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Looking Back at 2014 and Ahead to 2015!

Giants:  2014 had me chasing accounts of ancient giants around the globe. It had me rethinking some popular para-concepts like ancient aliens (which I always thought to be TOO exceptional an explanation). I truly believe at this point, we are talking about ancient terrestrials - earlier civilizations of the earth. I know it would be egocentric to assume we were the only intelligent form that walked the earth, we were just the last one to evolve and survive. We came to the game late, but we apparently had a better ability to survive, though we might have missed out on some of the early knowledge those who evolved and learned it benefited from. We kind of came along, saw their cool stuff and played with it, not really getting their knowledge and technologies that took hundreds of thousands of years to come to. Expect 2015 to be more of the giants. It has become a consuming thing because it is making it possible to explain how the Sasquatch exist and makes sense of strange knowledge from "ancient man" that Homo sapiens and Native People didn't seem to have.

Sasquatch:  I am exceedingly honored to work with researchers with great integrity, expertise and minds and this think tank makes it possible for us to give feedback on research and evidence. It also means that I have available much information evolving about the capabilities and knowledge of the Sasquatch. Expect in 2015 for me to have more guest researchers and ongoing series of studies going on. The more we share information, the more we understand an ancient people.

Ghosts:  I spent a great deal of 2014, focused on putting out my two books, "Growing Up With Ghosts" and "Vacationing With Ghosts" to give people an accurate accounting of what it is like to live among ghosts and consider it a blessing and an honor to have these encounters. 2015 will be about developing the Spirit Vessels concept - what makes certain places haunted - so that researchers can know better when and where to go to find encounters, as well as to understand why some places are more haunted than others. I will also share investigations throughout the year.

PSI:  A sort of doorway has opened for me in PSI skills and they have been developing at a rapid rate. With me no longer uncomfortable with my foreknowledge, I hope to share many reads as well as what I am learning about how the whole process works. 

Trips:  Oh yes, 2015 will be about trips to places I've not been before and lots of sharing live on the trips. If you are really into the treks, you might enjoy following me on Facebook where I share everything (link on the left side of the blog). I am hoping to organize a UFO watch in the desert, visit the Four Corners area and New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma to start. Then, well, the list is long! I am seeking places with a wide variety of unexplained. 

Personal:  I very much appreciate the support I've had about quitting my job last winter and being self employed in stock trading and oil investing. It was a HUGE jump for me and meant going against everything I was taught about secure jobs and playing it safe. It has been thrilling and horrifying at the same time, but always I owned the year. I was able to research to new depths, write and blog in ways I only dreamed of before. In 2015, expect to see me taking a focus on the physical realm - actively partaking of raw foods, organic growing, permaculture/sustainable gardening, and re-owning the jock I used to be. After years of focus on career, it's time for me to focus a bit on other passions that have to do with nature, outdoors, and growing things. I also hope to study more shamanic concepts, especially relating to my Scandinavian and Celtic background.

I want to thank everyone for being supportive, bringing me your para-experiences, sharing knowledge, offering to write posts, and always believing that I have no limits when I set my mind to a goal. I am very blessed to be in a tribe of para-geeks who totally get me! 

Happy 2015!

**Tomorrow begins Giants Month on GHT! Every single day more information, legends and archaeology relating to the ancient race I like to call The Originators. Tomorrow's edition is all about the Laplander's Giants**

Horror Movies Released in 2014

The year of 2014 had not a huge array of horror movies released, but some interesting ones. Horror seems to be taking on more paranormal subjects and for many of us para geeks, that is a blessing. We are tired of axe murderers and we want the supernatural, mythical, legendary! Many of these are out on DVD. I went ahead and ordered "As Above, So Below" already. I have a thing for cave and underground horror.

Annabelle: John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia - a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. But Mia's delight with Annabelle doesn't last long. On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who violently attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind. The cultists have conjured an entity so malevolent that nothing they did will compare to the sinister conduit to the damned that is now... Annabelle 

In Ouija, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board. 

Housebound: Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam - a well-intentioned blabbermouth who' s convinced that the house is haunted. Kylie dismisses Miriam's superstitions as nothing more than a distraction from a life occupied by boiled vegetables & small-town gossip. However, when she too becomes privy to unsettling whispers; strange bumps in the night, she begins to wonder whether she's inherited her overactive imagination, or if the house is in fact possessed by a hostile spirit who's not particularly thrilled about her return

Dead Snow 2: Dead Vs Red: If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you'd have to assume that things couldn't get much worse. In Martin's case, that was only the beginning.

