Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mind Fuck Tuesday: The Soul As A Magnetic Recording Device For the Universal Collective?

Religion and philosophy have delved into the soul, its origins, its bearing on a person's character, and its worth, but the question that begs asking is, if we have a soul and it needs a living body to house it, and escapes upon the death of that life form, what is its purpose being here on this earthly plane?

Here's how it might work: A soul enters the earthly plane upon birth. It is utterly neutral in a baby. But, as we have experiences, gain knowledge, make decisions, establish morals and beliefs, make mistakes and have conquests, we fill the soul with content and character; emotional and spiritual archives from the energy generated by all these actions. That energy is passed on when we leave our physical form at death. This substance-filled energy is the soul. 

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Intriguingly, the pineal gland in the human brain has a bit of magnetite in it. This allows us a certain degree of internal compass and it also makes is so that when geomagnetic storms occur, we have vivid dreams. 

Was this put there for a special purpose? Was it placed there to give a magnetic record of the content of the person's emotional embodiment and their journey's spiritual content? 

I wonder about this because we find geology in haunted locations is important and geomagnetic anomalies critical to holding an event or a haunting in a location. It might be the combination of earth and human that come together in a way that makes us interdependent on one another to seal these events as recorded in the land and the soul.

What if a person has an ability to create an electromagnetic burst/impulse in their body when they feel strong emotions and this is recorded in the environment with the right amount of magnetic impulse and it also links that event and emotion from the recording they produce in their own pineal gland?  What if when we meditate, pray or have loving connections with others, we create even more moments that tap the "spiritual center" of us and record these moments of connection to the universe as a whole? The recorded information is held in the living brain and upon death, that soul content (recording) is released to the universe. 

This would be somewhat like radio waves flying through our atmosphere carrying content

Might this also be how psychics are able to gather information - from that "third eye" - by utilizing this magnetized recording from soul to soul?  Could it be what near-death experiencers report as "a replay of my entire life all at once and all my decisions and ramifications"?

We call the pineal gland the third eye, the seat of psychic skills, and it controls our onset of sleep from light sensitivity interpreted by the eye and that prompts melatonin production and sleepiness when it gets dark. 

More about the pineal gland (below)

In recent decades, the ferrous mineral known as magnetite has been identified in most body tissues and particularly in the pineal gland. The magnetite acts as a transducer which links ambient electromagnetic activity to cellular function and is probably how birds and animals circumnavigate the globe so efficiently.

Both electromagnetic (EM) and natural geomagnetic radiation of varying strengths and types have been shown to influence melatonin production to the same degree as exposure to light. With the production of melatonin peaking in both June and November when the geomagnetic field is at its lowest. Sunspots, solar winds, celestial cycles and even supernovae have all been linked to fluctuations in melatonin synthesis.  

The pineal gland can also be stimulated directly using magnetism and changes in geomagnetic and other radiation to the temporal lobe of the brain are known to produce changes in subjective experiences. Our dream states and sleep patterns are also thought to be associated with changes in background geomagnetic radiation.

It is speculated that since the pineal gland is affected by ambient electromagnetic fields, then any neonatal exposure could alter development later in life. This has led to concerns about the long-term effects of exposure of new born babies to the bright lights and electromagnetic fields in intensive care units and neonatal nurseries.

In a study into the incidence of epilepsy, the ONLY significant factor that correlated with the development of epilepsy in young adults was the level of geomagnetic activity for two days after birth, and geomagnetic variables have also been considered to be a trigger for birth. There is also a significant correlation between the level of geomagnetism at or about the time of birth of male children.

Whilst the outer planets exert little gravitational effect, other planets may influence the solar wind and the electromagnetic fields of the sun and earth – collectively termed the magnetosphere – through resonance. This is what occurs with the powerful effect of the moon upon the tides.

What is the soul? I would say that it simply is that part of the individual human experience that transcends the individual human form upon death to voyage to a different realm and for a greater purpose in a collective. 

What is the purpose of the soul? If God wanted to create a universe and create the individuals within, wouldn't He want to learn about these individuals and their experience in His universe? What better way than to give these mortal bodies a recording device within, the proper chemistry and electrical impulses, and place within it to record all these responses to the living process in order to keep a part that is there long after the shelf life of the human? In other words, like a DVD copy of a movie that was beloved. If a 2-dimensional photo represents 3-dimensional you, then one is a superficial representation, the other is the true content it represents. Our bodies only superficially contain the true substance it represents; the soul.

