Friday, November 30, 2012

My Paranormal Show Concept

I have to admit, I don't want to see para-shows go away, I just want them to evolve.

My own concept for a para-show is a simple one and one that I think anyone would want to see. It's almost a mix of Biggest Loser for insight and inner demons and Fear where folks are put into scary places, but with that missing element we all crave--reality and the ability to put ourselves in someone's position, not some jacked up character that producers chose to cause trouble on a show.

I think I'd call it "Turning Point" or something like that.

The host would show up at someone's door randomly, in the city, country, suburbs, wherever. He/she would knock at the door and ask if they want to go on a paranormal adventure, but not tell them what it is.

If they agree, on the flight out, they talk about the guest's exposure to paranormal, his belief system, and what he are afraid of, as well as what's going on in his life as far as trials and tests right now.

When they get to place, whether it's a haunted cave or Bigfoot forest, they investigate alongside together. Knowing what we do about the guest's belief system and his fears, his life situation and such, we can see them in a context that challenges him in every way.

On the flight back, they wrap it up to talk about how he changed his fears, his belief system, or his attitude about his problems in his life.

Experiencing the paranormal is life changing.

Well, that's what I want to see. 

Ghost Adventures Drinking Game

Kid Rock" Cowboy"

**Tonight I will be on the Texas Unified Natural Research radio show talking about Bigfoot at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, and 6 pm Pacific time. Give it a listen. These are great guys and an impressive team.**

Tonight's episode with Zak and the Boyz? "Death By Wild West" All about the bad outlaws and outcomes in the west.

Tonight's drinking game rules:
1.  Stay home.
2.  A sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he's touched by a ghost, and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in horror.

The drink?

In honor of the old west characters showcased tonight, Sarsaparilla and vodka (you can replace Sarsaparilla with root beer).

Can We As a Society Handle An Alien Encounter?

Many conspiracy theorists claim that the government is keeping things from us because civilians cannot accept an unthinkable truth; that perhaps we not only are visited by aliens, but they might be our creators.

The implications for such an event include religious, sociological, financial, military, scientific and individual.

In my own scientific-minded way, I tend to see the possibility more like the scenario in "The Mist." The government or scientists or a combination of both find a way to break through into a parallel world/other dimension, and out spills the secret to the universe, that we are nothing more than a minuscule bubble in a tub overfilled with soap.

The other possibility might come in a scenario like the one being played out right now with talk of Bigfoot DNA revealing a cross mixing of humans with something that supposedly is not that compatible, raising the question of hybridization by alien masters. By any stretch of the imagination, should there be truth to that, then perhaps we are being "allowed" now to probe our DNA and learn about our "papa" in preparation for our encounter with our creator(s).

Whether the aliens come from a parallel world or another planet, we would be at their whim since they know where to find us, but we do not have the capability to find them. Utilizing logic, we'd have to understand that obviously they do not want to hurt us because they have not taken over so far and humans have been here for many thousands of years. We would be more likely a pet experiment or a test lab for new species. Kind of like the cast-off island of defective toys like in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In fact, perhaps we are more like the feral children of alien breeding experiment left to gestate and occasionally observed to see progression but without any helpful instruction from our "parents."

How mankind handles such an encounter would depend largely on the government and the media. It would take a lot of reassurances and guidance to help the population through such a disruption and maybe, just maybe, we would be better for knowing them, losing a bit of our arrogance that we are the only intelligent beings coming to conclusions about how the world works. An older mentor might just be the ticket to help us advance technologically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paranormal Geeks Book For Sale Now!

Paranormal Geeks is out now! (Amazon paperback & Kindle) “Paranormal Geeks” by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson is an endearing homage to those of us who are into everything from UFOs to psychics, Bigfoot to ghosts, zombies to conspiracy theories. These two humorous paranormal bloggers interviewed dozens of paranormal geeks to find what made them PGs, their types, degrees, and ways they express it in their lifestyles and hobbies. There is a quiz to find out how much of a geek you are and a certificate to honor you in the end. The book also contains a large resources section to get your paranormal geek interests advanced to the next level. These authors take you on a magical journey into the minds of paranormal geeks and in the end remind us that we have found our large and varied tribe. As the authors like to remind us, “we outnumber the normal people. 

