Dale the Doll: My Makeover

When the Human brought me into her home, she bought me this preppy outfit (above). It is not a good look for me. Yes, it does make me look rather smart, but it also make me look rather nerdish. I like to think of myself as something more continental and suave and less...timid.

This winter, she tried me in something a bit more outdoorsy (above) which was a step up, I must admit, but the Human has no sense of how I see myself. She is still missing the mark!

To punish me, she puts me in this baby's first Halloween onesie pajama (above) which does the trick. I will do anything she says to get out of that thing! If I could find where it's hidden, I'd burn it!

Noticing that I love the show "Destination Truth" (That Human is very sarcastic--I appreciate him making fun of his own kind!), the Human got me just the right outfit--finally! A white embroidered Mexican shirt, khaki pants, sandals and a cool hat that makes me look like I'm on safari. Had she gotten me sunglasses--it would have been perfect, but I'm not pushing my luck. Now, she forces me on her roadtrips, I can at least blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed!


  1. Lookin' pretty snazzy there Dale! Wink, wink!

  2. Why, thank you pretty lady! I am quite pleased with the Human's choice--for the first time ever! Next road trip, no one will ever know I'm a doll!

  3. his eyes stare into your soul...

  4. I count on that to unsettle the Human, except I think she must be pretty dumb because she does not find me the least bit unsettling.


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