Or, are our souls like little nanobots sent forth to have a human experience in a 3-dimensional form that has mortality of the flesh on a planet we call Earth in order to gather information and experiences and bring those into the universal collective upon passing? Sort of like a scientist using many thousands of computers to help compute statistics, each one giving part of the puzzle to the collective knowledge.

I figure that, since it's the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, like the rebirth of the soul into the collective plane, we should prepare to open our minds and surrender our understanding of the complexities of the human soul to a real big fat mind fuck theory.

**Have a safe, responsible, and totally enjoyable New Year's this evening. No returning to The Collective early, please.**

Monday, December 30, 2013

Dyatlov Pass Incident: Ural Mountains

In 1959, 10 hikers headed up into the Ural Mountains in the USSR and nine were found dead. One member had to return early in the voyage due to illness. The Soviets said it was a powerful force of nature. It would have normally been called a tragedy in cold weather, their conditions raised questions. They were no signs of struggle, yet two victims has fractured skulls, two had broken ribs, and one was missing her tongue.

Diaries and cameras found there helped to get an understanding of what was happening before. They discovered the group had hiked up and perhaps got disoriented and had to hunker down and make camp against the elements.

When rescuers arrived to find out why they had not returned, they found a tent that was half collapsed and inside were their belongings and shoes. The tent had been cut open from inside. The tracks showed the people escaped barefoot or with one shoe or socks only.

It gets even weirder. They came across a fire that had burned out and two bodies there in underwear and shoeless. Branches were broken on a tree indicating someone had climbed up for perspective of where the camp was.

Three bodies were found headed back in the direction of camp, dying separately along the way.

It took more than 2 months to find the other 4. They were in a ravine under many feet of snow. It appeared they lasted long enough for survivors to pilfer clothing from the dead members.

The bodies could have died of hypothermia, but the ones in the ravine showed signs of serious internal trauma, but no external trauma, with fractures of the skulls, broken ribs, and a missing tongue in one of them.

Theories then started unfolding. The most prominent theory is avalanche that broke up their camp and they gathered what they could and exited, to perhaps succumb to more avalanche activity in the ravine. This theory has been shot down by the fact that their footprints can be seeing leaving the area and were not covered in snow.

Some theorized the native Mansi people might have attacked them, but there were no signs of any soft tissue damage from blows that would have caused the internal breaks and the tent was cut open from within.

Journalists produced this information; 6 died of hypothermia, 3 died of injuries. Forensics showed high radiation contamination on the clothing of a few victims.

Even questions arose when someone who attended five of the campers' funerals, said they had deep brown tans. Another group of hikers in that region at the same time said they saw orange orbs in the sky in approximately the area the victims were camping. Later, these lights were reported to be testing of intercontinental missiles.

I have tried on just about every explanation including avalanche, but I can't seem to make anything fit. It's entirely possible that the folks found under feet of snow in the ravine and broken bones, but no soft tissue damage might have been tossed about by an avalanche, yet they showed no soft tissue damage.

What nags at me the most is that they cut the tent open to escape and two campers were found in underwear, no shoes, but near a campfire away from the camp. They escaped in such a rush, they tore through their tent and raced away barefoot and undressed and yet were able to build a fire in the night? Who carried matches in their boxers?

They had found the tree limbs torn away from a tree near the two huddled at the fire and the broken branches showed the pulp of their flesh having been torn away as they tried to climb the tree. Yet, there were only their tracks there, and no animal tracks.

Even though the bodies of the clothed ones found in the ravine under 12 feet of snow had crushed chests and fractured skulls, there was no bruising or signs of tissue damage, yet the physician said they had been hit by the force of a car accident.

In one of the more eerie aspects, one of those buried campers was found with her head pitched back, mouth wide open and tongue torn out at the root!

Funeral attendants reported the skin was a strange orangish color, hair had dropped out and what was left was a dull grayish color.

With none of them being bitten or eaten and their supplies remaining intact at camp, it seems unlikely it was the Mansi Tribe or some kind of bear or predator.

What is interesting is that the Soviets even allowed all the details to be public. If they had a hand in the death of these hikers by military means (and this being the hottest point in the Cold War), they never would have allowed the info out that was shared.

So, what do I ultimately think of it? I think the most likely explanation is that they heard a sound, thought it was a coming avalanche, and got the hell out fast, died of hypothermia and injuries from falling into a ravine in the dark.

I think there would have been a massive coverup of the incident all together if it were something military wise. The only thing left is something of a supernatural nature. The reason I hang onto this one is the woman whose head was wrenched backwards and her tongue pulled out at the root. The only other possible explanation is that in hypothermic insanity - they went crazy and turned on one another. Still, I have about 30% of me riding on something extraordinary to explain that unbelievable night.