"I used to hide my UFO books and articles when my friends would come to visit. I knew it wasn't "cool" to be into aliens and spaceships and I didn't want to explain to them for hours how much they didn't know. Certified GEEK. Finally, a book that represents all those hiding in the paranormal closet!"

Ben Hansen, Fact or Faked Syfy Channel

"`Paranormal Geeks' is an overview of an underestimated American subculture.  It's good to know I fit in somewhere, and maybe you do too.  Take the quiz and find out."

Cliff Barackman, Finding Bigfoot

KINDLE FOR PC, DROID/OTHER DEVICES:  If you haven't used Kindle, it's amazing! You don't need a reader. If you buy the Kindle version of the book for your PC, it loads the program for you for Kindle Reader onto your computer. Every time you buy a Kindle book on Amazon, it loads it automatically into the reader on your computer. It even leaves your books open on the page you were reading the last time you were on it. I am constantly wanting books but don't want to wait for delivery and want to not carry them to read around, so I have them on my laptop Kindle reader. 

Paranormal Military Conspiracy Theories

I am fascinated with conspiracy theories. Some are so ridiculous, you can't help but laugh. Others, have a ring of truth to them. Many can handle the test of time by becoming more and more "fact" as times passes, like Roswell. Let's look at some of the best of the paranormal conspiracy theories--you might see a government theme.

Roswell Coverup
The summer of 1947, something crashed in the desert in Roswell, New Mexico.  The conspiracy took hold when a local military man from the base announced to the press that a flying disc had been recovered. The following day, a higher-up retracted that with a "it was a high-altitude balloon." Witness reports from supposed medical workers saying they handled "small injured" beings from the crash combined with stories of one of the military men showing his family parts of the crash with what looked like hieroglyphs, set in motion all the best ingredients for a local urban legend that over time would grow into a huge conspiracy theory involving government coverup of the crash, the aliens, and technology gained.  What we absolutely know is that something crashed in the desert there. That the military retrieved it. That there were several versions of it. Many people have supported this theory because we supposedly got a lot of new technology all at once since that time period, but then we had just come out of WWII and were deep into the Cold War and getting better technology was our driving force. In fact, our best bursts of new technology follow war time. It's just a natural result. Did a UFO crash in Roswell? Considering where it happened and the likelihood of a weather balloon, probably not. But, witnesses can be very convincing. I will never have an answer to this puzzle, but I lean more towards something military that crashed.

Philadelphia Experiment
In October 1948 in Philadelphia, PA supposedly a military experiment was underway with catastrophic results.  The USS Eldridge apparently tried out a cloaking "invisibility" experiment and something went very wrong. This was supposedly utilizing the unified field theory of Einstein utilizing gravity and magnetism. Supposedly witnesses saw a green fog and it was partially invisible for a time during one experiment attempt. Another time, the ship supposedly disappeared in a blue flash of light and showed up in Norfolk Virginia. The story goes that the sailors were rendered insane and some were re-melded with the ship's structure in agonizing poses. When sailors didn't agree with this legend, it was said they were brainwashed by the government. I am fascinated with this story since I saw the awesome movie based on it. It fits the criteria for a conspiracy theory with the government getting a hold of some technology ahead of its time. I find it exciting and the concept might actually be tested some day in some manner, but I find it highly doubtful that it was successful if they did attempt such a trick.

Area 51 UFO study
When an extremely remote military base goes up in the barren desert of Southern Nevada in an area known as Groom Lake and security around the area is over the top badass serious and strange lights are seen in they sky, the conspiracy theory would have to form that the government has a base where they are working on UFO-based techology, perhaps the remnants of Roswell Crash.  My ex actually got a job offer with EG&G in 1984. He went there and back then they took a bus to the location. A 90-minute drive each day to work. Ugh. We decided not to accept that offer, but it was at what is commonly known as Area 51 and it was not all that sexy. Just your typical military technology. I think as citizens, it behooves us to leave Area 51 alone. We need to have a safe secure place to work on technology for all of our protection and IF they had alien technology, let them have that and master it to protect us. Either way, I don't care if they do have dead aliens and a UFO in the hanger, I just want them to uncover the secrets and if they don't have those fun items under tightly secured doors, then I hope they are managing to come up with some great technology that can seek out one individual in a crowd and get rid of him the bad guys without collateral damage to civilians.

