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Cave of the Red-Haired Giants Conflagration

(above - MK Davis at Lovelock Cave, Nevada)

Recently, MK Davis and Don Monroe were on our Paranormal Geeks Radio at the mouth of the Lovelock Cave about to enter. When they did enter after the radio appearance, they did some exploring and found what would appear to be an 18" hand print, adding to the legend of the red-haired giants being driven in and burned to death by the natives.

In this video, MK discussed the kind of heat it would take to make the ceiling covered in this "soot/potential body fat rendering" that we see on this hand print (it's my guess this was made by one of their giant tribe who went in to cover over the graves of his dead clansmen, perhaps touching the still moist ceiling. Over thousands of years, it has turned hard.

I think we've found how that fire could be so hot - Blowout Cave is a great example "According to family tradition, the cave derived its name as told by Sarah Jane Shelley (1850-1950), Alfred’s stepdaughter. As she recalled in 1949 for an article published in Frontier Times, area Comanche Indians followed a bear into the cave and had a lighted torch which they threw down in the cave. It caught fire and the guano of the bats made an immense fire. The story was that the fire got so furious at one time the whole earth "blew out" on the West side which made a large cavity on that side of the mountain. It was reported that the blast was heard in Fredericksburg thirty miles away."


Next Tuesday on Paranormal Geeks Radio, the first 45 minutes, we're having MK Davis and Don Monroe on to talk about this hand print finding and the research being done on it (9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific)

How To Use a Pendulum

(The crystal pendulum above came from my favorite online shop - Trash City)

We often think of the pendulum as a spiritualist's parlor trick, like divining rods or table tipping and Ouijas. It is often used for interviewing spirits and in conjunction with EVP recordings, it can be another form of verification.

You hold the pendulum by your fingertips. It helps if you can clear your mind, let yourself be ready to receive, no extra head-room chatter.  Test it by holding it out and saying "show me yes." When it starts moving, note if it is going back and forth or in a circle. You now know how the spirit answers "yes." Now, to test it, ask it to show you "no."

You can also utilize the pendulum to find things. "Am I facing you?" (yes or no) Now, walk into another room and turn. "Am I facing someone?" You can learn much from your answers. "Do you want me to leave this room?"

Some people utilize pendulums in their everyday life. They ask it questions they already know the answer to like "Do I like my job?" or "Am I 36 years old?" But, then they can begin to feel a sureness in the way those were answered compared to ones they don't have answers to, like "Will I be getting a raise this year?" or "Will my boyfriend ask me to marry him?"

It's basically a skill that comes with time and utilizing the same pendulum so you know its particular feel. You must be patient too. Sometimes, it looks like it's going back and forth and then begins to circle.

For the women out there, you might appreciate this - I wear a windchime necklace to an investigation

I attached a small key ring circle to it and hook the chain of my pendulum to it. I can wear them to the investigation as a piece of jewelry and then I remove the pendulum to utilize it and hang the windchime up in a room to know if anything is moving about.

Humanoids Among Us: Red-Haired Giants Everywhere?

Pyramid Lake, California (above)

Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia border (above)

A popular legend in the US is the legend of the red-haired giants, a people the Paiute tribe ancestors called "Si-Te-Cah" (Tule Eaters).  Apparently, according to the legends, about 9000 years ago their ancestors dealt with "outsiders" who were extremely tall, had reddish hair and Caucasian features, some described as having elongated skulls. In some stories of the people, these giants made boats out of reeds and lived on hand-made islands upon the lake where the local natives kept a watch on their coming and going. The giants were described as not friendly and even cannibals. At one point, the legend tells of the Natives driving the giants into a cave (now referred to as Lovelock Cave) and filling the mouth of the cave with brush and killing the whole lot of them off.

It would have just been a legend, except around 1911, guana hunters found the cave and decided to harvest the bat guano and ended up digging up exceptionally tall mummies and artifacts. They tossed them outside the cave with the rocks and other debris to do what they came to do. They didn't know anything of natives and relics and they were busy producing tons of guano for profit. Eventually, through a series of mishaps and questionable practices, almost all of the items are unaccounted for, but it did seem to support the legend with eerie clarity.

