Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Good Fortunes Go Bad: Reviewed

I talk about my writer's group from time to time on this blog because they have honed me into the editing machine I am and made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses and, as in any family you chose yourself, these wonderfully talented human beings are genuinely happy when one of us succeeds.

There is one expert editor in our group who also is the most wonderful horror writer! I am on the edge of my seat when he brings something to share with the group and his recent work is truly genius!  He has just released a new exciting work -

"When Good Fortunes Go Bad" by Dwayne Bearup is nothing short of brilliant and original. Imagine a man who is so quirky, obsessive compulsive and sociopathic that he takes his fortune cookies not as wishes but as exacting orders.

Dwayne's writing isn't just technically flawless, but his pacing, his character development, his horrifying situations, action and dialogue are all played out to give you the ultimate in spine tingles.

I can scarcely believe this brilliant and chilling tale is only 1.49 on Smashwords, but it is! I cannot emphasize enough how truly talented this author is. He is unsettling, original, and brilliantly insightful into human frailties. Some day, I will say I knew him back when he was reading his work for free while gathered around a restaurant table on free-pie night. Yes, he's that exceptionally gifted.

Just so you know, Smashwords makes it possible to read the work on your computer or other device, on Kindle, Nook and more, so there is no excuse not to download it now!

And, to add to the theme, I will share my favorite fortune cookie recipe with you. Make them if you dare, be careful the messages you insert--you could be changing someone's destiny!

Fortune Cookie Recipe
  • 3 egg whites
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted and cooled
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons water


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets, or line with parchment paper. Have fortunes ready to go on small strips of paper.
  2. In a large glass or metal bowl, whip egg whites and sugar on high speed of an electric mixer until frothy, about 2 minutes. Reduce speed to low, and stir in melted butter, vanilla, almond extract, water and flour one at a time, mixing well after each. Consistency should resemble pancake batter. Spoon the batter into 3 inch circles on the prepared baking sheets. Leave room between for spreading.
  3. Bake for 5 to 7 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the edges begin to brown slightly but it's still pancake-y. Quickly remove one at a time, place a message in the center, and fold in half. Fold the ends of the half together into a horse shoe shape. If they spring open, place them in a muffin tin to cool until set.

Destination Truth and Haunted Highway Syfy Tonight

(another of my fantastic photoshop-challenged redo's)

Destination Truth: Spirits of Tikal (Mayan City) and Creature From the Black Lagoon


Louisiana Swamp Woman is the legend that Haunted Highway is checking out tonight on Syfy. I gotta admit, I don't like the show, but I love the weird-ass legends they're chasing. Sometimes, it's kind of creepy like the hellhound episode. It's hokey, but it's creepy, so I like to think of it as a Blair Witch Project and not take it seriously as any sort of a research team, but more like a bunch of youngsters rushing into the woods in search of local urban legends and scaring the piss out of each other. I chalk it up to guilty pleasure.

World's Largest Pyramid

Mayan find in Mirador (Guatemala) is throwing off the archaeology world. Thousands of pyramids still are to be uncovered near this world's biggest pyramid.

Thriving between the 6th century and 1st century BCE. It takes up 10 square miles with thousands of structures. The La Danta pyramid is believed to be the most massive structure in the world. Discovered in 1926, it wasn't mapped until the 1970s. When you consider the size and scope of Mayan civilizations--they had enormous well developed cities so much earlier than we imagined. It makes you wonder if a thousand years from now Manhattan was underwater and parts of it were found, people would be surprised that man back in our time period had such advancements.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that we have lost our excitement about finds. If the largest structure in the world can go unnoticed until the 20th century, then folks bellyaching about Bigfoot are sadly close-minded.

3 Months To Halloween! & Radio Show Tonight!

Why do I start my countdown to Halloween now?

Because we all had a hot summer. We dream of autumn. Pumpkins. Cool nights. Bonfires. Crunchy leaves. So, I am determined to escort us into the season of autumn and horror with all I have! I will be doing more and more dark and spooky, creepy and haunted, horror and unsettling things these months to Halloween.

