Thursday, February 28, 2013

Using Your Intuition On Ghost Hunts

We often get "feelings" but don't know where they come. In the field of psychology, feelings are the result of thoughts. So, if we think it's totally unfair that our boss expects the report by tomorrow, then we feel anger. If we think someone broke into our home because we hear a noise at night, we get scared.

In the field of paranormal investigation, your feelings take on a whole new realm; that of the intuitive.

What is the intuitive? It's receiving information by means we cannot grasp or have a full understanding of its origins.

If we break it down, information comes to us in the physical realm and our bodies interpret these things into intuitive feelings. We don't even realize this process.

Chills, heat, electrical sensations, goosebumps, heavy weight feeling on chest or head, headache, nauseousness, breathlessness, dizziness. These are just some of the physical manifestations we get in an environment. Have you ever gone into a building and felt the "funhouse" effect where everything seems a bit off kilter and your very footing feels a bit precarious for no apparent reason? You might very well be effected by poor construction, bad angles, joints that don't meet squarely. 

Grief, anxiousness, feeling watched, rage, despair, loneliness, excitement, joy.  These are just some of the emotional manifestations we get in an environment. You might walk into down a hallway in a home and feel anxiety. If it is a home you have never been in, that anxiety will seem free floating, without reason, but if it were in your own home, it might make sense because going down the hallway means having to go to bed and you hate to fight insomnia every night.

How the physical helps our intuitive:
We are colored by our senses so that a bad smell gives us a feeling of "badness" and a dirty environment makes us feel it's "ill." Those are the more obvious physical - to - intuitive manifestations. But, there are a million subtle things that come together in the physical to give us a more deeply intuitive response. We walk through a room and sit down in a chair and all of a sudden experience deja vu and a feeling we have done this before, that it is familiar. There is comfort and ease and an overriding "rightness." Many subtle physical cues might have brought on this intuitive insight.

Developing the intuitive:
If you're on an investigative team, consider doing this exercise. Before the hunt, hand everyone a piece of paper and a pen. Don't tell them what the homeowner has told you about the activity. Just let them go in one at a time, walk around, and take notes of any weird feelings or sensations or images that come to mind and where they felt it. Have them fold it up and put it in an envelope. No one speaks. Let the next person go in and take notes. When you have collected all their intuitive insights, seal up the envelope. Now, go about a normal investigation. When the investigation is done, sit down together and open the envelope and see how each other's observations jived with the others, as well as if the "hot spots" they identified were places where action occurred that night or places the owner said they had issues with. Over time, you will find this intuitive exercise a wonderful tool.

I also advise people to try not to let looks color them. As a psychic, I can tell you that if someone gave me a big diamond ring to read, the first thing my intellect tells me is "this person is rich." But, do not let such observations guide your intuitive. If you go into a home that is neat and modern, simple and clean, you might believe there is now way the house has activity. It doesn't "look" haunted. True intuitive comes from places that are inner and urging without any apparent reason to have them.

If you want to work the skills more, I suggest going on daily to gotpsi site. It takes you through psychic testing and compares you with other's scores. You begin to learn over time a feeling in your mind and body that occurs when you choose the "right" answer. That feeling is critical for knowing when your intuitive is the real thing or false based on visual cues or bias.

There is a place for the intuitive in paranormal research. In fact, on an intuitive level, you may be a much more accurate ghost detector than any tool in hand. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Josh Gates on "Stranded" Tonight!

Not sure about the overused premise, but I'll watch anything with Josh Gates hosting it. This show is actually his baby. I think what he understands about "Destination Truth" is that people love to see folks stranded in terrifying places, all alone, in the dark.

"Stranded" is Syfy's new attempt to feed the hungry beast that is paranormal geeks TV viewing. 

Here's the description:

Created by Josh Gates (Destination Truth), Stranded is an all-new reality series that documents an unconventional – and terrifying – paranormal and psychological experiment. Each episode features the self-recorded footage of a diverse group of every-day paranormal enthusiasts - from newlyweds and a brother-in-law to a trio of roommates.

Each team of three will be stranded at one of the most haunted locations in America and record the entire experience with hand-held cameras creating a suspenseful, completely unscripted first-hand account of each group's stay.  Over the course of the confinement, the group will cope with increasingly pervasive feelings of fear and desolation, resulting in an experiment that represents a unique combination of psychology and the paranormal.

Stranded is executive produced by Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels and Josh Gates for Ping Pong Productions and Jason Blum for Blumhouse (the production company behind the Paranormal Activity feature film franchise and movies like Insidious and Sinister).

Here's the preview for "Ghost Hunters" tonight -

Tunnel People

Did you know Las Vegas actually beat out Detroit as most abandoned city?

