It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: What to do on a Storm Night

There is something about summertime storms that makes you start thinking about fall and Halloween. Nothing like a dark and stormy night to give you the atmosphere and mood to stoke the fires of mystery. Even if your power isn't out, just turn out the lights and screens in the house and let the lightning illuminate the creepiest corners - 

Whether you use kerosene, batteries, or a candle, a hurricane lantern (or a dozen) are the best nighttime mood enhancers ever. Head down the hallway in your dark home carrying a lantern and see how different your world feels.

Spooky movies that are ideal for a dark and stormy night - 

The Haunting
Dead Silence
The Woman in Black
The Amityville Horror
The Changeling

A candlelight supper with lightning flashing outside is a dream. Add the right music too - 

Want some entertainment? How about telling scary stories by candlelight or shadow puppets on the wall?

If it's not storming, don't worry. Turn out the lights and play this -