"The Secret" and Ghosts - Similar Approach

"The Secret" (right now on live streaming Netflix on video and book form in stores) has a simple principle - whatever you focus on, you attract, the "law of attraction." 

There are three rules; ask, believe, receive. 

If you spend your time focusing on your lack of money, your partner not being supportive, your boss nagging you; you end up attracting those very things. The focus of your life, energy and focus is on the very thing you DON'T want. Instead, you must believe, envision, and focus on what you DO want. This attracts those very things to your life.

Interestingly, athletes asked to imagine a marathon run, envisioned it and the corresponding muscles showed response. They weren't actually running it, but their mind had sent out an energy reaction, causing a rippling effect. 

So, utilizing this basic principle - let's apply it to those who are troubled by haunting features in their homes. If you are in an unsettling situation and you worry about it, wonder when it's happening next, fret about what it means, dread it, and are always on the alert, you are drawing to you the very thing you don't want. It's kind of like when a dog senses fear. Your entire body responds and when your body feels worked up, your mind fills in the reasons why.

What do you want your home to be like? Make it light and bright, letting in the sun, lighting it well at night, clearing the clutter, playing soft music, making it calming and attractive and cozy. Imagine the home you always wanted it to be, a resort getaway, a comfy cozy nest, or a place where you pursue your hobbies.  Place happy pictures of events you've had there and people smiling around you. Focus on the happy memories you want to make. Create a positive energy that reinforces the good in the home, the potential, the stronger energy.

Why are positive thoughts more powerful than negative? When you feel excited about something, feeling it's a winner, you act on it. When you feel negative about something, feeling it's hopeless, you retreat or opt to not do anything out of fear.

Some resources for empowering yourself in these situations include -
Was That a Ghost? (my book on Kindle)
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (also found on DVD and streaming on Netflix)
Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster by Anna Maria Prezio