Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Women, Periods and Poltergeists

**Bob Saget has a weird new show on A&E tonight called "Strange Days" and in this one he hangs with a group of Bigfoot hunters. Definitely worth a look-see and a laugh.**

One of the most popularly observed explanations for poltergeist activity is women, especially adolescent women just getting their menses. So, is this just another misogynist male fear of women and their "magical abilities" from childbirth to periods? Another Curse of Eve scenario and blame it on women syndrome? Seriously, in folklore tradition, that would make the most sense.

In a book I'm reviewing later this week on this blog, a discussion was made of poltergeists and women's menstrual cycles. The author of "The Physics of the Paranormal" postulates that the female's bodily anti mass field radiations must converge on stones to manipulate them and make them fall from the ceiling. Basically the explanation is along the lines of our bodies being able to change things on a molecular level. Well, if that were true, I suppose my ninth grade Algebra teacher, Mr. Osborne at Robinson Secondary School, would have gone up in flames after the first lecture and those girls in the cafeteria who hated when I got attention from football players, might have made me combust with theirs stares alone, especially if like most girlfriends they ended up menstruating the same time of the month!

Kidding aside, one thing I learned as a psychic reading abandoned locations for Julie and I's book is that locations where hormones (teens) combined with alcohol, emotions and drugs makes for an insane residual. I know of many times in which people in strongly emotional times and the aid of mental illness or drug/alcohol influences can seriously leave residual emotion and even patterns on an environment. What is it about strong hormones in menstruating women? Perhaps the same thing that causes us to be weepy or angry around our period times, those wonderful hormones, play part in psychokinesis.

So, do you think there's anything to this theory of women causing poltergeists with their scary female hormones? I'm curious to hear your input.

**Tomorrow Julie and I are hitting the road to finish our abandoned book by seeking out yet more abandoned sites and no doubt some insane videos that I take along the way. Expect to see the results of our insanity during the next few days. (You also might wish the people in the town of Superior, AZ to just pull the shutters closed and wait out the rampage)**

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Funniest Post Ever and Written By Y'all!

I have to say that the open conversations that occur at the end of a post are the best part of blogging. Screw my posts! I want to hear what ya'all have to say! I'm amazed sometimes by the wit, insight, heart and intelligence of the readers. Like an insecure high school girl, I keep wondering what I'm doing right to attract such a crowd, so I can continue to do so.

Read these comments out of context and tell me what a freaking weird blog I have that these are the sorts of responses I might receive. See if you can figure out what the heck the posts were about that elicited these beauties below.

I love this place, it's awesome! I love ya'all, you're awesome! After all, you wrote these:

"You don't scare me, Pinn-dorkio! I've got a bag of termites with your name on it! (Am I really fighting with a doll?)"

"hahah, I wonder if the nipple clamp shot will get the vid removed from youtube."

"You just posted on my site (for all to see) that you think I'm a douche. Thanks a lot!"

"autumn, i'm mothman, except for the question that asked about how i was in my fam growing up & i had to admit rebelliousness...so, most mothman, 1 part chupacabra!"

"We had a blue, glass eye cup in the bathroom when I was a tot. I am still positive it is some kind of extradimensional demon-viewing monocular. Either that or a WW2 era torture device. Maybe both."

"I can remember as a kid seeing those things hanging up on the showers. God help me, I can still see that shit in my head ! Why ...why ???????"

"I still think that checking with an expert with puppets is a good idea."

"Haha. I love bread and ham stories!"

"Hmmmm... I get no visits from a sweet voice. Maybe I need drugs."

"You can have the room divider just stay out of my tub!"

"That swinging gate sounded like an ejaculating moose."

Urban Zombie Lovers: Grab Some Coffee!!!

I love finding new blogs that hit me in the face and I can’t help going back for more, more, more. I found one that is so well written with the writer’s voice (something that impresses me, as if you can imagine the person saying this out loud), so insightful and fun, edgy and urban, dark and creepy that I need to get my daily fill. Yes, it’s become one of my daily hit blogs. You know who you are because you are on the blog list in the lower righthand corner…

The Caffeinated Zombie is like the Starbucks of Horror. That’s actually a compliment. It draws in the WiFi plugged in group who also happens to love zombies and all things dark and acerbic. It’s cynical, hip, brilliant and informative. Damn! I think I might make this a coffee cup and horror ritual.

This talented writer might have just made a fun new online “cafĂ©” for our horror types.

Check it out. I know you’ll be putting it onto your blog list too. You’ll run into my comments there often and no doubt lively conversations back and forth if I can coax the writer to engage in regular banter, which I suspect by the dark humor, I will.

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

So, Thanksgiving week is over, Holiday season looms. Will this affect our horror watching? Take a look and you judge… (sigh)

SyFy: “Saw III,” “Saw IV”


SciFi: “Ghost Hunters” (yes, the one with the Atlanta Housewives and, yes, I am rolling my eyes right now).

**SyFy: “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” (Lunar Landing Hoax and a UFO episode)
*History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” marathon

AMC: “Independence Day” “The Walking Dead”
*Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” Ontario’s “Ft. Erie.”

AMC: “The Walking Dead”
A&E: “Paranormal State” “Psychic Kids”

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Are We In Love With the Paranormal World?

Fear of the dark: Ghosts, full moons, dark forests, sleeping at night.
Fear of wild animals: Werewolves, vampires, bats.
Fear of sexuality: Incubus, Succubus.
Fear of death: Ghosts, Frankenstein's monster, demons, zombies.
Fear of tight spaces: Being buried alive, coffins, mausoleums.

All our basic fears are played out in every paranormal theme. It might be assumed that if we had a fear of money there would be some horror movies and novels based on winning the lottery.

Why, then do we expose ourselves to the very things we fear? Sometimes, an easier way to accept death is to see it in the context of fiction instead of in the real world where a loved one passes on. It's admittedly better something happens to someone else instead of ourselves. If we study a ghost, we are looking at our future, but it is with a stranger so there is no sense of loss for us personally.

Another thing we often find is that people expose themselves to things they fear, immersing themselves in a make believe world hoping that they build up a tolerance. Experts might call this "counterphobic" behavior. A foray into the woods in search of Bigfoot is also a way to expose oneself all at once with every creature that could harm him and even the most feared thing; a creature with unknown attitude.

Still another reason behind the love of paranormal is practice. Every time you watch an episode of "Halloween," you work out in your mind how you would handle the situation, as well as zombie and end-of-world scenarios. Whenever you sit inside of a haunted location and witness something amazing, you think ahead, prepare and sharpen your coping skills and mastery.

There is an exciting rush that occurs when something jumps out unexpectedly. That thrill in our belly is akin to the first hill on a rollercoaster without the physical threat. It's arousing in the body, like sexual tension. In fact, sex and horror go together ideally. At first, we gasp and then we chuckled nervously and then we want to experience it again and again.

