Friday, February 26, 2016

University Study of Ancient Giants: Proof of Red-Haired Giants!

A few years ago, I posted a very popular article about the slope-headed people/ancient giants. Since then, I've come to more personal conclusions about their origins along the lines of hybrid offspring of Neanderthal/Denisovans. But, it came to my attention after publishing the post that the university paper was removed from the online archive site. I do have a copy of it and I would encourage people to read it and come to their own conclusions. If you want to know the things I pointed out about the contents, please read THIS ARTICLE first. 

I am sharing this paper because many have asked to see it and rather than send it privately to people, I thought sharing it openly as I do all other information on the blog, would be the best way to get other minds on the task, other researchers to explore, and curious intelligent folks to determine what they think of these "otamid" skull shapes that showed up around the world and in the Americas in the mound building regions and coastlines.

**I would like to thank MK Davis, one of my most trusted researching colleagues, for bringing this report to my attention.**

(**I am adding this pic below to point out the interpariental bone**)

(Note the triangle piece of bone above - interparietal bone - here is a typical Homo sapiens skull for comparison below)

(** I have put this photo above of a Homo sapiens skull for comparison on rear view**)

I encourage you to read my original article (LINK HERE) where I take this report and point out details. I want my intelligent readers to go on with their own search for answers and to ask some of the bigger questions, like why this paper went underground. It was archived from the university and put onto a university paper site, but then yanked off again, as if someone realized it wasn't supposed to be seen by the public.

In the event, I am forced to remove this from online, I suggest that you glean  the info from it that you can, while you can....

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