Monday, April 25, 2011

Paranoid State: Who's Paranoid Now?

Yeah, it's that night, but you won't find me watching it. I just can't give the sponsors my attention for their ads when they're pasted on something that reminds me a lot of snake-oil and televangelists.

But, in honor of the day, I am going to cover more in the creepy underside of the paranormal world where people make money off of fear and desperation.

Let's begin this one about an amazing but common story of a psychic who promised to get rid of a curse for a price--200K! Yeah, this was an Orange County "self-proclaimed psychic" who spent a year milking 200K from the woman for a curse she claimed came from her mother's womb and had been present the whole woman's life long.

Here's my practical advice on finding a psychic if you feel the need to have the insight.

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