1. Las Vegas.
2. Detroit
3. Atlanta.

It makes sense. The car industry took a nosedive which hurt a pocket of workers in one major city, but all the Americans are retreating from gambling their money away and the excesses associated with what I considered to be the single most decadent town. Others who live there locally are more apt, in desperate times, to turn to gambling as the only fast method out of their issues. Overall, it is an economic bomb waiting to go off.

Now, let's check out why it's abandoned. It’s a chain reaction, really. Places like the Boardwalk in NJ could handle the recession much better if you think of it logistically. Las Vegas is smack dab in the middle of nowhere USA. You have to book a flight and a lot of other expenses incurred to stay there including the shows which are astronomical to attend. NJ has it easier, everyone has a one to two-hour drive and they’re there. With the huge real estate boom in Vegas, lots of mortgages fell through. People couldn’t afford the town any longer and many were losing jobs due to less tourism. It all snowballed until the town was emptying out faster than a kegger party when the beer ran out.

In fact, things are so bad there, many have taken to living in the flood control tunnels that run for 200-plus miles! With an El Nino season, that’s pretty horrifying. There are easily hundreds of people pocketed in little parts of the tunnels where they’ve squirreled away furnishings and all sorts of decorations to make a home. Living in the desert, I honestly would rather bury my house underground. I’m thinking temperatures are probably pretty moderate, but cleanliness and rain flooding—big issues. They’re on their own down there with their own cobbled weapons. The cops won’t come unless they’re called, so there’s no patrolling. Many of the occupants have chronic issues with substance abuse and mental illness which can make it even harder for families forced to live there and a lot of families have had to seek shelter there when losing homes. Imagine sleeping in your car when it’s 110 outside?

Now, Let's look at New York which has hundreds of miles of tunnels beneath it, many of them long abandoned, or are they? 

It seems safer to not be out in the open while you're sleeping and to be protected from the elements, but without facilities for waste and water and with no one policing these tunnels, the homeless are vulnerable. It's a temporary solution, but one with horrifying implications.

How about horror movies about the underground?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio: David Lowery!

Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio - our guest is David Lowery, a charming, witty, intelligent paranormal geek also known as the paranormal highwayman. Enjoy listening on our new station at blogtalk. 
Time 9 pm EST/8 pm Central

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Were Ancient Giants Today's Bigfoot?

Jim Heater, host of Paranormal Geeks Radio and ghost researcher, has helped out with this theory today and knocking around new concepts. Be sure and follow his blog (link above) and listen to the show on Tuesday nights at 9 pm EST . Tonight, he's having the charming and intelligent Paranormal Highwayman, David Lowery, as a guest to talk about his RV project to trek Rt. 66 and talk paranormal with America. A true paranormal geek!

Now, let's talk about the ancient giants and their relationship to Bigfoot, if there is one....
It may not be a coincidence that the population of witnessed Bigfoot encounters is highest from the Ohio Valley down through Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, East Texas.  Giant skeletons were discovered in the Ohio Valley area and other sites around the US like Nevada and California (not far from Bigfoot's locations in the Sierras and Cascades).

Jim Vieira, a researcher uncovering the ancient structures and the reports of unearthed skeletons of giants, has been studying this "Cradle of Giants" in the Ohio area, outward and the fact that these civilizations seemed to contain tens of thousands of civilized beings living in communities.

Giant skeletons were found in other countries, often with armor and weapons. Some, like the Irish "Fomorians," had double rows of teeth and referred to as `blue-black giants.' In the United States, the skeletons revealed enormous heights of 7, 8, even 10 feet, double rows of teeth and sometimes six fingers and six toes.  Sometimes, they wore cloth that looked Egyptian and other times they were found with reddish hair on their skulls. Besides giants remains found in the Ohio Valley area, there is a tale of Native Americans fighting a clan of red-haired giants in a cave in Nevada. 

"Several Native American tribes in the West have legends of past confrontations with lightly pigmented giants with either blond or red hair. The most detailed stories come from the Paiutes, who claimed that the giants were cannibals, who hunted Paiutes for food. The Paiutes supposedly attacked the giants repeatedly until their numbers were reduced to a handful. According to the Paiutes, the surviving giants were cornered in a cave then either shot with arrows or asphyxiated by setting a fire at the entrance."

John Hayward was an historian and judge in the late 1700s and into the 1800s.  He is best known for his histories of Tennessee, including The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee (1823), an attempt to prove that the native tribes of Tennessee were descendants of ancient Hebrews.  

