More Happy Vids From Our Trip

I loved it!

Vulture Mine

Today--Vulture Mine!

Sit Through the Panic: Observe, Rename

Prep for Ghost Hunt and Road Trip Adventure

My Childhood Haunts: The Blue Lights

Seeing Faces Everywhere!

Lonely on a Friday Night & The Next Few Days of Posts

Abandoned Amusement Parks! And What's Up Next on GHT?

A Ghost In His House

The answer is "yes" there is somebody!

Dropa Stones: Ancient Mystery

My New Art!

Cropsey: Urban Legend or More???

I'm Me Again!

My Childhood Haunts: The Angry Poltergeist

Back by Popular Demand--Naughty Ghost Tool Shopping

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Global Consciousness

My Unusual Crushes

Scariest Ghost Videos Ever!

"Being Human" Tonight on SyFy

Hike Video to Glyphs

South Mountain Glyphs and UFOs

F@$!, F@$,! F@$!, F@$!, F@$!'er!

Ouch! But, worth it!

Fringe Lifestyles

Georgia Guidestones--What the Bleep?

Lonely on a Friday Night? Join Us and Chat Here!

What Are You Packing?

Ghost Adventures--Drinking Game Time!

The Moment I Decided to Hunt

QUIZ: What Horror Movie Do You Want to See That Hasn't Been Made?

Dolls, Clowns and Mannequins, Oh My!