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King Arthur and the Giant of Mont Saint-Michel

Illustration by David A. Claerr

**This is a guest post by one of my favorite researchers of Bigfoot and giants, David Claerr. He is a real mind in the field of study and one to follow closely. I have listed his books below and where you can buy this awesome poster (David is also an artist).**


This modern English translation, by David A. Claerr, is based directly on the text of the Middle English saga, the Brut originally written by Layamon.
Layamon (ca. 1190 - 1215), a Welshman, is self-described in his poem as a priest, living at Areley Kings in Worcestershire, England.

Layamon's Brut also known as The Chronicle of Britain, is an epic poem, written in Middle English, which was commonly spoken in his region. The Brut is 16,095 lines in length, and is an embellished version of the legendary history of early Britain. 

Layamon has added to the Arthurian legends, and many of these stories were thought to have been passed down by word of mouth in the Welsh tongue. The poem is largely based on the Roman de Brut by (Robert?) Wace, (c. 1110 – 1174) a Norman poet, written in Anglo-Norman , which is in turn a version of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin Historia Regum Britanniae, although Layamons version is considerably longer than both, and contains additional episodes in the legendary life of King Arthur.

Geoffrey of Monmouth () (c. 1100 – c. 1155) was a Welsh cleric. Geoffrey asserts that he translated the Historia into Latin ( in about 1136) from "a very ancient book in the British tongue", that was loaned to him by Walter, Archdeacon of Oxford.

Mont Saint-Michel is an island in northern France along the English Channel, at the border of the provinces of Normandy and Brittany. The island today is ringed with medieval fortifications and is the site of a monastery and picturesque abbey with a magnificent church crowning the summit, which dates from the 11th century AD. The island is in one of the areas of Europe that is subject to the highest ocean tides, which interestingly, is is mentioned in the story. In Layamon's version, he uses the English rendering, Mount of St. Michael.

Regarding the Giant: the author has researched ancient legends and historigraphic references that describe a nomadic tribe which originated in the Levant, or Middle East. The tribe had a predominance of red-haired people, often with an unusually tall stature, and there are accounts of individuals up to 10 feet tall. The tribe was driven from the Levant in the Roman era, and migrated across northern Africa along the Mediterranean coast. (Africa is likely the source of the crocodile-hide armor, rendered by Layamon as “serpent-hide”) Eventually, remnants of the tribe became seafarers and sailed past the Straits of Gibraltar, migrating northward along the coasts of Spain and France some time after 1000 AD.

Another intriguing element in the story is that the sword used by Arthur is not Excalibur, but a sword taken from a Frankish king that Arthur had defeated in battle.

• • •

Tidings came to King Arthur about the giant that destroyed the land and the countryside of Britanny, so much so, that therein there dwelled neither man nor woman that had not fled through the fields like wild beasts, for dread of the giant.

The giant had borne off by force a maiden, Helen, that was niece of the Lord of the country and a great nobleman. The Giant had carried her with him up the mountain where he lived, and that mountain, surrounded by the sea, was called the Mount of Saint Michael, but at that time there was neither a chapel nor minister.

No man was either hardy or mighty enough to dare fight with the giant by himself. And when the people of the country tried to assail him together, they could not prevail on land or sea, for he hurled rocks down from the mount and sunk their ships.

The people of the country fled through the woods, forests and hills with their children in their arms, and so left their land and all their possessions behind.

When King Arthur heard how the giant destroyed their land, he called Kay the Squire and Bevidere and bade them make him ready and armed about midnight, when the three of them with two squires rode up to shore across from the mountain. 

There they saw a huge fire burning brightly on one side. But on the other side was another, smaller peak with a marvelously great fire burning also, so they did not know to which side they should go. Arthur called Bevidere and asked him to go scout ahead to see which peak the giant was on.

So Bevidere went into a boat and crossed over the channel of the sea, and when he came to the first peak, he hastily climbed up the rock face and heard someone weeping loudly.

When he heard that he was shaken, for he thought the giant would be up there. But he gathered his courage and drew his sword, and went forth to fight him, hoping that, for no fear of death would he be found a coward. With this thought he climbed up the mountain peak.

And when he reached the top, he saw the fire burning brightly and saw a tomb nearby that was newly made. Beside the tomb sat an old woman with disheveled clothes and tangled hair, weeping and sighing. 