In the book The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee, John Haywood describes:

"...very large bones in stone graves found in Williamson County, Tennessee in 1821.  In White County Tennessee an `ancient fortification' contained skeletons of gigantic stature averaging 7 feet in length.  In 1921, large skeletons were found in the Humboldt Lake bed near Lovelock, Nevada. The skeletons measured 8-1/2 feet tall and appeared to have been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric similar to the ancient Egyptians.  One skeleton was almost 10 feet Long.  George W. Hill, dug out a skeleton in a mount of Ashland County, Ohio, in 1879 that was 9 feet eight inch skeleton near Brewersville, Indiana.  In 1875 construction workers uncovered three giant skeletons with strands of reddish hair clinging to the skulls.  The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians, Semites, Ugaritics and Canaanites used henna to dye the hair  and skin red.  Presently, African tribes exist with red hair. Also, Australian Aborigines have blonde and reddish hair along with many titled `Black people' in the United States (Indigenous people). A local doctor examined the remains and ascertained the skeletons were approximately 8 feet tall.  In fact, giant skeletons were found throughout Ohio and New York--Morrow County, Ohio in 1880, Ashtabula County, Ohio, 1878, Berwerville, Indiana 1879, Zanesville, Ohio, Warren, Minnesota, 1883, Kanawha County, West Virginia, 1884, and Toledo, Ohio 1895. The second thing to be asked--What, mummies found buried in the United States!  An Irish tradition recounts that brutal, warlike Fomorians who were described as `blue-black giants' invaded Ireland and other British Isles in ships from Africa, and demanded children at Halloween time. They were finally driven north to the Hebrides Isles off northwest Scotland and to Tory Island off northwest Ireland in the deep Atlantic. From there, they preyed on the people of Ulster. The Formorian giants were supposedly endowed with double-rows of teeth. In the upper Ohio Native traditions tell of `giants,' and early settlers claimed they were digging up (from Lake Erie-to the Ohio River) the skeletons of `giants' with massive skulls and double rows of teeth have been found throughout America."

If we accept the evidence that giant skeletons with double rows of teeth have been unearthed around the world and a good deal of them in America, we then have to figure out where they fit into the scheme of man's origins.

We can make one assumption off the bat, that this was not a series of humans with gigantism/pituitary tumors. That would not explain the double rows of teeth.

So, if we're talking about a race of humans that were gigantic, had double rows of teeth, often six fingers and six toes, then it would seem we had another man upon the earth perhaps during the time of Denisovans, Neanderthal, and modern Homo Sapiens.

What happened to these people that were found with tools, cloth, and structures that they built? Did they become extinct or might there be another scenario for them?

Imagine if man came across the land bridge tens of thousands of years ago and did not come along with the Bigfoot, but came to a land that had inhabitants; a man that was extraordinarily large and different?

Would the paleo-indians have fought with these giants? Would they have mated with these giants like man mated with Denisovans and Neanderthals? Would those offspring become Bigfoot? Is this what makes the supposed outcome of Ketchum's DNA make sense? That this hybridization happened here in America when these native giants met with modern man as he entered the land?

Or, might another unusual scenario be at work?

What if the very reason Bigfoot remains separate and hidden is that they have never seen us as a breeding population for them? What if, like mountain gorillas with villagers, they stay to themselves and have no reason to bother the humans? Perhaps Bigfoot simply saw us as not part of their kind in any way, even though we both walk upright? Their hidden nature might have to be more with being with their own kind, like coyotes would take to the woods to be with their type. After all, we certainly look at them and don't see a place for them in our world or as a breeding population.

If this sketch (above) and report of a mummy found in a California cave is any indication of the skeletons uncovered, the proportions are like modern humans. They are not like the proportions of a Bigfoot where the body would be longer and legs shorter in proportion to humans (if we use Patty (Patterson-Gimlin film) as an example of bodily proportions). 

What were these ancient giants? We won't know if they were connected to Bigfoot or not until we had a chance to look over a Bigfoot and his dental assets. If the shots of Matilda that got out into the public are any indication of the potential facial structure of a bigfoot, the images showed a pronounced forward-jutting maxilla and mandible (lower face) which actually is what would be necessary to house a double row of teeth. And, think on this, there have been numerous reports of 6-toed Bigfoot tracks.

Thank y'all for allowing Jim and I to give you a Mind Fuck Tuesday to leave you baffled all week. It's so easy to go on autopilot on this day of the week, but I suspect that like myself, after thinking over all these points, you will have many theories bouncing around in your heads. I'd like to hear them!



Monday, February 25, 2013

More Paranormal Memes

Recap of Finding Bigfoot

Last night, the Finding Bigfoot team went to Tennessee, right smack dab in some of the best squatch country in the US.  The Great Smoky Mountains of the Appalachian Chain have had a lot of reports of Bigfoot sightings. I just want to say, I wish they would quit referring to Bigfoot as an animal or an ape. 

