New Bigfoot DVD I'm Excited About!

I'm very excited about this video. The moment it came out, I ordered it! I know Jaime and he is one of those people on one hand I can count that I trust implicitly in the field of Bigfootery. He has a high respect for nature and for science. His background makes him the ideal tracker and interpreter in the wild.

Sierra Sasquatch: Tracking a Legend DVD
Tracking a Legend- I head to an area of prediction and find some tracks. On the way back I find symbols drawn on the ground. What do they mean? Were they meant for me to find? As I return to my vehicle I see a tall ancient looking man running from the direction of my vehicle. Their movement is unlike the human running gait. Based on the symbols I head to a new area of opportunity. What I find there is quite amazing and what I experience there is compelling. Follow me into the beauty of the Sierras as I travel alone without food or a gun to record the known residents of the sierras as well as strange forest anomalies. It is a journey of discovery of what could be an undiscovered species of man hiding in plain sight.

Meldrum Analysis- Dr. Jeffery Meldrum professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University does an analysis of a trackway I had discovered in the Sierras.

Cast Comparison
Exploration of High Altitude Caves Trailer
Casting a Track in the field
An analysis of a trackway

Never seen before-

Microscopic video of a suspected Sasquatch Hair.
Footage of a pristine trackway

Learn more about Jaime Avalos and his natural, respectful, and scientific methods at Sierra Sasquatch Website

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I just ordered this. Can't wait to check it out.