Want more info? 

Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story Of Dyatlov Pass Incident by Donnie Eichar.
Mountain Of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident by Keith McCloskey.
Dyatlov Pass by Alan Baker

"Devil's Pass"
"Dyatlov Pass Incident"

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finding Bigfoot 2-hour Episode Tonight!

Tonight on Animal Planet, Finding Bigfoot goes to the Himalayas in a special 2-hour episode!

Scary Mannequins

Mannequins. They unsettle, startle, fascinate, and confuse people. They are everywhere and easy to ignore when one is focused single-mindedly on shopping, but every now and then, when we stop to notice their outfit and consider how it would look on us, our eyes travel up and we're staring at a soulless face gazing back at us with an amnesic stare.

Would you want to work in a mannequin factory? Could you stay a whole night alone in a room filled with mannequins? Would you like to own a few to feel less alone, like "Home Alone" or "The Lonely Guy"?

There's some great horror movies that utilized mannequins - smart moviemakers!

My personal favorite is "Tourist Trap."

(the entire movie can be found on YouTube)

Then, there's some of us freaks who, because they unsettle us, want to own mannequins. The movie "Lady Beware" (with a young Diane Lane) was my dream - well, not the stalker part, but the idea of having a warehouse apartment and being a window designer who also lives with mannequins. This made me want to have mannequins to decorate in fashions and have a nod to my past history of modeling and pageants and dreams of being a clothing designer and window dresser. Below is the entire movie - pretty good thriller set in Pittsburgh.

I've always wanted to take apart a mannequin, spray paint the parts white, then reattach the head to the wall, an arm to the wall, a hand to the wall, a leg to the wall, a thigh to the wall, and make it look as if a ghost is stepping out of the wall in mid step.

More movies with unsettling mannequins -

Dead Silence
The Fear

I'll be honest, baby dolls are freaky, clowns are just plain nasty, but mannequins have seriously sinister possibilities.

These movies I've listed here would make the best most unsettling horror movie collection. In fact, if you sat through a day of them, you may never be the same!

This male vampire mannequin above goes for 199.99.

Want to shop for mannequins? Here's a good site.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hollow Earth? Research Voyage Hopes To Find Out!

This project, North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, intrigues me - is there a hollow earth? Is evidence found in the arctic?

Recall the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (one of my all time favs) and Scottish scientist going north to enter a cave that went to the center of the earth.

In 2001, the research program began. The seismological data was reviewed. The history was studied. The astronomy and satellite data was scrutinized. The personal testimony of dozens of explorers was gathered and analyzed. The physics of the current structure of the Earth was calculated and recalculated. At the end of the study, there was still not enough data to disprove the theory that the Earth might be hollow. In fact, the evidence that the Earth might be hollow became so numerous, that planning for an expedition to the Arctic region as a process for proof of the hypothesis became necessary. The work to assemble a science team began in 2004. By 2005 the plans for an expedition using the Russian nuclear powered icebreaker were formulated. Steven Currey Expeditions headed the team and began collecting scientists and engineers from around the world. By 2005, the team had grown to 22 members, but required 100 members to fund the voyage. In 2006, Steven Currey tragically passed away and was succeeded by launch manager and PhD Physicist, Brooks Agnew. Dr. Agnew’s great, great grandfather is the Scottish explorer credited with the discovery of the Magnetic North Pole. Dr. Agnew is continuing the family tradition of Arctic exploration by searching for the North Pole Inner Earth opening to the core (from the site link above).

I've been following this for a few years, wondering what would become of it after the leader had passed away. I see that they are revising their plan and hope to go forward with a new production company leading them.

The voyage includes a good deal of scientific data gathering about plankton and northern lights and much more. The itinerary is interesting including human consciousness classes nightly.

The experiment includes -

Sample the physical and chemical properties of the region as all reasonable depths and altitudes.
Survey the sea floor for anomalies and geologies.
Survey marine life for evidence of foreign or unique life forms.
Validate the planet core geology inasmuch as sampling methods.

I plan to continue following this. I think it's pretty interesting stuff and I love anyone who's willing to go out on a limb to check out a wild theory and in the course of that research, perhaps stumble onto new knowledge they didn't see coming.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Ghost Of Flight 401

(Above. That's Loft on the left and Repo on the right)

I’m totally giving away my age when I say, I recall when this made-for-tv horror movie “The Ghost of Flight 401” (I believe it's easier to find on VHS) came out in 1978. Starring Ernest Borgnine, Kim Bassinger and many other familiar 70s faces, this movie had a huge urban legend surrounding it.