High Frequency Active Aural Research Program
This facility in Alaska was built by a research group. These high frequency signals are aimed at the ionosphere to "excite" it and see what reaction it produces. Understandably, this has become associated with bad weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, and all kinds of issues, even freaky human behavior. They report that they are testing the ionosphere to see how it affects radio signals and ultimately make communications better for knowing how to deal with the natural atmospheric effects. This is probably one of the most questionable ones that is out there. I believe their lack of explanation to the public has made the more suspicious and deciding to hit our ionosphere with high frequency UHF and VHF signals is just kind of odd. I doubt it's going to cause global warming, rainstorms or insanity, but I am not thrilled whenever we test our shit out on Mother Earth, like atomic bombs. We are like kids flicking on cigarette lighters....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Paranormal Memes

My Ghost Theory: The "Finley Effect" and "Emotional Resonance"

I’ve been studying the characteristics of haunted locales ever since I did my study in 2009 comparing 50 famous haunted locations in my “haunted formula.” 

Julie and I are working on a book “Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted." We've been comparing things like emotional content from the history/deaths/torture/upset, geology, feng shui, building construction, orientation in relation to graveyards, railroad tracks, waterways, and more.

There has been something rather elusive from the mix. We know that it also takes the occupants in a building to make a haunting "set" and so we needed to know more about how this mechanism works.

A serendipitous email from a dear friend (who is an amazing cryptid artist), Thomas Finley, set off something in me and suddenly a missing element to poltergeist activity fell into place and it was a mix of singer's voices and Galloping Gertie that did it. 


Thomas told me of when he once owned a cabin in the north and was housebound for 10 days in the snow with only his house cat as his companion. The cat had been reacting to something in the cabin and Thomas had been unsettled by being stuck indoors. His emotional milieu combined with the fact he was in an ideal geological location as well as being a cabin where other people had passed away, combined to make some wild poltergeist happenings. When he told the activity to stop, it nearly completely ceased. 

This "ability to control" that some researchers have observed led them to believe this was PK, or psychokinesis, the ability of a person to affect the objects around them with their thoughts or emotions. Having an occupant with supposed PK is one thing, but you must also be in the right setting where prior emotional pathways have been laid down, along with the right physical conditions and the ideal person having the ideal feeling as the trigger, sort of hitting an emotional note that resonates in frequency with a prior event. 

One thought joined another thought and I recalled the Galloping Gertie the bouncing bridge that warbled due to aeroelastic flutter or resonance, as well as notes hit by singers that could shatter glass with harmonic frequency.... 

What if the emotions of a person (perhaps one who is a good conduit at creating kinetic energy with his/her emotional tone like a singer with the right pipes hits the note) could actually create an "emotional resonance" that is in sync with past emotional resonance in a space and create a sort of flutter effect or poltergeist activity?  

It may seem like magic that something we do not see is creating this kind of effect in a structure, but it does. How many hidden effects are we missing in our paranormal world that make it go from "magic" and "supernatural" to "science"?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Future of Bigfoot Hunters

It's over. It's done. Bigfoot has been proven by DNA and irrefutable video.

This future scenario will occur, perhaps in the very near future. So, when man no longer has to prove Bigfoot exists, to rush out into the woods and get the money shot or the DNA, what next?

Well, once it is determined what BF is, protections will be put in place.  Harassing, shooting, and otherwise molesting Bigfoot will be illegal. That probably won't stop some nut jobs out there from trying, but for the most part all the legitimate groups seeking to understand Bigfoot will have limitations on being  allowed to just roam the woods freely and set up trap cams.

This doesn't mean, however, that there will no longer be a place for them in the world of Bigfootery. I often say it in ghost hunting, but there is a role for everyone. If you can't be an investigator, consider running the website, interviewing clients, studying history of locations, and many other aspects of helping out the cause of understanding and studying phenomena.

