Season Ender Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Tonight

Tomorrow's Tank Top Shot will be a special one for the occasion, something sticky and sweet.


  1. Put on some Barry White music, turn down the lights, make yourself a nice drink and watch the FoF team investigate manatees mating.

    I wonder if they can figure it out?

  2. Is it already the end of the season?

  3. The season is a half season which is something Syfy likes to do. I think they're idiots because:
    1. People forget what night the show is on for the first few episodes until they catch on.
    2. By the time we get into the rhythm of things with it, the show is over for a few months.

    Syfy--get the hint--no 6-episode seasons your programming morons! You lose viewers each season you do it because you keep dicking around with the night the show is on! Argh!

  4. Tomorrow morning, Tim, you will have your sticky sweet.


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