Here's the movie -

Was there ever a flight 401 that started an airplane haunting?

The movie premise: An aircraft crashes in the Florida Everglades, killing 103 passengers. After the wreckage is removed, salvageable parts from the plane are used to repair other aircraft. Soon passengers and crew on those aircraft report seeing what they believe to be the ghost of the wrecked airplane's flight engineer.

Here’s some info I got on the true story here:

On the night of Friday, December 29th, 1972 Eastern Airlines Flight 401 was carrying 176 people as it neared it's destination of the Miami Airport. Flying the L - 1011 jumbo jet were Captain Bob Loft and Second Officer Don Repo, who were engaged in routine landing procedures when a warning light flashed on the control panel indicating a problem with the landing gear. It is possibly that this is the reason neither of them noticed that the plane was actually descending around 200 feet per minute faster than what they thought. Seconds later the airliner slammed into the Florida Everglades, killing 101 people immedietly. Both Captain Loft and Officer Repo survived the initial impact, but both were mortally wounded. Captain Loft died before he could be pulled from the burning, twisted wreck and Officer Repo died a day later. The story of these men should have ended right there, but this was not to be the case. Eastern Airlines salvaged much of the stricken airplane and redistributed them among similar aircraft in their fleet.

Soon, reports of ghostly hauntings began to come in from the planes who had received spare parts from Flight 401. Most of the apparitions were reported by Eastern's crew members, especially those on one particular plane of the airline's fleet. Repo's ghost appeared frequently, both in the cockpit as well as in the galley, the area where flight attendants prepared passengers meals. He seemed to be especially concerned with flight safety, and reportedly fixed a faulty oven circuit on one occasion. In other instances, he pointed out a potential fire hazard and a hydraulic leak.

Loft's ghost was also seen on various flights, usually sitting in first class or in the crews cabin. A stewardess once confronted Loft, asking what he was doing on the plane as she had not seen him board and could not identify him on the passenger manifest. Receiving no reply, she reported it to her flight captain. He walked back with her and recognized Loft, who disappeared immediately in front of a dozen people!!! The airline was (at least outwardly) a bit skeptical of people who reported the sightings, and suggested that they seek psychiatric counseling at the company's expense. Nevertheless, skeptical or not, the airline removed all of the salvaged parts of the ill - fated Flight 401 from the aircraft they had been put into. The paranormal sightings ended with that. Eventually, the sightings were turned into a best selling book by newspaper reporter John G. Fuller.

Fictionalized movies are fantastically delightful, like "The Amityville Horror," but don't consider them accurate information. Do a little reading on your own on the subject of mechanical parts being cursed or haunted. Here's some great ones:

"Ghosts of the Air" by Martin Caidin
"The Ghost Of Flight 401" by John Fuller
"Mystery of The Medallion: Death of James Dean Sparks a Curse" by Jeff Edwards
"The Winchester Mystery House" by Cynthia Winchester Anderson

Here's a lot of detailed info on the Flight 401.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Piezoelectricity and Hauntings

As I worked on the haunted formula in 2009, one of the most prominent features in a haunted location was its geology. Geology is more than just a bunch of rocks, it also has the potential for seismic activity, producing infrasound, and piezoelectricity.

In other words, geology is powerful and dynamic!

In simplest form, piezoelectricity is an electric charge that gathers in a solid object. It is the result of pressure. Salt and quartz are two examples of two earth substances capable of piezoelectricity.

Interestingly, bone, tendon, dentin, enamel, DNA all exhibit piezoelectricity capabilities.

Might locations retain electric impulses set forth by human events that are held within the stone to be released under the proper conditions? That was the premise of the British Movie "The Stone Tape." (I highly recommend you watch this).

Yet another theory I would extend is that the combination of earth dynamics, building construction, and human emotion creates a piezoelectric effect that is a beacon for spirits. They know where life is by finding these elements acting together in a dynamic that is of this earthly plane.

Going further with that concept, what if a person had a traumatic event in the proper conditions and that created a beacon for them to haunt as they go into the next realm? This might also explain why a location could remain haunted even if a building burned down or another was built - the geology has remained.

As a psychometrist, I've always wondered about how people and objects retain information I can retrieve and why some objects hold information better, like metal. I think the answer is found in piezoelectricity. The very structure of a building and materials its made with could combine with ideal geology and make a wonderful "spirit vessel."

