Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awesome and Insane Bigfoot Sounds!

Zombietom69 on YouTube had this compilation up. It intrigued me. I've been fascinated with Bigfoot footprints, but the sounds recorded that people have taken to be BF are sometimes explainable and sometimes totally chilling.

Here is a supposed Bigfoot call entitled "Old Man" (warning, do not drink anything while listening--it will spew out your nose!) It cracked me up so much, I'd listen to it over and over again on my computer while doing things and my son would come in and roll his eyes in exasperation. His mom is such a dork! Seriously, if I were the type to carry a cell phone, this would be my ringtone.

I'm curious. Did any of those calls ring "true" to you. I think there is something about our animal side that recognizes other animals, especially "relatives."

Dale the Doll: My Makeover

When the Human brought me into her home, she bought me this preppy outfit (above). It is not a good look for me. Yes, it does make me look rather smart, but it also make me look rather nerdish. I like to think of myself as something more continental and suave and less...timid.

This winter, she tried me in something a bit more outdoorsy (above) which was a step up, I must admit, but the Human has no sense of how I see myself. She is still missing the mark!

To punish me, she puts me in this baby's first Halloween onesie pajama (above) which does the trick. I will do anything she says to get out of that thing! If I could find where it's hidden, I'd burn it!

Noticing that I love the show "Destination Truth" (That Human is very sarcastic--I appreciate him making fun of his own kind!), the Human got me just the right outfit--finally! A white embroidered Mexican shirt, khaki pants, sandals and a cool hat that makes me look like I'm on safari. Had she gotten me sunglasses--it would have been perfect, but I'm not pushing my luck. Now, she forces me on her roadtrips, I can at least blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed!

Inspirational Saturday: Life Accumulates

(29 years apart, still going on weird adventures. The result? Always a curious and novel life!)

You wake up one day and there's a chicken neck, jowls, and frown lines on your face? How the hell did that happen? It's like it happened overnight.

I know it's not a popular thing, but I actually don't believe time exists. It's a concept that was designed by man to explain a series of events over a life, the cycle of daylight and the aging of people--a point of reference, but there is only a series of events and happenings, incidents and physical deterioration and it is not "time" that is the enemy, it is the cumulative effect of living.

Today, if I drink 2 sodas, I will gain 24 pounds in a year just from that one "tiny thing a day."

Today, if I suntan every day, I can age myself a good 10 years within one year of tanning.

Today, if I neglect telling a loved one that I love him, within a year he will become insecure, within a few years, he will become apathetic.

Today, if I ignore some of my work piled up on my desk, by the end of the year, I will be so behind, my job will be at risk.

Today, if I have a drink after supper to calm down, within a few months, it will take 2 drinks to calm me down and within a year, I could become an alcoholic.

It's hard for humans to understand that every decision we make every day, from eating the whole grains to walking from the back of the parking lot to opening the doors for other humans beings, can have a cumulative effect, but we are the sum of what we concentrate on each day.

Each day represents your whole life.

That expression about karma is a bitch is oh so true! You are a reflection of every conscious decision you make each day. Your year is a reflection of what you did every day during that year. You are a sum total of accumulated action or inaction.

People who obtain goals we dream of, make decisions every day to live that goal in every decision they make. Do I relax and watch TV or do I finish going over my accounts? Do I go shopping at the mall or workout? Every one of those decisions defines where they end up.

Those of us asleep at the wheel show it at the end of the year for not having attained any goals we made on New Year's. I am always baffled when someone I know says "I don't know how this happened." (work issues, not getting along with others, marital troubles, weight gain). It's not like they couldn't have seen it coming each and every day.

You want to know how a person is living his or her every day? Look at his career, his physique, his relationships--it becomes evident where his priorities actually are.

I had a teacher once who neatly had us write the top three most important things in our life in order of importance. Then, we were to write down the top three things we spend out time doing every day in order of time consumption (sleep excluded). We found that many of us had lives that did not reflect our personal priorities.

You are the cumulative result of how present or not-present you are in your daily life, whether it's relationships, career or your physical self. Let's say that again, it bears repeating:

You are the cumulative result of how present or not-present you are in your daily life.

Friday, April 29, 2011

URBEX: Southwest Desert

Julie and I's book, "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" is available on Kindle and Nook for $2.99. We went to 12 places in the desert and took photos and did psychic reads on a scene from the past. This fascinating book was a blast to write and being able to do psychic reads at so many different sites was a dream come true. Enjoy!

Ghost Adventures: New Episode! "Dam" Drinking Game!

Hales Bar Marina & Dam

This should be the best dam episode ever! I'm certain it'll be the best dam drinking game night ever. Now, all we need is for Zak to get tormented by the dam ghosts and go on one of his dam rampages.

It's time for me to give you the dam drinking game rules:

Stay home.

Take a sip/gulp for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he's been touched, and every time Aaron's mouth hinges open in horror. Tonight's drink? Mojitos! It's my new fav. I have never been into mixed drinks but the taste is just unusual enough to keep me liking it. I'll never drink a dam Margarita again! LOL

BTW: They offer overnight investigations in this abandoned huge dam building in Tennessee.

**Don't forget Lonely on a Friday Night here. Come and go as you wish. I'll be here hosting and ready to enjoy the drinking game and watching the dam episode**

Hilarious Epitaphs!

You only get a few words to make a lasting impression...

Here lies
Johnny Yeast
Pardon me
For not rising.

Here lies the body
of Jonathan Blake
Stepped on the gas
Instead of the brake.

I told you I was sick!

