Monday, February 29, 2016

Next Month on GHT!

March is slated to be the Para Outdoors Month on GHT. 

Expect to see posts about all manner of outdoor para including my first post (March 2nd, after the Urban Sasquatch Post on the 1st) involving Para Camping. Yes, why not benefit from camping by incorporating investigation and exploration? 

There will be postings about ideal camping foods/scary campfire tales, what kinds of cryptids lurk outdoors, spooklights, ghosts, UFO sighting hot spots and more! 

You may take to the outdoors this summer, or you may stay home and watch "Jaws," but either way, this month will stimulate your imagination for more than just a campout.

Ainu: Were They First People of Americas?

Ainu man

These tribe members (above) were found in the 1800s in Nevada. Those who photographed them were not sure who these wild folks were.

Obviously, the facial hair is rather odd, as well as the features to be any Native tribe we know of in America. 

They do, however, have the facial hair, features, and even the "paper hats" style head coverings that the Ainu had. 

Is there evidence other people have been in the Americas perhaps before the Amerindian people's arrival? 


Penon woman was found in Mexico and dates back 13,000 years ago. The problem is, she had a long Caucasian face and appears to show no indicators she is from the same region as the future Native Americans. In fact, she is compared with Australian aborigine/Polynesian/South Pacific origins. 

The mound people, the giants spoken of by the Native People, the coastal indians with Polynesian head shapes, Penon woman, and this obscure tribe in Nevada (above) show definite signs that we have had many other races of man here at various times. Some might have mated in with the arriving Amerindians, but some might have died off by isolation in a time period before the arrival of the "Native" people. 

The bog people found in Florida were also found DNA wise to not match Native Americans and to be likely European. This is intriguing as these people were buried 9000 years ago. Unfortunately, the government's rule that all ancient people are handed over to local Natives for reburial is a tragic loss. 

In fact, the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada has fought long and hard to hold the Spirit Cave mummies, as they are certain the Paiutes have no claim to the remains, being that there were no Paiutes in that area in the time period the bodies were placed in the cave, as well as the skeletons being obviously not Native American. 

Were Ainu one of many people who found their way to America but didn't survive the long-term or was this tribe from yet another origin like Polynesia? This certainly brings a new look at the "discovery" of America and how "young" our continent seems. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

World's Creepiest Displays of Dead Bodies

How about displaying dead bodies without flesh for the purpose of scientific displays? Well, some folks didn't mind contributing their remains to educate the public. 

She looks so beautiful in the shop window, doesn't she? She's so life-like. Perhaps that is because she is an enbalmed corpse

How about being exhibited after death with electrical shocks to make your limbs flop around and animate you? Well, in 1803, that was an interesting new trend for public display and the first to do it was convicted murderer, George Forster.

Postmortem photos

Yes, the gothic Victorian Era certainly was death-obsessed, but it also had photography and many families never got a photo of a family member until death when they wanted a last memento. The dead were sometimes shown in coffins, others propped up as if still alive for the grieving parents to remember how they were alive....

Mutter Museum

The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania contains amazing exhibits about the human body, from its inner workings and skeletons, to abnormalities and disease. It is a wonderful medical-based museum that also has a high creep factor.

Smoked mummies of New Guinea

A tribe in the highlands in New Guinea likes to honor their dead ancestors by smoking them, setting them up on the cliffs and having them, well, remain looking down on them. They are exsanguinated and dehydrated by grotesque means, smoked with eyes, mouth and anus sewn shut. 

Man has always had a strange reverence and fear for the dead.  In the Victorian Era, the public was concerned about death, the rituals attached to them, ghosts, and the possibility of being buried alive, hence the creation of graveside bells one could ring from inside the coffin. 

Mummies and medical science, have provided some of the most extensive examples of how to display dead bodies. In their own way, these practices either honor death or learn from death.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Believe: Your Weight and Living An Ingenuine Life

It dawned on me while I was running today (5 miles a day) that weight isn't so much about lack of discipline or cravings. It's about living an ingenuine life.


When I was very unhappy in my life, stuck in a role I didn't want, limited by my self expression, and basically told to stay in line and not stand out or do anything "strange," I ended up wearing beige to blend in and be invisible and ate my anger. I had a life I imagined for myself and I was 180 degrees the wrong direction. I had let someone else's expectations, values, priorities and vision of me direct my decisions and even my relationship with myself (as I lost respect for me for not standing up and claiming "this is not me!")