Humans put out electrical signals. In fact, we put out between 10 and 100 millivolts. An electric eel puts out 600 millivolts, so we're not particularly swimming in impulses to a degree that might seem significant, but who is to know at the moments of extreme emotion or distress what we are able to emanate into our surroundings? If a person wears a metal bracelet all their waking hours and has a set of emotional responses throughout the day, might they leave an imprint I can pick up as a psychometrist? And, might that same impulse affect their environment, as well, creating a residual held by the space?

Infrasound, a frequency that can be produced under the right conditions, like rain falling on a roof and sound resonating down a corridor or the earth's seismic activities is a sound that is not perceived by humans with their auditory canals because it is too low a frequency, but could be sensed by the human body. It can cause a host of uncomfortable feelings and even seeing things. This is yet another effect created by geology and some natural sounds. It is believed that some sites, like Taos, New Mexico, known for a hum that drives some people batty, could be caused by an earth-based infrasound.

Hydroacoustics and earth-based infrasound are yet another thing to add into the equation of ideal haunting locations. If researchers start sharing some basic elements like location/geology they are beginning a great collection of relevant features.

As well, they might want to go to the next level - from vast (geology) to more site-specific (building).  We can study this closer with an ancient practice called Feng Shui.

The concept of Feng Shui involves positive or negative energy and how it takes a path of least resistance. A room with clutter, darkness and obstructive paths could collect negative energy and a place with sunlight and straight open areas, could create passage of good energy. This ancient practice might be based on a very simple principal of piezoelectricity and materials, location, and the "holding" of positive or negative energy in a place based on its layout, orientation, content and construction.

Want more knowledge?

*The book "Confessions Of A Feng Shui Ghost-Buster" by Anna Maria Prezio
*An interesting article about piezoelectricity research involving humans.
*An interesting article on how piezoelectric flooring could help energize appliances just from people walking and moving around on it.
*An interesting article on how our bodies might generate enough electricity to augment batteries.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Lights To Music

Have a Glorious Holiday Season

My childhood estate in snow  - I'm one of the sledders at the bottom of that hill -

I still love snow.

Couldn't pick an Xmas photo - so here you go, a few pinups and girl next door shots.

I hope y'all have a glorious holiday season and time with loved ones or moments of insight and quiet, peace and rapture.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mind Fuck Tuesday: There Are No Coincidences, Only Correlations

Patterns. I'm always curious about patterns.

Why were ancient giants found in certain regions? Resources. What resources are we certain they desired? Well, let's see what they were buried with. Copper implements were hugely important and shells were utilized by them, as well, so copper and bodies of water. Even stories of ancient people traveling to America before Columbus involved waterways and seeking copper from the Great Lakes area, the Southwest and South America.

So, I pulled up a map of copper mining around the world and compared that with the regions where giants have been found (Ohio Valley, Michigan, Illinois) and the Southwestern US, Peru, Australia, Russia, and other regions where copper is mined. Then, incidentally, I pulled up Bigfoot-like beings around the world on a map and, well, they correlate.

Copper map above - ancient giants discovered in same places - (strangely, Bigfoot around the world - same places) -

Ancient cultures of giants were found in the Southwest (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada in regions that once housed enormous lakes and loads of copper) and the Ohio Valley region from West Virginia to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin to Michigan and Illinois - Ditto. We also find that these regions - Sierras, Mogollon Rim, and Pacific Northwest (up and away from died up lake beds) to Ohio Valley down the Mississippi region are also Bigfoots' biggest population spread. Coincidence? 

The question is, are these incidental? Did they both happen to use cave systems so they ended up at the same regions for resources or did Sasquatch actually descend from this giant culture and stay in their regions that their ancestors were from kind of like our East Coast population is always more dense than anything in the Western US?

Now, let's look at cave systems in America and biggest Sasquatch sightings - hmm....

Bigfoot and caves are often spoken of as correlating, but when you look at the maps and the regions where they are most often reported, they are extremely similar and seismic activity areas -

This map above shows seismic hazard with red being most hazard, yellow moderate and green little. I've used this and geology maps to correlate with haunted areas which (ironically) manage to be in the same regions as Bigfoot. In fact, North Dakota should be the least haunted/least Bigfoot inhabited stated and oddly in BFRO site North Dakota has 6 reported sightings, but Washington has the most at 571 and California has the second most at 427. Seismic activity makes for interesting geology and cave systems. 

Geology seems key, why that is perhaps has more to do with resources or ideal cave systems or that Bigfoot descended from their copper-seeking ancestors. The ancient giants in the west have been found in cave systems, in the Ohio Valley in burial mounds. Perhaps culture was established in the east with villages and agriculture and mining but out west they were a wild and more feral giant that lived in cave systems and stole and scavenged, or as the Paiutes report, were cannibals.

