Does Taunting Work on Ghosts?

You're sitting at home, quietly, minding your own business. Someone knocks.

Scenario #1: You get up and answer the door to find a group of people in matching t-shirts. They push past you as if you are not even there and begin to set up equipment in your home, barking orders at one another. Then, one of them raises a fist and yells at the room, "Hey, I'm here! Come and get me! You can scare the people in this house, but you can't scare me!"

Scenario #2: Same knock at the door. Same team of people in matching shirts. You let them in and they look around. "This is nice. Look at that! The authentic fireplace. This is a nice home. You must be very proud." They sit down at the table and have a little talk, gently encouraging you to join. "If you have something you'd like us to tell someone, please feel free to. We understand what it's like to miss someone you love."

If what we're dealing with here is the intelligence of those in the afterlife, then taunting is ineffective. Another thing I bring into the mix is that the homes I have studied and my own home I grew up in, all had one interesting element--emotions. Not emotions that are expressed, but ones that are not. It seems as if those who hold in their anger and torment create an energy that makes it either attractive to such spirit habitation or perhaps activates it, feeds it somehow.

The scenario of poltergeists being launched by adolescent girls with repressed anger really does seem to be involved in the other haunting features, as well, with the exception of residual. I have not found a house with heavy arguing that had a haunting problem.

So, why would yelling at a ghost and letting your anger out attract spirit energy? It wouldn't. Just the reverse should work. Walk around really pissed off at your team without expressing it. I can almost guarantee that you will be experiencing more action than the others all evening long. I had one person I hunted with who was anxious, depressed and angry, but kept it all inside, like a bubbling quiet cauldron. I've never known a better ghost magnet.

So, to taunt or not to taunt? It won't get more results and might just do the opposite. It appears as if ghostly activity retreats when people are aggressive, but it comes to people with repressed strong emotions like a moth to a light.


  1. I always wondered about the tormet=ghost magnet business. Or the link up with young girls and their budding menstruation as a catalyst for poltergeists and such.

    I'm inclined to believe it is all just good mood-setting. It's hard to get worked up about the spirit world when everything is sunshine and lollipops!

    One final note, it always seems like people get short of temper when they die.
    I guess death will do that to you.
    So don't don't taunt them.

  2. This is kind of ironic, because my friend was telling me last night that her old house had an energy in it that went after her mom, and it fed off of Hatred. Resulted in Growling and laughing towards her mom. But it didn't leave the house after they moved so.

  3. RR;
    It's a leap for me to commit to the concept of ghosts being the dead, but I can make some practical correlations through all the hunts I've done and the location where I grew up and was around activity regularly and it seemed that repressed emotions did create more turmoil and the time period when I was an adolescent, the poltergeist activity in the house spiked, as it did with my two sisters who were 10 months apart in age. I am not surprised. I had an incident in a grocery story I will be reporting about soon that made me realize that poltergeist activity doesn't know age at all, but it does know repressed emotions. Hmm....

  4. Soraya;
    Yes. It seems that whatever is the basis for paranormal activity is almost always site specific which is why I'm working on the book spirit vessels to find correlations between the physical and historic aspects of haunted places, but the people within the building make a huge difference. My family was pretty darned dysfunctional and the activity was great when we lived there. Other families were fine until they had emotional difficulties and then all kinds of bizarre things started up. As someone who has witnessed activity when there was no one around to attribute it to, I know that it's not a case of angry people throwing things. It's true and genuine phenomena, but what is it about the human emotional chemistry that can move things? I'm discussing that this week on Mind Fuck Tuesday.

  5. I agree 110%. I hate the way he torments them. It makes me not watch the show to be honest. It seems to be more about his mocho image then the paranormal.

    I remember during one show he actually was like "the ghost said the big one so he must've been talking to me" and I was like you have to be kidding me!

    Also why is it on his show they ALWAYS find something.. the ghosts ALWAYS talk to them... I just don't buy it at all.

  6. LDGN;
    Yeah, you make me laugh. Have you ever heard their EVPs? Oh, come on! By no stretch of the imagination are they getting spoken to. They are too hyped up and too energetic for anything to happen. Seriously, if they took it down to Jason and Grant sedate level, they'd have a lot more action. I watch it purely for entertainment and hoping to see Zak get kicked in the nuts. Plus, I have this drinking game here on the blog every time there's a new episode (one next Friday) and you have to take a drink for every "bro," "dude," "man" and every time Zak thinks he's touched by something and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in horror. They make it too easy to be amused.

  7. Na-na! Na-na! Ghost can't haunt me!

  8. Watch it, Bubba, I might sic one after you.

  9. since i know how to express myself i do not have poltergeist any more.

  10. Echo;
    You lucky gal! Some of us still don't own our anger well. I really only get good at anger when I'm defending someone else. When I finally did defend myself when I got the divorce, I was never more proud of myself in my entire life for not putting up with the bullying and mistreatment anymore. The only reason I had the balls to do it was I kept thinking of my deceased family members and how they would be pacing and wringing their hands saying "who is defending She-She?" (my nickname) and with no one else around to defend me, I stood in for them.

  11. Ghost hunting is always taunting no matter what. Spirits want attention and need your energy whether bad or goodb energy you radiate. They will attach to you and make your life hell. of course not all ghost bad, these are spirits. The bad ones are demon ghosts which hang around other spirits trying to influence them in wrong direction away from light (enlightement). People who ghost hunt with spirit boxes are curious and uneducated about the otherside. The spirits are invisible for a reason. To be unseen, un noticed. They bring bslance to universe a nd help with gravitational pull. They do have purpose. They are also supposed to help mankind in future. This snother topic but point is people need to stop meddling and harrassing spirits. Spirits get irritated when one cuts them of by shutting off spirit box. Its like hanging up the phone in middle of a conversation. Bad ettiquette. Bad manners. Ghost hunting a gainst gods law. Stay away from it. It will bite you in the arse!!!!


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