Bigfoot hunters have a lot of arenas they can begin to transition into now, in anticipation of the day they may not be welcome to beat down the bushes any longer.  The most obvious one is to concentrate on the numerous other cryptids still out there waiting to be found.  Diversified cryptid hunters like Four Corners Crypto's JC Johnson have already been spending a great deal of time in search of all sorts of things from Thunderbirds to Centaurs, reports of Dogman to chupacabra. These sorts of researchers become keepers of legends and archetypes  chroniclers of the backroads and superstition, as well.

A BF'er needs to ask himself why he's doing it in the first place. If he is hoping to get great video or proof of Bigfoot, his heyday is over. He needs a new focus or he needs to leave all together.  If he wants to see one with his own eyes, then DNA results and video released to the public upon reveal of BF's existence should satisfy that desire to know BF is real. Hell, I know giraffes exist, but I don't need to go to Africa to see one.

If he decides he wants to continue to understand Bigfoot and his ways, then at this point in time, before it's official that BF exists, he needs to work his secondary skills.

What might his secondary skills be? Computers? PR? Writing? Experiments? Outdoors knowledge? Anthropology? Archaeology? Spiritual studies? Public speaking? Conservation?

There will be plenty of places in the world of Bigfootery for those who want to perform radio shows, interviews, blogs, and websites pertaining to Bigfoot. Artists will be inspired by still images that are released to the public. Some might wish to follow the current research and discuss on a blog about the possible nature of Bigfoot as he is being studied in a respectful manner by universities and researchers who are monitored in the process to prevent harassment.

My biggest admonishment to those who are field workers is, when this all comes down, if some asshole with a property that has Bigfoot decides to erect walls and open an Jurassic Park where folks can get cabins in the woods and feed Bigfoot, please do not in any way patronize such locations. Shun them and the concept of making Bigfoot an industry.

Believe me, proving Bigfoot is not the big goal. The goal is understanding his part in our world and how he came to be, why he's been able to do what he has and learn a respect for another upright being with intelligence and who really doesn't want to war with us. It's like we found we had a sibling that was adopted out as a child. We are eager to learn what we have in common and to bond.

So, the age of proving Bigfoot should herald an evolution in the Bigfoot research arena. It's not the end of an era, it's the beginning of a new one.  For enthusiasts, their stable doors just opened up and the whole field awaits them. 

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Shadow People Theories

Shadow People are on of my all-time favorite subjects of unexplained phenomena. It seems to be the least researched and yet very widely seen.

Described as anywhere from the usual 3-4 feet tall to upwards of 6 feet tall, solid black looking, shaped like a human, seen out of the corner of your eye first, and then when they realize they are seen, they vanish. They can occur in parks, new homes, office places, scary spaces, haunted locations, and cemeteries. It doesn't seem to matter where. They appear to think they are alone and seem a bit astonished to discover we can see them, as if they were always undetected previously.

So, has something changed in modern man?

One theory is that because of fast refreshing screens on computers, man has become better at capturing things in the visual spectrum than he once was. I'm not sure about this. My vision seems beat to hell from lit screens. It's an interesting concept though. Many people after long days at the computer report seeing them, but that could be incidental since almost all of us use computer screens extensively.

I saw a shadow person one time that actually was able to turn on a computer and make a receipt machine turn on and spit out receipts. So, they do seem to be able to affect the environment. One witness reported putting a camera's target light on one to find it was solid--the light sat on its dark dense body and not through to the wall behind it.

There are theories also including that they are demons, elemental beings like elves or fairies, and that they are a ghost trying to form.

Personally, I'd be most likely to say they are interdimensional travelers. What we are able to see of them is only a portion of their entire self. We can only see 3 dimensions of them. Imagine if we were staring at a 2-dimensional picture of ourselves and then the picture suddenly spoke to us! That's kind of what they might be experiencing. They are messing around with 3-dimensional environments and suddenly those people in 3D can see them and they are shocked.

We really don't know yet what they are and why they are. I think it's telling that we first see them out of the corner of our eye. It's as if that peripheral vision uses a different aspect of our focus. I hope to collect more shadow person stories and learn about commonalities.

