Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Moment I Decided to Hunt

Sure, I grew up in a notoriously haunted house. I witnessed a lot of phenomena, much of it I assumed as a kid growing up was perfectly normal. Some of it, like poltergeist activity, made me wonder how in the hell such a thing could occur. One time, when I was 10 years old, I stole my father's tape recorder he practiced his speeches on and sat on the stairs all night waiting for those booted footsteps and I captured them on tape only to have the sounds shot down by others saying I simply wore my father's boots and recorded it.

I realized at a young age, you cannot disprove a haunting, but you also can't prove it!

Jump ahead a few decades, living in a modern and not-haunted home, I had left the ghosts behind me, right?

It all changed when my ex was asked to a work friend's girlfriend's party. He wanted to go so he could play drums during the open mic all evening. I went along, but wasn't thrilled. I hated attending parties of people I didn't know, but luckily a few people I knew showed up. I hadn't known it, but the woman (my ex's friend's girlfriend who owned the house) had just bought the home and was having some "haunting" issues. She told someone who told her that I was a psychic.

The woman eagerly grabbed me up and along with her friend, she took me aside and told me of hearing someone in the hallway and a woman crying in the master bath. I did my walk through, touching the place, envisioning another family that had lived there. I told her what I found as I walked but told her not to respond.

I don't like feedback or it distracts me down the wrong path.

I told her about an elderly woman in the first bedroom who was a bit demented in an OCD way and would walk the hall and recheck and recheck the front door several times each night. There was a corner bedroom I didn't like at all. A man did something in there that was shady. The master suite, I saw a man, a woman and about an 5-year-old boy who slept between them, partly to protect his mother from his father and partly to feel safer by being near his mom for protection. In the master shower, a woman sat on the tile floor, bleeding into the drain from her arm.

The friend with the homeowner shook her head in shock. She had lived next door for 25 years. Yes, there was a man, woman, and a boy living there with the grandmother. She was a demented old lady and did sleep in that bedroom. The man sold drugs from the house and the corner room was where he ran his business. The woman did try to kill herself.

Feeling the usual relief that I had followed the right trace of residual information, I was ready to rejoin the party when the neighbor said, "I just don't understand it. They're not ghosts. They live across town. All of them are still alive."

My world tilted on its axis. As a child, I had a sense of residual energy (scenes replaying mindlessly in a space) but having read what haunted this woman's house and realizing that there were no actual ghosts, I wanted answers. Were all hauntings residual?

So, I began avidly ghost hunting in search of answers. Every hunter has different influences but mine were based on an inability to accept blindly and with religious faith the explanations for what a ghost is and how it works. I started this blog several years ago which was several years into my hunting and the premise was to explore theories, test them, search for testing methods, trying to get some answers.

I still search, still theorize, still experiment and hope to have more "aha!" moments where it all makes sense. Right now, it's a marvelous and interesting mystery and I am ever a curious child.


  1. I didn't expect the "they are still alive" aspect of your ability. I have often thought of 'hauntings' as a residual of the individuals who lived in a given space. Doomed to repeat habits over and over again. You are facinating and so are your stories.

  2. Tell me about it, MM. I had to do a double-take because reading the residual in a place is just like reading what most would consider ghosts. There is no difference to the psychic. When I read an object, the person's history who held it seems as alive to me as if I am viewing it now and it could have been 100 years ago! It's just like how you store and replay memories from your own past. So, how does a psychic know she is reading the haunting or the history or the minds of those who are present who recall the person who died? It's a constant battle inside of me, but I have no preconceived notions and no religious beliefs that make me have to take one side or the other. I look for what is logical and what is repeatable and verifiable. I will continue like Mulder and search for the truth, driven by my past to make me want answers.

  3. I remember you telling this story not too long ago. It kinda freaks me out that they are all still alive. I'm glad to be honest, but it does leave a lot of unanswered questions.

  4. Sis;
    I used to every year do a pilgrimage to Sedona with my gal pals. We would mix up the group each year. One year, a friend brought an office pal. We sat down in the hotel room and the girl asked me if I could read the dead. I shrugged. I hadn't really tried it. I had focused on reading objects. So, I took her hand and over her left shoulder I "saw" (mind you, this isn't like the show "Medium") my "seeing" was like you recalling your father's face. I saw a man over her left shoulder in my mind and I knew it was her grandpa. I described his unusual clothing and his tall slender rickety frame and then I said that they were very close because of the way he passed. She withdrew her hand in horror. When she was 4 years old her grandpa and her used to nap. One nap time, he didn't wake up. She took out his dentures and was playing with them, had no idea he was dead, but always felt him near her. Now, was he near her because she carried an amount of guilt or confusion from a 4-year-old's perspective. Did I just relate to her dead grandpa or did I probe her memories of him? I often read the dead and they show up in the "memories" in my head as over someone's left shoulder and I even read a dead dog recently who was weaving in and out of the children who were standing in my "vision" but I knew the dog was dead because no one recognized the dog or looked at him or petted him. That was my clue he did not exist now. The family members who passed were over people's left shoulders. It's a strange thing, but is it reading the dead or reading the living's memories or reading history???

  5. I, too, have to say that the "still alive" part of your story was unexpected. Absolutely fascinating. Definitely has me intrigued. Very curious.


  6. I am reading this and enjoying it. No clear thoughts on this one yet.

  7. hm, i was always been scared of these stuff

  8. I have to say that experience so shook my foundation that I had to go look for answers. What people were saying ghosts and hauntings were just weren't jiving with what I had just experienced. I think we're arrogant to assume that residual or history locked in a building is the same as a haunting. It should appear that way to us because suddenly for conditions we're not aware of, a glimpse of the past recurs, but there's no reason to think the souls of dead people are locked in some kind of loop of replaying things. These obviously lack soul attachment, as this woman was hearing the crying and the footsteps in the hall left by the living. I've mentioned it before how my sister's past temper tantrums were locked in our house and replayed. She was quite alive and living in another state, but her old outbursts would occasional resound.

    Mister Sharaf;
    You are timid of these things and yet you keep coming back. I suspect your inquisitive nature wins out over fear.

  9. sounds like you've found your calling. i've never personally experienced anything paranormal, but it's certainly interesting to read about. especially since this is something you've been experiencing since you were young

  10. Das Auto;
    Thanks. I wish I could give everyone that experience once so they could see why others are driven to find answers. I admit, I see people who've seen Bigfoot talk about it and I envy them. I would like to experience that and see how my mind assimilates it and how it changes my life.

  11. I would think that it was the actual person/animal you were experiencing. Mainly because I'm not saying that the kids playing may not have been thinking of the dog or not had memories, but it's less likely that their dog was the first thing on their minds, if at all. Being that young, you know how kids are (not all mind you) they grieve and then they move on.

  12. Ive been meaning to ask you if you have captured any interesting EVPs on your trips if you have it would be really cool for you to post some i would really like to here them

  13. Keith;
    I had no luck at the beginning, either in noisy places to record or getting nothing. I am not confident with using recording devices because they are receivers and there are so many variables that can create sound and that the mind can take as sound that I am not impressed with them in the least. Honestly, we have yet to have a controllable and reliable source to record activity. For now, I focus my attentions on observing it, looking for variables, conditions, situations that activate it to try to learn more about it and possibly what sorts of tools we should be utilizing.