She always said her feet were killing her
but nobody believed her.

Here lies an Atheist
All dressed up
And no place to go.

Here lays Butch,
We planted him raw.
He was quick on the trigger,
But slow on the draw.

**In a few hours, a post goes up for a new episode of Ghost Adventures tonight that will be "dam" fun with a "dam" exciting drinking game!**

Thursday, April 28, 2011

True and Insane Things Human Beings Do

I've been in my industry too long, typing up medical reports. Every day is something insane and new about humankind. The ones that crack me up and have had plenty of time between then and now to actually reveal them, without saying where or who--here's some things humans do.

One man had an apple up his ass. Yes, a medium-sized apple. I had to ask the doctor, "he took that apple a day very seriously, hmm?" He replied dryly (as only a doctor who's seen it all could), "yes, the high-fiber diet, I believe."

One man was pulled over by the cops, walking down a roadway with a ladder and a length of rope. He was going to hang himself, just looking for a tree. In the desert. (Yes, he was pleasantly drunk)

One lady dropped her wallet in a toilet on the train. She arrived in the ER with her hand still in the toilet that the paramedics had removed from the train.

One man got in a bizarre accident. It seems that he and a friend who were both wheelchair bound, tied their wheelchairs together since his was not electric, but his friend's was. His friend "towed" him along the roadway where a motorcycle drove through the tow line. The wheelchair guys survived, but the motorcycle dude died. And, the wheelchair dudes were charged with drunk driving.

One man threw a frozen turkey at his mother for not making Thanksgiving dinner. He broke her cheekbone.

One woman brought her child to the ER because her legs went numb. When asked when her legs became numb, the woman told them that it was when her daughter was on the toilet. How long was her daughter on the toilet? Oh, the woman told them, a long time--she tended to be constipated. The girl's legs were fine now. So, the doctors put her on a toilet to test it out. Her feet did not touch the ground. Case solved.

One man smoking some bath salts, swore there were bugs under his skin. He clutched at his arms and made grimacing faces. He took the tweezers from the doctor's tray and began digging deep into his arms and hands to show him the bugs... if he could only catch one!

I've learned a lot about human nature and that is that we are all freaks!

Fact or Faked Reviewed: Season Ender!

I heard FoF was picked up again. (Hence the special celebration pic!)

This season for me was a total clunker. Really bad choices for cases, doing things that they could have disputed without even researching, like glare from glass domes and mating manatees (I could do this show from home with the Internet) and a swingset swinging on its own -- WTF? The only good case they did was the chupacabra. I'm really disappointed. It just got super watered down and in the end they go, "well, we could repeat it so it could be a hoax, but then that doesn't mean it wasn't real, it just means it could or could not have been a hoax..." (hem, haw)

All I gotta say about this episode (it was a season ender??? DT went to Antarctica). How is it possible that the only two times they need someone in a swimsuit for the show, they manage both times to need Jael to do it? What are the odds on a team of 6 people? No Bill in a swimsuit? Chi-Lon, I'd be seriously insulted. You're a more beautiful woman and I suspect you have a much hotter body. So, why you're not posing, ahem, researching in a swimsuit, I don't know, but you should complain for equal rights to bring up the ratings in a shameless manner. (Hey, I'm an expert, just check out my tank top shots)

Now, kiddies, I will tell you my version of a revamp of the show:
Remember "X-Files?" Remember the Lone Gunman? I want a group of eccentric nerds of all shapes, ages, sizes sitting around watching videos--to make it sexy, have them in a basement like good nerds and have giant screen TVs banking a wall. They laugh and dispute the vids and then they go over to their computers and look up all the info online they can to find out that it's faked. Or, they recreate it with their computers. They never leave the dark basement. Maybe even one of their moms brings down some Pizza Rolls for her son's "little friends." That's my rendition of the show and I'm liking it!

Okay, what's your version?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Syfy--Give Me a Show Dammit!

So, Syfy will be starting a new show called "Haunted Collector" with a team that goes in search of haunted items. Argh! They really need a psychometrist-h-e-l-l-o?

Okay, so since they stole my idea to use my own skills in such a form of entertainment, I'd like to suggest this show:

"Paranormal Hostage" I go and knock on a random door and ask someone "will you commit to doing a paranormal investigation with me without knowing what or where?" If they say yes, I take the poor sucker (ahem) I mean person, along with me on a trip to hunt for Bigfoot or use them as a lure for the Jersey Devil or some other horrifying task. I enjoy a good deal of humor dealing with them along the way and leave them ultimately in a dark place to face a fear they never imagined they'd have to face.

Syfy, you can find me here. I'm on this damn blog every freaking day!

BTW: I also have an idea for a ghost hunting show that would be half amazing research/half Big Brother! I call it "Ghost House."

Photographing Abandoned Places--Lessons

I know, I know, my way of looking at places and photographing them isn't your typical approach. I like to look at humans much the same way. Sure, you can look at their packaging and think you know them, but until you get up close and personal, you don't know their content! It's the same with photographing abandoned sites.

(full shot)

(partial shot)

I could take a shot of the whole dang building, but all that says is "I was here. I saw this building. Here's what I saw." Now, look at the second shot. Doesn't it say, "What is this? It's creepy. I wonder if something is peering at me through the cracks." That's honestly how I felt. That building had major "I'm watching you" mojo. Lesson: Go past the entirety to find the one detail that says it all.



Lesson:-you don't know jack shit! You think you see a building, right? Go inside! Now you know the building.