Ranae was bringing a logical and healthy skepticism to the photos that look very blobsquatchy. She talked about pareidolia which is the human desire to see meaningful things within shapes. The photos they examined were of a horrible quality, so nothing could be determined, but the area looked promising.  I run into this in ghost investigation field, as well. If you have to tell people what you heard on an EVP or what you see in a photo and they don't hear or see it without prompting, it's not good evidence.
Best Lines

Bobo: I got a really good feeling. When I get this feeling, I'm 75% right and I think we're gonna get some action.
Ranae: I don't know what to say because Matt is agreeing with me.
Bobo:  I don't know if it had big balls or it just wasn't too bright.
Bobo:  Only a moron or Ranae would say that was a bear.
Bobo: That's a big head, another thing I have in common with Squatch.

They came out at night and laid some Payday candy bars on a log and set up a camera. They did some hollering and got a tree pushed over.  Nothing touched their bait. Matt was so excited, he wanted to stay there for a few nights.

The town hall meeting provided some good witnesses. I always enjoy listening to their reports. They chose 3 stories that showed promise; a family that saw one cross the road, one who might have seen a juvenile BF, and another who saw a tall one look into his window and show its teeth.

Ranae thought the family saw a hoax perpetuated by someone, at midnight on a lonely roadway.... She found it hard to believe BF was that close to the amusement park, but BFs are known to get in very close to civilization. The family pointed out the massive butt and thigh muscles which are often reported by witnesses.

Bobo spoke to the man who might have seen the juvenile BF.  This man encountered one that seemed to be a child and it barked at him. It seemed to not be too scared and rather brave, in fact.

Then, they met with the man who saw one peering into his window.  Ranae did point out something I found odd, that the man turned on his light in the room and saw the face outside the window. I have never been able to see outside my window with the light on inside. Still, he reported the face up at a height that was well above his own.

Matt didn't encounter anything, so they are going into the woods with some hog callers to try and attract wild hogs that Bigfoot might be stalking.  They got a response; another tree fall ("tree down") I have heard of Bigfoot body slamming a tree before when angered or frustrated and they apparently report this commonality that they've found, as well.

It wasn't particularly fruitful, except for two tree falls. But, that region is obviously a dream place for a BF.

Next week, they go to Pennsylvania.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Tonight On Animal Planet

Tonight, the Finding Bigfoot team is heading to Tennessee. Now, this is really the heart of squatch country, between Kentucky to East Texas. This breadbasket region for BF is teaming with these cryptic fellows.

Tomorrow morning, I will be publishing my review of the episode along with the best lines from the show.

Geekster Fashions

Paranormal Geeksters have their own fashion influences. Let's get our geek-selves on by decking out in the ideal items -

Finger flashlights with elastic bands. Practical and kind of awesome. Used for Raves, but hey they keep you hands free on the hunt. They come in a package with tons of them so your whole team can be efficient and hands free.

Humvee vest for all your gadgets. Put your items in the right pockets and you will always remember where they are in the dark and also notice if you left them behind when you pat the pockets down.

Brazilian Tarp Hat. Totally durable and foldable and springs back into shape. Looks better with age. Water resistant. Squash it in a suitcase. It loves that kind thing!

Canadian field jacket 
Nice rain protection, warmth in the shadows of the trees, protection from bites by bugs and ticks, and plenty of pockets for cameras and water bottles.

 Jersey from the Paranormal Geeks Shop.
Advertise your geekdom proudly.
Combat boots!
Surprisingly comfortable and sturdy, great for the hunt, whether it's cryptids, UFOs or ghosts. Gals look great in them too.

Hat to tell the world that you're not only a paranormal geek but you outnumber the normal people!

Seriously smart find. If you're going to knock around abandoned buildings, desert, or forest, you are protected. 

Evil eye amulet bracelet
Protective amulets, crystals, and religious symbols are often worn by those studying the spirit world.

Eyeglasses with a camera built in

More about Geekster Fashion -
Elements to consider in geekster dressing - graphic and team tees and hats, anything army surplus, jewelry with crystals, fanny packs, photography cases, fishing vests, cowboy hats, steampunk accessories with sprockets and gadgetry, head lanterns, any shirt with glow-in-the-dark print, aviator sunglasses.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"The Secret" and Ghosts - Similar Approach

"The Secret" (right now on live streaming Netflix on video and book form in stores) has a simple principle - whatever you focus on, you attract, the "law of attraction." 

There are three rules; ask, believe, receive. 

