Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Months To Halloween! & Radio Show Tonight!

Why do I start my countdown to Halloween now?

Because we all had a hot summer. We dream of autumn. Pumpkins. Cool nights. Bonfires. Crunchy leaves. So, I am determined to escort us into the season of autumn and horror with all I have! I will be doing more and more dark and spooky, creepy and haunted, horror and unsettling things these months to Halloween.

You will recall that Dale the Doll gets possessed by the spirit of a dead magician each October and gets more and more insane and troublesome as the month moves on. He often follows others' blogs and will comment on them, as well as stealing my laptop to post things and videos. If you missed the other Halloweens, here's just some of the antics -

What to expect on GHT? Well, tons of posts on unusual oddities you didn't know about, news of bath salts attacks, nostalgic Halloween creepiness, how to bring on the season, plan Halloween parties, build costumes, join scary events, creepy getaways, ghost tours, and lots of hardcore horror.

3 months and counting....

I will be on Tuklo Nashoba and his brother John's radio show Adventures Into the Strange tonight at 10 pm EST. Please listen in and see what kind of babblings I can produce.

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  1. I am looking forward to the fall. We have lots of fun things planned. I will be listening tonight!