Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Weird and Rare Weather Phenomena


Snow rollers

Snow rollers are a rare meteorological phenomenon. Did you ever build a snow fort as a kid? Start with a snowball, roll it along the ground to make a giant ball? Well, in the right conditions, wind can pick up snow and roll it! 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

When You Think a Relative is Haunting You


(my grandfather Øivind Thorvaldsen from Trondheim) 

Perhaps one of the most often asked questions about hauntings involves an individual believing they are being haunted by a relative. Sometimes they feel comforted, other times unsettled. Let's take a look at this phenomena. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Can Ancient Giants Still be Found in the Solomon Islands?


If there is a location on earth that still houses ancient giants who have retained their culture en masse, it would be the Solomon Islands. 

The Solomon Islands are in the South Pacific Northeast of Australia, east of Indonesia.  The giants here are not only spoken of, but spoken of in the present tense - as beings who still coexist. 

I'm interested in the giants of this region for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the reported footprints and bones in Australia, Indonesia, and South Pacific islands are much larger than anywhere else in the world, sometimes placing these giants in the 20+ foot range. As well, the giants reported to land in copper mining areas like Peru, the Imperial Valley, Texas coastline to head up the Mississippi region, were all very well seasoned boat builders and voyagers. If there was a birth place for launching ancient giants, the South Pacific seems a plausible location. 

From native mythology in that location -
Qat, the Great Spirit who made everything, and his twelve brothers were invited to spend the night in the house of a giant named Qasavara. The giant intended to kill them while they slept and eat them, but Qat opened a crack in one of the beams of the house and the brothers hid inside the beam. In the end, Qasavara became so frustrated that one morning he chased Qat and his brothers up a casuarina tree. Qat caused the tree to grow so long that when it bent over, the tip touched a neighboring island. The brothers jumped off and the tree, released from the extra weight, sprang back, throwing Qasavara high into the sky. When Qasavara struck the ground, he died and was transformed into a stone. This stone still existed in recent times: those who desired success and strength in battle would make sacrifices upon it.  Another lesser-known version portrays Qasavara as the gatherer of the spirits of the damned, who he then feeds to mythical monsters.

Source:  According to very numerous local reports, surviving giants live inside the rainforest jungle mountain ranges of Guadalcanal. They have vast cave systems running the length of the entire island. Australian Marius Boirayon, a retired helicopter pilot/engineer who is married to a Solomon Islander, has come across many Guadaleanal people who believe these giants can travel from cast to west through these cave systems without seeing the light of day. It is believed that their population numbers in the thousands.

One credible witness to these is a once Prime Minister and the previous Guadalcanal Premier, Ezekiel Alebua. He recalls that when he was a child his father took him to a burial cave in east Guadalcanal. Inside was a complete skeleton that must be around 15 feet in length. To the local population on Guadalcanal, giants are common knowledge. Interaction with giants has been frequent through their history. The giant’s territory is a 1,000 square kilometre area of mountains covered in tropical jungle west of Mount Popomanaseu.

Local tribes, not only in Guadalcanal, but in most parts of the Solomon Islands have recorded a tumultuous historical relationship with the giants. The area is rich in memories of such encounters.  Giants allegedly still survive on Santa Isabel Island. Although they are fewer in number than on Guadalcanal, there are two areas where they live. Any local person is able to steer you in the right direction.  Another of the Solomon Islands is Choiseul. The island of Choiseul is not small. Some 300 kilometres long by 80 kilometres wide, it numerous villages. But there is one large area of its interior where no village exists. And apparently with good reason…living giants.

SOURCE:  To my understanding, there are three different species or types of these Giants. The larger and more commonly seen are over 10 foot tall, but I have come across numerous Islander accounts with evidence that supports that they do grow much taller than that. These Giants have very long black, brown or reddish hair, or a mixture and when they want to have a good look at you, they pull it aside from their face with one hand. They have a protruding double eyebrow, bludging red eyeballs, and flat nose, wide-gapped mouth facial features, and have an unmistakable odor, which the coastal people would once use as a sign of their presence, depending on the wind. From the large hairy type, they range down in size with reducing amounts of body hair. The smaller version, although bigger than normal human beings, are like a wild man living in the jungle and are not as hairy as the big ones. This is the way the Guadalcanal Islanders describe them. Inherently, when they see these small giant half human people, they make efforts to kill them. These smaller versions are lower down in the Giant social order, living predominately outside their caves systems in the jungle, although all three (types) are found in the Island’s jungle. Incidentally, there are many newspaper reports, even recently, of these hairy Giants in Papua New Guinea, and also may I say that I know for a fact that the Vanuatu people have also had a similar past with their Giants as the Solomon Islanders have had, as those that follow up on my research will find out.