Not knowing what will happen next is a feeling of abandon without any personal danger. This tension and release are really addictive. In fact, sometimes it takes something a bit harder and rougher with viewing over time to get the same stimulation. This is a phenomena you see in pornography watchers, as well. I have known a lot of people who started out being scared by "The Haunting" and then "The Omen" satisifed and ultimately they needed the "Saw" series. This is something that many people in society fear, that those who like horror need more and more to get the same bodily reaction. This may be true, but there comes a time in any movie-goers life where they decide the best way to advance their arousal buttons is to move to a side genre. They leap from ghost themes to serial killers genre and then off to zombie-land.

There are a lot of assumptions that those into the paranormal are dark, gothic, suicidal and troubled. Anyone who knows me would laugh at the concept. I'm about the most happy perky and goofy silly person one could meet, but I also cannot get enough of dark places, scary situations and danger. There is no category for those who love the paranormal. Many are driven by an experience that was unexplained and a quest for answers. Others, like myself, find it comforting having grown up in a big scary old haunted house with lots of gothic antiques, flocked wallpaper, Waterford crystal chandeliers and velvet curtains. To me, it is coming home. Some might be not particularly danger-seeking people in their regularly day-to-day life, but those moments of seeking the "dark side," they feel suddenly more alert, more alive, as if their lives are more exciting than they really are.

The next time you seek out blogs such as this and other paranormal-themed ones, ask yourself where your motivation comes from. I'm curious to hear your findings.

**Be sure to be online Friday December 10th. A bunch of us bloggers are having a blogger zombie walk. What is that? We're posting about zombies and leaving a list of links to other blogs posting about zombies that day. Get your creep-on during this holiday season.**

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dowsing in the Graveyard

To make: Take metal wire hangers and straighten them out or you can get a 20" very heavy gauge wire. Mark it 5" in and bend it at a right angle (a vice works nice for this or countertop edge). Make two of these and you now have dowsing rods.

How to use: Hold rods lightly in hands, elbows at your waist, arms bent at 90 degree angle so forearms are parallel with ground. Do not place your thumbs over the bend in the handle. Do not grip too tightly.

Finding the dead: Walk over the grave. The rods should cross. They should uncross when walking off the gravesite.

Determining age:
Standing at head of the grave, take a step towards the feet end. Count your steps. If the rods cross after 1 step, it as a baby, 3-4 steps a child, 5 steps an adolescent, 6 or more steps, an adult.

Gender of the dead: Stand in the center of the grave, hold one rod over head. If it points to the head of the grave, it is a female. If it points to the feet of the deceased, it is a male.

The fun thing about dowsing practice is going to a cemetery with others and then doing this without a glance at the headstone. Don't see the age or sex of the occupant and let others watch you do it. It can have very interesting results, though I can't say why in the world it has such accuracy.

Storage Wars!


Okay, I'm not usually into these things, although the Hollywood Treasures show is a cool idea (the guy is a total dick, though) and I like the family in Vegas with the Pawn Shop on that other show, but it's so staged it's not really very comfortable. Ya'all know how I adored abandoned sites and sometimes, well, finding leftover treasures. This show actually intrigues me and perhaps that's the part of me that adored that scene in "Silence of the Lambs" when Agent Starling went into the storage unit and found that car and and other scary items....

Well, I'll give it a try. The only thing I hate about these reality shows is that the pick people with the most abrasive personalities that you would hate in real life if you had to deal with them. I don't know why they do that. Do they think it's just loud and aggressive enough to get our short-attention span focused? Here's A&E's write up about it.

A&E presents the new original real-life series “Storage Wars,” which follows four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure. Part gamblers, part detectives, these seasoned veterans have found everything from coffins to the world’s most valuable comic book collection, paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blogger Zombie Walk on the 10th!

In my usual zany way, I got an idea and I couldn't self-edit enough to not do it. I think every idea is worthy of pursuing. In this case, I was SO RIGHT!

Friday the 10th, a bunch of us horror bloggers are having a "Blogger Zombie Walk." What the hell is that??

You come onto the blog, there will be a post about zombies. It could be anything about zombies--you have no idea what it might be; a fictional piece, a video, a comedy routine, a survival guide, a movie review--anything having to do with zombies. There will also be links to all the other bloggers who are doing zombie posts that day. Click a link, go to another blog and see more zombie stuff. That blog will have links to the other ones too. Just keep "walking" from zombie site to zombie site.

As well, if you comment on my blog that day and you're one of my followers, you're entered into a contest to win your choice from this series of combos of DVDs.
"Zombieland" and "Shaun of the Dead"
Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead"
"28 Days Later" and "28 Weeks Later"

I will remind you before that time to keep it marked but just know that it's coming and there are some amazing zombie posting ideas coming from the other bloggers and mine will be a video showing you how to apply zombie makeup.

"Ghost Adventures" Opera House

Iron Maiden "Phantom of the Opera"
(the appropriate video for tonight's episode)

It's time for another exciting and entertaining episode of "Ghost Adventures."

Drinking game rules:
1. Stay home!
2. Take a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak get touched by the unseen and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in horror.

Tonight's drink at the "Day Spa"?
Well, I could advise a classic "opera cocktail" which is 3 ingredients; marashino cherry liquid, Dubonnet and gin, but who the hell has that in the cabinets?

So, in honor of the season, hot spiced cider with rum will do!

Don't forget tonight at 7 pm EST an onward, we're on here commenting back and forth for "Lonely on a Friday Night." Join us if you're bored. We talk about the show as we watch it, flirt, goof off, ask questions, contemplate the paranormal, whatever the heck we want, we're a bunch of dorks on a Friday night, what else is there to do but be ourselves?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Isolation: Why Do Ghosts Pick on One Family Member?

I’ve been asked this question quite a few times. Why does only one person in a family experience haunting issues while others don’t?

Logic tells us there are a number of reasons which can include;

Location issues—only their room is troubled

—something particular about him/her, his/her sex, age, or sensitivity that is attractive to a spirit

Latent psychic qualities coming forth—an emerging psychic medium

Purposeful isolation—to keep him/her separated from the others in the family

Poor explanatory style—attributing explainable things to ghostly events

Mental illness—from paranoia to schizophrenia

Attention-seeking behavior—finding a way to get help by having something wrong

A great deal of haunting experiences occur when a person is alone. However, in a typical “haunted” house, several members of a family have experienced similar things at different times, on rare occasions together. The case of an isolated haunting particular to one family member is a difficult one to tackle. You have only one witness, but you do have some very important clues when interviewing the victim.