If you spend your time focusing on your lack of money, your partner not being supportive, your boss nagging you; you end up attracting those very things. The focus of your life, energy and focus is on the very thing you DON'T want. Instead, you must believe, envision, and focus on what you DO want. This attracts those very things to your life.

Interestingly, athletes asked to imagine a marathon run, envisioned it and the corresponding muscles showed response. They weren't actually running it, but their mind had sent out an energy reaction, causing a rippling effect. 

So, utilizing this basic principle - let's apply it to those who are troubled by haunting features in their homes. If you are in an unsettling situation and you worry about it, wonder when it's happening next, fret about what it means, dread it, and are always on the alert, you are drawing to you the very thing you don't want. It's kind of like when a dog senses fear. Your entire body responds and when your body feels worked up, your mind fills in the reasons why.

What do you want your home to be like? Make it light and bright, letting in the sun, lighting it well at night, clearing the clutter, playing soft music, making it calming and attractive and cozy. Imagine the home you always wanted it to be, a resort getaway, a comfy cozy nest, or a place where you pursue your hobbies.  Place happy pictures of events you've had there and people smiling around you. Focus on the happy memories you want to make. Create a positive energy that reinforces the good in the home, the potential, the stronger energy.

Why are positive thoughts more powerful than negative? When you feel excited about something, feeling it's a winner, you act on it. When you feel negative about something, feeling it's hopeless, you retreat or opt to not do anything out of fear.

Some resources for empowering yourself in these situations include -
Was That a Ghost? (my book on Kindle)
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (also found on DVD and streaming on Netflix)
Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster by Anna Maria Prezio

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ghost Adventures Drinking Game

"Born on the Bayou" Creedence Clearwater Band

Tonight, Zak and the Boyz are covering the haunts of New Orleans. Why do I have images of Zak wearing beads caught in my head?

Drinking game rules:
1. Stay home.
2. Have a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he's touched by a ghost and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in horror.

Drink for tonight?
Southern Comfort - (whiskey mixed with fruit juice of your choice)

Men In Black: What's Their Purpose?

Men in black; those nondescript men who show up on people's doorsteps who have experienced potential alien encounters. They are an odd enigma that has unsettled many. They seem to be some kind of archivists of events or perhaps there to cover up the events. They have been known to look a bit out of time in their dress, a bit off in their mannerisms, wearing dark sunglasses, driving a big black car, with un-human-like emotions, and often with extraordinary skills.

Let's look at the two most popular explanations for men in black -

Many assume that these are government workers. Any of us who have lived in the DC area know what secret service looks like and these guys have a similar conspicuously-trying-not-to-look-conspicuous look.  This is probably the most logical answer to the MIB phenomena, but there are some things that don't jive. It's entirely possible to train covert government workers to act as unmemorable as possible and unable to pick out in a crowd, but MIBs have been reported showing up in other countries, such as England and China, to question residents.  Other witnesses have reported unusual skills like making things vanish or the interviewers vanishing before their witnesses' eyes.  The government has a lot of reason to want to gather information about UFO visits, but if they wanted to make it not unusual, they should just make it seem casual and relaxed so that the witnesses also figure they could care less about it, but are just following a technicality and show of effort. The MIBs do flash credentials usually, but also warn people not to report their witnessed event.  Other than to canvas the population about how ready they are to handle UFO action, it doesn't seem to make sense to send in people they trained to be conscious dorks to interview witnesses.

I guess the logical question about aliens posing as humans to question witnesses is, "why?" Do they wonder what we think of them? Do they hope to see if we're ready for their first contact? I'm not sure I understand exactly why anyone would assume this other than the reports of odd abilities that are superhuman.  Besides not making sense from a logical standpoint, it is a rather exceptional explanation for these encounters. It's understandable that the aliens might like to keep these witnessed events silent, they have not shown a tendency to send MIBs to talk to abductees. Why not? They had closer encounters with aliens than people who saw space ships.

What are we talking about here? Well, it would seem the government has more at risk here, but it also seems like a very odd way to interview people by showing men in fedoras and black suits and dark glasses flashing a badge. It screams COVERT. Aliens imitating humans? Perhaps, but it would be more likely they have some DNA of humans to make their own clones that they repeat over and over again, hence their twin-like attributes. Something could be loss in the training of them that is missing having been raised with humans. Both scenarios are rather extreme, so I would likely stick with the concept that interviewees under stress may be recalling the encounters with lack of details.

Do men in black still occur today? Yes, reports are still in of such reconnaissance happening, along with unmarked silent helicopters, trains, and cars.  The legend of the Men In Black has become such a part of American storytelling, that a hilarious series of movies, "Men In Black" was made utilizing all the elements and then some!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

String Theory and Ghostly Phenomena

Thank you so much History Channel’s “Universe” show for doing an episode recently on “Parallel Universes.” This is very close to what I believe is occurring when we experience ghost phenomena.