(the building)

(it's surroundings)

Sometimes, it's not all about the "thing" but about its context. The building is a cool crumbling adobe in the middle of the big mean desert, but the fallen pole now becomes a fallen cross on a barren desert floor. Lesson: Cross trumps building!

Ultimately, at all costs, walk through it without taking one damn wasted photo (believe me, I always toss out the first shots--I was so naive when I arrived there!) What is it that gets you about the place, the items that are still in place? The wind flapping the curtains? The light filtering it? Did it smell bad? (show us why) Did you feel claustrophobic? (portray it) I don't give a flying fig where you were, but I am excited by how where you were affected you...

Season Ender Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Tonight

Tomorrow's Tank Top Shot will be a special one for the occasion, something sticky and sweet.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Josiah: Undead Cowboy

You have to watch me. You never quite know what I'm up to. I am going to introduce you to another blog I have that is set up to tantalize you, intrigue you, and make you ponder. Who is Josiah and how did he become an undead cowboy?

Josiah will be all over the place. You never know where he'll show up. This character has a mystery and a story. I hope to make you wonder about him and ponder the puzzle that is...Josiah. (opening paragraphs revealed) He is also on social media, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube with new entries occurring all month leading up to his "release" on Memorial Day. There are buttons on his blog for all his social media sites and each place will give you new clues about the undead cowboy.

Follow the countdown to May 30th on his blog. Learn bits and pieces of his world.

After all, when a man has walked the earth for 140 years, he has a lot to tell...

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Poltergeists and Emotions

I was not plagued by poltergeist activity after leaving my childhood home and entering my latter teen years. I figured it was past me. I still could not wear a watch without killing it within 1-2 days, but other than that, I had only the occasional TV turning on when I entered the room or store alarm going off or street light turning on. I didn't give those much notice because without consistency, one never knows what caused them.

But, one day when I was in the worst part of my dying marriage and had so much repressed anger that I worked out 2 hours a day and still could not find a release, I was in the grocery store. I live in what was once a retirement area, but became the breeding ground for yuppie families. Still, the elderly like to shop at this small local grocer.

I entered the end of an aisle where an elderly woman was picking out a few items. I pushed my cart just past her and stopped it so I could walk freely up and down the aisle and pick up what I needed.

As I stepped away from the cart, in front of me a package of oatmeal fell to the ground. I stopped and picked it up and put it back. Then, as I straightened up, behind me I heard a plastic container drop. I looked over to see a coffee canister on the ground. I picked it up and put it back.

When I straightened up, the elderly woman was staring at me, her mouth unhinged. I figured she was surprised to see someone being considerate enough to put away items not left securely on the shelves.

I took two steps to go for the cereal when a box of granola bars fell down directly in front of me. What bothered me most is that out of my peripheral vision, I saw that shelf with the boxes on it and it looked like two of them were moving, or as if one behind the other one pushed the front one to the ground.

I looked around as if I were guilty of some crime. The old woman shook her head and said, “that just went right for you, didn't it, dear?”

I nodded. I thought it was a funny way to say it, but I put the box back and then stood up, refusing to move at all. Perhaps somehow I was causing an imbalance in the floor, making the shelves move somehow and toss items. I smiled when I realized all was quiet and still.

Then, just as I began to pivot to go back to my cart, two more items toppled from a shelf about 10 feet away.

The old lady turned at that point and rushed off. Of all the strange instincts, I chased after her, half wanting to stop her from telling anyone.

I got my cart and decided not to pick up items and put them back. It seemed to be a horrible chain of events.

Later on that evening, I finally let my anger out and voiced my desire for a divorce, but those items on the shelf kept coming back to mind. I hadn't done my 2-hour workout that day, had no release for all the frustration.

What if our emotions do not know the boundaries of our bodies? What if they can thrust out like an aura and infect others with anger, sadness or anxiety? What if they can actually affect the harmonic resonance of objects and make them shake and move?

As I further my research into fourth dimension concepts to co-author a book on the subject, I am struck wondering if perhaps the physical limitations of the body in the third dimension are countered by another aspect of us that can enter the fourth dimension because it does not have form stopping it. Whether this is the human soul or not is yet to be seen, but I will continue probing this most interesting theory and you will be hearing more on it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Josh Gates: You Rock My Adventure World!

I admit to a great admiration for Josh Gates from Syfy's "Destination Truth."

It's not just that the man is funny--although humor to me is HUGELY important. We can't really make new correlations and discoveries until we free up the tensions in our minds and bodies so we are receptive to new ways of seeing things. Creative folks understand the importance of humor. Scientists need to learn it and it should be taught to them in school. Taking a subject with such focus can sometimes make you miss the peripherals. That is why I started this theories blog, to take you outside of conventional ghost hunting "rules and regulations" inspired by the ghost hunting show popularity and pseudo-science involved.

I envied that Josh got to go pretty much anywhere on the entire planet he wanted to, but I do not envy his 16-hour flights, insane road trips, and hiking into nasty jungles with offensive creatures (no, not the cast, the critters!)

You either love or hate the show. I'm not sure why you hate it, except I have heard some people voice that it seems way too staged. Well, it's a huge venture that takes days/weeks and is being whittled down to about 45 minutes of your time, so they need to get it in concentrated form, getting across the insanity of the travels and the creepy locations with results. I don't know how the editors do it. They must cry when they have leave some of the funny stuff on the cutting room floor.