Here’s a list of some important questions to ask:

1. Does this occur when you are in bed, preparing for bed, sleeping, or awakening?
2. Does this happen in other parts of the home others have access to regularly?
3. Is there any “aura” before the occurrence; hair standing on end, chills, a feeling of being watched, or other warning sign of what is impending?
4. Are these occurrences only involved in one sense? Hearing? Seeing? Smelling? Touching?
5. Has this kind of thing happened in any other residence?
6. Why do you think it presents itself to you?

Some of these questions can really mete out what’s really happening. The first question is crucial because I generally dismiss anything witnessed in bed. There is no way to know the state of wake and sleep a person is in. We hear very often of ghosts coming to people at night and probably 90% of that or more is purely the sleep state issues.

If this occurs only in one’s bedroom and nowhere else in the house, then this could be site-specific and my suggestion would be to switch bedrooms with another family member and see if that person begins to experience such things. If it seems to follow the occupant to the new room, it might be person-specific. In that case, we have to mete out if there might be attention-seeking problems, mental illness, or perhaps something about that person that is different than the others and perhaps attractive to a spirit. Going through the rest of the questioning, might help clarify this.

If there is an aura occurring before an incidence, what we might be dealing with is a sensitive person who can sense changes in the atmosphere. Learning more about their capabilities and noting them in other places will help the person understand how natural it is and how these things come and go quickly and the human body can be a wonderful ghost hunting tool with its own onboard barometer.

I’m curious about whether the person is experiencing a haunting with one sense and not the others. It’s entirely possibly this person is a sensitive and this might be the only sense with which they can “feel” the other side. Knowing that they tend to be auditory or visual can help them in many parts of their life. For instance, an auditory-oriented sensitive might do better testing in school if he/she listens to an audio recording of the lecture to study.

If this has happened in another residence for the person, this is something inherent about the person. At this point, it’s important to discern if there are any family issues unaddressed or perhaps underlying mental illness. Most times, however, it’s a person who is more keyed into occurrences but has no skills or knowledge to understand the input. This could be a latent psychic ability in mediumship talent that has not been diagnosed or encouraged. Some people are simply more naturally tuned to phenomenon. These people have several ways they can deal with it; ignore it and accept that sometimes they’ll get strange occurrences and sensations and that they’re no different than being sensitive to loud sounds or disliking the cold, or they can learn more about their abilities and how to develop them by finding a psychic mentor.

The most telling question to ask is the last one. Why is this thing presenting itself just to her/him?

A person’s personal explanatory style will come into play in answering this one. You might need to sit there quietly for a while and wait for the person to spill their guts, but they will eventually toss an idea onto the table and from their response, you can know which way to help counsel him/her.


“Maybe the ghost is lonely?” or “Maybe the ghost thinks I’m nice?” This shows a healthy amount of self-esteem. This person believes that he/she is a good listener, a kind heart, a warm person to be drawn to. That same explanatory style will help the person deal with future events. He/she can either offer assistance in moving on to find their family members and find peace elsewhere or enjoy a sense of pride in knowing spirits are drawn to her/his aura and personality.

“The ghost is angry I’m here?” or “He wants his home back?” or “He wants to possess me?” This is not a healthy explanatory style and shows some wavering self-esteem. The assumption is that the ghost means no good because what it’s doing is scaring the occupant. This not only gives the power to the “unseen,” but it shows a person who tends to project others’ feelings as being created by their very presence. If something goes wrong, “it must be me.”

This advice I’m going to give works for friends and yourself when they’re/you're being negative. You find proof that what they/you believe isn’t the only assumption. You have to put their statement on the stand and prove it flimsy and false.

Start here:

You: “You think the ghost doesn’t like you, right?”
Client: “Yeah.”
You: “Have you ever had someone mad at you before?”
Client: “Sure.”
You: “When was the last time someone was mad at you?”
Client: “I don’t know, a couple days ago. My mom came home and was all grumpy and mad I didn’t start supper.”
You: “Could there have been other things making her mad that day?”
Client: “I suppose.”
You: “Can you name three reasons she might have been mad that had nothing to do with you?”
Client: “She hates her job. The traffic was bad. She got home later than usual.”
You: “But you think it was you she was mad at?”
Client: “I guess it could have been a lot of things.”
You: “Is it possible if there is a spirit spending time in this location, it could be many things making the spirit unsettled? Can you name three reasons other than you?”
Client: “He can’t find heaven? He’s missing his family? He doesn’t want to be here but can’t figure out how to leave?”
(Immediate relief)

Reframing a haunting for a client is the very most important aspect of it. If you are quick to tell someone they have a haunted house or they have spirits wandering their halls, you have already left him/her with a large burden of worry. You can’t truly prove one way or the other if there are spirits in their house or if spirits even exist in the first place, but haunting features are unsettling – wherever they originate from.

Helping the client be able to reframe how they see they explain to themselves the sights and sounds can change the very tone of their home and their reaction to it. When you bring in priests and prayers and holy water and talk of possession and angry spirits and such (“Paranormal State” or as I like to call it, “Paranoid State” show), you’ve just made the person feel worried about the unknown, fearful, and helpless.

The fact is, these sounds and appearances will continue to occur. There is no way to “stop” a haunting, but you can change the way you interpret what’s happening. It’s possible to debunk many sounds in the house, many doors slamming, and other features so that people can live comfortably in their home.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Is There a Ghost in My House?" Band of Horses

Ben from "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" turned me onto this song. Just love it. Thought I'd share it.

RIP: "Ghost Hunters" My Eulogy

For Christ's sake, just put me out of my misery finally. They picked up GH for another season. It started out with the best of intentions and really did change people's views on what ghost hunting is, made it less embarrassing to be a ghost hunter, and showed that debunking is CRITICAL.

Then, like a bad marriage, they got complacent. You know, the moment your spouse starts wearing a dirty shirt and hasn't showered and farts blatantly in front of you. Well, GH seems to be doing that to viewers and to the industry. Honeymoon is over, time to file for divorce.

Their cookie cutter explanations of what a ghost is, how it works and the way they drill it into poor Steve and other team members until they can rattle it off over and over again like zombies has spread throughout the country into franchise-like groups that tout the same party line. To top it off, they still do the exact same thing and team up with the same people for every investigation. They don't experiment. They don't try completely new ways of doing a sweep. Then, their idea of putting some zing in it is adding the tranny-looking, fucking brain-dead housewives of Atlanta.

Okay, I'm out of here. I quit watching after season 3 and I admit that I am so apathetic at this point that the only reason I would watch this pile of steaming doggy doo is to laugh at this team that touts its highly trained members taking in a bunch of vapid females with new manicures worrying about spider webs onto a hunt.

They get what they deserve at this point. I'm not watching them circle the drain another season and bring in "celebrity" hunters. I wonder how often Stephen Hawking brings in George Clooney to help him contemplate astrophysics?

RIP (year of death, somewhere around 2008).