For shadow people encounter stories by dozens of people who have encountered them, go to this good archive site.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pro's and Con's of Ghost Hunting Tools

You're going to get a tone from me that I'm not super impressed with the tools of the trade and I'm not. Having lived in a haunted house from birth to teens, I know that the best tool we have is our senses, including the sixth one. We can't prove anything to others with those senses other than describe an experience, but ultimately we have yet to create the ideal ghost hunting tool.  All these expensive bells and whistles are just that -- distractions. Here's the limitations-

Electrician's tools (K-II, EMF meter) Unless one is hunting within a shielded environment in controlled conditions, the meter only tells you that of what we already know - that electromagnetic fields are everywhere around us in our world, sort of like how you walk down your hallway on a cell phone talking while your wireless printer is spewing a photo from the computer in the back bedroom to the living room.  These absolutely do not tell us if a ghost is present or trying to present itself. No matter how much we try to make a correlation between activity and electrician's tools, there is nothing other than the occasional coincidence. Spending time staring down at a meter is making you miss what is going on around you. EMF readings are proof of nothing except the one condition in which EMF is so high it might be affecting the human body. That is completely different than the concept of EMF equaling spirit presence. Other than using the meter to find out if someone's bed or chair is near high EMF that might be causing their issues in those locations, reading EMF is not going to tell you about ghosts. It's going to tell you about electromagnetic fields that might make you feel funky. Feeling funky and having ghosts - two separate issues.

Talking boxes: (Ovilus, Frank's Box, Ghost Box)  I know some pretty reasonable people who have been brought over to the talk box side. I understand this for the same reason KII meters were attractive. I once spent a good 10 minutes having a responsive conversation with a KII meter that answered me succinctly each time. Then, well, the air-conditioner in the room turned off and so did the meter. Ten minutes later when it turned back on, the meter started to say "hello" again. When you run a sweep through radio frequencies and capture the occasional broadcast word, your mind has a wonderful way of trying to find a word in the nonsense or to capture the one word you heard that applied.  This is not ghost hunting. This is that shiny 8-ball you had as a kid and asked questions to. The ever popular ghost box that spits out words that were programmed by someone to correlate with certain readings on the meter is a total parlor trick. Who programs these words? How do they know they apply? It's all a lot of tomfoolery and I won't use them. Never. Nope. Nada. It is taking your time and attention away from your environment. There is no "easy" way to talk to the dead that involves someone making a box that picks up random words or radio frequencies.

Temperatures: (Thermometers, thermal imagers)  Many times, I can tell you I have goosebumps or feel cold, but it isn't always going to register. We still have no way of knowing if that sense of being cold is something going on internally in our body or external in the environment. We also don't know if that means anything in relation to spirit activity.  Other than being able to say "yup, the temperature went down" (which our bodies already told us), this meter is taking your eyes and attention off the room.

Cameras: (nightvision, full spectrum, digital, DVR) What I would give for a camera that could effectively pick up what I'm seeing! Why can't we model one after the human eyes with all its foibles and poor night vision! We have tried infrared to see at dark, thermal to see heat, full-spectrum to take everything into account, digital cameras, digital camcorders and more! Still, the unexplained shot is an exceptionally rare thing that the odds just aren't with you. Trying to debunk a photo can be incredibly easy when it's something like orbs, reflections, slow shutter speed, and someone's finger blocking the flash, but unless you took the photo and knew the conditions and tried everything in your capability to figure out how it did it, you are likely to go home, look through the photos on the computer and then find the anomaly, too far away from the time and location to know what happened. I advise people to use a tripod so slow shutter speeds don't become and issue when there is slight movement, don't photograph where there are glass covered pictures on the wall, glass cases, chandeliers. Don't take photos after you just walked through the room--lots of dust kicked up. Be wary of what your fingers do when the flash goes off. Try to remove the strap from the camera and tie back your hair. There are so many necessary controls that it can be very frustrating. And, always take pictures of the site with the lights on or daylight so you can look back later and see what is in the room when you can see the whole room and not in some close-up IR shot.  Finding a true phenomena on camera is a very very rare event, so treat your photos with anomalies with great skepticism.

