Blue Orbs: Case of Spiritual Umbilical?

From time to time I get a case that is so genuine and intriguing that I need to share it with the hopes that if others have experienced it, they will come forward. The case of the blue orbs is one such case.

Over the years, I have gotten tons of orbs on photos and think nothing of it, as we all know that a flash near the lens means that pollen, moisture and dust will get lit and create a wonderful orb.

In the case of this one (above), I told my friend to take the photo when I tell her to. I was tracking an energy approaching me from my right, lifting up overhead and moving on. I told her take the shot as I stared above where the energy was. Oddly, this came out. Still, on a dark night, in a dusty cemetery, and utilizing a flash, it cannot be truly counted as evidence and might very well be incidental.

This orb at twilight was very cool as it streaked along and incidentally I had made a comment on the grave below as the person's name was Laird and I am part Scots. Still, a flash in a dusty outdoor space - 

I captured this orb (above) in 2003 and it puzzled me, as you can see the right side is in front of the bar - can see the bar behind it, but the rest apears to be behind the bar. That was 12 feet away. Still - using a flash.

A case came to me recently that has an unusual background. This man lost the love of his life to a murder just several months ago and her son to a disease. There was lots of grief, but on top of that was the fact he became deathly ill and was hospitalized several times, put into a coma, considered dead four times.

Upon rehabilitating and grieving, he noted electrical issues. This is VERY common for those who crossover. I myself was born with no signs of life for 4 minutes and have never been able to wear a watch without killing it within an hour or two, and often set off alarms going into stores, streetlights, overheating laptops and cell phones in normal temperatures.... Well, he noted the effects on electronics devices and lights. For months it lingered. And, something else lingered - 

Dancing orbs. 

These were caught without flash and seen by his eye. 

The dark blue orb caught my attnetion as there was a shape in there that the background could not explain.

It looked like a boy perhaps with his mouth open.

The thing that so intrigued me was that no flash was utilized and he was able to see these with his eyes.

I've long talked about the spiritual "umbilical" we have with the other side upon a loved one's passing, but what happens when someone repeatedly joins them on the other side only to be sent back over and over again as if there is some unfinished business here? 

Do these repeated connections leave the umbilical of detection fresh for longer? 

It might take longer to set one's spirit in this realm again after repeated or lengthy encounters with the other side. Being in extended rehabilitation and grief, perhaps rejoining and refocusing on this mortal realm is not complete and so focus on the other realm might be bleeding over.  

How long might this umbilical remain intact? It would likely depend on a number of factors from drugs given in the hospital, belief system, natural intuitiveness, and more. 

Will this man forever be connected to the other side? Well, we all are. Our greatest obstacle is spending too much time focusing on this realm and its cues to survive. 

This is a case I plan to continue to follow. Let me know if you have had similar experiences. 

Here is my vlog about visitations from the dead and spiritual umbilicals -