You know the really sad thing? They will come back to haunt us in syndication forever like some godawful residual...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Humans Are Better Than Cameras

To be honest, your voice recording device is a receiver and can pick up all kinds of stray signals, not to mention common sounds made by a hand holding a recorder and other ambient sounds. Your camera, like the ones on ghost hunting shows, doesn't capture what you just saw in the hallway. No matter how much as hunters we want to believe an EMF meter might help or clicking off a shot with the camera might capture something, we have yet to gather legitimate evidence with technology.

Why is that?

I often say that I like to hunt with no equipment. Seems like a waste. What if something happens? How do you prove it? Well, you can't prove it even with a shitload of batteries, cords, DVR and IR cameras. But, how many times do hunters hear and see things they can't capture with tools of the trade? All the freaking time!

Of course, you have people wanting to find phenomena and so anything that happens, any change in light and dark, any knocking sound and any chill could be interpreted as an encounter. So, humans are considered an unreliable source and yet anyone who was mugged will tell you there was something they instinctively felt about the place and the person approaching them that made them raise their hackles. People who get a phone call and hear their family member's voice saying "hi" can tell immediately they have bad news. There are subtle things about humans that actually make them wonderful psychic antennae.

The thing missing from our equipment is biology.

A camera is pure logic. We design it to do a certain task a certain way and it will do it come hell or high water. It will not adjust or adapt. It is taking a technical tool and using it to try and detect something that is not a solid object, gas or liquid.

A human, however, will have a great advantage over a camera or recording device at detecting paranormal activity because whatever this unique experience is, it involves something on a biological level that our senses can detect and recognize and most especially our extra senses. Anyone who says we have five senses also thinks the world is flat and the planets revolve around the Earth as the center of the universe. Some people hear colors and taste music and many other synesthetic variations, but psychics like myself will tell you that your touch alone can pick up amazing information about the environment, sometimes ahead of an event, sometimes connecting to another human's emotions and needs clear across the country.

When it comes to hunting, it still comes down to our own biology and the senses we possess. Just remember the dozens of times J&G gasped when they saw a full-body apparition and never caught it on camera. They still do best to go in search of spirit activity on foot. That is why they don't put cameras and mics in a house and leave it and review the results the next day.

Although, the way their episodes are going (yawn) it might be more entertaining than them dragging TV land nobodies around as special guests.

*Tomorrow, enjoy me giving a eulogy to "Ghost Hunters" as they circle the drain.*

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Stone Tapes

"The Stone Tape" was a 1972 BBC television play about an electronics research group that sets up in an old manor home to come up with a new recording medium to beat the Japanese's growing market. One of the researchers in this fictional play, a computer programmer, sees an image of a woman running up the steps in the room and falling, apparently to her death. Inquiring with the local villagers, they learn that a young maid died in that room during Victorian times. They realize that somehow the stone in the room has preserved an image of the girl's death – this “stone tape” may be the key to the new recording medium that the team is trying to develop.

Since that time, the stone tape theory has been one that involves residual hauntings being recordings held by natural causes. I felt this ever since I was a child where I grew up and noted places that were haunted and common features. I had never heard of the BBC series until I was already into ghost hunting and was pleasantly surprised to hear others mentioning this. During the time I looked for commonalities in hauntings in 2008 and devised my ghost hunting formula, I did notice a high incidence of hauntings in rich geology and mining towns. Coincidental? It could be incidental, as man tends to build towns near natural resources so some of our oldest most historic and turbulent towns would be in resource-rich areas. Does the construction of the building play a role? So far in my research, it does. Stone buildings have a high rate of hauntings and yet, once again, man tended to build stone houses long ago, hence our most historic homes are stone constructed and most likely to house ghosts by virtue of history and occupation over long periods of time.

Have a look at this clip and tell me what you think. Oh, and once again, thank you for letting me fuck with your brain this pleasant Tuesday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Books: A Teaser

As I was working on all three books at one time (mind you, there's actually 5 more planned out; 4 for the abandoned series and another one on shadow people), it dawned on me that ya'all read the blog and know me pretty well by now. Maybe you might let me know if I'm on the right track. Mind you, these are unedited pieces, as written in raw form. Right now, I'm just getting the ideas down. The fun comes with editing later (something I actually equally enjoy).

"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" is at the publisher's right now being pitched by the editor. Fingers crossed. This is a book Julie from Above-The-Norm and I are working on together and part of a 5-book series. She photographs abandoned sites we go to and I do a psychic read on a person who was there in the past and write up a scene. Here's a sample from the chapter on an abandoned motel.

Joelle was very adept at shoplifting but her choice of items to steal was like the men she slept with; indiscriminate and purely based on a whim at any given moment.

Apparently, today she raided a Circle K on the aisle filled with cat food, can openers, paper cups and tin foil.

“What the hell is this shit?” Mike tossed aside a bottle opener.

Joelle slid down onto the bed and sighed, leaning against the headboard and studying her afternoon’s work. She bit her lip and looked up at him with big pleading eyes.

Mike ran a hand through his hair and took a slow breath. He could swear the woman wasn’t 42. She seemed younger than his 29 years any day. Sometimes, she was so childlike he felt responsible for her and that did not sit well with him. He entered this turbulent relationship with the assumption that she was older, wiser and had a plan.

“Baby, we can’t do shit with this.” He tossed aside a chewy dog bone. “Why would you pick that up?” He gestured.

She shook her head and looked down, her dark roots showing. “I don’t know. I just wanted to get a dog.” She sighed.

“A dog?” He chuckled hopelessly and got up, pacing the floor and testing the air-conditioner again. God, he hated the fucking desert. Why had he let this woman pick him up in a bar in Houston and have him zigzagging the Southwest with some promise of going to California? It had been four weeks and they were plenty close enough in Arizona. Why was she putting it off?


The next book I'm working on I plan to put on ebooks. It's called "Was That a Ghost?" and helps people who had something unusual happen to them, figure out if it was paranormal or not. I get asked this question the most from people and I have a method of quizzes and narrowing things down to help them figure out it was ordinary or extraordinary. Here's a sample:

Chapter 4

Personal Explanatory Style

I see an odd light in the sky moving in a strange way, giving off no sound. My first thought is:

a. It’s just a plane or helicopter too far away to hear yet. Everything in the sky is explainable and man-made. I ignore it and move on to other more important things. I feel indifference.
b. Watch it for a while, trying to figure out what it is. Once I run through all the usual culprits and it doesn’t seem to fit, then I still figure it’s something explainable, but I just don’t have the explanation right now. I feel bewildered.
c. Watch it for a while, run through the usual culprits and when it doesn’t fit them, I assume it’s a UFO. I feel excited.

Explanatory style is the way in you which you explain what happens in your life. This determines your emotional reaction. You cannot have an emotion without first having a thought.


