Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Future of Bigfoot Hunters

It's over. It's done. Bigfoot has been proven by DNA and irrefutable video.

This future scenario will occur, perhaps in the very near future. So, when man no longer has to prove Bigfoot exists, to rush out into the woods and get the money shot or the DNA, what next?

Well, once it is determined what BF is, protections will be put in place.  Harassing, shooting, and otherwise molesting Bigfoot will be illegal. That probably won't stop some nut jobs out there from trying, but for the most part all the legitimate groups seeking to understand Bigfoot will have limitations on being  allowed to just roam the woods freely and set up trap cams.

This doesn't mean, however, that there will no longer be a place for them in the world of Bigfootery. I often say it in ghost hunting, but there is a role for everyone. If you can't be an investigator, consider running the website, interviewing clients, studying history of locations, and many other aspects of helping out the cause of understanding and studying phenomena.

Bigfoot hunters have a lot of arenas they can begin to transition into now, in anticipation of the day they may not be welcome to beat down the bushes any longer.  The most obvious one is to concentrate on the numerous other cryptids still out there waiting to be found.  Diversified cryptid hunters like Four Corners Crypto's JC Johnson have already been spending a great deal of time in search of all sorts of things from Thunderbirds to Centaurs, reports of Dogman to chupacabra. These sorts of researchers become keepers of legends and archetypes  chroniclers of the backroads and superstition, as well.

A BF'er needs to ask himself why he's doing it in the first place. If he is hoping to get great video or proof of Bigfoot, his heyday is over. He needs a new focus or he needs to leave all together.  If he wants to see one with his own eyes, then DNA results and video released to the public upon reveal of BF's existence should satisfy that desire to know BF is real. Hell, I know giraffes exist, but I don't need to go to Africa to see one.

If he decides he wants to continue to understand Bigfoot and his ways, then at this point in time, before it's official that BF exists, he needs to work his secondary skills.

What might his secondary skills be? Computers? PR? Writing? Experiments? Outdoors knowledge? Anthropology? Archaeology? Spiritual studies? Public speaking? Conservation?

There will be plenty of places in the world of Bigfootery for those who want to perform radio shows, interviews, blogs, and websites pertaining to Bigfoot. Artists will be inspired by still images that are released to the public. Some might wish to follow the current research and discuss on a blog about the possible nature of Bigfoot as he is being studied in a respectful manner by universities and researchers who are monitored in the process to prevent harassment.

My biggest admonishment to those who are field workers is, when this all comes down, if some asshole with a property that has Bigfoot decides to erect walls and open an Jurassic Park where folks can get cabins in the woods and feed Bigfoot, please do not in any way patronize such locations. Shun them and the concept of making Bigfoot an industry.

Believe me, proving Bigfoot is not the big goal. The goal is understanding his part in our world and how he came to be, why he's been able to do what he has and learn a respect for another upright being with intelligence and who really doesn't want to war with us. It's like we found we had a sibling that was adopted out as a child. We are eager to learn what we have in common and to bond.

So, the age of proving Bigfoot should herald an evolution in the Bigfoot research arena. It's not the end of an era, it's the beginning of a new one.  For enthusiasts, their stable doors just opened up and the whole field awaits them. 


  1. I disagree, Bigfoot has not been proven. I am not convinced by promises of a "future" peer reviewed paper from Ketchum. In my humble opinion, she has shaky credibility at best and may be hoaxing at worst. Should the alleged paper ever see the light of day, I hope that I can read it with an open mind.

    1. Well, it really wasn't about Ketchum. I have my doubts she can deliver official results, but just in case, I will hold out for Sykes and see what he produces. Either way, eventually, the proof will come to be. I know because I have seen one. There is no doubt they are out there. No doubt at all.