were at the noisy swimming pool in the community center or digging our toes in some sand with a cold beer in our fist, but here we are at another work day. Let's find the meaning of summer by going back in time - 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Are You a Superhero But Don't Know It?

If you were a superhero, what would your talent be? I think I might go for a healer. Be able to touch people or think about them and create a healthy balance and healing process.

Haunted Hiking Trails

me in the middle, in the Sierras 1985

Day hikes or backpacking, taking to the woods can be a really enjoyable summer activity, but not many people realize there are actually haunted hiking trails. Let's take a look at where you might want to hike this summer if you want double the adventure.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Podcast Interview: Bigfoot, Giants, Shadow People

I had a great time on PteroCast podcast talking about Bigfoot, ancient giants, and even shadow people. I hope y'all get a chance to listen to this great show.


The Giant of Happy Valley

Native People of the Northwestern United States supposedly carved this figure.

Haunted House: Dealing With a House's History

Houses are sometimes like people or pets, they seem to remember harms done to them. Instead of cowering and being timid; however, they tend to expel bad energy. Let's talk today about how to deal with a home's past negative history.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: "Hands Foot" Cast

I was very pleased to see Don Monroe in person at the Payson Book Festival. He brought with him many casts for me to archive, measure, and examine details.

Arizona's Cryptids

Arizona may seem barren to many outsiders, but residents know that the state is extremely diverse in weather, flora and fauna. Some of the southwestern cryptids are quite interesting, as well. And, no, there are no sightings of the fictional Jackalope, although I certainly wish they existed!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: Cast of Handprint From "Spirit" Cave

Researcher Don Monroe shared with me an interesting handprint cast. It was from the cave where very odd things have happened (LINK). 

Do You Dare? The Bridgewater Triangle

A lot of my paranormal studies end up crisscrossing each other. You think you are investigating a Bigfoot situation and find UFOs and strange lights in the woods or perhaps you go out in search of ghosts and find there are missing people and creepy cryptids being seen locally. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: Bigfoot Footprint Cast

Don Monroe is in the process of letting me archive many significant items he has accrued over the decades of his research around the world. Today, let's have a look at a foot cast taken in the swampy area of Texas. Don Monroe and Don Sherman saw the fellow from 40 feet away the evening before. 

Weirdest Creepiest Places to Visit

"The Thing" roadside attraction in Dragoon, Arizona

Summer comes and you want to enjoy a getaway. Beaches and mountain cabin vacations aside, consider incorporating a few unusual destinations into the road trip and you might just impress your family and give yourself the most crazy memories ever!

There are two great sources to find the oddest and creepiest places in your destination location - Atlas Obscura and Weird US.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Scariest Cave Finds

Caves are more than the sites of mines and ancient hieroglyphs, the burial places of giants, and homes for bats. They can also be haunted. And, why not? In desperate times, caves were utilized for sanctuary and sometimes standoffs and, given the geology, they seem like ideal vessels in a feng shui sort of way, to retain and hold a kind of amplified haunting that is held captive in a cul-du-sac formation. I am utterly fascinated with the haunted cave phenomena. I cannot think of a better spirit vessel.

Let's have a look at some more infamous haunted caves....

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Ancient Cannibalized Bone?

On any given day, I could be chasing mysteries from a wide variety of focuses. On this particular day, I had set aside time to study, photograph and document an unusual bone find in a remote cave in the Northwestern US.

This interesting and very old bone from a cave appears to be split open neatly, never gnawed on, but the marrow scooped out. This would indicate signs of cannibalism. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

In Search Of: History Channel Tonight

Series Premiere Tonight, July 20 at 10 EST/9 CST

Hosted and executive produced by Emmy-nominated actor Zachary Quinto, the series will examine unexplained phenomena from all over the world.

From the mythical to the scientific, each episode will follow Quinto as he investigates a different subject within a dynamic theme—such as alien encounters, mysterious creatures, UFO sightings, time travel and artificial intelligence—and searches for the truth to some of the world’s greatest mysteries. "In Search Of" will explore enigmas told through the eyes of witnesses and scholars with a personal connection to the phenomenon and include immersive demonstrations and experiments that contextualize each episode's theme.

I'm excited about this! 

Modern Day Cave Giant Encounters?

Ancient flying machines, alien beings, and giants. These are some of the things reported in the media by supposed American soldiers in the Afghanistan campaign. These stories tell of finds that are extraordinary and chilling.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

My New Book Also on Amazon

My new paranormal romance, the first in a series, is up for purchase on the publishing website and also Amazon. If you look for it in other online stores, you will likely find it as it is being distributed throughout. It will be out on ebooks shortly!

Thanks for the wonderful response!

The Haunting of Pripyat: Chernobyl's Ghost Legacy

Pripyat, once a thriving city in Northern Ukraine is now considered a ghost town. On April 27, 1986 when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred, the town was evacuated. Since then, it has sat as it has for 32 years in a strange kind of stasis that appears to attract ghosts. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Big Surprise the Month of October!

October is MY month! I even have a Halloween book Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!   and I've long been known as Autumnforest 

Well, this year, the month of October will be filled again with tons of tips, tricks, crazy events, scary stuff, and every Monday night I will be cohosting with Shawn Whittington on his Vegas Supernatural radio show on KCOR radio!

The month is going to be off the charts and I can't wait for listeners to enjoy some of the darkest, creepiest, and most X-file stuff we will chat about and the special guests to come onto the show!

This Saturday I will be at the casino in Payson, AZ for the Payson Book Festival and signing my new paranormal romance book!