You will recall that Dale the Doll gets possessed by the spirit of a dead magician each October and gets more and more insane and troublesome as the month moves on. He often follows others' blogs and will comment on them, as well as stealing my laptop to post things and videos. If you missed the other Halloweens, here's just some of the antics -

What to expect on GHT? Well, tons of posts on unusual oddities you didn't know about, news of bath salts attacks, nostalgic Halloween creepiness, how to bring on the season, plan Halloween parties, build costumes, join scary events, creepy getaways, ghost tours, and lots of hardcore horror.

3 months and counting....

I will be on Tuklo Nashoba and his brother John's radio show Adventures Into the Strange tonight at 10 pm EST. Please listen in and see what kind of babblings I can produce.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Zombies Among Us!

Another Alien Encounter?

I wrote some time ago about an "alien" memory in hypnosis. I disregarded it as utterly ridiculous, but several months ago, I had an incident that did not involve hypnosis, but did occur while sleeping.

I woke up quite suddenly and had no real reason, like sound or discomfort. I knew I wasn't alone. I looked to my left and saw two alien grays, one a few feet away and one at the end corner of my bed area, then I turned my head to see a gray at the foot of my bed bathed in an orange red light and then to the other side of the bed, another gray. All at once, I knew their thoughts and it was kind of like "oh shit! She wasn't supposed to know we visited." One by one they disappeared, starting with the one in the orange red light. I sat up and watched the last one turn away and then disappear. And, the room smelled of ozone.

This was not like a sleep paralysis, which I've had before. There was zero terror. I was moving around in the bed, sitting up, and still seeing one of them as I sat there staring at it turn away like it was impatiently waiting its turn, though it knew it was being viewed.

In that moment of being able to read them, I got such a huge rush of knowledge. I knew that "he" had sent them--the one from my childhood (in the story in the link above). I also knew that I was fulfilling some expectations set in motion for me. I was not resisting the intuitive that would guide me to my full potential. I felt strangely on the verge of yet another chapter of my life.

I don't believe in aliens, abductions or any such concepts, and yet I find myself profoundly changed by the experience to feel a patience about my life unfolding, that it is underway and I am doing the right thing and it will lead in a direction that will be truly miraculous.

The final message to me was something like this - you are in charge now and as long as you are making the decisions, amazing things will happen!

How To Cope With Ghosts

Lots of ghosts shows have swept right over the part where the homeowners are left with the realization their home is haunted and now have to say goodbye to the team and live there alone again.

I have a set of steps I like to take a client through:

First, we determine if there are haunting features by seeing if any of the events are explainable and seeing if there seems to be unexpected input in the environment. 

If it seems there is something going on, we then determine personal threat. If we're talking about doors opening and closing, footfalls, voices, cold spots, feelings of being watched, there is no real threat, only the unexpected. We learn to cope with unexpected things every day from a rain shower we didn't see coming to a busted water pipe. Cognitively reframing the experience is significant in lowering stress levels.

The next step is a very simple one, the comforting feel of the home can be shifted by doing simple measures like opening a Bible and leaving it out, playing soft happy music, and most importantly letting in light and clearing the clutter--organizing. These simple Feng Shui principles help change the very tone and energy of a home. It also lays down tracks of positive feelings and helps to make energy better able to move on and move out rather than cul-de-sac in dark cluttered corners. Honestly, the very emotional content of the people within the home and their relationships can very much attract activity. A home that is without constant reminders of disorganization, darkness, dirtiness, and clutter, can help elevate the moods of the occupants and make the home a not so friendly hiding spot and help the individual members to handle things with empowerment.

Some teams will advise calling out and telling the spirits it's your house and they need to scram. That's a fantastic tool to use when a family feels the time is right, but one thing investigators often forget to tell families is that this may not work. It may not work because the haunting is residual. In that case, they need to learn to live with a bit of history replaying itself upon occasion from sounds and scents to apparitions. Sometimes, it's as if old houses have memories like people do and they replay them from time to time.