At the Devil's Door: When ambitious young real estate agent Leigh is asked to sell a house with a checkered past, she crosses paths with a disturbed girl whom she learns is the runaway daughter of the couple selling the property. When Leigh tries to intervene and help her, she becomes entangled with a supernatural force that soon pulls Leigh's artist sister Vera into its web - and has sinister plans for both of them.

Deliver Us From Evil: New York police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana), struggling with his own personal issues, begins investigating a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez), schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the frightening and demonic possessions that are terrorizing their city. Based upon the book, which details Sarchie's bone-chilling real-life cases.

Oculus: Ten years ago, tragedy struck the Russell family, leaving the lives of teenage siblings Tim and Kaylie forever changed when Tim was convicted of the brutal murder of their parents. Now in his 20s, Tim is newly released from protective custody and onl y wants to move on with his life; but Kaylie, still haunted by that fateful night, is convinced her parents' deaths were caused by something else altogether: a malevolent supernatural force unleashed through the Lasser Glass, an antique mirror in their childhood home. Determined to prove Tim's innocence, Kaylie tracks down the mirror, only to learn similar deaths have befallen previous owners over the past century. With the mysterious entity now back in their hands, Tim and Kaylie soon find their hold on reality shattered by terrifying hallucinations, and realize, too late, that their childhood nightmare is beginning again....

The Pyramid: The ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who've dared to uncover their secrets. But a team of U.S. archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren't just trapped, they are being hunted.

As Above, So Below:  Miles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls. When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. A journey into madness and terror, As Above, So Below reaches deep into the human psyche to reveal the personal demons that come back to haunt us all.

The Babadook: Six years after the violent death of her husband, Amelia (Essie Davis) is at a loss. She struggles to discipline her 'out of control' 6 year-old, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), a son she finds impossible to love. Samuel's dreams are plagued by a monster he believes is coming to kill them.

The Quiet Ones: Tucked away in an estate outside of London, Professor Coupland along with a team of university students conduct an "experiment" on Jane Harper, a young girl who harbors unspeakable secrets. What dark forces they uncover are more terrifying than any o f them expected.

Wolves: Popular high school student Cayden Richards wakes from a horrific nightmare, only to realize that he's living it... He is changing into something vicious, unpredictable and wild. Forced to hit the road after the brutal murder of his parents, Cayden t ries to hunt down the truth of what he is. In the remote, mountain town of Lupine Ridge, he discovers others like him - Including the beautiful Angelina, a young woman caught between two ancient clans of "wolves". And when he finally discovers the shocking truth behind his ancestry, Cayden realizes there is only one way to save the woman he loves... a grisly fight to the death against forces more savage than he could have ever imagined.

The Woman In Black II: Angel of Death: The sequel takes place in the same house 40 years later when a group of children who are evacuated from London during World War II come to stay and awaken the house's darkest inhabitants. 

Tusk: When podcaster Wallace Bryton goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious seafarer named Howard Howe, his best friend Teddy and girlfriend Allison team with an ex-cop to look for him...

Willow Creek:  A man talks his girlfriend into going with him to try and film Bigfoot at the infamous Patterson-Gimlin site in Northern California. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Evidence: Race of Little People!


Legends tell of giants and also trolls, Cyclops, Goliath, and more. They also tell of the "wee folk," "little people," "elves," "dwarfs," "Tommyknockers" and more.

Around the world, evidence of actual races of little people have been uncovered. Perhaps the most widely recognized one today is the "Hobbit" of Indonesia.

Homo floresiensis

Homo floresiensis, nicknamed "Hobbit," was found in Jakarta, Indonesia and aged at about 17,000 years ago. His brain was the size of a chimp, his body 3 feet long, but his feet strangely long and flat at 7-1/2 inches. The assumption by his very flat feet is that he was unable to run like we do, but could walk. In fact, though he was a hominin, he did not seem to have feet that were anything like our own evolutionary process. There has been much debate if the island isolation created this unusual race, but it would seem more likely that they evolved in their own direction from the primates on the island many millions of years ago. Even more interestingly, wee folk around the world are portrayed with long feet!

Artist reconstruction - interestingly with a hairy body for a being who lived only 17,000 years ago.