And when she saw the knight. she said "Oh! Gentleman, who are you? What misfortune has brought you to this place? For with great sorrow you will end your life if the giant finds you here! Flee from here hastily, as fast as you can, for it will end badly if you wait until this devil returns; he has no pity for anyone! Flee as far from here as you can, if you want to save your life!"

When Bevidere saw the woman weeping and grieving so over Helen he said " Good Woman, cease your weeping and tell me who you are and why you mourn so greatly; and how is it that you are here at this tomb? Please, tell me the reason for your sorrow, and who lies here, in this sepulcher.

"I am" she said, "a sorrowful old woman that weeps and makes lamentation for a maiden that was niece to Hoell of Nauntes, that I myself nursed as a baby, and whose duty it was to provide for and keep; and 
now she lies under this tomb.”

Now there is a devil over there that took her away and brought her here, and would have lain by the child that was young and tender. But she could not bear him for he was loathsome and hideous; and he caused her soul to depart from the body, and thus he took away my daughter with falsehood and treason. And there I have buried her, and weep for her night and day."

" And why," asked Bevidere,"do you not leave, since you are now alone and have lost her and can never recover her?"

"Sir," she said, "I know well there is no way I can recover her; but since I see that you are a gentleman, and so courteous, I will keep nothing from your knowing and will tell you the truth. After my daughter was buried, for whose love I have nearly lost my wits and died of sorrow, the giant made me stay here still and force his foul, lecherous lust on me."

"And you will die and in no way escape for he will be coming here soon; he is there on the other peak where you see that fire. So, therefore, please go now on your way and leave me here to mourn for my daughter."

Bevidere had great pity for the woman and comforted her as much as he could. Then he returned to the King and told him what he had seen, and how the giant was on the highest peak with the great smoke and fire.

Then the King had his companions go with him up the mountain, and they went up to the high peak. Then the King commanded his companions to stay below the peak a ways, and said that he himself alone would would go to fight with this giant.

"Nevertheless," said the King," see that you wait and be ready, and if I call, come help me." And they said they would with good will, and stayed there waiting.

And the King went toward the giant, who was sitting before the fire, roasting meat on a spit. He cut off the side that was cooked the most and began to eat it. The King stealthily approached with his sword drawn, gripping his shield, hoping to catch him by surprise. But the giant, who was evil and malicious, saw the King coming and leapt up, since the King had his drawn sword in his hand.

And the giant grabbed up a huge club that he had next to him. It was a great gnarly limb of an oak and made a deadly weapon for a mighty man. He thrust the club into the fire and set it ablaze. Then resting it on his shoulder, said to the King that we was a great fool to come there, and then raised the club to smite the King on the head.

But King Arthur was quick and agile, and he leapt aside so that the giant's blow missed him, and the King then struck at him with his sword, trying to strike him on the head. But the giant, who was bold and hardy, blocked it partly with his club, or else he would have been dead.

Nevertheless, King Arthur had struck him with the sword, called Marmidoise, the good sword that he had taken from King Rion when he conquered him. The sword cut the giant right between his eyebrows, and the giant was blinded by the blood flowing into his eyes. And that was a thing that greatly hindered the giant, because he couldn't see where to strike, and he began to swing and thrash about wildly with his club.

And the King tried to fight against him but couldn't touch him, for the giant cast about himself with great strokes, that if he had hit the king with one he would have been smashed. And so the fought like this, neither one able to touch the other, and so they were both extremely annoyed.

Then the giant went groping about blindly until he seized the King by his arm. When he caught him, he was exultant for soon he would have crushed him to death. And so he would have, but the agile King wrested free of his grip with great pain, and then set upon him with his sword, striking him on his head and on the left shoulder, damaging his arm.

The giant had armor made of crocodile hide that was so tough that Arthur's sword could not penetrate it to cut the giant's flesh. The giant could still not see Arthur since his eyes were still blinded by blood. He glimpsed the shadow of the King and ran that way, but the King, wary of the giant's great strength, dared not let the giant seize him.

The giant, when seeking the king, stumbled on his club and picked it up again to go after the King. but the King dodged around so that the giant was unable to reach him. The giant threw down his club and tried to catch the King in his arms. And so he went, groping and rubbing his eyes until he saw the light and shadow of the king, then he sprang at him and caught him by the legs with both his arms.

