Making Halloween Profile Pics


There is nothing better at Halloween time than updating your profile pic with a Halloween selfie.  In this photo above I am peeking around the corner of a curtain with an element of terror. If you want to amplify the look, consider using a filter on Photoshop like "poster edge" or just up the contrast.

A gothic mood involves a black background, some candelight, gauzy ghost, slightly lit figure behind you....

Consider making everything black so that your flesh is the only thing that pops out in the photo - 

Try moving the camera back and forth fast as you take the pic so you blur out - 

Take on the look and attitude of your subject - 

Interact with a background - art piece, object, or even a character on a large screen TV -

Don't be afraid to be unrecognizable - 

Live a fantasy - 

Never underestimate a black hooded cape 

Here's some things to help give you the best pics -