Did you notice so far that I haven't jumped right into saging and prayer? All of these efforts are done in steps. There is no need to run for the big guns when some pepper spray is enough to deter.

Eventually, the belief system of the clients can be taken into consideration when further steps need to be taken. The key here is to not have people jumping to conclusions that what is in their home is bad, is permanent, or is evil. Usually the first steps work and we never have to resort to these unless the investigation team has not done their job at calming down the occupants and helping them reframe the experience so it is not the threatening unknown, but the universally perplexing mystery that it often times is.

There are always exceptions including members being hurt and that is when the further steps can be instituted and the people empowered with mental skills that can help them feel in charge.

There is no one perfect answer for coping with ghosts, but it should go in degrees and it should be done with a great deal of reverence for the power of the occupants who are living and respect for those who have passed on. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brazilian Roswell?

Known as the Varginha Incident, a supposed UFO crash incident in Brazil that was reported by news agencies, but the government denied it.

(Wikipedia) According to media reports, the creature was first sighted by three women ranging from 14 to 21 years old: sisters Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva, and their friend Kátia Andrade Xavier. They allegedly saw the creature in the afternoon of January 20, 1996: A biped about 1.6 metres (5 ft), with a large head and very thin body, with V-shaped feet, brown skin, and large red eyes. It seemed to be wobbly or unsteady, and the girls assumed it was injured or sick. The creature was said to have a strong, unpleasant odor.[citation needed] Some[who?] have noted physical similarities between this alleged creature and the chupacabra, a cryptozoological creature reported in Puerto Rico and Central America.

The Silva sisters say they fled, then told their mother that they had seen the devil. She didn’t believe them at first, but when she had gone to the area where they had allegedly seen the creature and smelled a strong ammonia-like odor, her opinion changed. After relating their tale to family and friends, rumors began to spread throughout the city: UFOs were sighted, aliens were captured. Two days later, another creature was allegedly found lying along a road. Three military trucks were sent to retrieve it. It was captured by S2 officials (Brazil's military intelligence), and sent to a hospital to be examined.

Even though there are no really reliable witnesses coming forward, the incident has gone down in the annals of Brazilian history as a potentially monumental event. I believe that, like most "urban legends," it had to have some foot in a real life event. Now, the question is - what part of the story was true?

Covert Government Projects: Whazzup?

I thought you might enjoy finding resources to learn more about supposed secret government projects. What’s so interesting about this is that many of these the government admitted to, like testing LSD on citizens and hopes of mind control. If even one of these ones below is real, imagine the implications? Just click on the name of the project and it will take you to a page that has a good explanation if you want to know more.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which is an investigation project to "understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance” (official description). This huge field of 180 antennae are located in Alaska and concern many people around the world because if it’s impressive size and vague purpose.

in Long Island is the location of a military base. This is suspected to be the location of experiments in Time Travel such as in the “Philadelphia Experiment,” as well as remote viewing and mind control.

Area 51 is the popular name for an Air Force Base in Nevada’s desert that is kept under extreme security with many miles of the parameter guarded nonstop by patrols and cameras. It’s long been believed (because of frequent UFO sightings nearby) to be the place that has been working on reverse engineering the UFO found at Roswell.

Remote Viewing
is the purported ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means or extra-sensory perception

UFOs have long been believed to visit the Earth regularly and the government is believed to not only have captured crash pieces, but also alien bodies. Many citizens believe that we’re being kept from the reality that we are being visited.

Weather Control is something the government has admittedly wished to learn more about. The implications of controlling weather and flooding or causing droughts in other countries is the ultimate power.

Majestic 12 is the purported code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman (which the FBI has concluded is "completely bogus"). The purpose of the committee was allegedly to investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident - the purported crash of an alien spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. This alleged committee is an important part of the UFO conspiracy theory of an ongoing government cover up of UFO information.

Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged naval military experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around October 28, 1943, in which the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible (i.e. cloaked) to human observers for a brief period of time. That is also referred to sometimes as "Project Rainbow".

Men in Black are men dressed in black suits claiming to be government agents who attempt to harass or threaten UFO witnesses into silence. It is sometimes implied that they may be aliens themselves. The term is also frequently used to describe mysterious men working for unknown organizations, as well as to various branches of government allegedly designed to protect secrets or perform other strange activities.

Time travel is an obviously exciting possibility. As impossible as it is to believe the changes in mankind by the invention of “The Bomb,” imagine the Pandora’s Box if we could time travel. Imagine if the “other side” got that information?

Mind Control has been a dream from the military ever since the mid 20th century.

To learn about biological experiments they might have done on us.

For a timeline of projects over the decades.

For more programs not listed above.

To learn more about government bases and programs.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Are Baby Dolls So Evil?

What the heck is it about baby dolls that makes people cringe? I know it's human nature to look at something that has a face and categorize it. We see a baby doll, we think baby. What do you think when you think baby? Crying, pooping, delicate if dropped.

Someone gave me a baby doll when I was little and I promptly buried it in our pet cemetery over the septic tank.

It's the pretty and pleasant looking ones that most bother me. They remind me of prissy girls in school who are know-it-all's and told-you-so's. I just want to turn their heads around so they aren't giving me that fake smile all the time!

The really strange thing about baby dolls is that time shows on their features just like on humans. Makes you wonder, huh?

Perhaps this doll below is the best reason to be very wary of baby dolls. The really realistic ones are just freaking sick!

Why Are Mannequins So Creepy?

If you like 80s movies--"Tourist Trap" is seriously good. I have it in my collection. The mannequin element is freaking creep-o-rama!

Why do mannequins unsettle us so much?

As a kid, I remember wandering off at Montgomery Ward (yes, that does date me, doesn't it?) I would grab onto a woman's purse and follow her and not look up. Since I had facial amnesia, looking at people's faces meant not that much to me. I needed to see their clothing, hear their voices or see them in a place I expect to see them, like my brother in his bedroom or my teacher in our classroom. So, I would grab a purse that looked like mom's and follow the woman until she noticed someone holding her purse and turned me around and took me back in search of my mom. One time, I grabbed a mannequin's purse and stood there patiently waiting for her to walk. My mom came along and laughed when she saw me holding the mannequin's purse. I looked up, saw the plastic face and screamed and cried.

There's actually a syndrome (uncanny valley) in which a robot becomes too human-like and then it goes from being trustworthy to frightening.

Let's be honest, have you ever stared at a mannequin and felt sure it might move and then sure that if it did move, you would totally lose it and run like a pussy? I used to dream of being a window dresser. There was a cool movie called "Lady Beware" with a young Diane Lane starring in it. I wanted her life. She lived in a big warehouse apartment that she decorated with mannequins and displays and then designed windows for a department store and had free run of the place, designing anything she could dream up, controversial and cool. I always thought living with mannequins would be cool and I think part of it dates back to my modeling days. I actually modeled as a mannequin in a store window one time. Now, they have my total respect; it is not an easy job.

"Lady Beware"

Friday, July 27, 2012


Getting Rid of Skittles?

We tried to get rid of creepy little Skittles, but it didn't quite take...

Dale the Doll: Don't Listen To the Human!

Yeah, it's true that the Human has me figured out. She knows that sometimes at night I steal her laptop to write posts. She knows to watch out for me in October when I become possessed by the dead magician's spirit and cause lots of trouble. She even bought that freaking creepy silent clown doll, Skittles, just to keep me in line. Man, I hate that freaky doll!

I have to live with the wacky redhead and she thinks she's put upon because I upskirted her and put it on the internet, or filmed her sleeping or hid her knives... It's nothing compared to what she does to me!

Like the Dos Equis interesting man says, "stay frostie my friends."

Why Are Clowns So Scary?