Spiritual: (Ouija, pendulum, dowsing rods)  These tools drive some people nuts and they are real hot buttons for folks who carry on the traditions of "after a friend used a Ouija" or "when I was a kid and I used a Ouija." The truth is, it's a piece of board with a plastic planchette. You use your voice recorder to ask questions of the dead and ask for proof of their existence, so do not think they are any different. If you think the board is a conduit of some type, then so is your voice recorder or that wall you asked them to rap on, or that flashlight you left unscrewed for them to turn on.  I have in experiments found the dowsing rods to be unbelievably accurate at crossing over in spots that a psychic identifies as having energy. What this energy is and the significance is unknown. The psychics themselves can be very intuitive, but there is still no verification since they are the only ones getting this information supposedly from another realm. I am a psychic and I use my abilities to best tell me where and when to be ready for action in a place. I don't use it as a proof of a haunting, but I use it like a bloodhound tool. Once again, you can prove nothing with spiritual tools and they are limited by the abilities of the people using them. They also are based on the supposition that we are talking to the dead which may not be the case.

Audio: (digital voice recorders, analog magnetic tape recorders)  Perhaps the most promising tool is a digital voice recorder. I know some folks like analog recorders with magnetic tape, but their motors can make noises that can confuse. Digital goes nicely right onto the computer for listening. We all know the limits of audio, the biggest one being interpretation. The other limitation is how well the session was controlled. There are a lot of necessaries in a good EVP session, such as recorders around the room, everyone in one place so there is no wondering if someone in another room made a sound, the need to "tag" (announce) tummy growls, coughs, passing cars so later when the team reviews them they can know what might have caused the sounds. I have some future experiments planned in the audio realm and I am anxious to see if they prove helpful in understanding communication and where and how it comes about. Unless something is a class A (everyone who hears it, hears the same thing without prompting), I'm not super thrilled by the results. More often than not, responses are unrelated in timing or to the question. 

I am not certain how or when we will come up with more efficacious methods for hunting ghosts, but I do know that until we form experiments to find out how they affect our physical world to the extent we can pick them up with our senses, we will not know what energy or mechanism they use and what tool therefore would be ideal. We are playing darts with a blindfold at this point. I have hopes for the future, but they involve physicists and perhaps interdimensional work....

Review of Finding Bigfoot


"Dumpster-diving squatches are well known." (Bobo)
"Smells like a cow's butt everywhere you go." (Bobo)
"It's always cool whenever you see something big and glowing." (Bobo)
"The refrigerator in this area is full and it's just waiting for someone to come and take it out." (Cliff)
"Taking Bobo into a DNA lab is like taking a bull into a china shop" (Matt)

Unusual terrain in Oklahoma, on flat farmland area.  Interesting tracks following a fence line with very wide strides was a start, but a big hunk of hair the researcher gave them was promising. It came off a branch 8-9 feet off the ground.

They went out at night to see if they could find anything. They found potential food sources, but nothing too exciting. They did, however, drop off the hair for DNA. Bobo causes test tubes to crash.

This was probably one of my favorite town halls they ever had. The witnesses were ideal and what they were saying soooo jived with BF in agricultural areas and waterways. I was very impressed.

Ranae camped out alone.  The river they followed not far from downtown Oklahoma City.  It was dense and nasty and untouched along the river and the witness was very credible in his storytelling.

DNA results came next. Doesn't appear to be human. Does not appear as if it had been cut hair, had worn tips.  They isolated DNA, but it was degraded from exposure.

The travel corridor was the North Canadian River to avoid farms and open areas. They decided to go down the river, lights out at night. 

They concluded that the animals were too comfy and loud for having a Squatch there.

Okay, no real exciting encounters, but some of the best witness stories I've heard in quite some time.

Next week? California!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Tonight!

Evidence of possible Bigfoot DNA in Oklahoma spurs the team on this week on Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet at 10 pm (for lucky folks, us in AZ with Cox Cable have it on at 11 pm--bastards put us on California time).

If you're gonna find DNA of BF, places like OK/eastern TX, Arkansas and such are ideal locales. People buy into the Northwest myth, but America's breadbasket is the place for human food sources and BF too.  Tomorrow, expect a review of the show from me.