The other book I'm working on is also planned for ebooks. This is called "From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic" and this goes on the absolute belief that everyone has a psychic inside and simply needs to work the muscles. Whether you're someone who gets a feeling someone is going to die and they do, knows who's on the phone when it rings, or has a dream and it comes true, we all have it and it just takes practice to go from one of the 5 categories I discuss and become a conscious and practiced psychic.

Here's a sample:

Psychic skills are exactly like playing basketball. We can all make baskets, but only if we stand on the court and shoot all day long until we know just how much force to use, just how to hold our hands on the ball, to judge just how far the basket is. There becomes a feeling in body and mind when we know that the ball we just released will make it into the basket, it’s a sense of “knowing” and that it is “absolute” or “a done deal.” That feeling in our mind and body is what I want us to tune into as we move forward with this book and you learn how to develop your skills. A great shooter has a feeling of fluidity and an internal dance with body and mind that makes the basket target just an extension of his fingertips.

When you recognize that tuned-in feeling in your mind and body, you have just entered your psychic zone. You will learn how your mind and body feel when you have just predicted something accurately.

We could all be great shooters, we simply do not spend the time on the court. It’s there, but it’s in latency.


Writing is second nature to me. I don't ignore the ability. It's why my blog is so prolific. Some people are just damned good at predicting the winner of a football game or throwing darts or making a perfect souffle. I write. Only problem is, I write as a second job after the full-time one. Some day, oh some day, I will write full time. Watch out then. I suspect I may have as many books as my mentor and dear friend, Gregory Branson-Trent. We will all be very busy when that happens.

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

Hey, it’s T-giving week, so ya know, it’s likely to be all about “Home Alone” and “Elf” and no new episode of my favorite FoF, so no tank top shot this week. Sorry.

SyFy: “The Reaping,” “Fight Club”


“Ghost Hunters”

Discovery: “Punkin Chunkin 2010” (awesome competition where pumpkins are launched the longest distances)
History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” (marathon)

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” (NEW)

A&E: “Paranormal State” marathon
AMC: “The Walking Dead”

Sunday, November 21, 2010

35 mm orb??

As a followup on the earlier post today about digital cameras and orbs, I did want to share this one. It's a 35mm shot with no flash in a cemetery. See to the far left an orb? I was completely alone in the cemetery when I took this. It was no balloon and nothing in the trees. I studied the area carefully as I took shots because when I used to use 35mm, I needed to recall if anything was in the field of vision when taking the pic. Still can't explain it, but I keep it as a reminder that you just never know what the hell you'll get. I've never seen a 35mm get an orb and especially in daytime with no flash, but hey, it's pretty cool.

"Being Human" SyFy January!

Okay, new shows on SyFy usually don't get me too excited. I readily admit I am not a Stargate/Battlestar type of gal, but when they do something involving a ghost, a vampire and werewolf living together (no that is not the buildup for a punchline), I am curious.

"Being Human" is a re-imagining of the acclaimed BBC original series that follows three 20-something roommates: a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf who are struggling to keep their dark secrets from the world, while also helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives.

I'm definitely going to check it out. It'll probably be cheesy and soap-opera like and poorly written and mediocre acting, but I still have to see something with such an interesting premise. I still watch every Bigfoot movie they pump out, hoping maybe they finally get it. Hope this doesn't have the same result--complete disappointment.

Digital Cameras and Ghost Hunting

So, what's the deal with the advent of digital cameras, ghost hunting and lots of orb-idge? Most of us are sophisticated enough to know that orbs really are accounted for as pollen, moisture, dust and sometimes bugs. The flash on digital cameras is very near the lens. When you take a shot, you light up anything in front of the lens. You should have seen the pictures Julie and I got on the hayride in the dusty AZ desert this fall. When the camera flash went off, you could see every particulate sparkling in the air in front of the camera. We didn't even have to look at the shots to know it was dust being kicked up. As well, digital cameras take a shot so quickly that if you took a picture of a moving ceiling fan, the blades would be crisp and sharp looking as if it weren't moving at all.

Still, I feel compelled to take my camera with me. After all, look at all these shots above that I've accrued over the years. I don't think I have a crapload of evidence up there, but there is one particular gravesite that seems to (as you can see by the pics) cause a lot of issues. I thought perhaps it was the fencing around it, but shots taken inside and outside and with different photographers and cameras get all these insane rainbow-like and mist issues and things spinning and one I call "the portal." I leave it unexplained but I don't use it as proof of activity.

The fact is, I'm not a camera expert. I may never know just what the hell happened while taking those shots. Some interest me more than others. You can tell by the streaking lights and dots in that one picture that it was the highway lights being streaked as the camera moved and dust floated in the air. The orb behind the fence seems to be behind the fence, huh? That was 15 feet away. Almost makes you wonder, huh?

I have an entire chapter in the book I'm writing "Was That a Ghost?" that deals purely with the context in which you witness phenomena. If you get a picture like those above in a supposedly haunted location, the self-explanation for what occurred will be that you just captured a ghost. Lots of people don't move past that assumption. Those are the people I don't want ghost hunting with me. I want the ones who say, "that's probably the last explanation. Now, let's recreate this." This is probably why I'm so giddy about "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files." Sometimes, even I can't explain stuff I capture with the camera, but more inclined to believe that with a digital camera, I'm getting technical phenomena. It's just so freaking common.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What is a Pepper's Ghost?

You’ve seen it in holographic displays in places like Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, but home haunters are now using them for party and horror effects for the kiddies. These are so cool. It’s an interesting illusion that makes a ghostly image appear. I very much wanted to use one for my Halloween party for outside the house so it looked like a ghost inside was banging on the windows to get out and pleading and screaming, but I had no way to build up the necessary addition to house the effects.

This article gives you a great explanation of the process.

Now, if you haven’t been to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion—enjoy the ride. Someone videotaped it and put it on YouTube.

Sami Calling

(stock vintage photo of Sami)

This time of year makes me daydream about snow and icy climates, big trees and open tundras. It must be in the DNA, but I cannot shake the kinship I feel as if my entire molecular structure recognizes the music of the Celts and the Norsemen. My mother was Scottish, my father from Norway and his mother (born in 1900) from Swedish Lapland, milked reindeer when she was growing up. The Sami culture and music goes right to my bones and I feel strangely like I hit some kind of harmonic resonance and I have come home and found my people. Here’s my tribe; the Sami of Lapland found in this music and their heritage in this movie trailer below. If this doesn’t get you in any icy mood, I suggest some fantastic Norse-made horror films like “Dead Snow,” “Sauna” and “Frostbitten.”

Vajas “Star Girl” Ande Somby

Mari Boine from the movie “The Kautokeino Rebellion"

a 2008 film based on the true story of the Kautokeino riots in Kautokeino, Norway in 1852 in response to the Norwegian exploitation of the Sami community at that time.