The show took a super sharp up turn when Josh had input as producer. I am sure he is an exacting guy. This man is very hard-driven. I could tell that on teleconference interviews with him. Not one "ah," or "um" from this well spoken man. He has his thoughts in a row and the quickest mind. His high level of intelligence makes him perhaps a bit quicker with the wit because he makes correlations fast. I totally relate with Josh in this realm. Sometimes, I can become a one-woman standup act when I'm multitasking. He's not just a celebrity figure and comedian, the dude is truly intelligent.

His cast members are my favorites too. I was hoping they would quit taking a backseat and start being showcased. I find myself loving and caring for each of them and Ryder is the most perfect counterbalance to Josh with her tomboyish tendencies and not putting up with sass from the boys. She is perhaps my favorite female on any reality show ever. Please don't lose her!

What I appreciate about Josh is that he also has a high respect for the world population and the cultures. He wants to hear their stories, document them, keep them in the Earth's folklore cache. He loves being greeted by people and greeting them. He is an ultimate host.

Now that Josh is hitting some huge places like Chernobyl, Suicide Forest and Antarctica, where can the show go next? I won't mention a Russian spaceship because I think the man just might snap his fingers and go!

Where do I want to see the show go? Other than taking me on one of their insane trips, I'd say I'd like to see less sea stories. I think we all agree they are limited and boring because even when they dive under the water, it's murky and ho-hum. I would like to see the Northwest Bigfoot country--the only BF place they haven't hit! I'd also like to see more in America stories and I truly enjoy like Antarctica where they do one story for a whole hour the most. I'd like to see more 1-subject-per-hour episodes and not just special occasions.

I inspire people to have adventures on my blog with my Adventures Sunday and shake up your life with simple ways to find novelty. I like to share my videos and pics from my crazy road treks. I hope to start doing my own video hosting so y'all can experience these things with me. I know the desert Southwest is a foreign land to most of you, so I like bringing it to life for you. Keep watching my blog and "Destination Truth." I promise that we will all be inspired to take on new exploits.

**Don't miss tomorrow's important afternoon post!**

Paranoid State: Who's Paranoid Now?

Yeah, it's that night, but you won't find me watching it. I just can't give the sponsors my attention for their ads when they're pasted on something that reminds me a lot of snake-oil and televangelists.

But, in honor of the day, I am going to cover more in the creepy underside of the paranormal world where people make money off of fear and desperation.

Let's begin this one about an amazing but common story of a psychic who promised to get rid of a curse for a price--200K! Yeah, this was an Orange County "self-proclaimed psychic" who spent a year milking 200K from the woman for a curse she claimed came from her mother's womb and had been present the whole woman's life long.

Here's my practical advice on finding a psychic if you feel the need to have the insight.

***Do not miss tomorrow afternoon's post!***


This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

*Askerisk means I'm watching it.

*Syfy: "Urban Legends"

A&E: "Paranormal State" (2 new episodes)

*Syfy: Marathon of Destination Truth (repeats) followed by season ender of "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen"

*Syfy: "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" (new--Whaley Ghost House and a Florida River Creature) Tank top review the next day!


Travel Channel:
Yahoo! A new "Ghost Adventures" in a pretty bitchin' dam. Should be a really dam good episode. I can't wait to see Zak make a dam fool of himself. You know we have to have a dam drinking game, right?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dale the Doll Watches "Tourist Trap"

Get Your Zombie On

I've had my eye on this statue above for years! I couldn't possibly use it at my old house with the grinch, but I can put my horror on now. I'd love to put this fella smack dab in the middle of my coffee table. I am starting a little statue fund and make this guy mine. He goes for $99.95 on Design Toscano.

This is an awesome RC zombie. What a fun way to spend your day! He's only $24.99 at ThinkGeek.

For $22.95, you can make a t-shirt statement.

Here's a warning sign on Etsy for $24.

How about a White Zombie Ale (this sounds sooooo good) "A Belgium white ale made with coriander, orange peel, and wheat. This beer is refreshing and tasty with a sweet and shimmering frothy head."

Get your profile pic made into a zombi-tized version.

Adventure Sunday: Spontaneous Romantic Jaunts

Breathe life into your life--or your relationship and be spontaneous with a day trip.

KID-DIRECTED TRIP: Got kids? I suggest you let them pick a piece of paper from a hat: one says "pick the town" one says "pick the food" and one says "pick the picnic place." Pull up the map, let someone pick the town within 50 miles, when you get to the town, let one of them pick the place you pick up lunch. Then, drive around and let one of them pick the place to stop and picnic.

Pick a town within the day's drive and pull up the town's calendar of events online. See what's happening there on the weekend. Go there just for that event.

CARNIVALS: Go find the fun on the traveling midway site to find a traveling carnival in your state.

DRIVE-INS: Consider taking your loved one or family or friends to a drive-in theater. They might be in another town, but the trek will be worth it!

Zombie Walk: If you have some good friends who want something to remember, consider looking up zombie walks and plotting and planning for the next one in your area. Start shopping online for makeup and thinking about coming up with a hilarious costume to zombify, like a Victorian era zombie or a zombie cowboy.

Personally, my three most romantic and favorite dates ever--roadside carnival, drive-in theater and sitting out in the desert and looking for UFOs with music playing, cold beer in hand. Of course, making out in a cemetery might be high on the list too.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dale the Doll Watches "Dead Silence"

Does Taunting Work on Ghosts?

You're sitting at home, quietly, minding your own business. Someone knocks.

Scenario #1: You get up and answer the door to find a group of people in matching t-shirts. They push past you as if you are not even there and begin to set up equipment in your home, barking orders at one another. Then, one of them raises a fist and yells at the room, "Hey, I'm here! Come and get me! You can scare the people in this house, but you can't scare me!"

