Get Your Zombie On

I've had my eye on this statue above for years! I couldn't possibly use it at my old house with the grinch, but I can put my horror on now. I'd love to put this fella smack dab in the middle of my coffee table. I am starting a little statue fund and make this guy mine. He goes for $99.95 on Design Toscano.

This is an awesome RC zombie. What a fun way to spend your day! He's only $24.99 at ThinkGeek.

For $22.95, you can make a t-shirt statement.

Here's a warning sign on Etsy for $24.

How about a White Zombie Ale (this sounds sooooo good) "A Belgium white ale made with coriander, orange peel, and wheat. This beer is refreshing and tasty with a sweet and shimmering frothy head."

Get your profile pic made into a zombi-tized version.


  1. Seems like an appropriate topic on zombie-Jesus day.

    His is risen. And he wants braaaaains...

  2. Love it. We are a zombie loving family (watched Zombieland for the umpteenth time yesterday) can't wait to share.

  3. Yes! I found my people! They get my zombie theme for today and not just because they're hungover. :-)

  4. Ahhh, NOW I get it. All that "He is risen" stuff goes with zombies pretty well after all. Yeah, my dad dragged me to church today with all the throngs (I hate crowds), and sappy church music, and the people clapping their hands and shouting "Hallelujah"... is it any wonder why I hate church?

  5. HN;
    You do get to eventually come to your own conclusions, but the exposure is not without its benefits. I look back fondly at my church days as a kid--not for the content, but for just knowing your neighbors and meeting once a week for doughnuts and potlucks!

  6. ANYTHING with coriander i spit out, tastes like SOAP! GRRRRRR

  7. LW;
    You're one of this cilantro/coriander haters, huh? I love it! I grow lots of herbs, but that's one of my favs!

  8. Done. Thats the best protection from the living dead.


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