This race was proven by artifacts, but have we found skeletons of other "little people?" 

From the book The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee by John Haywood (starting page 200 on reprint edition from Amazon):

Referred to as "pygmies," these skeletons were found buried in crypts just outside of Sparta, Tennessee in the County of White and reported in the Nashville Whig in June 1820.

These graves had many bodies, all of them quite small. Some of the crypts were as small as 18 inches by 12 inches. The first grave was 2 feet long and inside the small skeleton and its teeth had the researcher wondering if it was canine or monkey. He had them sent off to be examined.

They were buried with care in a stone crypt and had shells and urns with them. The bones were so old they crumbled quite easily. One skull the examiner held up was 5" across from side to side. Most individuals were from 18 inches to 2 feet 10 inches long. One find was a 5 foot 5 inch individual found with the smaller ones. The taller skeleton had a head that was longer, eyes much wider asunder, the forehead much higher above the eyebrows, and the under jaw measured one inch longer on each side than the smaller fellows. Atop the head of one skull had bright silver grey fine hairs.

There was great dissimilarity in skull shapes, the size and shape of the bones, and looked to belong to different tribes of people. Just 8 miles away, a 7-foot giant was found.

These finds were packaged and sent for examination in Nashville. The prevailing opinion was that they were not children. No 1 skull belonged to some carnivorous animal of the canine genus; but that the skull belonged on an adult person of small size, not much exceeding 3 feet in length. Cylindrical bones and teeth appeared canine. Others gave the same odd opinion. 

Source: V.R. Pilapil, for example, asserts that the disputed Tennessee graves really did contain pygmy remains. Not only that, but he hypothesizes that the pygmies arrived in ancient times from southeast Asia, probably the Philippines, where today's diminutive Aetas live. To support his case, Pilapil recalls B. Fell's examination of the Tennessee skeletal material. Fell noted that: (1) The skull brain capacity was equivalent to only about 950 cubic centimeters, about the volume of a non-pygmy 7-year-old; (2) The teeth were completely developed and showed severe wear characteristic of mature individuals; and (3) The skulls were brachycephalic (flat-headed like dogs) with projecting jaws (like dog). Fell had, in fact, described skulls very much like those of today's adult Philippine Aetas. Another line of evidence adduced by Pilapil involved the traditions of British Columbia tribes, which recognized a tribe of very small people called the Et-nane. More significant is the oral history of the Cherokees, which mentions the existence of "little people" in eastern North America.

Source: Anthropological Institute, Journal, 6:100, 1876: An ancient graveyard of vast proportions has been found in Coffee county. It is similiar to those found in White County and other places in middle Tennessee, but is vastly more extensive, and shows that the race of pygmies who once inhabited this country were very numerous. The same peculiarities of position Observed in the White County graves are found in these. The writer of the letter says: "Some considerable excitement and curiousity took place a few days since, near Hillsboro, Coffee county, on James Brown's farm. A man was ploughing in a field which had been cultivated many years, and ploughed up a man's skull and other bones. After making further examination they found that there were about six acres in the graveyard. They were buried in a sitting or standing position. The bones show that they were a dwarf tribe of people, about three feet high. It is estimated that there were about 75,000 to 100,000 buried there. This shows that this country was inhabited hundreds of years ago."

Interestingly, this area around Sparta and White County had been the site of extensive saltpeter mining in the Civil War era and also has the 10th longest mapped cave in America, the largest in Tennessee. Caves, mining and little people; seem to go together. Mining and caves and the wee folk are prolific in the legends. 

Tommyknockers: These little folk are in the legends of the Welsh as troublemakers and sometimes, early warning folks within caves. Interestingly, Wales is the site of the Great Orme Caves which, when uncovered, showed ancient mining with tools too massive and big for humans to have utilized, showing signs of giant culture. 

Giants and little folk seem to show up hand-in-hand in regions, like Tennessee and other mining areas. And, local "Native" people tell of these in their legends and lore repeatedly to the point that one has to give it credence.

Source: The Native peoples of North America told legends of a race of "little people" who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes. Often described as "hairy-faced dwarfs" in stories, petroglyphs illustrations show them with horns on their head and traveling in a group of 5 to 7 per canoe.

A graveyard unearthed in the 1830s in Coshocton County, Ohio was believed to contain skeletons belonging to a pygmy race. In fact that the graves, only about three feet long, were "bone burials" containing disarticulated or bent bones packed together.

