Geekster Fashions

Paranormal Geeksters have their own fashion influences. Let's get our geek-selves on by decking out in the ideal items -

Finger flashlights with elastic bands. Practical and kind of awesome. Used for Raves, but hey they keep you hands free on the hunt. They come in a package with tons of them so your whole team can be efficient and hands free.

Humvee vest for all your gadgets. Put your items in the right pockets and you will always remember where they are in the dark and also notice if you left them behind when you pat the pockets down.

Brazilian Tarp Hat. Totally durable and foldable and springs back into shape. Looks better with age. Water resistant. Squash it in a suitcase. It loves that kind thing!

Canadian field jacket 
Nice rain protection, warmth in the shadows of the trees, protection from bites by bugs and ticks, and plenty of pockets for cameras and water bottles.

 Jersey from the Paranormal Geeks Shop.
Advertise your geekdom proudly.
Combat boots!
Surprisingly comfortable and sturdy, great for the hunt, whether it's cryptids, UFOs or ghosts. Gals look great in them too.

Hat to tell the world that you're not only a paranormal geek but you outnumber the normal people!

Seriously smart find. If you're going to knock around abandoned buildings, desert, or forest, you are protected. 

Evil eye amulet bracelet
Protective amulets, crystals, and religious symbols are often worn by those studying the spirit world.

Eyeglasses with a camera built in

More about Geekster Fashion -
Elements to consider in geekster dressing - graphic and team tees and hats, anything army surplus, jewelry with crystals, fanny packs, photography cases, fishing vests, cowboy hats, steampunk accessories with sprockets and gadgetry, head lanterns, any shirt with glow-in-the-dark print, aviator sunglasses.