Monday, November 22, 2010

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

Hey, it’s T-giving week, so ya know, it’s likely to be all about “Home Alone” and “Elf” and no new episode of my favorite FoF, so no tank top shot this week. Sorry.

SyFy: “The Reaping,” “Fight Club”


“Ghost Hunters”

Discovery: “Punkin Chunkin 2010” (awesome competition where pumpkins are launched the longest distances)
History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” (marathon)

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” (NEW)

A&E: “Paranormal State” marathon
AMC: “The Walking Dead”


  1. What's your take on WD? I didn't catch last nights, but so far I'm liking it. Does Dale like the dead as well?

  2. Dale hates the living, so yeah he's fine with the dead. They're his buds. I hate to admit it, but I have some kind of mind block every freaking Sunday night. I'm used to Sunday nights having nothing on at all and I don't even turn on the TV. So far, I have managed to miss every episode and now I need to back pedal and see the earlier episodes. I'm so mad because I know it will be my favorite show but now I'm scared to start watching it without seeing the earlier ones. I did the same thing with Jericho and it became my favorite show when I finally got to catch up.

  3. Slim pickings. I guess that's to be expected as everyone's lust for Christmas becomes increasingly engorged. I used to work retail back in the day, and I have to say: it thoroughly killed any love I had for the Christmas season. I'm so low-key during the holidays. In fact, this year I'm escaping beforehand on a trek to see Mayan ruins, etc. in Central America. I'll be back for Christmas though. Gots to see my nieces. :-D

  4. Cullan;
    I want to go! Lucky boy! Yeah, I'm not even sure I'll do the tree thing because I am not really an Xmas day person. I usually celebrate quietly on Yule. I might opt for a tiny white tree just to be anti-xmas. I had to do huge Xmases my entire marriage and I'm well and thoroughly tired of it. I worked retail too and it does just make you never want to shop again. In fact, I do it all online. I readily admit, I like "Home Alone." "Miracle on 34th Street" and "Elf." I can be coaxed to the "light side."

  5. Yep, usually nothing but reruns on a holiday week.

  6. So how do u feel that Real Houswives of Atlanta are gonna be on an episode of Ghost Hunters (dec 1st I believe)? You know how I feel about all these ghost hunting shows to begin with... now with a cross over w/ Real Houswives of Atlanta that just absolutely kills all credibility.

    Who would the guys from Ghost Hunters agree to such a ridiculous cross over?

  7. Scott;
    Yeah, I am sure this smacks of SyFy desperation. The problem is, I think SyFy channel just doesn't listen to good taste and commonsense. They get desperate and like a nerd on a date, throw themselves at us. Just look at their original movies. At this point, J&G are paying off their inn in New Hamphsire, so they're not going to say anything, plus they know they're a total bore (super yawn). I'm putting up a post about this tomorrow that you might enjoy, a eulogy for the show, may it rest in peace.