Friday, November 19, 2010

"Ghost Adventures" Drinking Game & Video!

(Today's video Rammstein, the German band, doing "Amerika")

Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas is a fort that once held German POWs. Song seemed terribly appropriate for tonight's episode. You know, I have to find a video that suits the subject each week. Also, have to give you the drinking game:

* Stay Home
* Take a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak gets touched by the unseen and every time Aaron's mouth becomes unhinged in surprise.

Tonight's drink? Something totally appropriate--Shiner Beer. They are an American beer maker that makes German beer.

**Don't forget tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night at 7pm EST. Come here and comment back and forth with everyone, chit chat, flirt, discuss the show as you watch it, and I also have a comment to make to everyone about my divorce.**

"Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" Reviewed

(Above: FAKED! Debunked with a couple of regular party balloons)

(Shake weight tested and proven FACT!)

It's my favorite time of the week, when I get to talk about last night's episode of FoF and give ya'all a little quiz to be sure you were watching.

The Hawaii Ghost Girl and the Australian Mermaid were the cases they chose. I was a bit surprised by the mermaid one. It smacked of SyFy sensationalism. They have a policy to not pursue a case where they can’t interview the witness and they didn’t talk to the guy who took the film. It seemed like they just wanted to film a sensational case and had to bend their rules to do it. I wanted to hear about this dude who filmed it and maybe a voice analysis or Ben doing his badass FBI interrogation maneuvers. I think the ratings posing came across when they put Jael in a happy purple mermaid suit and had her take a dive. That entire portion of this episode to me felt contrived and reminded me too much of that Gene Simmons show where the family just "happens" upon ridiculous situations and tries to react as if it weren't all planned and posed. I admit, I give this one a double thumbs down. It wasn't a real investigation, it was a sweet trip to Australia. However, thumbs up on the CGI rendition of what a mermaid would look like--suddenly she went from being Barbie to a bald wrestler. Ben, honey, that was just the touch I expected from you. You had to bring it back to "let's rest this whole mermaid nonsense." Bless you, cutie!

Next case, the Hawaii Ghost Girl. Jeez, I hope SyFy doesn't mind footing the bill for sending 3 team members and a crew to Hawaii because they looked at some pictures of an obvious braided camera strap in a bunch of family pic's (rolling my eyes). That the culture around them wants to support this finding that she has a guardian angel makes the whole case corrupt. When people have that much vested in a belief, every story they tell will be colored by that. They said the woman reported having no camera strap, but when they borrowed her camera for the shots, it had a camera strap. I think what they were missing in recreating the picture of the girl lying down was that the strap was falling when the picture was taken. Early in ghost hunting, I tested my camera in rain, fog, cold, dust storms, and with all sorts of finger and camera strap scenarios so I would recognize them. It looked very much like that. They didn't go far enough. PEOPLE CAMERA STRAP PICS ALWAYS HAVE A BRAIDED QUALITY BECAUSE CAMERA STRAPS ARE BRAIDED! I'm thrilled they came to that conclusion and only wish they had pulled up the zillions of "vortex" shots people have online to show a typical camera strap pic. (here, I'll google "camera strap vortex"--picture below)

I have to admit, coming off the best episode ever that was dark and spooky and edgy, (the UFO Fraud/Memorial Day Bigfoot) I was very deflated. I'm not entirely sure the cast has any choice in which cases they pursue because this just felt like either they enticed to go to exotic locations or the powers that be chose them and the powers that be have no clue what audiences or investigators want.

The strong points on this episode? The investigators are getting better at talking to each other instead of at each other. Early on, they seemed to just make comments out loud. Now, they seem to debate back and forth; interacting. Bravo!

The weak points? I'm kind of wondering, why do they try to just rig stuff? Why don't they just go right to CGI and do typical photoshop scenarios and use Flash? The typical online viral video hoaxer is going to use these programs and probably not be building models and shit in their backyard. Just saying, seems that you should fight technology with technology, not woodshop.

Ben, baby, I know I'll have something amazing to say about the next episode because it's my favorite--the moon hoax! I had a Republican, right-wing, flag-waving older brother and for years I was his liberal Democrat sister telling him we never really landed on the moon. I didn't believe that, but I liked to see him turn six shades of purple. Sometimes, he'd visit me and the first thing out of his mouth was, "we were on the moon!" I kept the game up with him for years just drive him nuts. It was hilarious coming up with new ways to prove we didn't land there. After a while, I even started to question it.

I know all you followers are going to rip this episode, but sometimes you have to have a clunker. I even forgave X-Files for the lame-o episodes with the whole Mulder and Scully baby/UFO abduction/government conspiracy mess. I just recall the great cryptid episodes and Mulder mulling over what happened to his sister and I feel all warm and fuzzy. Ben, baby, I promise you I feel all warm and fuzzy when I recall the episode of you cornering that UFO nut job. Now, on to the next episode with much enthusiasm!

Why did they turn down the UFO case with the guy who had been filming weird moving lights in the sky over many nights?

a. It looked like an obvious hoax.
b. There was no point of reference in the filming.
c. It was near an airport.

(above: More FACT guest breasts--thanks buddies!)

*Join us tonight at 7 pm EST and onward for Lonely on a Friday Night. We comment back and forth and hang out, talk about the goofy "Ghost Adventures" episode (they are all goofy) and generally flirt, small talk, philosophize and be the wonderful nerds we are. I also would like to thank everyone this evening for being so supportive through my divorce--special message from me this evening.*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween Must Evolve to Thrive and Survive

Many people voiced disappointment and discouragement about a few aspects of Halloween last month and also about its downward trend. Many mentioned that they had very few or even no trick-or-treaters, stores had Christmas running up Halloween’s ass on the aisles and TV had only a handful of channels showing horror movies.

Has America’s love affair with Halloween died out?

We may be a fairly conservative country, but nearly everyone gets a thrill the moment witches and bats, mummies and skeletons begin to show themselves on store shelves. There are some things about Halloween that are unique and must be considered when compared to other holidays.

Christmas is red and green, Santa and nativities, pine and lights. Easter is bunnies and eggs, chocolate and mass. Fourth of July is barbecue, flags and fireworks. If you exclude the fact people buy each other gifts at Christmas, Halloween is actually the most profitable holiday.

It supports:

Horror movies/DVDs/books/music
Party costs and products (you don’t have Halloween dishes and cups around the house, you must purchase special table cloths and accessories and props for such a party)
Props for home decorating
Haunted attractions
Pumpkin growers/farm festivals
Candy makers
Night club events

The evolution of Halloween depends purely on the timing of it. Halloween must be relocated to the last Saturday of October. Why?