The physical remains of tiny people have been reported found in various locations in the western United States, particularly Montana and Wyoming. Typically these are described as being found in caves with various details such as descriptions that they were "perfectly formed", dwarf-size.

Let's take a wee look around the world at the little people legends -


Source: "Yunwi Tsunsdi."  The Little People of the Cherokee are a race of Spirits who live in rock caves on the mountain side. They are little fellows and ladies reaching almost to your knees. They are well shaped and handsome, and their hair so long it almost touches the ground. They are very helpful, kind-hearted, and great wonder workers. They love music and spend most of their time drumming, singing, and dancing. They have a very gentle nature, but do not like to be disturbed.

CROW: The little people of the Pryor Mountains. Crow folklore says the "Little People" ("Nirumbee") live in the Pryor Mountains, a small mountain range in Carbon County, Montana. Petroglyphs on rocks in the mountains, the Crow said, were made by these demon-like creatures. Because the Little People live there, the mountains are sacred to the Crow. The Little People are said to be no more than 18 inches (46 cm) (or knee) high. Crow folklore differs slightly from that of other tribes in describing the Little People of the Pryor Mountains as having large, nearly round bellies; incredibly strong but short arms and legs; and little or no neck.

Enukins of Alaska:  Small mischievous people of the night are part of Alaskan legend. They were also said to live underground!

Ishigaq: Inuit legend of little people who left no footprints in the snow.

Nimerigar:  Shoshone legend of little folk of the American Rockies. 

Yunwi Tsundsi:  Cherokee described little folk who reached just about the human knee in height and loved music, singing, and were kind.

Mannegishi:  Cree legend of little people with no nose, big heads, gangly limbs (sounds like alien greys, eh?). 


Gnomes: Legendary creatures that live underground.
Elves "Huldufolk": Icelandic - Secret, hiding, tiny folk.
Fairy: Winged, tiny, magical creatures.
Goblins/Gremlins: Dwarf-like mischievous being.
Leprechaun: Magical little folk.
Brownie: Tiny beings who come out at night, help around the house, do not want to be seen, and appreciate a food gift.
Pixies: Tiny folk who like to dance and wrestle and play.

The arctic north

Source: Sirtya- are а mythical folk in mythology of Nenets people which live in the most north-eastern tip of European continent . Nenets live in arctic tundra and have a society based on nomadic reindeer. Scientists believe that Nenets came in that region around 1500-1000 years ago from most south-eastern lands around river of Enisey in Siberia. They aren`t indigenous people because not only their legend told that but also their settle into land of modern Arkhangelsk Oblast (westernmost their location) was well documanted during reign of Russian tzar Ivan ІV Groznyi (16th century).

Source:  (above photos) New discoveries aren't only in Yamal Peninsula, but also in island Nova Zemlya and whole coast-line of Northern Europe. This showing to us picture of lost ancient civilization in sub-Arctic region, last signs of which reach the late Medieval period. Memory about this human race may be take on effect in many European (peculiar Scandinavian) myths about Dwarfs and Gnomes. This kind of behaviour from Sirtyans easy can be compare with notion about Dwarfs and Gnomes.

The Icelanders have a wonderful attitude about the elves. They associate them with rock (mining/caves?) like the Norwegians see trolls as giants who turn to rock (mining giants?). Legends have an interesting way of transporting events and truths in the context of magic which helps to transport a tale to future generations in a way that is storytelling and easily remembered. There have even been instances where roadways being laid out were diverted because of the need to disturb large groupings of rocks and not wanting to disturb the little folks. Rocks - associated with the tiny ones and the tall ones would show what Native American tribes even recalled, "they did the mining, not us." And who built the original megaliths? Where there is rock, there are extraordinary races.

The Norse had a term "skraeling" which was believed to be tied to native people of Greenland and North America. Some believed them to be giants, others pygmies, depending on how this odd word was translated.

Monopod from Nuremberg Chronicles
Interestingly, little fella, big foot.

Source:  Another explanation for the etymology of the word skræling is proposed by Kirsten Seaver in her work "'Pygmies' of the Far North."The pygmy belongs to a vein of mythological races that was ubiquitous throughout Ancient and medieval lore dating as far back as Homer's Iliad. Scottish writer Alexander Ross wrote of the phenomena of the Pygmy “ that there have been Pigmies in the world, that is, people of a cubit or two high. . . . I say there have been such, I make no question, when I consider the multitude of eminent Authours who have writ on them, and that no reason was ever yet alledged to deny them.”