Then the giant began to grasp for his arm to take the sword out of his hand, but he King perceived what he was doing, and threw down the sword so that it would clang loudly on the ground. The giant held the King with one hand and when he stooped to pick up the sword with the other, King Arthur smote the giant on the chin with his knee, so hard that it knocked the giant unconscious.

The King then leapt to his sword and picked it up, went to the giant and lifting up his crocodile-hide armor, thrust the sword right through the body of the giant, killing him.

And Kay the Squire, and Bevidere rejoiced over the King's victory and looked at the giant, that was so huge it was a marvel to behold. They thanked our Lord for the honor and the victory that he had handed over to the King, for never had they seen so great a fiend.

The King asked Bevidere cut off the giant's head so that it might be carried back to the armies for everyone to marvel at the sight. He did as the King commanded, and they came down from the mountain, and mounted their horses. But the great tide had come in, and it was with great difficulty that they crossed the channel to return to the armies.

But before they had returned to the armies, the Barons were confused by the absence of the King, for they did not know where he had gone. They were about to search for his in separate parties, but Merlin advised them not to be worried, for the king would return shortly.

While the Barons and Princes were in this state of dismay over King Arthur, he and Kay the Squire and Sir Bevidere came down to his tent, and they had the head of the giant that Bevidere had tied to his saddle by the hair.

And all the Barons came to him and asked where he had been, for he had caused them a great deal of worry. And Arthur told them had had come from the mountain, where he had fought with the giant that had so destroyed the land and the country all around, and how he had slain him through the grace of our Lord. And he showed them the head that Bevidere had tied to his saddle. When the Barons saw it, they blessed him for the wonder of it, and said that in all their life they had never seen so large a head. And everyone in the armies praised God for the King's victory, and they embraced the King with great joy and gladness. 

• • • •       

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Valley of the Neanderthal People?

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Syfy's Twilight Zone Marathon!

Syfy will take viewers into a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity during its 21st annual New Year’s Eve The Twilight Zone marathon, which will air all 156 episodes of Rod Serling’s legendary TV series in chronological order and in HD for the first time ever on the channel.

The 87-hour marathon will begin Wednesday, December 30 at 7PM (ET/PT), concluding Sunday, January 3 at 12PM. The only interruption will be the telecast of WWE SmackDown® on Thursday, December 31 from 8-10PM.

Among The Twilight Zone fan favorites will be Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (starring William Shatner); The Encounter (starring George Takei); Time Enough At Last; Living Doll; To Serve Man and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

Long Island Bigfoot Report #4

**This is a guest post by researcher, Karl Sup. For more of the prior installments about the Long Island Sasquatch, please see these links - 

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Central Long Island, New York (City Withheld), May-June 2015

Due to rainy days and some long work days, I sadly wasn’t able to get back into the woods until May 12th. The weather forecast that week looked like it was going to be good, so I decided to bring along my Reconyx 600 game camera to try something new. I reasoned that the odds of a Sasquatch person having encountered a game camera on Long Island was slim to none. Armed with apples, an empty CF memory card and fresh batteries, I headed into the woods that evening.

It was a beautiful spring evening around 7:30 PM with a temperature of 79F with little wind. I set up two apples, one on the usual branch and the other on the lower branch. I placed the camera about 8 feet off the ground on a small tree. This picture was taken from the vantage point of the game camera. I scouted and documented the area. I did note by comparing the trash pile pictures taken in April to the current layout that several of the items had been moved or dislodged from their previous resting places. All three items that were moved were plastic containers. One had some water in it still, with the cap on it! I returned the next day about 6 p.m. to discover that both apples had been taken. I was very excited and hopeful. I pulled the CF card from the Reconyx and downloaded them to my laptop. What I discovered was very puzzling

First, I was disappointed that the tilt of the game camera put one apple out of view and the other almost out of view, but in the lower left corner. Frame 5 was the last in the series of pictures the Reconyx took while I was setting up the camera and apples and had a timestamp of 4:30:16 PM (PST), or 7:30:16 PM in New York. Frame 6 on the card was taken at 6:57:16 AM (PST), or 9:57:16 AM in New York. The apple had simply disappeared. It could not have simply fallen off the branch, as I had wedged another branch against the apple. Nothing tripped the camera overnight. Other pictures were taken during the day in which small branches or leaves triggered the camera. I did not have a good answer.