In the episode, a scientist sat in a boat and explained how he is riding on a membrane and believes he is part of the entire world, but below him in the water is another world. The two are unaware of each other, as they’re not interacting. If you take this a step further, should a man fall off the boat into the water, he suddenly becomes part of the other world, seen by the fish, and at the same time seen by us in this dimension.


It’s the very sporadic nature of the ghost phenomenon, the “defying” the laws of physics, like objects being thrown by unseen hands or full body apparitions walking through walls that can understandably be explained by a less knowledgeable man from the 1700’s or 1800s as a spirit. The only other dimension “known” to him is the spiritual world.

But what if this kind of temporary interaction is like the man who falls off the boat? What if we occasionally break the membrane and are a ghost to their world or they break our membrane and are a ghost to our world? People of another dimension living in their own world perhaps believing that’s all there is and then…boom—they see a glimpse of one of us walking through a wall when in actuality we’re in this dimension walking through our office hallway.


String theory supports the concept of other dimensions. In fact, the Large Hadron Collider in Europe hopes to test this theory when they collide particles at super speed. These theories support "multiverses" instead of a "universe." If such a thing were proven true, it could certainly help us account for vague interactive and rare occasions of sightings, sounds, and sensations that don't seem to be "of this world."

Perhaps the hardest thing to disregard in common hauntings is the sightings occurring in buildings with “reputations” from the past, sites of murder and other drama. Still, if you take this a step further, it’s entirely possible that certain sites attract more energy from a neighboring/interacting dimension and therefore “super energize” the site to be a place of cruelty, murder, or angst. Sites such as Stonehenge might have been logical locations given the “feeling” this region gave the builders. Perhaps it’s the same for the Pyramids.

Are we as humans attracted to those places that are haunted or are those places haunted because we are attracted to them?

Could hair rising on her neck, chilly air, and drained batteries all be signs of a moment in which the dimensions will interact with each other in a way that is able to be picked up by our senses?


Of course, it’s not the only explanation for ghost phenomenon. There could actually be human souls that somehow didn’t find their way to their promise land and their God forgot to instruct them upon leaving the human body. But, then, perhaps those departed people’s energy simply made the great leap into another dimension where they happily live out a life that occasionally overlaps with ours in which we become ghosts to each other. This would also neatly explain why deceased loved ones don’t usually contact us (except conveniently while we sleep). Had they a soul that could defy heaven and earth, they would have sent word. But, had they been, not a soul in flight but a person in another dimension, their contact with us would be impossible, no matter how much we beg and plead.

Science has a ways to go to test such theories, but it intrigues me to think that we could be encountering another dimension even more than seeing a spirit of a once living person. It explains the randomness, the on and off nature of hauntings, and the difficulty interacting.

The string theory explanation might also work for those who believe in reincarnation, as the possibility that upon death we exit to be born into another dimension’s world would fit nicely into that belief system.

The only people who might have difficulty with the concept of hauntings being interactions with other dimensions are those who are religious. Still, that they believe hauntings are souls confuses me. It defies what the Church tells them of a place that they go to after this life, a reward or a punishment. The concept that God is a parent who doesn’t know where his children are wandering in the afterlife isn’t a very respectful one. I should think the concept that there are other dimensions creating this phenomenon would be much less offensive to their sensitivities.

I’m pleased with string theory and ghost hunting and believe there is something there but it will take quite some time to really grasp just how and why our dimensions might interact. I’m still open to the concept of souls of the living, but there is still no way to prove that souls aren’t in another dimension and not in some filmy between world where they still wander you halls at night rapping on doors and occasionally showing you glimpses of them.

Then, again, it’s quite possible that the other dimensions are the heavens.

See why I love this field?

Interested in pursuing more about physics and the paranormal? I highly suggest this wonderful book -

PSIence by Marie D. Jones (btw, she will be on an upcoming episode of Paranormal Geeks Radio)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Bigfoot DVD I'm Excited About!

I'm very excited about this video. The moment it came out, I ordered it! I know Jaime and he is one of those people on one hand I can count that I trust implicitly in the field of Bigfootery. He has a high respect for nature and for science. His background makes him the ideal tracker and interpreter in the wild.