My first circus, I was 4 years old. Not thrilled about the awful music, the smells or the huge elephants, but the minute the clown showed up and looked my way--I went running and screaming and no one could pull me back into the tent again!

Clowns are too happy, unnaturally happy. Their features are exaggerated and the human beneath can almost be discerned. His mouth is not as big as the one drawn on, his eyes are not as big as they are drawn on. We see an incongruity in what they pretend to be and what they are. There may be somewhere in our human DNA a bullshit button when it comes to genuine facial expressions.

How about the real-life John Wayne Gacy? The part-time clown/full-time serial killer?

Need anymore confirmation that clowns are evil? Check this out....

A friend dared me to add to my dark anthology erotica series a story about sex with a clown. I did it, and I think I managed to make it feasible and disturbing. It's part of my series "Philia: Sex in Dark Places" and you can get just that story here "Coulrophilia: Love of Clowns."

On that note, hopefully, I managed to change your mind about clowns.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Candlelight Tale! The Drowning Nurse

Abandoned Sites

Julie and I took a road trip yesterday to Gila Bend, through Maricopa and Mobile, AZ. Fantastic photo ops. Here's just some of the precious gems -

We had some air-conditioning noise. We passed by some kind of electrical plant? in the desert and in my worst British accent I said, "Please, Mr. Wonka, let us in. We want to play with the Oompa Loompas ever so much!" And, yes, we do sing to the tunes as we drive down the roadway.

Spielberg and Hitchcock Movies

Spielberg made us scared to go into the ocean and Hitchcock made us scared of showers; both masterful directors teaching us that there is power in not just sharing a story, but leaving some lingering residue.  They took ordinary things like swimming and showering and replaced the common images with someone unexpected.

I spent a day off recently playing "Jurassic Park," "Jaws," "Duel," and "Rear Window," "The Birds," and "Psycho" all day long while I worked on writing my horror novella.

The use of cinematography to show just enough to get a sense without giving the whole scene away, skewed camera angles, beautifully orchestrated music, vivid colors, and quirky and flawed characters--those are the things with which these directors made high impact movies. 

The quest in these movies were simple things; deliver some love birds to a girl's birthday party, stare out your window while you're laid up with a broken leg, catch a shark--but they became indicative of life--a million roadblocks, difficult personalities, and the fears inside our own heads: "Does someone know I stole the money?" "Does the killer see me watching him?" "What if the boat sinks?"

A thousand directors can tell a story, but only a few can make you live it. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Our Spirituality

Others in my clan might anger at the concept of me explaining us to you hairless beings that call yourselves "humans," but I feel compelled to remind you that my kind are anything but dumb animals. In fact, you might be surprised to know we are very much alike in lots of ways. One of them is spirituality.

What? You're surprised?

Your kind found spirituality in the toughest of times living in caves and fighting for meals that could outrun you and scrounging for natural growing foods that came and went seasonally. You died of disease, infection, childbirth, and other premature demises. The very elements of rain and snow, wind and sun were either vitally important or absolutely devastating. If you hadn't built up a spirituality to handle it and explain your circumstances, you would never have survived and adapted. As we have too.

Where do we go when we put our kind in the ground? How do we accept the elements, the earth, sky, sun, and other angry ones of our own kind wanting to fight for territory? We do have concepts that explain the story of our lives, where we came from, where we go when we die, and what our priorities are. It might vary from what you humans call your God and Heaven, but we do extend past this earthly plane and we will likely see you on the other side.  

Remember that.

The Ghost Hunt That Got Away

It's impossible not to run into places you regret you never hunted at and then they were torn down or not pursuing a place you thought was haunted but couldn't get proof of it the night you were there.

For me, as a child living in a haunted estate in Northern Virginia and having a mother who was an historian who felt compelled to go to every historic site, the regrets often times revolve around these places. I have been a psychic my entire life, as far back as I can recall, and these sites my mother made us traipse around on summer vacations provoked a great deal of reactions from me. Having a child's lack of interest in what a place was named or where it was located, I have lost the ability to discern which buildings I would want to go back to as an adult and paranormal investigator.