We may never know the correlations for sure, but there are many that can be made and it begins with looking at common factors in regions where these beings are and then figuring out what might be attracting them to those areas. There may be no coincidences, only correlations.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Infrasound and Hauntings

(above - infrasound possible cause of "haunting" feelings in Eastern State Penn, given the shape of the building and rain falling on it.)

I started off with a simple question that struck me one day when reading about infrasound (a frequency below human hearing’s ability to hear) and how ghosts supposedly communicate at this frequency range. Why, then, are we speaking to them at our Hertz level which is 800-1200 Hertz compared to their supposed 19 Hertz. If we’re having trouble hearing them, imagine what they must go through? Hmm… Well, if we’re going to believe ghosts speak at the level, then why aren’t we converting our voices to a level they can hear? For that matter, why aren’t we carrying meters to detect if that frequency is present? Yes, infrasound meters exist, like the Rion NA-18, but at a cost of 5K to 7K. Ouch!

In studying infrasound I learned a lot. Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even atomic bombs can create this frequency. Some animals use it, such as elephants, to communicate long distances because it creates great oscillations and can travel great distances easily. If you've ever felt a bass speaker from a car going by, you might have felt those vibrations through your chest. It can affect human bodies and even objects. Depending on the pitch, infrasound can cause anger and fear. It was said to be used by Hitler to incite crowds to a fevered pitch. It can cause depression, pressure in the ears, and many sensations felt in haunted locations.

What’s more, investigators of Bigfoot believe that they might communicate in this way and I think that’s a very realistic possibility. Why? If you are part of a group of creatures that are not all that common and live in giant forests, how in the world will you tell others you are available for mating over a long distance? Infrasound.

It might be also feasible to believe that infrasound is the byproduct of alien spacecraft, causing us to feel strange upon seeing them as the frequencies resonate through our bodies.

What is the future for this knowledge in the field of ghost hunting? Lots. If we can measure such infrasound conditions in a location that is haunted, then we can begin to ask ourselves—what is causing this frequency? Could this be the tie in to geomagnetic storms mixed with geology and building construction and waterways (the very things in my haunted formula?) Could this be either facilitating and energizing a haunting or giving it a pathway to express itself or perhaps causing the sensations and mind tricks that make us think there is a haunting.

Some experiments in infrasound would be in order to see just what it does to the human body in say a not-haunted location versus a haunted location. Ah, if only I had a university funding me!

p.s. A fascinating paper on the subject of infrasound and paranormal research applications as well as natural science.

Apocalyptic Nightmares

People often bring up the subject of nightmares with me. Perhaps it’s the psychic side of me or the fact that I’ve coached folks with anxiety issues for over 20 years, but somehow folks feel comfortable bringing up their inner fears.

On my own time, in the past few years I’ve noticed repeated post-apocalypse nightmares in my dream-state themes. They weren’t something I ever dreamed up before, but something born in the post 9-11 time period with Bush’s color-coded terror alerts and duct tape and plastic, anthrax and airport shut downs when people sneak past security.

Many people have expressed to me having similar themed dreams. I’m guessing during WWII there were similar nightmares of bombs dropping, invasions, et cetera.

The content of the dreams can reflect people you ran into that day, movies you watched before bedtime, and running background anxieties. The sleep state offers you time to work out things, problem solve and release fears and gain mastery. The theme of the apocalypse is an ideal gauntlet.

Here’s how my dream usually goes:

Everything is dusty and tan-colored. There is no other color in the scene. I am trudging along, tired, feet sore, hot, exhausted. There are people around me. Not a large group, perhaps a dozen. We are climbing over rocks and small sandstone cliffs. I stop and ask everyone to rest and conserve their energy. The group gathers around and looks at me as if I have something important to say. They look as weary as I feel, but they also seem quite lost and numb.

I point to one person and say “you find us shelter. Go with that person and that person.” I point to others. I turn. “You,” I point, “go with him and her and her and find water.” I go down the line telling people what to do. They nervously wander off. We find a shelter, we find water and food, we cower inside a cave.

The others are contented to continue on this way, but I know we can do better if we get to more resources. I tell them we must conserve our resources so we can take them with us.

Then, off we go to walk again, longer, harder, hotter, more uncomfortable until we get a glimmer of something green and wet in the distance and everyone cheers. I have brought them to the promise land. I asked them to believe me and I provided.