And, in studying the area around that giant lake bed region of the Great Basin, some other strange correlations come to the forefront-ones involving far-away Peru.

But, first, let me tell you more about this Great Basin Area - a 9400-year-old mummy giant with reddish hair was uncovered hidden under tule there. And, he was the oldest mummy found in North America. Another one of 9200 years was found near what is now Pyramid Lake, a remnant of the giant Lake Lahontan that took up that region. Many thousands of years ago, that region in Nevada/California was very wet, and cultures could easily exist happily in an abundant lake-based lifestyle.

It was apparent there was a culture of reddish haired giants some with elongated skulls, who built boats of reeds and lived on lakes, as well as were vilified by the local tribes.

But, this scenario didn't just occur in the Great Basin of North America.

Going south to the Peru/Bolivia border and Lake Titicaca, we find something else interesting. Elongated skulls were found around that lake and they were from giant-sized beings with reddish hair and elongated skulls. The legends tell of the Uros indians making reed boats and living on islands on Lake Titicaca - (see video below). The Incas apparently drove them to live this way much like the Paiutes' ancestors apparently kept the giants aside at Lake Lahontan.

So, what if there was a race of ancient giants with elongated skulls, reddish hair, who learned reed boat making techniques and perhaps were more nomadic than village-oriented? Could they go up and down the Americas? Did they do so in reed boats to waterways that fed into where Lake Pyramid is now? Did they teach the Uros about living on lakes? What other cultural "shares" do they have with these people that still exist today?

How is it possible that both cultures had such similar situations; lakes, giants, tule boats, and warring amongst the natives for these tall outsiders?

An even better question - if the ancient Denosovans were from one area and spread out through the South Pacific, and Neanderthal spread across Europe, then could the Americas have had a red-haired giant native who was usurped by the coming of Paleo Indians across the Land Bridge?  This giant being the original Native?

Might this be a race that didn't make it...or did they make it in some other form we know of today as the feral hair-covered giants in our woodlands today?

What if the 9000+ year old giants in Nevada are related to the 8000-year-old ones in South America? What if these were America's true indigenous people? Or, what if they were the true indigneous people of the entire earth? Their skeletons are found around the globe...

What if they developed skills of reed boat building and islands on the lake, and moved on to other places, further south through Mexico and South America, followed soon by the Paleo Indians, always having issues living together. Perhaps they gave the people of Lake Titicaca the knowledge of floating islands and reed boats.

Interestingly, an episode of America Unearthed (go to the 5:25 mark) on H2 channel was about a farmer in the Upper Midwest who uncovered a giant in his field. At the giant's feet on each side were two women on their sides, fetal position, hands over their faces.

This (above) is how the elongated skull people were found in Peru - hands covering face in fetal position.

Were there other stories of Natives dealing with these giants? Oh yes!

Indian mounds found in Utah have some very interesting finds, such as these described about the first unearthing of them:

When time will allow more work will be done in the ruins of what is known by the native Indians Cublick. This name was first heard by the writer while conversing with a Piede Indian who, when asked if he knew anything about the builders of the mounds, pointed at them and said: "Cublick," "Cublick;" at the same time showing a spirit or expression that indicated that he looked upon the spot as a place accursed or marked for evil destiny. We learned from other Indians, that it is shunned by them as though some curse or awful crime rests upon the land around it. When asked about the people who built the mounds and made the stone implements, they either pointed to the South or say they do not know, but positively assert that the 'Ingens no make em.'

Inquiries made to Indians of the valleys as to when did their ancestors carve the markings on the rocks elicited the reply most usually made by the Indian. Injun no manik, maybe so Shinob manik. Shinob is their name for the inferior deity. Neither could the Utes, Paiutes, or Paiedes account for the rock pictures so frequently found scattered on rock surfaces over most of Utah, far into southern Nevada, and extending into Arizona, southern Colorado, and New Mexico.

Several score or more of stone mills or metates of the Toltec or Aztec pattern were found, as well as the mano, or hand stone to each mill…These discoveries have brought to light near Ogden what are without doubt some of the very oldest human remains on the face of the earth. The writer believes them to be older than anything we find in Mexico or Central America, inasmuch as the stone mills and pottery are of the self-same designs and quality of those found in the great valleys of Mexico and Yucatan.