There are also some sites that I greatly regret not getting back to, such as the Newpoint-Comfort Lighthouse or my childhood home where my deceased family members vowed to haunt. One recent site I discovered that was untapped was an amazing find but I didn't have the equipment or the team with me, so that one is on my "must-do" list.

I had a list of great finds in the Appalachia area, every one of them having been torn down in recent years.

Time is wasting and I have found that it's best to not have regrets when sites might be gone tomorrow. As someone who does urban exploration and photography of abandoned sites, I know that some that Julie and I covered in our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book have since been torn down or succumbed to the elements.  We were able to document their one-time existence. The same goes for ghosts.

So, no regrets hunters - Carpe Diem!

Time Shifts and Alternate Universes

If you're a follower of the wonderful show "Wormhole," you no doubt are aware of the string physics theories that explain the concept of multiverses (many universes) and that whatever decision was made, plays out in different universes; i.e. you turn right at the street corner in one universe, left in another.

Here's a couple of incidents that make you wonder about things like ghosts, psychic abilities and deja vu - 

I had an old mantle clock I inherited from my father's home in Norway. He kept a photo of his family inside it and as a child, I would see him ritualistically open it, study the photo, put it back and close the door. When I inherited it, I realized it had a cord that was hidden behind the dresser when I was a kid. I plugged it in to see it worked on this early 20th century clock and it did. It began to tick. I opened the door and pulled the photo out, looked at it, looked up at the room and saw a completely different home with high ceilings, portraits stacked atop of each other, heavy curtains. I looked down at the photo again and then back up and it was gone. I was back in my home. I put the photo away, unplugged the clock and didn't think about it until the rest of the inheritance arrived in boxes. I went through the photos and found my grandparents' wedding in the home in Norway, a photo I didn't know existed. A room with tall ceilings, heavy curtains and portraits stacked atop of each other. I saw a view with the clock of something my grandmother had a view of nearly a century before.

Time shift? Perhaps it was. 

And, perhaps we sometimes glimpse another universe-

What about this case - A very awesome paranormal investigator from ChIPS group in Illinois, Jim Heater, relayed a recent story of something that happened to him. Going off a blood pressure medicine, he was at work and heard a co-worker ask him to come over to see something. He walked over to her and picked something up, falling over as he tried to stand back up when his blood pressure dropped. She helped him out as he started to faint. Now, in a lucky quirk of fate, he was near her when this happened and not out in the middle of the floor where he would have done a face plant. But, what's even more odd is he asked her why she called him over and she told him she did not. 

Did Jim encounter an alternate reality in which his coworker did ask him over there to see something? 

Do we really have psychic abilities or do we tap into time shifts and alternate universes to gain insights we normally wouldn't have? Is precognition a part of this? When we have a dream that there is a tidal wave and one occurs the next day, did we shift in our own universe's time to see the coming event? Perhaps time and our universal plane are not as fixed as we think. There could be a fluidity to it that we haven't conceptualized and allows us to see an apparition in an 1800s outfit or even know what someone is going to say, or feel a sense of deja vu because of these subtle shifts. 

Multiverses actually allow us to explain paranormal phenomena, deja vu and precognition. If there is a natural science to make sense of the unusual and unexplained, this would be it. Now, the question becomes why do these shifts occur and how can we make them happen more often? Longer? With predictability? 

And, in a sense, would this be the next form of time travel?

This is just another mind fuck sniper attack on your vision of the world. I hope that I've left y'all wondering properly and considering that natural science accounts for all things paranormal.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Destination Truth and Haunted Highway Tonight!

Destination Truth
Alien Invaders/Swedish Lake Monster

It's nice to see Josh chasing UFOs too.  It doesn't matter much what he does--love the episodes, but I do admit to paying only partial attention to water monsters. It's a bore from a gathering evidence point of view. It's murky. It's hazy. There's sonar hits that are nebulous. I like his paranormal and monster episodes on land better.