In addition to the apple disappearing from frame, the camera had also been adjusted. Initially I thought it was a trick of the eyes between the dusk and morning sunlight, but once I overlaid and toggled the images the camera had been slightly moved (see animated GIF - here -)

I had it cabled to the tree very tightly, so I cannot explain how or who had pushed on it. When I discovered that the camera was pointed too high, I tried to adjust it while it was still cabled. It was very hard to budge. I left the woods at 6PM hopeful that whatever had taken the apples would return.

The camera operated just fine during the day and night and took numerous photographs that were triggered by a light breeze moving small branches and leaves. Some of those wind-blown leaves were beyond the apple that triggered the camera, and yet the apple had simply disappeared without being triggered. Even if something moved very fast through the frame and took the apple, the camera still should have been tripped and triggered a series of five photos. I have heard of this happening to other researchers but I have never had this happen before.

The next day the new apple was still there, so I placed another apple on the branch. Once again, the Reconyx operated fine overnight and captured several series of photos caused by branches swaying in a light wind. No apples had been moved or taken. The next morning I left a third apple and took down the game camera before driving to the airport and flying back to Arizona.

I spent time working from Arizona with a work trip to Minnesota bookended in between. I arrived back in New York late June 14th and was eager to check on the research area the following afternoon. The apples I had left were gone, however, I did find a print on the far side of the gifting branch and used my size 14 foot for reference. 

It was pressed into the ground and the forest litter was pulverized under it. What a difference 4 weeks had made to the woods. The canopy had returned and the forest floor was sprouting up ivy and saplings. The further I hiked in, the denser it became. 

I found another print back in an area I hadn’t examined before that was the same size and depth as the other print I found; approximately 15 inches and a depth of 14mm. This second print appeared to be a left foot (center, circled), and a trail headed off to the NNE (upper right). 

I followed it until I was unable to bushwhack further. At the edge of that print I found a walnut that had been bitten in two. The other half was not in the area. I always take a Ziploc bag with me on these walks so I collect it to examine back at the hotel.

The walnut half shell appears to have been bitten into with a pair of central incisors. The areas of the bite marks displayed a definite separation of teeth. The cuts on one side were sharp and precise. The cuts on the opposite side were not as clean. As I was taking close-up photographs of the walnut, the air conditioning kicked on in my hotel room and details I hadn’t noticed originally caught my eye. Two hairs began to oscillate in the breeze. I haven’t had these tested yet, but I would assume that these hairs would have come from hands or lips.

The incisor marks are nearly 12mm in width. The human range of incisor widths fall between 9.10mm and 9.24mm. The tooth that cut this was almost 1.3x larger than a human tooth. Combine that with its discovery location near the edge of a 15x5.5” print delivers some compelling circumstantial evidence.

On June 17th, I set up my Reconyx again and loaded a few apples in the 
gifting branches. I placed the camera on a larger tree that was closer to the apples and tried to minimally disguise it. I also needed to work on back to back weeks in New York, flying home in between, so I decided I would leave the camera in the woods over the weekend. On the morning of June 18th, I checked on the camera and apples before heading into work and the airport. Both apples had been untouched, so I added the two apples on other branches that I had brought along to restock.

On Monday the 22nd I didn’t have time to get into the woods to retrieve the Reconyx, so I had to wait until Tuesday. All the apples were gone and the camera was loaded up with 128 photos, unfortunately a majority of them simply were triggered by wind and leaf movement, both day and night. The culprit who took the apples this time was also caught on camera at 15:38 PM on June 18th. 

It was a grey squirrel. I was sadly disappointed, however I also know that the squirrel would not have left 
gifting rocks, as in the past. I took the camera down and spent the remainder of the week in Manhattan, contemplating my next move.

Karl Sup is a software architect, developer and analyst, and an avid Bigfoot researcher working in the mountains of Arizona for many years. During this research and in other states including Maryland and Wisconsin, he has been fortunate enough to interact with and view multiple subjects over the years. Karl also has had decades of audio analysis and editing experience, and assisted in helping M.K. Davis clean up and enhance audio from VHS tapes he has been studying and discovered the presence of infrasound within those recordings.