Bigfoot: The Horizontally Dynamic Foot Theory

Horizontally Dynamic Foot Theory
By Karl Sup and Sharon Day
November 21, 2012

Humans have a vertically dynamic foot for upward lift. In this theory, we propose that Sasquatch have a horizontally dynamic foot for enhanced step grip.

Visual evidence in films such as Bluff Creek Patterson-Gimlin film (1967), show a creature whose body length is highly disproportionate with human beings, with powerful gluteus and leg muscles, wide hips, as well as a smooth, compliant gait that does not generate any head bounce. This evidence demonstrates that there is no “step off” in their gait, but instead the sasquatch maintain a knee-bent, ‘snow-shoeing’ compliant gait in which the rear foot and forefoot exhibit separate flexibility, often referred to as a mid-tarsal flexion break. This theory proposes that there is an additional shift of the rear foot towards the forefoot (or an inchworm effect), that can create a composite pinch of substrate or forest litter like pine needles and leaves.

In the instance of a human who is morbidly obese, his frame and gait cannot typically tolerate their excess weight. Instead of the typical push off on the ball of their foot, this individual will sway side to side (“waddle”), thereby wearing down his knee joints. But, in the instance of a very heavy creature perfectly designed for such weight, the hips are wider, the joints are very flexible to allow for a bent-knee, flat-footed gait, which in turn create enormous gluteus muscles, leg muscles, and a smooth “cross country skier” glide that is reported by those who have witnessed this gait.

Humans have an Achilles tendon to lever their foot for that push-off dexterity and it is entirely possible that Sasquatch also possesses a dorsal tendon on the bottom and side of the foot that allows for flexibility on the sole of the foot. 

There have been reports and video of Sasquatches performing what can only be called a rabbit run, where he goes down onto all fours, galloping with his legs up and around rotating like a rabbit’s. This flexibility is highly impressive, but this run makes a great deal more sense for distance covering and staying low and less visible. With the enormous amount of lower body muscle mass that Sasquatch possesses, the launch distance created by going on all four is an enormous leap, legs rotating to give even more momentum to thrust a long distance again. It makes sense both for the ability to remain lower and more hidden, as well as covering ground fast.  Sasquatch is also seen doing a “creeper walk” which is like a squat as if he is sitting in a chair and creeping his bent legs forward. This not only makes him much shorter and less noticeable in brush, but gives him a steady, albeit slow, silent stalking gait.

About the authors of this theory

Karl Sup is a software architect, developer and analyst, and an avid Bigfoot researcher working in the mountains of Arizona for many years.  During this research, he observed a pattern in trackways and prints where debris or pine needles were caught in the center crease of the prints that were “pinched” into place.  Karl’s two children, Jonathan and Kaitlyn, both pre-med majors in college assisted with details regarding anatomy/physiology and the overall feasibility of this theory.  Karl also has had decades of audio analysis and editing, and assisted in helping M.K. Davis clean up and enhance audio from VHS tapes he has been studying and discovered the presence of infrasound within those recordings.

Sharon Day is author of Ghost Hunting Theories and a paranormal enthusiast, co-author of the upcoming book “Paranormal Geeks.” She keeps herself well immersed in all things Bigfoot and is a medical transcriptionist by trade and from a family of doctors and nurses. An experience with a ruptured Achilles tendon and its reattachment had her thinking about Bigfoot’s gait.

(Undisclosed cave entrance in Arizona)

(Comparing height proportions in relation to ratio of leg length to total height)

This is not just a man in a suit – look at the proportions. "Patty's" leg length ratio when compared to her height is 1/3 of her final height. For humans, it’s more than 2/3rd (see Sharon’s photo on the left)  It’s not only a disproportionately long body (if Sharon had the same ratio, her final height would be 96 inches instead of 68!), the gluteus muscles on the Bigfoot appear to be about 1/3 of its entire back height!

Here's a tribe that runs barefoot --

Look around the 13 seconds on time period at the foot falls -

(animation courtesy of MK Davis)

As an update-MK Davis has been running across evidence to point to this concept -

Thank you, MK, for looking for evidence to support our theory.