Well, it’s not just for the children who won’t have school the next day and can go out trick or treating and having holiday parties, but it’s also for the adults. Friday night the adults can do their costume parties, bar hopping, haunted attractions and be home on Saturday night for the kids. The profits to be made are extensive compared to having such festivities mid week. Every year we agonize over when to hold a Halloween party because it rarely lands on a weekend and if it lands on a Friday, we are likely to not be able to go to a party of a night club event if that’s the night our kids must trick-or-treat.

When people can stay up and watch horror movies and get into the mood of the holiday without work looming over them the next day, television stations plan more exciting events for the “Halloween weekend” which would be the new buzz term.

America is great at selling the holidays and sales of Halloween will be a fickle thing so long as a holiday celebrated at night by children is held on a weeknight. Plain and simple. Move Halloween to the last Saturday of October and the bars, haunted attractions, candymakers, adults and kids all profit from something truly marketable.

Cowboys And Aliens Trailer!!!

On an exciting note--a new movie coming out with huge names involved and looks crazy awesome! Wait until you see the names involved in this! Insane premise-wickedly promising!

Winner of Contest & "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" Men Watch It!

The winner of Gregg's Birthday Book giveaway:

The "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" team heads to the deep blue sea. Jael puts together a suit with a mono-fin to replicate an original video of the appearance of a mermaid while Ben gets the underwater shot. Jael becomes really tired as she can only swim with her arms while trying to emulate the original motion of the mermaid fin with her legs tied together. A task certainly to be seen, so be sure to watch the clip and tune in on Thursday at 10/9c only on Syfy.

I'm a psychic and don't consider myself a clairvoyant, per se, but I can predict this episode might have a high rating.

Tomorrow morning, expect a new tank top shot along with the review. Please jump in and give me your conclusions.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Terms for New World Conditions

Perhaps because I work in the medical world using Latin and Greek terms all the time, but I love to make a hobby of coming up with new names for everyday conditions. Here’s some that I’ve come up with in just the past few weeks:

“Transient Hispanism” The condition in which an Hispanic reporter suddenly speaks with an Hispanic accent when naming a city in Mexico or the name of another Hispanic person.

“Theater Dementia” The condition in which one sits through the trailers for upcoming movies in the theater and then forgets what movie he came to see and has to check his ticket stub.

“Phantom Cell Phone”
The condition in which one leaves his cell phone at home and yet keeps reaching into his pocket to use it and feels the wistful sadness as if missing a limb.

“Visual Floating Virus” The condition in which animated pop-up ads during a TV show that appear (due to placement and timing) to interact with the show and temporarily startle the viewer.

“Loading Interruptus” The condition in which the computer screen announces it can’t load a page.

“Ambidextriphone” The condition in which a driver with a cell phone holds it with his left hand against his right ear.

Okay, it’s time for ya’all to come up with a name for this condition:

The condition in which a person in the self checkout line needs help to do everything.

Dale the Doll: Okay, Maybe I Went a Little Overboard

For those of you who might be new to this blog, I'm Dale the Doll, Autumnforest's sidekick. I don't like or trust humans and people might call me a curmudgeon, but the truth is, I'm the brains in this operation.

Sometimes, I sneak and use the laptop while the Human is asleep. She was really mad at me this October. You see, I have this curse and every October I get into some mischief. Okay, I seriously fuck up, but hey I can't be held responsible for the dolly porn video or the hiding of the kitchen knives or filming her while she slept, that was all my alter ego.

That being said, I'm in her good graces again she said, as soon as I apologize for being a horse's behind during October and stalking many of your blogs and leaving comments. I won't apologize for stalking the pretty lady bloggers. Hell, I am a man; whether I'm plastic and stuffing or not!

Okay, so I kind of think this is where I'm suppose to say that I feel sorry about what I did and I want to repent for my sins and yada yada yada, horse shit! There, I said it. Take it or leave it!

Ghost Hunters SyFy Tonight

Sloss Furnaces:

Grant thinks Jason pushes him in the shoulder and Jason is responding to questions Grant isn’t asking. Who or what is pulling these pranks? Is the paranormal trying to communicate? Don’t miss this episode as legendary rocker Meat Loaf also joins the team for an unforgettable hunt in Alabama.

*Don't forget, you can still enter the giveaway in honor of Gregg's Birthday. Check out the last Saturday's post and enter to win a book of your choosing from the vast collection he's written.*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chilean Mummies, UFOs, Aliens and Mining???

An episode of “Destination Truth” prodded me to write more about the subject of the Chilean (Chile has the largest copper mines in the world) mummies and aliens, UFOs, and the mining areas. I wrote a post about the connections in heavy mining areas with UFO sightings and alien sightings. A copper mine in Mexico was the place where the “Starchild” skull was discovered by a woman hiding from a storm. This skull has been examined extensively and confused the experts with its alien-like features. An episode of "Monsterquest" pursuing the flying humanoids sightings in Mexico led the public exposure of a small alien-looking creature supposedly killed by a farmer and whose tiny body is being examined by experts who are baffled by its human-like shape and strange cranium and upright posture.

Flying humanoids, copper mines, alien creatures hiding in caves, Starchild skull, unusually high percentages of citizens having sleep paralysis … All these features are curiously interwoven.

But, why?

First, let’s discuss the Chilean mummies. They are described well by Wikipedia: “The Chinchorro mummies are mummified remains of individuals from the South American Chinchorro culture found in what is now northern Chile and southern Peru. They are the oldest examples of mummified human remains, dating to thousands of years before the Egyptian mummies. They are believed to have first appeared around 5000 B.C. and reaching a peak around 3000 B.C. Often Chinchorro mummies were elaborately prepared by removing the internal organs and replacing them with vegetable fibers or animal hair. In some cases an embalmer would remove the skin and flesh from the dead body and replace them with clay. Shell midden and bone chemistry suggest that 90% of their diet was seafood. Many ancient cultures of fisherfolk existed, tucked away in the arid river valleys of the Andes, but the Chinchorro made themselves unique by their dedicated preservation of the dead. The Chinchorro mummies are significant because during the periods of these mummies, everyone who died was mummified, including children, new-borns and fetuses. This shows that it was not reserved for those of high rank or high status - mummification was not a sign of social stratification. Radiocarbon dating reveals that the oldest, discovered Chinchorro mummy was that of a child from a site in the Camarones Valley, about 60 miles south of Arica and dates from around 5050 B.C. The mummies continued to be made until about 1800 B.C., making them contemporary with Las Vegas culture and Valdivia culture in Ecuador and the Norte Chico civilization in Peru. The Chinchorro mummies are the earliest examples of the deliberate preservation of the dead. The mummies may have served as a means of assisting the soul in surviving, and to prevent the bodies from frightening the living.