In the dream, I never arrive to the oasis, but I wake up feeling both exhausted from the long saga and kind of down because it was a miserable world I just spent my sleep time in.

Do these dreams mean end of times is coming? No. It simply means that we are all using themes that we relate to in order to work out problems of every day life.

In the case of your dreams, it doesn’t matter so much what is happening in them, so much as how you are handling the themes. If you run and cower, you do not feel ready to handle what’s happening in your life. If you take control, you are feeling very competent. Perhaps you freak out and then stop and take control, that is reflective of your daily life.

So, don’t worry so much about the end of the world dream prophecies, worry how you handle them.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dale the Doll: Christmas Time, Yada, Yada, Yada

So, it's that time of the year again. I'm coming down off my happy Halloween high only to find the world is getting goofy with lights, decorating, gifts, singing crappy music you wouldn't ever listen to the rest of the year, rushing around shopping, cooking fudges, baking cookies, and generally being a pain in the rear with the cheeriness of it all.

I probably should say "Merry Christmas," but I'm a doll. I don't celebrate those holidays you humans do. My human managed to get ornaments that represent everything in her life, except for a ventriloquist doll ornament. I guess she's still miffed about some of the Halloween antics.

I know you readers are probably busy stuffing your faces with all those good smelling treats and taking naps like us dolls do. Any of you still out there in Cyberland, have a good one for me. The only thing that drives me mad about being a doll is smelling food and not eating it. If I'm real good, The Human might just give me a candy cane in my mouth like last year. I think she did that to shut me up, so perhaps I better start chattering a lot....

You might, however, like this video. It's the one joke that I know about Christmas and I used it on the human one time when I was trying to make her sleep deprived. I thought she might be more fun as a zombie.

One of the good things about the season is some of the creepy ass characters in Christmas shows. It's almost as delightfully deprived as Halloween. Look at some of these freaks -

I would never tell the Human this, but the tree is very pretty when it's lit up and now that she is no longer working at her miserable job and is happy, she hangs out on the sofa where I am more and runs movies and TV that I like to watch. She doesn't glance over at me or talk to me, but at least it's like we're sharing the Christmas movies and she smiles a lot. She's not bad when she smiles. But, don't ever tell her I said that.

Halloween might be my thing, but I understand humans have a need to be near family and share things in the cold month of December, and so I do wish all you big sentimental babies, a Merry Season.

Dale the Doll

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: The Sasquatch People By Kewaunee Lapseritis, M.S.

"The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection" By Kewaunee Lapseritis, M.S.

I was curious about this book because I learned of the book “The Psychic Sasquatch” by Kewaunee and I was interested in getting it but apparently old copies of it are rather pricy. So, I figured what he wanted to continue in the discussion of Bigfootery in this book.

This is not a book for everyone, but everyone should give it an open-minded look-see. I was resistant because, even though I believe Bigfoot to have shown a very spiritual and extremely patient bend with us hairless ones, I am not of the subscribing audience of spiritualists who believe Bigfoot to be a guru like the Dahli Lama.

That being said, this book may not say what you want to hear, but it will say what you need to hear.

If you want to get into the psychic/interdimensional Sasquatch theories, this book is an excellent jumping point. I know for a fact that at least one of the medicine woman encounters he speaks of is the real deal and very insightful.

Are Sasquatch a native people of curious origins? Do they have contact with UFOs and vortexes? Can they psychically mind meld with you? What is their message to mankind? How long do they live? What types of Sasquatch are there?

Whether you agree with Kewaunee’s observations or not, this book offers his answers, as reportedly passed to him through the Sasquatch to share with mankind. Can we continue to co-exist and, if so, what do we need to change?

I suggest this book to anyone who wants to explore the mind of a Sasquatch and their connection to us and the earth and for those who are curious about the unusual phenomena reported with Sasquatch. You might feel you fell further down the rabbit hole, but I assure you that you will leave the end of this book feeling a kinship and a relationship with Sasquatch you never expected, as if finding an old biological brother you didn’t know was given away at birth.

Because of many good references in the book, it is keeping a permanent spot on my Sasquatch shelf.

What Do You Love About Horror?

Some genres of books I grow weary of, and move on. But, some books I keep everything in that genre and horror is one of them. No matter where I have been in my life, I have loved my horror!

What is it that satisfies us about horror unlike other genres?

Everyone has a different attraction to horror. For some, it's an adrenalin rush, a challenge to their bravery, the dark creepy mood, the unknown, and a love of being spooked. Mine began by growing up in a 250-year-old creepy house with flocked wallpaper and heavy velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers, fireplaces and creaking wooden floors, ghosts in the halls and shadows in the corners. I have always been comfortable with darkness, and curious by nature, I love the excitement of not knowing what is coming next.

