Monday, April 18, 2011

New Syfy Show Tonight: Urban Legends

(Okay, just so long as Jael is no on this show--Syfy seems to like to spread her around)

"Urban Legends" starts tonight on Syfy. It asks its viewers to decipher fact from fiction. Three tall tales are dramatically recreated and the audience must decide which is real from these stories of astronomical proportion. In the sneak peek clip of the Season Premiere of Urban Legends, a man is held at gunpoint on his own living room floor by men that look to be on the SWAT team based on their gear and clothes. The man being held against his will can’t figure out the reasoning for the invasion in his own home, and soon realizes his two dogs have been killed and his mother-in-law has been thrown to the ground. He sees police standing outside of his house and realizes this is no ordinary invasion while trying to reason with the masked men in telling them he hasn’t done anything wrong and that he’s the mayor. The masked men think he must be crazy for claiming such a thing, and it all leads to an unmarked box. What’s inside?

I'm an urban legend freak, but this is only going to work for me if it's really done in a creepy tone and not tongue in cheek like some of the dang urban legends shows and movies have done. I don't want it to play like "Creepshow" with Stephen King. I'm thrilled any time that Syfy makes spooky new shows, so I'll be on-board for this one. If I really like it, I might need to come up with a weekly intro like I do with the other shows I follow.

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