Stalker Between the Worlds: Spring Turns to Summer Presence

*Warning: Photographs and information in this ongoing series might be upsetting to some readers. Discretion advised.*


This is an ongoing series chronicling several years' worth of encounters with bizarre, horrific, and taunting interplay between one innocent citizen and a stalker that defies description (at least in our known world).

This was an exceptionally well-documented series of events that may at times be too graphic or horrifying for some readers, but it is our hope that by sharing this experience, someone out there might recognize a set of circumstances that are similar.

We have advice to be given to anyone encountering what I am at a lack of words to accurately describe, so henceforth refer to it as…the stalker between the worlds.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ancient Giant's Shoulder Bone!

These bones found in a cave in a remote Northwestern US area were interesting finds. The long bone was neatly broken open, no gnaw marsk, the marrow scooped out with a stick or a bone shard with scoop marks remaining. 

Outdoor Thrills and Chills This Summer!

Sometimes, the biggest scares outdoors involve chills and thrills of the daredevil variety.

There are some pretty inventive ways to get your scare on. Let's look at some places with insane challenges.

Monday, July 16, 2018

They Are Real Crypto Conference: Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

Sometimes, I get so frustrated where I am at this point that I can't free myself up to go to every event that I desire. This is one event, I will try to move heaven and earth to attend.

They Are Real Conference, Oct. 1-2, 2018
Pioneer Museum 101 W. Main St.
Crosbyton, Texas 79322

Hosted by The Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
**We are directly across the street.
Conference $30

The Mt. Blanco Museum is one you really need to check out, deep in the heart of Texas!

This museum is fun for all of us dinosaur and archaeology buffs, crypto nerds, and ancient mysteries dweebs. What a fun place! 

Be sure to stop by in the friendly Republic of Texas!

Spooky Ozarks

The Ozark Mountains are some of the most beautiful locations in America, but they are also much like the Appalachian Chain - subject to the comings and goings of people for hundreds of years, leaving often times urban legends and abandoned places. Let's see some of the spookier side of the gorgeous Ozarks - 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ghost of a Chance! (A SEEK Team Investigation) is Launched!

I'm pleased to announce my new book Ghost of a Chance (A SEEK Team Investigation) is now up for sale by NewLink Publishing.  You can also find it at online stores.

It is about to come up in ebook form and Amazon, B&N and other sources. You can buy it today on the Mystic Publishers site  - LINK

This first in a paranormal romance series. In Ghost of a Chance (A SEEK Team Investigation), psychic Isabeau “Beau” Fraser is thrilled when her
billionaire client hires her and her friends to investigate the unexplained. But, she soon realizes it isn’t just ghosts doing the haunting, Marco Petrov and an unresolved history lurked in the shadows. While investigating a dusty mansion, an abandoned prison, a lonely lighthouse, and a ramshackle woodland home, her team gathers evidence of the afterlife as well as evidence of a longing that
never died.

I have really enjoyed writing this series, as I was able to use my real-life knowledge of paranormal subjects and actual incidents and interactions to give the reader a very realistic knowledge of the subject.

I am so pleased this book is out and I hope to hear back from readers to find out how anxious they are for the second installment, "Tall, Dark and Hairy! (A SEEK Team Investigation).

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: UFO Watching Tips

As I live in a state that has a LOT of UFO sightings and I myself have seen many unexplained flying objects in the sky, I thought I'd share some tips on doing a summertime UFO watch.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: Bigfoot Braiding Obsession?

From the files of one of my favorite researchers, Don Monroe, another interesting find to discuss - Bigfoots' obsession with braiding.


Devil's Promenade

Some people call them earth lights, others spooklights, and ghost lanterns. Whatever they are called, they have baffled people for hundreds of years when wandering the woods or back roads and finding floating lights not attached to any explainable human creation. The history on some of these lights goes back to being incorporated in Native American legends.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Haunted Lighthouses and Haunted Beaches

Haunted Lighthouses

Lighthouses are lonely beacons, isolated, sometimes in rugged locations, associated with shipwrecks and isolated keepers, so they seem a natural romantic feature in ghost stories. But, is there a very real reason so many lighthouses are haunted?

The logistics and Feng Shui of a lighthouse seem to make it an ideal candidate to amplify anything that happened there, even become a sort of recording device. You have constantly moving water on rocks, a building usually made of stone, circular in shape with a great power source at the top, often times, metal railing circling within, a keeper who trudged up and down the stairs in daily duties repeatedly, and a round shape that holds energy within, trapping it. Then, you add to that tragedy, loneliness, and no medical help so people often died there. 

I guess the question becomes; why wouldn't lighthouses be haunted? 

Let's have a look at some famously haunted lighthouses - 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It Was a Dark and Storm Night: What to do on a Storm Night

There is something about summertime storms that makes you start thinking about fall and Halloween. Nothing like a dark and stormy night to give you the atmosphere and mood to stoke the fires of mystery. Even if your power isn't out, just turn out the lights and screens in the house and let the lightning illuminate the creepiest corners - 

Most Haunted Places in Utah

This guest post was written by Oskar from GhostlyPursuits.com (*I suggest you check it out!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Weirdest Things To Fall From the Sky

I remember in high school when SkyLab was falling in 1979. Everyone was talking about it, wearing t-shirts about it, and even anxious about where it would land. It began a curious interest in what else has rained from the sky that was bizarre or extremely rare, other than the usual meteorite. Let's take a look -

Monday, July 9, 2018

Five of the Most Haunted Roads in America

There is nothing like a trek in the summertime through green overgrowth on a narrow country road, twisting and turning without knowing what is up around the next bend, but it's even more spooky when you know the road has a reputation for unexplained mysteries, ghosts, spooklights, and weird creature sightings.

I'm going to share my top 5 favorite haunted roads in America. 


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