Scenario #2: Same knock at the door. Same team of people in matching shirts. You let them in and they look around. "This is nice. Look at that! The authentic fireplace. This is a nice home. You must be very proud." They sit down at the table and have a little talk, gently encouraging you to join. "If you have something you'd like us to tell someone, please feel free to. We understand what it's like to miss someone you love."

If what we're dealing with here is the intelligence of those in the afterlife, then taunting is ineffective. Another thing I bring into the mix is that the homes I have studied and my own home I grew up in, all had one interesting element--emotions. Not emotions that are expressed, but ones that are not. It seems as if those who hold in their anger and torment create an energy that makes it either attractive to such spirit habitation or perhaps activates it, feeds it somehow.

The scenario of poltergeists being launched by adolescent girls with repressed anger really does seem to be involved in the other haunting features, as well, with the exception of residual. I have not found a house with heavy arguing that had a haunting problem.

So, why would yelling at a ghost and letting your anger out attract spirit energy? It wouldn't. Just the reverse should work. Walk around really pissed off at your team without expressing it. I can almost guarantee that you will be experiencing more action than the others all evening long. I had one person I hunted with who was anxious, depressed and angry, but kept it all inside, like a bubbling quiet cauldron. I've never known a better ghost magnet.

So, to taunt or not to taunt? It won't get more results and might just do the opposite. It appears as if ghostly activity retreats when people are aggressive, but it comes to people with repressed strong emotions like a moth to a light.

Inspirational Saturday: Do Not Let Today Define You

We have lives with wins and losses. How, though, do we pull ourselves back after we lose at a task and get moving on to the next one? Here it is in a nutshell:

Do not let once incident define your life.

That time you stuttered during your oral report in fifth grade? That time you missed the important basket in the basketball playoff? That time you slept with someone you didn't even really like? That time you yelled at your kid when you were tired and impatient?

Your life got back up each time and kept going on with wins and losses again and again. No one task is the defining moment in your life. You find the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. Even those who achieve success, they never stop. They begin new companies, make another movie, cut another album.

No one thing defines your success or your failure; they all just show a life in dynamic movement—the ideal motion.

As well, no one loss is not insurmountable. I do recall swearing that I would never be happy again, never smile again, never feel loved after my father died when I was a teen. The fact was, life creeps back in and the happiest moments I've had and the most love were afterwards. Another truth about life:

You cannot have the same day twice no matter how you try!

Life always comes in and like the ebb and flow of an ocean tide, it wears down on the rock of your life until it has smooth edges. You have up days, you have down days, you have periods of time with drama, periods of time with boredom. Life is a fickle thing but the one thing to always know is:

The next moment is an opportunity.

I love that about life! Every time I had the worst day of my life, I later had the best. Every time I thought I'd never get over something, I forgot all about it. Time and life get in the way and change it up for you, whether you take control or not. Life is just one waiting opportunity after another.

You don't believe it?
Take a piece of graph paper. Put the years of your life along the bottom. Along the side put levels for how crappy something was. The lower the block, the crappier the event; the higher the block the happier the event. Now, put dots for those losses, those horrible events, those things you'll never forget and then put in the times you won an award, you went on a killer vacation, you had a baby, you got a raise. Looks like a crazy spiky graph, huh? Yeah, life is like that. Today, spike low on the chart; tomorrow spike off the chart.

You can't smooth out the surf, but you can learn to ride the waves.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dale the Doll Does Black-Eyed Peas

Okay, followers, previously I did an audition for the lead ventriloquist singer of Radiohead. Today, I thought I'd go for something hip and current, Black-Eyed Peas. Besides, the Fergie chick reminds me of a doll I once dated and I'm guessing if I'm in the band, I get to score! The Human says I'm too squeaky clean and much too close to the lens, but I beg to differ. I think having me in the viewers' faces is a good thing and I definitely look like I could be singing that song. My technique was flawless and as a ventriloquist doll, that's my living! It feels really good to be mouthing again. The Human hasn't been letting me do any talking recently and that's my reason for being!

When I submit my video audition, I think I should add this too. It shows I'm okay with show business. You might recall the movie "Twilight Zone" with the monster on the wing of the plane...

Check it out at the 5:30 minute marker...

The Human told me that I can post this, as long as I remind you that tonight is "Lonely on a Friday Night" and you can join her on here to chit chat about that crap you humans find so interesting.

QUIZ: What Horror Movie Scenario Could You Survive?

It's that time again, my dearies, we're going to find out more about you! Count your a's, b's, and c's and see which one you get the most of. Scroll down and find out which horror movie scenario you could survive.

1. When it comes to school, I tended to have an easier time with...
a. Shop, Home Ec, anything hands-on learning
b. Dissecting frogs in biology class, things no one else wanted to do
d. Debate team, using my mind, solving puzzles

2. My cliche in school? I'd probably say I was...
a. Working class kid, regular guy/gal, average
b. Daredevil, adrenalin freak, sometimes a bully
c. A thinker, philosopher, debater

3. I most admire..
a. The Dirty Jobs dude, Mike Rowe, or Bob Villa the house fixer upper dude, handy guys
b. Donald Trump, Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Airlines, movers/shakers/daredevils
c. Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, the philosophers of old, thinkers/enlightened

4. I'm at a party and someone starts a fight with another person. I would want to...
a. Help out the person who tries to break up the fight--I'll be the added muscle to hold him still
b. Jump in there and get in the guy's face and shove at him, tell him to chill it. I'm not afraid of a fight
c. Be a sounding board to help people get their frustrations out and clear it up

5. Physically, I am...
a. Able to go on long hikes, okay with nature
b. Confident if I need to fight, but I'd rather intimidate and make someone back down
c. I'm confident in my intellectual abilities only

Okay, count your a's, b's, c's and scroll down. Find out which horror movie scenario you could survive.