The ubiquity of the term pygmy throughout many different cultures and places in the known world lends to the validity of their mythical existence. Other monster races referred to by Norse writers were based on the monster races created by Pliny the Elder in his  History (Pliny), including the infamous Monopod which made an appearance in the Saga of Erik the Red:

“ True it was that our men tracked a one-legged creature down to the shore. The uncanny fellow fled in a flash, though rough was his way, hear us Karlsefni!”

The Pygmy was a known idea to privileged Norse explorers like Leif Eriksson and as North America was a foreign and inhospitable land on the edges of the world known to the Norse, they were quick to label these new people Pygmies, since they would have been smaller in stature than the Norse explorers. Kirsten Seaver contends that the word skræling was a direct Old Norse translation of the Latin word Pygmaei, and referred to this newly discovered and misinterpreted monster race indigenous to North America.

In Shahdad in the Province of Kerman, a 5000-year-old city was unearthed that appeared to be occupied by "little people." For a wonderful posting on this, check Message To Eagle


Interestingly, it would appear that legends and myths of little people are found around the world, in the very same places "ancient giants" were found. They also had what was often referred to as gangly limbs, odd shaped skulls, long feet, and hairy bodies by many, as well as favoring mines and caves. 

Where there were giants, there were little ones from Trolls and gnomes to Native American legends of mining giants and mining little people. 

Today, many crypto researchers report stories by witnesses or they themselves witnessing "little ones" accompanying the Sasquatch. In fact, many Native People will not speak of the little ones as there seems to be some kind of peril if one discusses or tries to interact with them, like a kind of curse of sorts.

The Hobbit was found in a cave, reports from Native People repeatedly say they either mined or lived in caves and did not like the daylight, came out only at night. Even the Cherokee told of moon-eyed people who only came out at night and whom they drove from the lands. 

Was the role of this little race to work in caves because they were both small and had the ability to see in the dark? It would seem a very real possibility. So, the relationship between giants and the little ones might have been one of either slavery or mutual assistance in order to dig the caves out (giants) and mine within small spaces in the dark (wee folk).

Tiny cave people who had eyes adjusted for such living and long feet not designed to run long distances in the open plains, but to maneuver in rocks surfaces, sounds adaptive.... 

This is beginning to be very intriguing and you know I'm going to pursue this in much more depth

If you found this entertaining, you might look into some fun movies that play with the subjects of rocks, caves, and odd beings or "fae."

Lord of the Rings
The Fairy Faith
The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns
The Secret of Roan Inish
Fairy Tale: A true Story
Photographing Fairies
The Dark Crystal
The Neverending Story
Clash of the Titans

If you enjoy this subject, I highly suggest this book - it is a warehouse of amazing finds! 

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Vintage Atomic Age

Scandinavian Horror

I might be biased, as I am Norwegian/Swedish Lapp, but the first Scandinavian horror movie I saw, "Let the Right One In" hit a chord with me and I felt like I understood this horror! I went on to see a slew more of them and found that overwhelmingly they satisfied something I missed in American horror. There is a degree of nerd/odd characters in their movies I relate to, as well as amazing scenic locations that make horror even more acute as it takes strong to survive there, and there is a faint vintage 80s feel that makes me feel nostalgic.

MST 3000 "The Day the Earth Froze" was just plain old fun and creepy because it was, well, disturbing.

If you haven't seen many Scandinavian horror films, then you're not a real true fan of the genre. They are brilliant and the settings are so bleak, so stark. They are a dream setting for some true horror. These are ones I suggest highly on a cold winter night with a log on the fire, a cup of hot cocoa, and a safety blanket wrapped around you ---


My personal favorite. A Norwegian team of college kids dogs a strange hunter who supposedly kills bears, only to find he is really hunting trolls for the government. 

"Cold Prey"

A group of skiers in Norway help their friend who broke his leg, finding shelter in an abandoned hotel. What they don't know is that someone is still living there.


A town in Norbotten, Sweden is attacked by vampires. This has an interesting kind of 1980s feel. This has a horror comedy feel. 