When I started my own life, doing what I want, my way, expressing my intelligence, my loving nature, my curiosity, adventure, talents... when I started painting, writing, communicating, speaking, expressing... food was not an issue any longer.

As I workout to regain my genuine body (the one not corrupted by every day wearing a life that didn't fit), I am reminded of how holding back the human spirit, whether it's a bad job, bad marriage, or situation in which you have little control over decisions, is an inner death.

If your body is a wrong fit, your light might be too.

Liberate yourself and I promise you, the weight melt rights off when you're doing more to honor the life you always knew in the back of your head that you were supposed to have. You are fully engaged like a child and your entire metabolism comes back to life for to live up to the potential you are taping.


If you need to hike to be with nature and photograph, do so. If you need adventures, go on ghost tours, explore caves, go to a new town you've never seen. If you need to write, write. If you need to paint, paint. If you need to sing, sing. Even if you have to go outside and hide away to do it.

Reclaim your genuine life and your genuine body.

And, remember, it's not you you're mad at, it's your situation. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

University Study of Ancient Giants: Proof of Red-Haired Giants!

A few years ago, I posted a very popular article about the slope-headed people/ancient giants. Since then, I've come to more personal conclusions about their origins along the lines of hybrid offspring of Neanderthal/Denisovans. But, it came to my attention after publishing the post that the university paper was removed from the online archive site. I do have a copy of it and I would encourage people to read it and come to their own conclusions. If you want to know the things I pointed out about the contents, please read THIS ARTICLE first. 

I am sharing this paper because many have asked to see it and rather than send it privately to people, I thought sharing it openly as I do all other information on the blog, would be the best way to get other minds on the task, other researchers to explore, and curious intelligent folks to determine what they think of these "otamid" skull shapes that showed up around the world and in the Americas in the mound building regions and coastlines.

**I would like to thank MK Davis, one of my most trusted researching colleagues, for bringing this report to my attention.**

(**I am adding this pic below to point out the interpariental bone**)

(Note the triangle piece of bone above - interparietal bone - here is a typical Homo sapiens skull for comparison below)

(** I have put this photo above of a Homo sapiens skull for comparison on rear view**)

I encourage you to read my original article (LINK HERE) where I take this report and point out details. I want my intelligent readers to go on with their own search for answers and to ask some of the bigger questions, like why this paper went underground. It was archived from the university and put onto a university paper site, but then yanked off again, as if someone realized it wasn't supposed to be seen by the public.

In the event, I am forced to remove this from online, I suggest that you glean  the info from it that you can, while you can....

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Most Colorful Trippy Dippy Places in the World!

Sedona, Arizona (above) is certainly colorful, but there are places in the world that are so colorful that if you don't have a camera with you, you may weep. 

Russian abandoned salt mine

Russia has an abandoned salt mine that is very psychedelic! 

Blue Canyon, Death Valley

Death Valley may look barren and very rocky and dead, but the geology in the area shows some extraordinary colors. 

Coyote Buttes, Utah

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

This is the largest hot spring in the US and third largest in the world. It contains the colors of the rainbow. Pigmented archae along the edges of the mineral-rich water create a color prism. 

YuanYang Terraces, China

These man-made rice terraces are flooded with water, change colors depending on the season and growing.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The Navajo name for this canyon is place where water runs through rock. 

Dallol, Ethiopia

Potash, sylvite and salt mining was done here on large scale. 

Lake Retba, Senegal

The high salt content in this lake attracts a saline algae that turns the water pink. 

Fly Geyser, Nevada

This geothermal geyser. It is partly natural and partly not so, as some attempted well drilling created a situation combined with geothermal to create this colorful and interesting place. 

Zhangye Danxia Landform - China

Sandstone and minerals combined for 24,000,000 years to create this amazing scenic and colorful place.

What makes these places so colorful and unusual? Some are artificial, like the terraces in China or the salt mines that were dug in Russia. Others have minerals, geothermal, and geologic oddities to give them life.

These are surely out of this world places worth visiting and please, don't forget the camera!