**Don't forget, tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night. Feel free to come and go and hang out on here and talk back and forth. I'll be here hosting.**

a. Hills Have Eyes
b. Jeepers Creepers
c. Silence of the Lambs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The Fog" Ghost Ship Day!

Today is Ghost Ship Day being hosted by The Misadventures of HalloweeNut, one of my very favorite Halloween-lovers bloggers.

In honor of the 31st anniversary for "The Fog" (one of my all time favs), I'm going to tell you about the location for the movie.

I saw the movie when it came out (yes, I'm that old!) My first thought was "I want that job!" The character of Stevie Wayne the DJ in the lighthouse was a dream job, dream location! Every time they showed her walking to work, I'd think--is that real? Where is that?

Much of the movie was filmed throughout California's coastlines including the famous Bodega Bay ("The Birds") but the lighthouse was an actual lighthouse, Point Reyes. This wasn't a random site either. It is the windiest and foggiest place in America and can be found in the San Francisco Bay.

The star of the movie (the lighthouse) went up into operation in 1870. It utilized a different and very unusual light that could cut through the fog with its ability to refract the light rays and intensify them.

During the infamous 1906 earthquake the lighthouse and its peninsula moved 18 feet in one minute!

The lighthouse now offers tours. I tell you, just to walk that walkway and be photographed there would be about all I need!

Go here to learn more about the locations used in the movie. It's a classic and I hate the remake. Long live John Carpenter's movies!


"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson is the most unusual URBEX book ever written.

Julie and I pieced together a most interesting urban exploration book based on sites in the Arizona desert, everything from a factory to a motel, a derailed train to an apartment complex. We went to 12 locations. Julie photographed the deteriorated structure and I did a psychic read on an item from the location. From these encounters, we pieced together 12 chapters that combine photos with a psychic read story of a moment in the past and the people involved. It brings to life a now dead location and also proves that, even though a place appears to have no life, it still contains its memories. As well, Julie has an Etsy shop, Backroads Treasures where she made items based on the debris in abandoned sites and photographs with a steampunk feel to it.

This book can be found on Kindle and Nook.

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files: Reviewed

The cop dashboard chupacabra was one I had seen way way lots of times online and studied over and over. I was thrilled to see them do that one. It was popular, but then it was also authentically filmed and left some shaking their heads. We want to think it was just a dog, but how the hell did its head look like that??? I had to giggle that they brought in a miniature horse. Oh, those city kids! Still, I find their conclusions as wishy washy as a politician straddling a fence. I was pleased they picked this case, but confused they picked the alien one. WTF?? That was terrible and so CGI looking and ridiculous. There is no way an alien would walk along as people are interviewing and that no one would see it either. Double stupid. Double cheesy looking. One of the critical things on this show is that they pick the right vids to pursue. Oh, how I wish they'd pick more creepy and dark ones. It seems like all their episodes lately are daylight and boring. I am, however, pleased that the cast seems to be interacting more. They seem to be more confident with their premise and purpose.

What's your take on the episode?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working From Home: Pros & Cons

People always coo with envy when I tell them I work from home. I figured I probably should explain the process a bit better before they start searching for home-based businesses. There are great benefits and some really annoying detriments...

I'm an optimist. Well, perhaps an opportunist. I don't necessarily think everything works out well in the end, but I do believe that all course diversions along life's path lead to opportunities. (yeah, I'm a lemons-to-lemonade kinda gal)

I very proudly entered the industry of medical transcription in 1992. I worked in an ER for years before I worked for a service from home. I was very pleased with my "profession," but in recent years, computers type up the reports and I edit. They pay me 1/3 the amount to do this and it takes as long or longer to edit a report as to type it. So, I am super screwed in a big, "bend-over-and-take-it-you work-for-a-sweatshop-now" kind of way. It's humiliating that I not only make less than I did starting in the industry in 92, but I make the same as people working in fast food restaurants and I'm required to meet OSHA standards and be 98% or more accurate for every comma in a report because it ends up in your medical records. Does it make you feel happy to know that highly skilled workers in the medical field handling your documents are being paid like McDonald's workers? Yeah, it fucking sucks!

So, that being said, I see this as an opportunity (remember, I'm an opportunist) to make me finally take my writing career seriously. So, there's my "lemonade" in the scheme of things.

I've made this video to talk to you a bit about what is good and what is bad about working from home. There are some people who envy me very much and I envy them having coworkers who annoy them and interrupt their work, make them stop to blow out candles on a birthday cake or bug them to go out for drinks on a Friday. They, however, envy me being home in my PJs working away, listening to my music, coming and going as I please, and never once starting up my car or sitting in traffic.

So, here's the truth about working from home:

Let's Play Fact or Faked!

I cannot get enough of this stuff! We all complain about the vids they pick. Which one would you pursue of these vids and which do you think FoF would choose?

**Don't forget--tonight is the season finale of "Ghost Hunters" and another episode of "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" which you know also means tank top shot and review tomorrow.**

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Josh Gates Journals: Season Ender! MUST SEE! Antarctica!

It's the season ender of Destination Truth and I have to say that I got a chance to preview this episode and it was my very favorite one they've ever done. There were moments of it that read like a really good horror movie remake of "The Thing." I got shivers several times and it takes a helluva lot to get that reaction from me.