The 25-year war between Sweden and Russia has two brothers trekking out with the task to draw the maps of the new borders and encountering some seriously disturbing things. This is a lush, gorgeous, and character-driven thriller. I really loved this one. 

"Dead Snow"

It doesn't get better than some Norwegian skiers in a cabin up on an icy mountain encountering Nazi zombies in one of the single most over the top zombie fight scenes ever in a movie! This is a blast!

"Let the Right One In"

A beautiful and melancholy movie about the icy dark reaches of Norway and a boy and girl in the same condo complex, both outsiders. She's an outsider because she's a vampire, and he believes he's found his soulmate. Beautiful movie. 

Drowning Ghost 

Hundred years ago, three students at the Hellestads Boarding School were brutally slaughtered, the murderer drowned himself in a lake nearby and his body was never found. The story has become a legend for generations of students as well as a yearly festivity. Sara, a student, is writing an essay based on the legend and uncovers new facts from the event that will cast dark shadows on the family name of one of the school's main beneficiaries. On the night of the hundredth anniversary, the festivities go awry, students disappear and something dark and unknown is moving through the schools corridors.

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Finding Bigfoot 2-Hour Special Tonight: Animal Planet!

Tonight is a 2-hour special of F'ing Bigfoot. You know I'm gonna have to check this out and see what forest they are terrorizing, ahem, I mean researching next...

Mannequins (check)
Crying baby doll (check)
Monkey (check)
Bunny rabbit (check)
Fireworks (check)
Fake campsite with mannequins (check)
Fake deer (check)
Bacon (check)
Doughnuts (check)
Fluorescent powder (check)


Unknown Man E: Unexplained Mummy!

Discovered in 1881, "Unknown Man E" this mummy baffled. He was very unusual because he appears to have been embalmed quickly, without removing the brain and viscera, sewn into goatskin (sign of disgrace/unclean), hands and feet bound, and placed in a cedar box, the interior of which had to be crudely hacked to widen it, and wearing golden earrings that shows status. He was 18. He might have still been alive and left to agonize. No embalmer's incision was found. He was from around 1200 BC. It was first thought he was poisoned and in agony but it appeared that he might have been buried alive and asphyxiated.

It is believed that this fellow is Pentewer, a son of Ramses III who collaborated with his mother (Tiye), the wife of Ramses, to take over. When DNA samples were studied from the unknown mummy, it appeared conclusive that the mummy was the son of Ramses III.

For over 100 years, this case remained very unusual and most curious. The case hasn't been closed, but we have learned something about retribution in 1200 BC Era among the burial sites of kings.

More info:
Radiology of the mummy

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Upping Your Chances Of Ghostly Encounters

As I've been studying the qualities that come together to make an ideal spirit vessel, I have come to some conclusions (and a lifetime of encounters) to say how these things can come to be more readily.

If you want to up your chances of having a ghostly encounters, these are my tips:

Geomagnetic storms: First and most simple way to have a much higher chance of encounters. Do solar flares (which cause geomagnetic storms upon the earth) cause haunting activity or simply make it easier to perceive? Perceive, I believe. Humans can have agitation of preexisting mental issues and extremely vivid dreams during geomagnetic storms, so something within our own brain's wiring allows perceptions we don't normally possess.  Check out solar weather and proceed accordingly. I have found electron flux is particularly correlated with active research nights.

Geology:  Yes, granite, quartz, limestone, copper seem to be at higher incidence in areas that hold a haunting well.  Why is this? Piezo electricity might be at work and other factors. Just see that granite is associated with radon gas, which might in some way affect our perceptions, once again.

History/construction:  A building with clutter, darkness, twists and turns can have much captured within. In terms of feng shui, positive energy likes open pathways and light, bad energy likes things such as clutter, darkness, cul-du-sacs and graveyards nearby. The kind of history a building possesses is critical too. The Amityville home's history might be tantalizing, but it would appear that no one suffered long and agonizingly, they died without even realizing what was about to happen. You take a sanitarium or sanitorium and you have a location that might have repeated, lengthy torment and pain that create a kind of staining of the building itself. 

Once you pass the above location choices, we move on to what you can do while inside the building to capture an encounter.

Movement:  Here's the fact - you will not see a Bigfoot sitting around a campfire, hoping he comes in to check you out and you don't sit around a table and expect others to enter the room. You must wander about. Most encounters occur on foot, while going down hallways, entering rooms, basically startling the unsuspecting perhaps, but more likely upping your chances of being in a room that has something going on. 