At a depth of almost seven feet the base of the first mound was reached and on its ancient floor was found a disjointed human skeleton. The shape of the skull was long and narrow, the jaws heavy and wide, the teeth were large and well preserved. In the skull what is known as the bump of veneration was very prominent, combativeness small, philoprogenitiveness very full. The frontal bones of the forehead projected very much.”
My Conclusion:  We're finding some interesting correlations between the giants of North America and those of South America - that there were these giant people and the Natives did not seem to like them and even feared them. They build burial mounds, had some unusual technical skills, and appear to have spread out everywhere from the Ohio Valley to Georgia, Mexico to the Great Basin, and onward to Peru. As well, nearly every other continent reports giant skeletons. I will take this even further - reports of an Egyptian tomb in the Grand Canyon and Egyptian looking hieroglyphs in the tombs of the burial mounds of giants in Ohio Valley and pyramids in the Middle East and in North and South American makes one wonder - were the pictographs, technology, art, building, and influences not of origins of those regions, i.e. Egypt, Peru, the United States, but perhaps all the "Original People," the Giants, who influenced those cultures budding language, metal work, worship, building - in fact, being the basis for all our own priorities of building, technology, communication, art, and spirituality. Perhaps it wasn't that the Egyptians were here, but it was that they got their knowledge from the same source as the Americas.

In other words, in my assessment, the Giants taught the world all these arts and the commonalities found in Peru with Egypt and North America are not unusual when they had the origins from one single culture that was the first greatest culture and taught our crude modern humans technology of art, living, and spirituality.

Do they still exist? Well, consider this report of giants with reddish hair in Peru now -

The giants have only been reported in San Juan Province, an area of rain forests and wooded foothills east of the Andes. Its 200,000 residents have no telephone service or paved roads. Rumors of giant tribesmen have circulated frequently in the past. They received fresh momentum early this month when an explorer said he had stumbled across such a tribe.  Carlos Tarrealza, discoverer of the ruins of a lost Indian city in San Martin Province said he had found the giants when he was lost for two weeks in the jungle.  He said they were clad only in animal skins with reddish hair and spoke a dialect he had never heard. He said they fled at his approach.  Days later, two Lima newspapers, Ultima Hora and La Prensa quoted an Indian guide Encarnacion Napuri as saying on April 25th, a group of about 15 giant aborigines armed with thick wooden clubs, stone-headed axes and hard wood lances attached attacked a camp of professional hunters.

What if - ancient giants were forced out of territories held by "Second" Natives. They were driven underground or perhaps of their own volition, they gave us the knowledge and walked away. Now, perhaps their ancestors have retreated into the wilds around the world and over time developed the hairy bodies that we now associate with a breed of humans popularly called "Bigfoot." They had an obvious jump on us in intelligence and technology, they gave us the tools to work with and walked away, adapting over time to a life in nature, a life as sentinels of the wilds, perhaps even witnesses of man's development.

For those who believe in the Nephilim theory (giants from Heaven who came to Earth to mate with human women), this has an interesting twist. What if these beings descended to earth, mated with human women, created offspring that are now called Bigfoot? What if these Bigfoot are possessing half supernatural abilities of their ancestors from Heaven and half human traits? This might account for both their ability to hide from us and their skills to do so well and reports of their psychic skills and sometimes not-so-human superpowers.

Well, I've given you a good deal of things to consider, but it's worth researching, so here's some books I highly recommend -

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Paranormal Geeks Radio Tonight: Kathleen Marden & Denise Stoner!

Tonight we have two guests on Paranormal Geeks Radio 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific.

Kathleen Marden is a well-known UFO abduction researcher, author and lecturer with 23 years experience in the field. She is MUFON’s International Director of Abduction Research. For ten years Kathy volunteered as MUFON’s Director of Field Investigator Training. In 2012, she was the recipient of MUFON’s "Researcher of the Year" award.

She earned a B.A. degree in social work, with honors, from the University of New Hampshire in 1971, and participated in graduate studies in education while working as a teacher and education services coordinator. She is also a certified hypnotherapist.