There is an incident spoken of in which miners in 1998 began to plow away areas to prospect. A bulldozer broke down and they left it for the night. When they came back, the blade was gone; a very heavy object to carry away. Not far from there, they found 3-foot long bare human footprints and about a 100 meters away, the blade was found.

Some officials headed up to see the new gold prospecting area and got stuck in the mud. They had to walk back to the village. When they came back, the car was back on the road again. Not only that, but supposedly a giant man was seen at the front of the car, another at the rear. The men ran in fear and when they came back later, the giants were gone, the car was on the road, and the footprints showed that, indeed, these giants had righted the car. 

In one village where giant bones are regularly popping up, one tent is supposedly supported by an 8-foot long femur. If proportions were similar to humans, that would make the fellow about ... 32 feet tall!  And, incidentally, that 3-foot long track mentioned above? That fella would be about the same height approximately.

Are there still giants on the Solomon Islands? Well, given the extensive amount of mountains rainforests forever in the fog and not explored, the tons of cave systems, and relative underdevelopment of the lands, it would seem the most likely place on earth. 

There are even more giants throughout Polynesia. Tahiti has a 2.5 meter-tall statue with six fingers. Marquesas Islands also house many giant statues. In Samoa, the footprints of a giant with six toes called Moso. Many islands tout ancient giants with six toes and fingers, as well as unusual ancient statues.


Article about Solomon Island Giants in detail
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Solomon Island Mysteries by Marius Boirayon 
The Most Mysterious Places On Earth by Nick Redfern 
The Discovery of the Solomon Islands by Alvararo De Mendana (Solomon Islands)

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

How to Host a Horror Movie Marathon

You want to have friends over for a movie marathon, but it's not enough to just show one horror movie after another. How about if you pick a theme with snacks to match and a lineup that showcases the theme? 

Monday, August 22, 2022

For the Love of Sleepy Hollow


When I was a child and our librarian during reading corner time read us Washington Irving's tale of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," I was perpetually in Halloween in my mind. 

It is a tale that is so full of autumnal vibe and spooky haunts that it pops up in a lot of haunted attractions. 

If you love the legend, here's some great versions to watch, music to listen to, and ways to put that vibe into your Halloween home - 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Making Halloween Profile Pics


There is nothing better at Halloween time than updating your profile pic with a Halloween selfie.  In this photo above I am peeking around the corner of a curtain with an element of terror. If you want to amplify the look, consider using a filter on Photoshop like "poster edge" or just up the contrast.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Enjoy a Mini Halloween Day in August


You know you're counting down the days until Spirit Halloween opens and launches the, "I-can-legitimately-get-excited-about-Halloween" season. 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Blanket Fort Movie Marathon


There's probably a zillion ways to make a blanket fort (ask any kid), but when you're an adult it becomes more than a house within a house, it becomes a romantic getaway.

I get flat sheets from Goodwill and use push pins to drape off areas. 

If you make it a movie marathon watching zone with perhaps some takeout Chinese or pizza, you're ready to have a slumber party with your partner.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Halloweenitis: Making Halloween Decor For Free or Under $5


These look cool, especially if the bottles or vases have water in them and food coloring to make the stick less obvious to view. Be sure the doll heads have no eyes.

Ever since I was a kid growing up on an estate that had 2 cottages, stables, and a barn, I learned to sort through paraphenalia stored away and find ways to make something new out of something old. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Spirit Halloween 2022


Like millions of other Halloween-loving folks, the minute the Spirit Halloween shops around me open, I plan an all-day spookfest. In a Ferris Bueller kinda way, I mosey over to marvel, try on, laugh, and be startled by the animatronics. Then, I shuffle home like a good zombie and watch horror movies in an all-day marathon.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Halloweenitis: Doll Island Theme

Doll Island in Mexico. It's one of the most spooky-looking places that gives chills and thrills. There's something about dolls that inherently fascinates and bothers us. Use that to your advantage - 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

YouTube Unexplained-Themed Channels I Recommend


Every now and then I explore new options in video content offered on YouTube. Recently, with the rainy weather and daydreaming about autumn and Halloween, I started poking around only to find some exceptional channels for my readers, ones I highly recommend!

This blog being #1 in the world for ghost hunting subject theme and a top paranormal blog, I know what you want - 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Halloweenitis Series: My Halloween Makeup and Costumes

Yeah, it's early August but ALL Halloween lovers are already chomping at the bit for hot cocoa, chilly nights, the smell of wood smoke, and shorter days leading to - HALLOWEEN!!!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Giant Squid: Cthulhu!


Once thought to be sea monsters when sighted by early sailors and later finally proven, the giant squid is an amazing and mysterious alien upon the earth.