Sierra Sasquatch: Tracking a Legend DVD
Tracking a Legend- I head to an area of prediction and find some tracks. On the way back I find symbols drawn on the ground. What do they mean? Were they meant for me to find? As I return to my vehicle I see a tall ancient looking man running from the direction of my vehicle. Their movement is unlike the human running gait. Based on the symbols I head to a new area of opportunity. What I find there is quite amazing and what I experience there is compelling. Follow me into the beauty of the Sierras as I travel alone without food or a gun to record the known residents of the sierras as well as strange forest anomalies. It is a journey of discovery of what could be an undiscovered species of man hiding in plain sight.

Meldrum Analysis- Dr. Jeffery Meldrum professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University does an analysis of a trackway I had discovered in the Sierras.

Cast Comparison
Exploration of High Altitude Caves Trailer
Casting a Track in the field
An analysis of a trackway

Never seen before-

Microscopic video of a suspected Sasquatch Hair.
Footage of a pristine trackway

Learn more about Jaime Avalos and his natural, respectful, and scientific methods at Sierra Sasquatch Website

Be sure and subscribe to his YouTube Channel where you will find amazing videos and truly helpful information.

I just ordered this. Can't wait to check it out. 

Trolls and Gnomes: For Real?

Troll:  A Scandinavian mythical creature that lives among the rocks and caves in the dark places, avoiding humans, not a pleasant and when sunlight hits them, they turn to stone.

Gnome:  A humanoid creature that lives underground. Sometimes guarding caves and mines.  Supposedly able to move through solid earth like humans move through air.

Perhaps we are a perverse and imaginative culture that we wish gnomes and trolls to be real beings and actually sharing our space on the Earth at this very moment. Urban legends, legendary and cryptid creatures are attractive concepts. We like not knowing everything that's out there and get a delicious titillation from the cautionary tales.

There are, however, tales of them existing and people offering some proof - let's look at these modern-day cases -

People supposedly attacked by gnomes in Argentina. The creature was described as wearing dark clothing, walking sideways on its feet and barking like a dog, as well as attacking folks.
A gnome caught on film in Argentina?

A troll captured in Namibia Africa? The story goes that a hunting party came across this strange mutant (below) as it was foraging for food. They wounded it and chased it into his lair where they found more of these creatures. The injured one attacked them and they killed it. Supposedly, the police picked up the body for testing, but no results were reported.

A wonderful site for the awareness and acceptance of real trolls.

For now, popular cultural icons of trolls and gnomes will have to do. For example, one of my favorite horror movies "Trollhunter" will give you plenty of chills and thrills.

There is also the infamous roaming gnome....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tonight On Paranormal Geeks Radio: Jim Vieira!


Jim Heater, the host, will be talking to Jim Vieira, the theorist about the ancient giants unearthed with quite unusual skeletal characteristics, stone structures, and mound builders. Join us tonight (Julie and I will be in the chatroom).
Paranormal Geeks Radio 
9 pm EST/8 pm Central/7 pm Mountain/6 pm Pacific

Aliens, Halloysite, Earth Mounds

Aliens, Ancient Mound Builders and Halloysite
By Sharon Day, with input from Steve Summar, and Jim Heater


Many people assume that mining areas for gold and copper were popular attractions for ancient alien visitors, but perhaps that is not the material they would have been seeking for technology.

Halloysite, is utilized in nanotechnology, a new study for us humans, but perhaps not for other beings in the universe. NASA has looked at its applications for interstellar travel in the form of nanobots for astronauts to protect their bodies from radiation, tumors and disease processes.  There are countless potential applications for an army of controlling nanobots to handle subsystems in spacecraft, maintain health of the biological beings on board, and manage cloaking devices, weaponry, propulsion and more.

Today, nanotechnology companies are looking at some exceptional applications for this exciting new field. From the promising company, NaturalNano:

Naturally formed in the Earth over millions of years, halloysite nanotubes are unique and versatile nanomaterials that are formed by surface weathering of aluminosilicate minerals and are composed of aluminum, silicon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Halloysite nanotubes are ultra-tiny hollow tubes with diameters typically smaller than 100 nanometers (100 billionths of a meter), with lengths typically ranging from about 500 nanometers to over 1.2 microns (millionths of a meter).

Our team of scientists and researchers are developing methods of separating out the nanotubes and processing them for use in numerous commercial applications, such as additives in polymers and plastics, electronic components, cosmetics, and home and personal care products.

Halloysite is mined in Utah, Georgia and Brazil; interestingly, three areas that also harbor ancient mounds, strikingly similar art work, and misshapen skulls in burial grounds.  

Was there an ancient race of humans that were not only sacrificing to the gods, but perhaps performing menial mining labor for them?

Interestingly, it is one of the components of ancient clay pottery. 


The Dragon mine in Eureka, Utah is mining what is considered to be possibly the most valuable and unique mineral on the Earth; halloysite.