Her interest in UFOs dates back to September 20, 1961, when her aunt, Betty Hill phoned her nearby home to report that she and Barney had encountered a flying saucer in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. A primary witness to the evidence of the UFO encounter and the aftermath, Kathleen has intimate knowledge of the Hill’s biographical histories, personalities, and the previously unpublished historical files pertaining to their sensational story.

She is the author of three books, Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, Science was Wrong, with nuclear physicist/scientific ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, and The Alien Abduction Files, with Denise Stoner (May 2013 release). Her chapter "UFO Abductions: Fact or Fiction" appears in UFOs and Aliens: Is There Anybody Out There?. Her articles have been published in the MUFON UFO Journal, Open Minds magazine and on several websites. Kathy has appeared in television and radio programs in the US, Canada and the UK, and has lectured throughout the United States. She is recognized as the world’s leading expert on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

Denise Stoner is the abduction expert for MUFON. 

What a UFO fun show this is going to be!!!


Meanwhile in Africa's Cryptid Central




What is hiding in the Congo?

You can find a list of African cryptids here. It is absolutely feasible that Africa and Indonesia both have the greatest population of cryptids still to be discovered and perhaps the least expeditions to find them. It will be interesting to see what is tagged and named in the coming decades. I'm kind of hoping for a dinosaur, or as the girl in "Jurassic Park" referred to the friendly ones, a "veg-a-saurus." 

Humanoids Among Us: Shadow People

Honestly, I don't think the paranormal community does enough about this phenomena. It intrigues me so much that I incorporated into my book on Kindle and Nook "Josiah: Undead Cowboy."

Shadow people are a very odd phenomena with lots of theories. Here's the most typical features:

1. They can be seen anywhere, new home, old home, haunted, not haunted, park, public building...
2. They are first seen usually out of the corner of one's eye. When the viewer turns his head, he might see it whiz off or he might watch it a few moments before the shadow person perceives being seen and then startles and disappears.
3. They sometimes come with feelings of dread and doom to the viewer that is palpable, not just a fear reaction, but a sense of something bad about to happen.
4. They are often times seen as 3-4 feet tall, human shaped, completely opaque black as if they have mass. Sometimes, they are seen as tall and slender and are sometimes even reported with a top hat.

What if they are interdimensional and are used to being in our space, but when they see that we know they're there, they freak out and leave. It's like they're used to being unseen. Why are we sometimes catching glimpses of them? Perhaps modern day human eyes are changing. There are theories that fast refreshing screens on computers and TVs are making our eyes trained for things they hadn't been before looking at things in a natural world outdoors.

What if shadowpeople are harbingers? The first time I ever heard of the phenomena was at a SciFi convention I was speaking out. A Native American woman said, "I was in a hospital when I saw a little person who looked like a shadow. It was all black and not defined. It peered around the corner at me and a few times I saw it cross my room. I worried it might mean I was going to die." My son and his friend had a lengthy encounter with one in a graveyard. Others report them showing up in their homes during marital troubles and family issues. Are these terrestrial mothmen?  Hmm...


This one is bantered around a lot. I have a lot of issues with this concept, the main one being, nothing freaking bad happens when they show up. If they don't want to be seen, you'd think a noncorporeal (a being that has never inhabited a human body) or a demon would be sharp enough not to be seen. They'd also manage to get their job done. When they show up, they'd do the dirty deed (whatever that dirty deed demons and noncorporeals are believed to do).

These continue to surprise us, especially because there is no particular place or person they show themselves for. It can happen to any of us, at any time. I have encountered 2 adult-sized ones and one short one and all 3 times, I sensed them before I even saw them. It was an odd feeling, as if you know someone is in the room and you assume it's a family member.

My son and his best friend had a very peculiar encounter in a graveyard. Mind you, my son is a gifted kid with a scientific and practical mind, but he knew his friend would be creeped out to go into a cemetery after dark. It was one I had a lot of weird things happen in. They approached the huge almost 2-story tall stained glass wall and both stopped. Something very dark was huddled next to the 4-foot tall altar. They assumed it was a homeless person, so my son took his camera and hit the button for the siting laser and it hit the object, showing that it was black and solid. It darted behind the altar. That shocked the boys because it was on 2 feet and just shorter than the altar. They rushed up to it and my son took turned on his flashlight only to find the altar was attached to the wall. There was no behind!

