Using Your Intuition On Ghost Hunts

We often get "feelings" but don't know where they come. In the field of psychology, feelings are the result of thoughts. So, if we think it's totally unfair that our boss expects the report by tomorrow, then we feel anger. If we think someone broke into our home because we hear a noise at night, we get scared.

In the field of paranormal investigation, your feelings take on a whole new realm; that of the intuitive.

What is the intuitive? It's receiving information by means we cannot grasp or have a full understanding of its origins.

If we break it down, information comes to us in the physical realm and our bodies interpret these things into intuitive feelings. We don't even realize this process.

Chills, heat, electrical sensations, goosebumps, heavy weight feeling on chest or head, headache, nauseousness, breathlessness, dizziness. These are just some of the physical manifestations we get in an environment. Have you ever gone into a building and felt the "funhouse" effect where everything seems a bit off kilter and your very footing feels a bit precarious for no apparent reason? You might very well be effected by poor construction, bad angles, joints that don't meet squarely. 

Grief, anxiousness, feeling watched, rage, despair, loneliness, excitement, joy.  These are just some of the emotional manifestations we get in an environment. You might walk into down a hallway in a home and feel anxiety. If it is a home you have never been in, that anxiety will seem free floating, without reason, but if it were in your own home, it might make sense because going down the hallway means having to go to bed and you hate to fight insomnia every night.

How the physical helps our intuitive:
We are colored by our senses so that a bad smell gives us a feeling of "badness" and a dirty environment makes us feel it's "ill." Those are the more obvious physical - to - intuitive manifestations. But, there are a million subtle things that come together in the physical to give us a more deeply intuitive response. We walk through a room and sit down in a chair and all of a sudden experience deja vu and a feeling we have done this before, that it is familiar. There is comfort and ease and an overriding "rightness." Many subtle physical cues might have brought on this intuitive insight.

Developing the intuitive:
If you're on an investigative team, consider doing this exercise. Before the hunt, hand everyone a piece of paper and a pen. Don't tell them what the homeowner has told you about the activity. Just let them go in one at a time, walk around, and take notes of any weird feelings or sensations or images that come to mind and where they felt it. Have them fold it up and put it in an envelope. No one speaks. Let the next person go in and take notes. When you have collected all their intuitive insights, seal up the envelope. Now, go about a normal investigation. When the investigation is done, sit down together and open the envelope and see how each other's observations jived with the others, as well as if the "hot spots" they identified were places where action occurred that night or places the owner said they had issues with. Over time, you will find this intuitive exercise a wonderful tool.

I also advise people to try not to let looks color them. As a psychic, I can tell you that if someone gave me a big diamond ring to read, the first thing my intellect tells me is "this person is rich." But, do not let such observations guide your intuitive. If you go into a home that is neat and modern, simple and clean, you might believe there is now way the house has activity. It doesn't "look" haunted. True intuitive comes from places that are inner and urging without any apparent reason to have them.

If you want to work the skills more, I suggest going on daily to gotpsi site. It takes you through psychic testing and compares you with other's scores. You begin to learn over time a feeling in your mind and body that occurs when you choose the "right" answer. That feeling is critical for knowing when your intuitive is the real thing or false based on visual cues or bias.

There is a place for the intuitive in paranormal research. In fact, on an intuitive level, you may be a much more accurate ghost detector than any tool in hand. 


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