Haunted Highway
El Durado Hell Hounds/Georgia Skinstealer

The show does not have me sold at all, but the damn titles of the episodes do. I feel compelled to peek and then I tell myself, "why did you do that again?" I know they will be screaming and rushing around in the dark supposedly filming themselves but they go back and forth with having a light on them and then in nightvision and the way they film it leads me to believe there is no way there isn't a crew with them in the woods. Then, they go back to the car and already have an expert on the laptop to talk to them about evidence they sent--from the woods? Hmm... It's cheap thrills. I want something with real teeth--researchers who seriously hunt down everything they can, no skimming the cream from the top, but churning butter, dammit!

Z World Detroit

I love brilliant ideas and I love to see people campaigning to make a dream come true. The dream in this case is an abandoned Detroit neighborhood turned into a zombie-themed park!

Do you want to look for a refuge within a building from the zombies shambling around outside? Abandoned factories, stores, homes, and empty lots--all become the playing field for dealing with hordes of zombies.

You and your teammates are weaponless since your ammo has run out. You must rely on your skills and teamwork to avoid the zombies, to design makeshift fortifications, find food and water and withstand the final assault. Can you find a suitable base? Who can you trust? Can a teammate be talked into being a diversion for the greater good? Do you hunker down or make a run for it?

Z World Detroit wants to make it happen. Check it out and volunteer some dollars to get this launched. We just can't have enough of revitalizing neighborhoods with new life, or, um, ah...undeath.

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Animorphic Humans

I'm starting the series back. I missed it too much and there are so many mind-bending concepts out there that I just had to get back into reporting them for your own personal mind-scramble. Today, we check out folks who want to be animals--REALLY WANT TO BE ANIMALS--

(Wikipedia) Dennis Avner (born in Flint, Michigan August 27, 1958) of Tonopah, Nevada, United States, is widely known as "Cat Man", though he prefers his Native American name, Stalking Cat. Avner has spent considerable resources to surgically modify his body to resemble that of a tiger. He holds the world record for the most body modifications.

Goat Man.  In Utah, a man in a goat costume is sighted on a hillside, just hanging out with a herd of wild goats. Don't wanna ask. Don't wanna know.

Furries. Some say they're folks who just take anime too far. They want to become the human/animal hybrids in the graphic novels and comics and identify with dressing up like fluffy things and well - doing it like bunnies, I guess?

Conversely, even an animal wouldn't try to look human unless a human forced the issue.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Read Books On Your PC - So Easy - So Nice!

I do have a lot of books on Kindle (Amazon). I find people afraid to read electronic versions of books, but oh, they are a delight!

Kindle makes it easy. At the purchase button on the right hand side of the book cover they have a download to your PC option. You can have your books on your Droid, your IPad, your PC, or your Kindle. It's just so easy nowadays. For free, they load the software onto your PC and there you have a wonderful Kindle Reader button. You can purchase Kindle books on your Amazon account and then you pull them up on that Reader button any time, any where. It remembers what you own. There are even free Kindle books all over the Amazon site, so there's no excuse not to be reading. I have my Kindle book I'm reading minimized while I do my writing and work and pop it up when I take a break and read it.

You can find my list of books here on Amazon
Sharon Day 
(Josiah: Undead Cowboy, Was That a Ghost? Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition), Kickin' Up Dust! (Getting Lost To Find Ourselves), Blogging Changed My Life, Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology) and I also have print versions of the abandoned book, kickin' up dust book, and of course ZOMBIE HOUSEWIVES OF THE APOCALYPSE IN FULL COLOR SEXINESS!

And, if you want to buy some super naughty erotica and want no one to know you're reading it, the PC and electronic devices make the "evidence" easier to hide. I also write by the penname Anna Melissa for my erotica line. In a week or so, I'll have a highly erotic horror novella, "Pagan Bloodlust" coming out.

There are no excuses now for not reading electronic books!

Haunted St. James Hotel, Cimarron, NM

It's pretty tasty as a paranormal investigator to hear about a place people speak of in hushed tones as if it were the Amityville Horror itself. It tells me that the place may be not as well known so secrets and urban legends abound. One such place is the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico.