The massive amounts of baby mummies were believed to be the result of mercury poisoning which is very high in Chile. Mercury poisoning the waterways is common in copper mining areas, especially long ago when no one understood the environmental ramifications. But, could the mercury cause more than just poisoning? Here are just some of the symptoms of mercury poisoning: irritability, anxiety/nervousness, often with difficulty in breathing, restlessness, exaggerated response to stimulation, fearfulness, emotional instability, lack of self control, fits of anger, with violent, irrational behavior, loss of self confidence, indecision, shyness or timidity, being easily embarrassed, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, lethargy/drowsiness, insomnia, mental depression, despondency, withdrawal, suicidal tendencies, manic depression, numbness and tingling of hands, feet, fingers, toes, or lips, muscle weakness progressing to paralysis, ataxia, tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids or tongue, incoordination.

Now, let’s talk theories…you know I enjoy that process.

Are these sightings of UFOs and alien-like creatures a sign that aliens are attracted to mining areas for reasons of resources?

Are the sightings of UFOs and alien-like creatures a sign of mercury poisoning and issues with the mental state of the locals, especially those who live close to the mines and drink water that’s been corrupted by mercury?

Are these alien-looking creatures somehow a life form affected by living and evolving in the mining areas that are corrupted by mercury?

Are none of these issues related? Are lights in the sky and flying humanoids completely unrelated to the reports of strange alien creatures? Could these creatures actually be a process separate from the UFOs, such as a creature that evolved within the caves with large eyes and colorless skin to survive the conditions?

Are the lights and UFO sightings actually some form of earthlights or spooklights caused by the mineralogy and tectonics of the area and the alien-looking creatures a legend born from fear of the caves and mines?

I would love to hear theories ya'all might have. This is an interesting and perplexing set of phenomenon, very regional, and definitely worth theorizing.

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Shadow People

It’s another issue of my Tuesday special, trying to open your minds and make you question everything.

Today’s subject is Shadow People, those creepy things caught out of the corner of one’s eye at first, then whisk away when they realize they’re being seen. These “beings” are a dense black color, sometimes 4-feet tall and human shaped, other times tall and slender and with a top hat, as well.

Here are some theories tossed about:

They are noncorporeal beings (having never been in human form)
They are evil demons
They are spirits having trouble forming
They are beings from another dimension
They are a projection of our own dark side

Okay all these explanations being told, let’s look at some things a bit more unconventional.

Today's Mind Fuck:

What if shadow people are a being that is always there, thought we couldn’t see them, but are being seen more and more because people use TV and computer screens that refresh so rapidly our eyes are becoming sensitive to things we couldn’t see before.

This is the theory I've probably hung onto the longest of all of them. It's universal that when you look at these things, they tend to startle and rush away. Sometimes, they come back curiously to watch you again and perhaps see if you can still see them. That they are shocked you see them says that they thought we never could before. It also explains why they are seen nowadays and not so much historically. It also explains why people who use computer screens all day seem to see them more often. It also explains why they show up anywhere--even brand new homes, gardens, graveyards, wherever, as this would mean they aren't necessarily earthbound spirits. It does not, however, explain why this being has to be shaped like a human. Why does it need to have our shape? It comes and goes without needing good running legs or arms to reach for things. Why is it shaped like us?

What if shadow people are people in an astral form who are in the dream state acting out dream scenarios and sometimes being seen by us or those who are purposely entering the astral plane during astral projection, therefore creating a form with their mind's intent that is similar to human shape.

This theory appeals to me in many ways. I often dream I'm in foreign countries and I wake up even speaking another language, feeling exhausted as if I truly traveled and have, in fact, been told by others that they saw me when I visited them in my dream state. So, it's possible we can project our spirit elsewhere in our dream state. That we literally act out our dreams. Depending on the stage of sleep, perhaps the imagery of the dreamer, we are nothng more than noises and chilly air and other things we call hauntings, but other times we project ourselves and in the dream state, our minds being rudimentary we project a dark human-like shape but no detail. The moment when someone sees us and we whisk away is when we are entering our awake state. It might even explain some of the feelings of dread people feel when one is near--they are actually feeling the anxiety of the dream state. This one fits nicely in that it finally explains why these beings suspiciously look human-they are a conception made by a human and a head, arms, and legs are our projection of what we know, our point of reference.

Those being tossed out there, hope your mind works in overdrive to chew on these theories and consider them. Let me know what you think.

Monday, November 15, 2010

How Do You Know If It's Residual?

Let’s begin with what residual hauntings are. Many people word it differently, but it basically is a phenomenon in which an event from the past is played out in a loop-like fashion without regard to anything happening around it. It is not guided by an intelligent spirit but more like a movie replaying.

Honestly, after almost 8 years officially hunting and I still can’t tell you I’ve witnessed an intelligent haunting that I believe meant I was interacting with an actual spirit. That said, I can tell you that if you've experienced a haunting event, the odds are it was residual.

How do you know?

If the activity occurs in one area and doesn’t seem to leave it, it’s residual.

If you saw a full-body apparition but always in the kitchen, it’s residual.

If the footsteps you hear are always on the stairs, it’s residual.

If you tend to smell pipe smoke in one corner of your den, it’s residual.

If it doesn’t react to what is going on or what you say to it, it’s residual.

If the sound of voices or the particular sound is the same and heard in the same area, it’s residual.

Look for repetition in action and repetition in location.

A lot of people in the industry call a full-body apparition the holy grail of ghost hunting as if there is no more positive proof of haunting. The fact is, that apparition is almost certainly a residual. It does not see you, does not react to you and comes and goes, being seen only momentarily as if something in the very substance of time ripples and we get a view of a past event. It almost makes you wonder if somewhere in your childhood home someone passes today by a flash of you as a kid. Hmm....

*You still have a chance to enter the Gregg's Birthday Contest from last Saturday's post. and, tomorrow is Mind Fuck Tuesday. Time to take your mind in a new direction.*

This Week in Horror Movie and Paranormal TV

*If you missed it, read yesterday's one-on-one interview with Ben Hansen from "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files." Also, you can still enter the book giveaway contest from Saturday's post for Gregg's Birthday. Don't forget!*
*(asterisk) means I’m watching it

SyFy: “Scare Tactics” marathon

Travel Channel: “Haunted Lighthouses,” “Mysteries of the Museum” “Ghost Adventures” (repeat)

AMC: “Aliens” (movie)
*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters”
History Channel: “Nostradamus Effect,” “Apocalypse Island”

*SyFy: Repeat “Destination Truths” followed by a new “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” (men, Jael will be imitating a mermaid—enjoy!)
History Channel: “UFO files,” “Ancient Aliens”

AMC: “Jeepers Creepers,” “The Walking Dead”
*Travel Channel: “Most Terrifying Places in America,” “Ghost Adventures” (NEW—at a fort)

A&E: “Paranormal State,” “Psychic Kids”
*AMC: “The Walking Dead”