It's time for my final Josh Gates Journals (I've-got-a-tweenage-crush-on-Josh journal entries)

Journal Entry: 04/19/2011

Josh is going to Antarctica! I have never been so nervous in all my life! How could his season end already??? OMG! What will I do?? I wish I were there to help keep him warm and protect him from the ghosts of the abandoned research stations. Oh, Josh, you don't have to be so strong and brave with me.

I know people think that Josh is totally brave and fearless, but I can see it in his pretty eyes, there's a little kid inside who is unsure and worried. He may look like Indiana Jones and he may joke around like Joel McHale, but Josh is just a big marshmallow. A big, cuddly bear of a man. (sigh)

Josh, stay warm. Don't go out in the cold without your warm boots and coat. Please don't feed the penguins, who knows where they've been! LOL.

I'll be watching you on TV, my love, but I will be thinking about snuggling with you under a big fur blanket, winds whistling outside, just the two of us...and the film crew, and the sound guy, and the producer, and the team... Okay, I guess it's just well I'm not there, Josh.

Until next season, my dear, I will cherish this episode--my favorite one yet!

**Don't forget that the show tonight is followed by "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen."**

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Is Heaven the Next Dimension?

This is my best mind fuck so far and I do hope to continue these sorts of theoretical discussions often this year on the blog, so tighten your seat belts, this will be a crazy ride! If you finish reading this and don't feel strangely unsettled, re-read it.

Carl Sagan explains it well...

When I was a kid and laid down on the grass at night and studied the stars, I often thought about how vast it is. Too vast for us to understand. Are we seeing the universe as it really is, or just dots and bits of something even bigger? What if our earth and other planets are nothing more than cells that make up something inconceivably larger? Something like if the cells in your body see each other, but would not know they were part of a bigger thing called a human being. They have no perspective to understand that concept.

Consider this: We have 2-dimensional things in our world, such as photographs and TV screens. If you were from another planet and visited us, it would seem quite strange that a human could study a box for hours at a time and find entertainment, but it is the images and added soundtrack that stimulate our mind, so we watch the TV screen. If you were inside the TV screen, all you would see around you are the things in your periphery, but there is no height, so you have no perspective that there are 3-dimensional beings outside of your TV screen watching you.

Now, imagine if you will that if we in the 3-dimensional world of height, breadth, depth, width, mass, can be entertained by watching 2-dimensional activity, imagine what those in the next dimension might feel about our 3-dimensional world? Whereas we use paper and pen to conceptualize in 2-D form but see it as only representational and not real, might the next-dimensionals use the third dimension to conceptualize and use it as representation but not reality? We can co-exist with the second dimension in the same space, and so we might be sharing our space with a fourth dimension--well, almost certainly!

When we can conceive of other dimensions simultaneously occurring, we can also perhaps explain some things that have baffled us, such as apparitions appearing and disappearing, UFOs arriving and departing in ways that appear to defy known laws of physics. How about poltergeist movement of objects? Something like that Carl Sagan explanation of a 3-dimensional being grasping a 2-dimensional being and lifting him out of his context. It might be that the item was not thrown by unseen forces, but perhaps manipulated by the next dimension and to us it appeared to occur quite magically.

What is even more intriguing about these concepts is that if we did catch glimpses of other dimensional “things,” we are very likely only seeing the portion of it we can conceive of in our 3rd dimension:

If you were in a 1-dimensional world, you could see in front and behind you, but not to the sides or up and down, so the world is a long string.

If you were in a 2-dimensional world, you could see in front and back and to the sides, but not up and down, like being on a sheet of paper.

If you are in a 3-dimensional world (which we are), you could see front and back, sides and up and down.

I hope I got you thinking a bit more and wondering why I put this on a ghost hunting theories site. It is entirely possible that what we consider the afterlife is really freeing ourselves from the 3-dimensional body to be all-knowing, all-encompassing. We dominate over the 2-D world and we can do so because we can tackle it from all its dimensions, but what can a next-dimension world do to our 3-D world? Could it be that it is a universe that can conceive of everything while having no need for mass as we know it? Does just a physical form of us get shed so we might go onto be unencumbered by such things and be able to conceptualize a next dimension?

Wouldn't it make it very hard indeed for the 4th dimension to interact with us in a way we can understand? If we put a drawing on a piece of paper next to another doodle we did earlier, it sees that another of its kind is nearby, but knows nothing of how it got there or why minutes later it was erased from existence. Sort of like seeing a glimmering apparition for a few brief seconds to have it disappear or even a UFO. We only see part of this 4th dimensional being because we can only view it in our 3rd dimension, just like that 2-dimensional drawing only saw another dot nearby it and recognized a dot as "his kind" even though it was a human standing there. With no ability to conceptualize height, it was simply another one of his being friends; the part of him he has the concept to recognize. What part of the 4th dimension can we not visualize?
Now, the real mind fuck begins! (as if you're not scrambled enough already)

Here's my mind fuck concept: Heaven is the 4th dimension. Using our own world as a comparison, imagine that we draw up a sketch of a machine we want to build. We plot it out on 2-dimensional form and then build it into the 3-dimensional form. Our 2-dimensional concept became a 3-dimensional reality. Now, image that there is a "God" and this God sends one of His out to greet us and we see him only in his 3-dimensional form because that is the only way we can view things (like that poor 2-dimensional fellow would only see us 3-dimensionals as a dot). So, this man has abilities to make things appear and disappear (like that 3-dimensional man moving around the 2-dimensional objects) and we call this man a God and name him Jesus or other visionary. What if when a person passes on, he is actually being represented in the 4th dimensional plane as that drawing we made became a machine we built. We are nothing more than a concept in the third dimension but we become a reality in the fourth... afterlife.