Built in 1872, the saloon/restaurant/hotel saw 26 murders. The reason the tales of this hotel got my attention was because other investigators said that no one was allow in permanently locked room #18. Supposedly, believing an angry murdered ghost doesn't like folks in that room, they kept it locked.

Note to self: Put on to-do list.

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Songs Say It All

The past -

Taylor Swift "Mean"

The healing period -

"Refugee" by Tom Petty

The present-

"Soulmate" by Natasha Bedingfield

The future -

"Teenage Dream" Katy Perry

Sunday, July 22, 2012

All My Books

I realized the other day that over the years, I've written books but I've not put them all in one place for y'all to peruse them and see what they're about. So, here goes -

Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) on Kindle, Nook and Print forms.  My dear friend and often co-author, Julie Ferguson did the photography and graphics for this unusual urban exploration book and I did 12 psychic reads on the locations. The combination shows the sad inhospitable locations nowadays and a story from their past brought to life that makes you realize events never actually end, they wait in stasis to be re-read.

Was That a Ghost? This is on Kindle and Nook This book is my work as a paranormal investigator, psychic, and sometimes counselor, helping people to discern if something was paranormal or not. I take you through the "Trinity of Relevance," my own invention, that helps you not only in figuring out if something was paranormal, but can be applied to your everyday life to lead a healthy happy emotional life.

Josiah: Undead Cowboy This is on Kindle and Nook. This western horror novella involves an undead cowboy protecting a ghost town that has vampires in the abandoned gold mine.

Kickin' Up Dust! (Getting Lost To Find Ourselves) This is on Kindle and in Print form (out in a couple days) on Amazon. In a Thelma and Louise in the paranormal world kind of way, Julie and I explain how we met through blogging and the paranormal world at the worst time in our lives only to go out on road treks in search of answers about ghosts and resulted in completely changing our lives and taking control of them. Each chapter, each road trip, tells where we were in our lives and what we went through in our evolution to success and happiness.

Blogging Changed My Life! This is on Kindle.  This is a very personal book about what I went through from the moment I started blogging and all the HUGE changes I made in my unhappy life and the happiness and success I have had since. It is filled with blogging tips and examples to help you build your blog and your life.

Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology  This is on Kindle and in print on Amazon.  I love this book! I have to admit. It's got well over 20 short stories, each timed so you know how long it will take in case you are in a rush. There are bonus stories. They cover every horror theme imaginable. I bought it for myself in print form because they are tales I like to read at night. This is my baby. Love this collection.

Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse This is in full-color sexy print on Amazon.  1950s housewives, Stella and Liz, experience the zombie apocalypse and make the transition without missing a beat in their boring suburban lives. This is the first in a 4-book series of a new genre in horror/social commentary/urban fantasy that I have yet to see anywhere. It combines storytelling with vocabulary for the new reality, a quiz to see if your are a zombie housewife of zombie husband, photos with hilarious captions, interviews with the housewives about subjects of the times, and tons of resources in the zombie community. This is just the first in a 4-book series and the Zombie Housewives of the 1960s is coming next and it will blow you away!

Philia: Sex in Dark Places  7 naughty tales of forbidden sex on Kindle. (The stories can be bought separately too) I write under the pseudonym Anna Melissa, an erotica line on Kindle. So, no excuse not to have some hidden smut with horror themes on your Kindle, PC, or other device.

What's upcoming for me? These are only some on the list -

MetaNet (SciFi)
Moon Madness (They Only Come Out At Night) (scary collection of tales about things in the dark)
Zombie Housewives of the 1960s (lighthearted horror/social commentary/urban fantasy)
Growing Up With Ghosts (nonfiction about my childhood ghost encounters in my haunted house)
Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted (nonfiction ghosts)
Halloween For Adults (nonfiction party planning book)
Pagan Bloodlust (Anna Melissa erotica dark horror novella)