Intent:  As insane as it sounds to not stalk spirits, it's critical in finding them that you keep your mind clear and open and not focused on hunting them down. In fact, if you can daydream a bit of innocent thoughts, you are much more likely to come upon them. There's a reason for this - focus.  Like that pot that won't boil if you watch it, if you enter a building focused on expecting to see something in the dim light, you are likely to miss a sound. Even if we think we are fine driving while talking on a cell phone, that focus of our attention to a different part of the mind, ruins our other senses, it deadens them, so we don't realize the light turned red. You deaden the other senses when you focus too much attention to the visual. 

Balancing speech and quiet:  There is a balance in speaking and silence. It is fine to talk to another partner lightly about something funny or endearing, like bragging about your kids or some other subject that others would like to eavesdrop in on, but there need to be long pauses of speaking. Upon occasion, you get a reaction to your speech, but to pick up on any reaction, you must be silent. Allow yourself one sentence of speech, then a lengthy pause. 

360 degrees of observation:  Here's the thing, our ears have these fantastic "shells" that pick up sound waves, but we need to be directional to pick up the nuances, so you must be pivoting 360 degrees often for visual and for sound. There is nothing more exasperating than seeing a figure out of the corner of your eye, and turning too late. We get focused on creeping around with a flashlight like Scooby Doo gang, but the fact is, things are all around us, pivot often!

Your emotional content:  I have found over the years that your emotional content that very day seems to affect your electrical energy/chemical energy, and you can be a repellent or an attractant. There seems to be a correlation of seeing spirits during times of depression or blues, hearing them during times of anxiety and fear, and having objects move when angered. When you are emotion neutral, you are at the mercy of other elements including how psychically in-sync you are that day. We all have PSI skills and it's crucial in discerning spirit activity. If you are not a person who seems himself/herself as intuitive, you need to develop that sense because it is the one that lets you know ahead of time; goosebumps, feelings of being watched, oppressive heaviness on the sinuses of your face.... I suggest you work those skills often by doing online PSI testing regularly to get used to the in sync feeling of mind and body when you get a right answer. That is a sense you can learn to remain in for longer periods of time. People who frequently meditate also understand this ego neutral position that allows input of "other" info. 

Repeated exposure: It goes without saying that, if you have not had a ghostly encounter, you have likely not been frequently exposed to locations that have activity. The more often you are in one, the better, and the longer, as well. Weekend hunters are not going to run into anything except happenstance, but those who stay in a place for a week or more, are likely to run into repeated activity. The best advice is to stay at a haunted B&B for a vacation or take up a friend in an offer to stay in their ancient cabin in the mountains. Whenever you can be in a place for a time and let the place get used to you, you experience what those who live in activity haunted homes experience. When I was growing up, we could go weeks without much of anything and then a burst of activity. When people moved in or moved out, more activity during that breaking in period. Investigators have much going against them including that their very energy is new to the building. The longer you hunker down, the more it relaxes and shows itself.

Semi-darkness/evening: It's not magical that ghosts only come out at night, it is to our advantage, though, to search then. Less traffic, less noise, and a semi-darkness makes our eyes better able to discern things moving, shadows, contrasts, and with less background noise, subtle sounds can be heard. 

Props and the like:  Can an object be haunted? Not in the way we think. It's as if everywhere we have been, everything we have handled is tagged with us, a tracer. The soul, not being limited by the 3-dimensional physicality, can be in all the places it has ever been (at least to our limited 3-dimensional way of thinking). Playing music for the times might create ambiance, but does a spirit have auditory canals? Perhaps not, but vibrations can be attractive. Rhythmic tapping for a time and then silence, rumbling and then silence, running a fan and then silence, they can all trigger a reaction, as many investigators have found with Tesla coils and Jacob's ladders and the like. Electrical, vibratory, harmonic - all potential attractants for the disturbance of the very atmosphere (not necessarily because ghosts need it to materialize).  A good example is we humans with auditory canals, music can create so many emotional feelings within us, deja vu, anger, excitement, utter soul-numbing peace, and all by the vibrations being processed into our mind, but those sound waves can also affect our body, such as is the case with extreme bass sounds that resonate through our chest when someone has loud bass speakers playing. 

You can up your chances of having para-encounters, but it doesn't happen if you don't place yourself out there, and often!