The boys both felt an intense feeling of doom and awful dreadful feelings. They rushed away, turned back to see it peeking around the wall at them with a human shape to it, no details, just place, and the boys ran through the cemetery where they saw it dart between some headstones.

That experience so upset my son's logical mind that he submitted a tryout for the first season of Ghost Hunters Academy and got a call from the producer as one of the top picks. We talked about his college  studies and he decided to keep his scholarship, but he still wanted to know more. What were these things? How were they possible?

All we know that these things have in common is that they can appear to anyone, anywhere, not particularly haunted locations, and they bring with them often a feeling of doom or dread and when they realize they are being seen, they rush away. So, it would seem that we are being watched by something that does not like for us to know they are watching.

You might also like my upcoming post about Black-Eyed Children in relation to shadow people on Thursday.

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Humanoids Among Us Week: Atacama Humanoid

In 2003, this 6-inch humanoid skeleton was discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  Those who remember the episode of Destination Truth where they went to that abandoned town called La Noria in Chile, the one they found skeletons rising from the graveyard in, well that's where this unusual being's skeleton was found near the church.  Testing showed that it was about the development of a 6-year-old and its parents were native humans. So, how is this possible?

Was it mercury poisoning from the town's copper mining creating some kind of odd birth deformity? They think it must be a form of dwarfism and perhaps the most unusual question is - how long did this little one live - truly 6 years? Why didn't locals speak of this tiny being and its parents?

(above) The Atacama humanoid is the length of a human fetus at 3-1/2 to 4 months.

(above) a 5 month old fetus of a human.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cattle Mutilations: My Theory

I heard reports recently about cattle mutilations in the Southwest. Cattle found with their tongues missing, glands, anus. Surgical incisions in the face. It made me wonder. Then, I was told there were silent helicopters over the area. This has vexed me for some time; why would the military steal cows and do surgery on them? They could go buy cattle at a farm in Virginia.

Nope, they want cattle from the Southwest.

The missing body parts are what clued me in. They are regions that would store something endemic to the soil.


Recent mutilations made me realize, the surgical cutting of the face, removal of tongue, rectum and glands--very specific regions. That's where anthrax stores in their body's tissues when they eat enormous amounts of grass daily, storing the anthrax in these parts of the body. Cattle doesn't succumb to exposure, but some get carbuncle sores and some get ill. But, their resilience to a huge diet that introduces lots of anthrax as they kick up the dusts, eat the grasses, is of interest, as is the high concentrations of anthrax (for immunity and for potential weaponry).

Some ranchers mentioned surgical masks and phosphorus in the area. My guess is - used to protect themselves to remove those areas and to be able to use a scope to see which cattle have the most anthrax in those regions or carbuncles. 

Why Southwestern Cattle? Military doesn't want Eastern cattle hay fed and exposed to eastern anthrax. The Southwest cattle is range fed on grasses and digesting anthrax that is specific to the Southwest and not anywhere else in the world, like valley fever illness in the Southwest that can make people not from the region, quite sick because it's such a foreign fungus. 

The military can utilize it on other countries that would have never seen this form, but our military would because the cattle's glands show them how they protect against it from cow immunities. 

The military could just buy some cows in an auction in Virginia or something, but they are specifically targeting cows that have a diet in the anthrax ridden soils of Southwest that would be different than domestic hay fed cattle in the east. They need ones absorbing that ground toxin and living in spite of it, having resistance.

What a weapon! 

Getting the anthrax from a concentration in the glands of a resistant animal is perfect. The cows are doing the work for them. They just have to sweep in on silent helicopters and surgically excise these parts after checking for carbuncles (signs of anthrax).

This theory is unusual, but if you hold up mutilation stories and this theory, it makes much more sense than UFOs, though the military might like us to think that. 

Ancient Giant Proof Still At Lovelock Cave?

On the July 16th episode of Paranormal Geeks Radio (click here to hear first 40 minutes of show talking to them), we had MK Davis and Don Monroe speaking to us from the opening of Lovelock Cave in Nevada, the infamous site of the battle with the red-haired giants who, according to Native legend, were burned inside the cave many thousands of years ago.

After these researchers went inside, this is what they found -

With MK's permission, following a further study in the cave, I'm happy to be able to share some photos he shared with me.