And every good horror story has more to do with the psychology of the hero/heroine than the threat. It's how a person handles a bad situation that is either triumphant or a disaster.

Here's what I recall about my very first total and absolute absorption into horror. I was at home and about maybe 9 or 10. I sat in front of the spare black and white TV and flipped through the channels until I saw a big old spooky house like my own. I pulled my blanket around me. The fireplace was crackling, but there were no lights on.

I listened to the story unfold as they showed “The Haunting.” I studied the open space behind me in the room and the shadows dancing from the firelight onto the ceiling. I pulled the blanket up around my ears. I wanted to look away, but I could not. The tension was building, the unseen forces terrifying the characters. I looked at the walls around me and wondered if they could flex and bend like the ones in the movie that seemed to be breathing.  Then, I began to wonder "can the ghosts see this movie and get ideas?" 

Suddenly, the world I thought I knew, had a secret life, just like my house did. This concept intrigued me; that we think we know how the world works, but in horror, it is nothing like that. Horror survivors involve people with skills to think quick, be virtuous and look the greatest fear in the face and beat it. I like this much more than fairy tales where girls had to hope for fairy godmothers to make their dreams come true or SciFi where technology was the answer.

Horror means you face the abyss and, if you are strong in spite of your fears, you can survive. Basically, it's everyday life and our own greatest worries and anxieties, but playing it out in spite of that threat and to a greater degree.

As well, horror comes with teasing squeaky soundtracks, darkness, mystery, the unexpected, tension, and other elements that keep your mind working fast and trying to stay ahead of the newest confrontation. Horror is for romantics with its mood, atmosphere and locations, but also for the intelligent who don't want to be spoonfed their plots.

So, what is it you love about horror?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ancient Knowledge: Use Of Sound Frequency

I found this lecture to be quite enlightening. It lined up with some interesting puzzles of our past and technology for building monuments and event applies to Bigfootery today. In the field of Bigfoot research, we often run into people reporting metallic resonating sounds in the woods where Bigfoots are seen. A rather intriguing concept is the use of some very basic ancient knowledge, such as that reportedly used by the man who built Coral Castle in Florida.

Where Do Apparitions Go?

Did you ever wonder where that apparition hides when you’re not glimpsing it for all of the 4 seconds you saw it? What does it do with the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 56 seconds of the day?

Here’s some options knocked around most commonly:

1. An apparition is a residual sighting of something that occurred in the past, not associated with a soul, but more like a video replaying under the right conditions (whatever they may be).
2. An apparition is a being in another dimension and under the proper conditions (whatever they may be) it is glimpsed. It might also be that it can glimpse us and wonder.
3. An apparition is a soul of a deceased person and this soul can come and go at will.
4. An apparition is always there, but only some people at the right times (whatever these may be) can glimpse it.
5. It takes an enormous amount of energy for an apparition to make itself visual on our plane and it will use any means to gather enough energy to show itself briefly.

Depending on what day it is, I’ll give you a different answer for what an apparition is and where it spends its time. I tended to think going into the field that they were a residual recording or visual memory in an environment. Eventually, I began to speculate that perhaps they were from another dimension or perhaps a dimension in which our time lines play out side by side and we see a bit of the past for a moment. Theories on fourth dimension call it 3 dimensions with the addition of time, so that all things; past, present and future are together.

My issues with the soul explanation had more to do with the concept of heaven in the traditional sense. It would seem ridiculous to have a resting place for eternity that allowed for souls to just wander the Earth. If that were so, why they hell weren’t they everywhere like zombies; trolling in the malls, wandering the family’s home and hanging out at their favorite hot dog stand?

Here’s another thing to consider: I do psychic readings. I touch objects, sometimes look at photos and I can tell amazingly detailed and strange things that I couldn't otherwise know. I don’t know how this works technically, but I can tell you that the mind contains whatever contents we believe are the soul. So, if the body dies and the soul exits, the soul is no longer of physical matter, just like my psychic knowledge is not of a physical content. You can’t see a thought. You can’t see a soul. Perhaps, under the right conditions, like when I touch an object, I see images in my head as if they are memories, you can also have the right conditions in which in your head you see these images, but they are not actually in the room.

That’s something to think about.

Now, I’d like to hear your take on this because my posts are nothing more than a way to get you talking and you are a highly intelligent crowd and your viewpoints matter greatly to me.