**Tomorrow's post is a guest post by David Claerr on King Arthur and the Giant of Mont Saint-Michel**

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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Hair Samples

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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#26  Amping up the Exchange
#27 Opening Communication
#28  Extended Visit
#29  Pillaged and Moved 
#30  Feather Gift
#31  Disarray
#32  Evolving
#32  Flooding and Chaos 
#33  After the Floods
#34  Lots of Changes

Field Visit #30

October 11, 2015

Here we go again. Another Sunday visit to the sites. I left home and arrived at the park at 1:35 p.m. The temperature was 85 with a blue sky with high clouds. It was warm. As usual, I did my bike ride of 7+ miles. 

At 1:45 p.m. I rode to the far east end of the trail and stopped at the P.R.O.W on the return end of the ride. I went over to the east entry point and looked at all items. nothing was out of place. I decided to go to the old #2 entry site off the P.R.O.W. This is on the east side, further down, approximately 50 yards from the trail. This is the same spot in 2014 were I found the trees broken over pointing directionally. I feel I need to do some set-ups here again. 

On this trip to the sites, I took 38 photos. I will start now with the report thru the photos.

#1. thru #7. At the one spot were several tree pointers had been located, I put up a group of branches/limbs vertically to draw attention. This is around 25 yards inside the east tree line from the P.R.O.W. the second photo shows the set-up from the P.R.O.W. The other photos show a closer look at the set-up. On a horizontal limb, I have put marbles and polished rocks. On the ground, I laid out limbs at an arrow pointer, pointing to sight 1B over 2 miles from here. On a close by tree, I attached a page of ancient Native American drawings in a plastic cover. Will there be any interaction here??? I wonder.

I left the P.R.O.W. at 2:55 p.m. for site 1B. I got to the entry point at 3:10 p.m. and went into the site. Again, anytime, I enter the site, I do the following: Whistle a specific tune, make my presence known verbally and mentally in speaking my name and singing a tune. I will also blow on my flute and also do some knocks with one of the 2" x 4" wood studs. I also have a survival whistle which I blow a particular way to heard. all these are my on-site signatures.

#8. The Scrabble word dice have been scattered at the rear of the pipe. Probably a raccoon - ???

#9. thru #12. Previous set-ups with small items have been scattered?? Could be critters - ??

#13 thru #19. The 2 black water meter covers show that items from the previous set-up have been moved with some items, including 2 polished rocks, on the ground by the pipe. 

The awesome item change is that the 'Wilson' is now facing to the south. From the previous visit, 'Wilson' was facing east. I do not buy that a raccoon, armadillo, hog, deer moved the ball to the south.

#20. thru #26. The blue hanging bag had all food item removed. The various wrappers and bags could be seen on the ground in the immediate area. The blue bag had holes under the bottom and sides.

Starting with photo # 27, I do some re-arranging of setups and do some new ones.

#27. I added some limbs and a blue vertical limb to the white rock and wood piece. This was at the arch opening.

#28. I hung a montage of taped 'BF' drawings in a cover sheet to the teepee formation. Will it be left alone?

#29. Same as #28 but from a different direction.

#30. and #31.  I added 2 drawings to one of the ball buckets. I hope the meaning is clear from the drawings. I would like for a 'Forest Person' to deposit any found balls in the area into the buckets on the tree. These were drawn by another 'BF' researcher friend. I really appreciate his help.

#32. thru #34. I turned a black water meter cover over and added a number of small items into the squares. I then placed 'Wilson' on top with other added items then placed all on the top of the storage pipe.


#35. and #36. I put up fly paper to see if any hairs could be collected. Hair was collected from the fly paper from photo #35 and sent to my 'BF' researcher friend. He will determine the origin.

#37. and 38. I took all the painted water meter covers and make a new set-up

It was enjoyable to be out here today. It would be great to find someone as dedicated as me to share the adventure with and be committed to come out here with me weekly. Maybe I'm meant to go solo on this project. We'll see.

This concludes field report #30 for Sunday Oct. 11 2015.

**Tomorrow's post is Long Island Sasquatch #4 by researcher, Karl Sup**