This knife and its sheath have been used to get a measurement. It is 18 inches. Look at Don's hand compared to print!  If the proportions are equal to regular humans, this being would be 18 feet tall!

Besides what appears to be dermal ridges showing in the soot/fat mix that appears to be the basis of this hand print (from the cave ceiling and further legitimizing the story of a conflagration with the giants inside), the impression shows more pressure on the thenar eminence of the palm and the first three fingers, which is typical for anyone pushing or lifting something heavy (just hold your hands in front of your head as if you're cradling a boulder - the inner aspect of your hand settles that weight).

It will be interesting to see further evidence to see if this might be an actual hand print. If it is, I think I have my own personal take on this:

The cave's floor is an unnatural floor built up after years of guano mining and back fill following that, as well as the wood floor put in by The State.  If that were so, then the hand print likely for this 18-foot tall being would have been made on a boulder near the top of the original cave and the substance on its hands was from the ceiling, having steadied its hand there as it entered when the substance had not yet had the time to harden over decades or centuries.  My scenario would suggest that not all the giants were in the cave at the time of the killing and this member came back to bury the dead, perhaps leaving them behind a stack of boulders in another section of the cave. Of course, this is only theory, but it would explain much of the location of the hand print the fact that a dying giant would not be touching the melting burning ceiling and leaving hand prints, it would have been done after, but before the substance hardened. (read my upcoming post on Wednesday about Pyramid Lake and Lake Titicaaca to learn much more about these theories)

MK has been kind enough to offer to be back on Paranormal Geeks Radio to discuss this research and I will keep you informed when he will be on. It's our hope that we can get a discussion going about this subject and about gathering evidence and putting the puzzle of the past together.

Humanoids Among Us Week: Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers are beings of a spiritual nature within the Native American culture. A form of witchcraft supposedly makes the practitioner the ability to take on other animal's attributes.  There are many explanations for the capacity of a skinwalker, such as a witch being able to take something of a person's and curse them or looking into the skinwalker's eyes can cause sickness or death. In Navajo culture, the skinwalker can even take over a person's mind and control them. There are legends that if you realize a skinwalker is coming for you, the curse can go back on the person who ordered it, or if you go and knock at his door and confront him, telling him you know he's the skinwalker, he will die.

According to University of Nevada-Las Vegas anthropologist Dan Benyshek, who specializes in the study of Native Americans of the Southwest, "Skinwalkers are purely evil in intent. I'm no expert on it, but the general view is that skinwalkers do all sorts of terrible things---they make people sick, they commit murders. They are graverobbers and necrophiliacs. They are greedy and evil people who must kill a sibling or other relative to be initiated as a skinwalker. They supposedly can turn into were-animals and can travel in supernatural ways."

As curses and unnatural practices go, there's nothing spookier than a combination of a physical monster along with evil intent and the ability to curse; the trinity of worst scenarios. This is not just a Native American culture belief. The Norse have berserkers (take on an uncontrollable fury) and bear shirts (take on the power and prowess of a bear), who can take on animal form. 

Perhaps the most popular form of skinwalker in our culture is the werewolf. The werewolf legend includes the ability to transform at will or under the influence of a curse, from human to bipedal wolf. It's origins began in the medieval times when wolves were a very real threat to the humans in villages. Eventually, witchcraft trials included accusations of a practitioner turning himself/herself into a wolf. Many were referred to as wolf charmers. 

There was a ranch in Northeast Utah called the "Skinwalker Ranch" that made for a very exciting and riveting book, "Hunt for the Skinwalker." This site had a lot of legends as a portal of sorts where skinwalker shape-shifting creatures, aliens, UFOs, poltergeist activity and even more occurred on that property. Whether there is any validity to the story's take on what happened there, it made for a most spine-tingling read.

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Vintage Halloween Masks

I want to have a wall collection of vintage Halloween masks. Oh, you know the ones--uber creepy and wrong, wrong, wrong, like something out of the movie "The Strangers." There's a shop online that sells them called Goblinhaus.

Ebay has a lot too, but mostly I think it would be great to make them based on some awesome google search images of vintage Halloween masks. They are so handmade which makes them even more disturbing.