Seriously, you can say I screwed with your minds today and you know that's the basis of the theories site. I hope to present a lot more in the realm of science and paranormal this year. It's a year for us to go a bit deeper in our investigations and correlations, theories and experiments!

If you're still able to brain function at this point, here's some cool resources to start speculating even more (remember, my motto is curiosity, adventure and theories)

Fantastically understandable video example
Great written explanation.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

This proud mama wants to say happy 23rd birthday to her fantastically talented son. He has amazed me every moment of his life. Born a wise old soul, he was crawling at 3 months, walking at 8 months and reading at 3 years. He was in gifted programs his whole life. He excelled with computers, writing, art. You name it, if he decided to do it, he did it well. He recently graduated from college with a degree in intermedia art. He is a website designer and graphic artist, as well as a writer of a fantastic post-apocalyptic novel (yet to be completed). He is engaged to an amazing woman who is his perfect partner and equal. Can life be any better for this young man? I think not. I always called him "coach" and there is a reason for it. He taught me everything I ever needed to know about life that mattered and gave me substance. Happy birthday, Alex! Check out his work at his site.

**Do not miss tomorrow's Mind Fuck Tuesday--it is my favorite post I've ever written.**

New Syfy Show Tonight: Urban Legends

(Okay, just so long as Jael is no on this show--Syfy seems to like to spread her around)

"Urban Legends" starts tonight on Syfy. It asks its viewers to decipher fact from fiction. Three tall tales are dramatically recreated and the audience must decide which is real from these stories of astronomical proportion. In the sneak peek clip of the Season Premiere of Urban Legends, a man is held at gunpoint on his own living room floor by men that look to be on the SWAT team based on their gear and clothes. The man being held against his will can’t figure out the reasoning for the invasion in his own home, and soon realizes his two dogs have been killed and his mother-in-law has been thrown to the ground. He sees police standing outside of his house and realizes this is no ordinary invasion while trying to reason with the masked men in telling them he hasn’t done anything wrong and that he’s the mayor. The masked men think he must be crazy for claiming such a thing, and it all leads to an unmarked box. What’s inside?

I'm an urban legend freak, but this is only going to work for me if it's really done in a creepy tone and not tongue in cheek like some of the dang urban legends shows and movies have done. I don't want it to play like "Creepshow" with Stephen King. I'm thrilled any time that Syfy makes spooky new shows, so I'll be on-board for this one. If I really like it, I might need to come up with a weekly intro like I do with the other shows I follow.


(Okay, just so long as Jael is no on this show--Syfy seems to like to spread her around)

Urban Legends asks its viewers to decipher fact from fiction. Three tall tales are dramatically recreated and the audience must decide which is real from these stories of astronomical proportion. In the sneak peek clip of the Season Premiere of Urban Legends, a man is held at gunpoint on his own living room floor by men that look to be on the SWAT team based on their gear and clothes. The man being held against his will can’t figure out the reasoning for the invasion in his own home, and soon realizes his two dogs have been killed and his mother-in-law has been thrown to the ground. He sees police standing outside of his house and realizes this is no ordinary invasion while trying to reason with the masked men in telling them he hasn’t done anything wrong and that he’s the mayor. The masked men think he must be crazy for claiming such a thing, and it all leads to an unmarked box. What’s inside?

I'm an urban legend freak, but this is only going to work for me if it's really done in a creepy tone and not tongue in cheek like some of the dang urban legends shows and movies have done. I don't want it to play like "Creepshow" with Stephen King. I'm thrilled any time that Syfy makes spooky new shows, so I'll be on-board for this one. If I really like it, I might need to come up with a weekly intro like I do with the other shows I follow.

Paranoid State: Who's Paranoid Now?

In honor of tonight's A&E new episodes of "Paranormal State," I'm having another posting featuring some of the wacky and sometimes downright dangerous practices in the paranormal world.

There are certain ethical practices amongst the smarter and more helpful-intending paranormal teams that are universal:
Do not charge for services
account for the backgrounds of your team members
putting the clients through some complicated hoops to discourage nut jobs
never going alone
never leaving team members alone in a home

Still, there are some teams with unsavory methods and here's just a few of the winners I've run into:

One team used the family's child as bait to coax a ghost out.

One team's leader made everyone buy his t-shirts and then try to sell a certain amount of them before they could be on the team. After that, he expected each member to buy and use the equipment he recommended.

One team went into a haunted B&B and ran up and down the halls with gear, shouted loudly, laughed, and caused such a ruckus that the inn would not allow teams in there any more.

One team, against the owner's beliefs which were Protestant, brought in a priest on the first call to the place and had him bless the house and insisted the family join in a ceremony and blessing.

One team had the owners of an antique shop that was known to be haunted sign a contract that only their team could access it.

One team brought the entire family including children into a seance session that resulted in the children becoming even more fearful.

There are lots of horror stories of what rigged paranormal teams can do. It's not like it's a licensed industry or under any controls. It's up to the client to do his research when looking up teams. How long have they been established? Do they give their cases for you to review? What are their methods? Did they pre-interview you to learn more about your situation? Did they arrive with 15 people or 4? Do they use equipment or psychics? It's like any other service you call into your home, you do so cautiously and with great control over the situation.