Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Halloweenitis Series: My Halloween Makeup and Costumes

Yeah, it's early August but ALL Halloween lovers are already chomping at the bit for hot cocoa, chilly nights, the smell of wood smoke, and shorter days leading to - HALLOWEEN!!!


I'm going to share some of my Halloween pics over the next several posts. Let's start with makeup/costumes. Having modeled and done pageants, as well as six years of theater arts and a penchant for dressups and makeup, let's see what I've come up with. I give you some tips along the way. 

Some of these might inspire concepts for your own costume -

Autumn Forest 
This was my character I developed from my old online name "Autumnforest" 

It's fun to imitate famous people.
Scully tucks her chin in.

Molly Ringwald
It's all about the pout.

Put the wig on and you become her.

Stevie Nicks
costumish and feminine

Taylor Dane
It's all diva attitude and hair.

Courtney Love
I pictured her with smeared mascara and
 argumentatively drunk.

Sally "Nightmare Before Christmas"
This was a tough one as I had to use the face putty over the last open eye and then makeup by feel only.

Anna "Frozen"

Cemetery Statue Mother Mary 
Getting that makeup on smooth and being sure the fabric matched and the serene expression was actually a challenge.

My go-to costume my whole life because I get to wear tons of jewelry and flowing clothes and wild hair and read palms.

I believe in using makeup to create the mask. This fabric done in facepaint allows me to not have to wear actual fabric. I did something similar in the pirate makeup.

I call this my Stevie Nicks witch look.

Bride of Frankenstein
Porcelain Victorian Era makeup and the neck scar which was done with a black eyeliner pencil followed by lipstick applied with a thin brush and X marks for stitches.

As long as your lips are white, they disappear and you can draw i nthe new lips using an eyeliner pencil and filling in with lipstick. The eyes were done all in black eyelids with drawn on lashes above the crease.

Bird Lady
This was a challenge. A piece of folded paper "glued" to the nose with some skin putty. Face was all gray with feathery eyeliner pencil drawing. Feathers in my hair and some raffia for nesting bits.

Pirate Wench
This one got some attention. People liked how I didn't have to obstruct my site, but gave the sense of a patch. It was done with clown makeup.

Steampunk Ghost
It was all about the ghost being white, but having hair and lips that were bright. The steampunk necklace was metal, but painted it white too to keep the all white theme.

Zombie Liz 
"Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse"
(a book by me and Julie Ferguson)

Ventriloquist Doll

Freckles, dots of blush and those ventriloquist mouth lines. If you wanna make the costume a winner, have a guy in a suit or tux be your partner with his hand in the back of your dress. Move your mouth every time he talks.


I figured with lots of orange hair, why not do a lion. The makeup was so simple and yet everyone knew what I was. Attitude like a wild stalking thing helps. 


Thankfully fake teeth. This one was a blast to do, walking around with a mason jar of beer and talking like a redneck. Half my DNA is gen-u-ine West Virginia hillbilly. I'm proud of those roots. Some of the strongest people I know with a loving hilarious attitude.

Cracked Doll

To get the cracks to look real weird, I used a tiny brush with black wet eyeshadow so I could roll the brush as I ran it randomly over the face so it was thicker in some areas.


Pirate Wench

Clown makeup is a real bia-tch to do. It's all about layering it on.

I make fake wounds the cheap easy way - Elmer's Glue. Put it on thick, let it dry. It's even better if you add some dryer lint to give it body. It dries clear and then you can peel it open for wounds. The wounds I like to put some black wet eyeshadow or black costume makeup inside it and then add the blood. If you put glue all over the face, you can let it dry with a straight face and then start smiling and crinkling your skin to make it crack. It comes off easy, no sweat!

I will continue to feed your Halloweenitis over coming days!


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