Indian mounds found in Utah have some very interesting finds, such as these described about the first unearthing of them:

When time will allow more work will be done in the ruins of what is known by the native Indians Cublick. This name was first heard by the writer while conversing with a Piede Indian who, when asked if he knew anything about the builders of the mounds, pointed at them and said: "Cublick," "Cublick;" at the same time showing a spirit or expression that indicated that he looked upon the spot as a place accursed or marked for evil destiny. We learned from other Indians, that it is shunned by them as though some curse or awful crime rests upon the land around it. When asked about the people who built the mounds and made the stone implements, they either pointed to the South or say they do not know, but positively assert that the 'Ingens no make em.'

Inquiries made to Indians of the valleys as to when did their ancestors carve the markings on the rocks elicited the reply most usually made by the Indian. Injun no manik, maybe so Shinob manik. Shinob is their name for the inferior deity. Neither could the Utes, Paiutes, or Paiedes account for the rock pictures so frequently found scattered on rock surfaces over most of Utah, far into southern Nevada, and extending into Arizona, southern Colorado, and New Mexico.

Several score or more of stone mills or metates of the Toltec or Aztec pattern were found, as well as the mano, or hand stone to each mill…These discoveries have brought to light near Ogden what are without doubt some of the very oldest human remains on the face of the earth. The writer believes them to be older than anything we find in Mexico or Central America, inasmuch as the stone mills and pottery are of the self-same designs and quality of those found in the great valleys of Mexico and Yucatan.

At a depth of almost seven feet the base of the first mound was reached and on its ancient floor was found a disjointed human skeleton. The shape of the skull was long and narrow, the jaws heavy and wide, the teeth were large and well preserved. In the skull what is known as the bump of veneration was very prominent, combativeness small, philoprogenitiveness very full. The frontal bones of the forehead projected very much.”


When we move on to Georgia, the site of more halloysite mining, we find some other interesting things….

The question Scott Wolter (“America Unearthed” TV show and interpreter of the Kensington Stone) has been asking is if the Mayans disappeared at 900 AD, where did they go? And, if pyramid-like ruins, words and art in Georgia are any indication, did they head north and relocate? And, if so, why?

Our hypothesis is that their halloysite mines had been spent in Mayan lands and these workers had moved on to better sources or potentially parts of the worker population were relocated to several potential sites around the Americas.

In Georgia, an archaeological find, the Forsyth Petroglyph gives every indication of being Mayan when compared with the Mayan blowgunner design, both depicting earth events.

Is it a coincidence that between 900 and 950 AD the mounds at Ocmulgee (Georgia) were constructed (the same time the Mayans disappeared)?

Words from the Creek Indian culture and Mayan culture, as well as art and building construction appear to be remarkably related.  Much too related to be coincidence.


Moving on to Brazil, burial mounds (“shellmounds”) there in a large halloysite mining part of the world, dated from 8000 to 800 years ago. Might an original race of halloysite miners for the aliens been located here first, moved on to Mayan region of Mexico, then on to Georgia and Nevada in search of the Halloysite? Or were these people located in the sites in which they would be left to mine, bringing with them their cultural heritage?

And, guess that they found in Brazil? An unknown race of human skulls.

The shape of the head was long and narrow, the jaw heavy and wide.” (mentioned in the skulls found in Utah) Comparing this description to the “unknown” skull finds in the gray box above, sounds like an interesting potential match!

We find many correlations between the symbols in the American mounds and the symbols from Mexico.

Mound symbol

Mexican symbol

There is conjecture that these symbols represent the molten core of the earth and the process of magnetism and gravity.   

“…this example of the workings and origin of earthly Forces may also apply to all revolving bodies throughout the universe, and thus show that a single Divine system is controlling the Universe.”

When we combine the unusual abilities of our early ancestors to create civilizations beyond their years, to conceptualize pagan gods, to perform sacrifices and to do these things in regions where mining occurred before their capability to utilize these precious earth minerals, alien interaction would appear to be a potential conclusion.

Did the aliens come to have the native people mine their halloysite and, if so, did they also impart knowledge unwittingly that helped us jump in our technology? If sites like the mounds in Georgia are being protected from the public, what information might researchers be gleaning from the remains? And, is there evidence that led us to believe halloysite might be important to aliens and might need to be important to our technology too?

In their race to get what they wanted and leave an ancient people behind to never know the truth of their mission; could the aliens have left us with the very clues to our own technologic advance?

We leave you with this interesting irony, that we might need to look to the ancient past to advance our future, in fact, learning from our ancestors a lost knowledge.

**If you enjoyed this post, listen to our Paranormal Geeks Radio tonight with Jim Vieria, the theorist regarding ancient burial mounds and ancient giants**