 (above) This was my first attempt at a Halloween mask that looked vintage.

I got a cheap paper maiche plague mask and antiqued it up. Now, it's getting closer.

Here's some I recall from my youth -

It gets a bit freakier when you go back in time.

In the movie "Trick R Treat" the kids on the bus were wearing the best ones I've ever seen. Totally horrifying. Most craft stores like Joann and Michaels have the simple plastic mask and you could go to town recreating some of these babies....

Dark Autumn Week: Planning a Halloween Party

Spend your money on booze and food. Forget spending it on outrageous decorations. Pick a theme that allows for an assortment of "found" things.

For example, if you want to have a castle, do this cheap alternative - start collecting cardboard boxes way ahead of time to construct and paint a structure of your own making. It's almost free. Some people get paper that looks like castle walls to cover their walls. Nope. Get cardboard, cut the boxes apart, attach to the wall with tacks. Now, take a knife and carve blocks out of it. Don't cut all the way through. Take a big car sponge and a tin pan with some gray paint in it and sponge it onto the squares. You now have castle walls that cost you a jar of paint and a sponge.

When I planned this party, the theme was Postapocalyptic Graveyard and the invites looked like a nuclear holocaust. I put a sign on the front door, routing people into the backyard side gate. They entered past caution tape and lots of nuclear radiation symbols into a yard lit by a black light and tons of crosses pounded into the ground painted with florescent paint. A nuclear graveyard. The crosses were made by taking down some old lattices I had for plants and pounding them into crosses. Florescent paint at the store - 99 cents a jar, took about 2 jars. Black light was 9.99 at Spirit Halloween.

The guy above was on the end of the graveyard, a sentinel with a gas mask and a radiation symbol. No cost.

Then, folks entered the pool area. I put a piece of green plastic over the pool light to make it bright neon green in the water. Floating on the surface were empty water jugs (no cost, drank the water) and they had extra fluorescent green paint put inside and rolled around with radiation symbols on them floating on the surface. With styrofoam balls and black paint and black pipecleaners, I made giant spiders all over the walls around the pool. Radiation size!

The back patio near the pool was the food spread and a wheelbarrel filled with ice and booze (see menu below).  The patio was lined with old sheets that were tea died and the edges torn off to look ancient.

Entering the main yard, there was a bonfire going in the fire pit, chairs everywhere. A Reeper, a ghost, 

a graveyard, and tons of baby dolls in front of the shed where a creep doll animation movie by Brothers Quay played against the wall of the shed and house, including the real dolls with the movie ones. Inside, the band room was open and musicians came and went to play. The bathroom was set up with bloody hand prints and the walls covered in printouts of celebrity autopsy reports and criminal reports for killings.

Open music room for jamming

... a Halloween party isn't complete without a drunk pirate tambourine dude.


White Pizza Dip
1 envelope of Knorr’s herb and garlic pasta mix (in dried seasoning section near dried spaghetti mixes and dried chili mix packets)
½ lb (8 oz) sour cream ½ lb ricotta cheese (8 oz)
1 oz pepperoni chopped 1 c. shredded mozzarella
1 loaf of french bread or italian or baguette bread sliced
Preheat oven to 350. Combine all with ¾ c. mozzarella and sprinkle rest of mozzarella on top. Cook x 30 mins. Serve with bread dippers.

Build Your Own Nachos
Crockpots with melted velveeta in one, and heated chili with no beans in another. Basket of tortilla chips. Paper bowls. Little containers with sour cream, guacamole, green chilies, pickled banana peppers, diced tomatoes.

Dips and Dippers
Container of black bean dip, container of hummus
Carrot, celery, and grape tomato dippers, as well as baked pita dippers

Italian Lovers Pumpkin
Hollow out pumpkin, put ice inside and then a container that fits in the hole filled with marinara sauce.
Take chunks of pepperoni and fresh mozzarella and place on toothpicks and stick into the side of the pumpkin.

Dessert: Brownies, cookies on the drink table, along with Halloween candy scattered on the tables.

white wine, port, water, sodas, and beers, and this punch:

Apple Pie Punch
Apple cider, spiced rum, and hot cinnamon schnapps to taste, floating slices of apple on top and a red vine straw in the cups.

Friday, July 26, 2013