Friday, August 31, 2012

Red Planet Diner, Sedona Arizona

Julie and I ate at the Red Planet Diner in Sedona, AZ on 89a while we were there. Fantastically fun. It was decorated with a great UFO/alien theme and the food was great--we had the avacado chicken salad- 

It had adorable touches - 

 and even Red Squirrel liked the chocolate cake - 

Kensington Stone

The Kensington Stone tablet was found in Kensington Minnesota in 1898. In the over 100 years since its discovery, the Stone has been the source of on-going debate as to its authenticity. The reason is clear, the Kensington Stone presents a Runic text which describes a Norse journey into North America in the 14th Century. Following is a transcription and translation of the text of the Kensington Stone.


8 : goter : ok : 22 : norrmen : po : opdagelsefard : fro : vinland : vest : vi : hade : lager : ved : 2 : skjar : en : dags : rise : norr : fro : deno : sten : vi : var : ok : fiske : en : dagh : aptir : vi : kom : hem : fan : 10 : man : rode : af : blod : og : ded : AVM : fraelse : af : illy : har 10 : mans : ve : havet : at : se : aptir : vore : skip : 14 : dagh : rise : from : deno : oh : ahr : 1362 :


8 Swedes and 22 Norwegians on a discovery voyage from Vinland westward, we had anchored by 2 rocky islets one days voyage north from this stone. We had fished a day, after we came home [we] found 10 men red with blood and dead. AV(E) M(ARIA) deliver from evil. We have 10 men at sea to look after our ship 14 days voyage from this island. Year 1362

The Stone tells of a 14th century expedition by Scandanvian explorers into North American in pre-Columbus days. Even though most scholars poo-poo'd the notion, but others have found a great deal of genuine interest in its authenticity.

Three letters on the Stone, AVM, provide the sufficient mark of antiquity to declare the Kensington Stone genuine. Dr. Keith A.J. Massey and his twin brother Rev. Kevin Massey have noted that the convention of medieval abbreviation presented in these letters is beyond the reasonable ability of even the most expert forger. The details around this Latin abbreviation will convince even the most hardened skeptic that the Kensington Stone is the real article.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Crazy Players of the Paranormal World

If someone enters the field of paranormal research with a belief system in place, I get nervous. They are entering it to prove their belief instead of believing what they can prove. 

No matter what your reason for entering the paranormal world of study, some very unique influences brought you to that point of wanting to search for answers. But, with unique influences come unique people.

Everyone in a particular field of study has a separate opinion about the other fields. Commonly accepted generalizations include:

"UFO folks are conspiracy theory, paranoid, sci-fi nerds."

"Bigfoot hunters are gun-toting beer-swilling rednecks.

"Ghost Hunters are woo-woo, incense burning, psychic-sensitive-wannabes."

Part of the reason Julie and I are working on the book "Paranormal Geeks" is to honor our tribe. We are geeks, but not the usual set of geeks because we encompass everything from goth to sci-fi, horror to magic. Another reason is to show that, no matter what your paranormal bend, you belong in the brotherhood of those who think outside the box, ask big questions of the universe and how it works, and still believe in that which cannot be explained - yet.

There may come a time when Bigfooters are no longer part of the "paranormal" genre, but then cryptid seekers still will be and, even once proven, Bigfoot might be still speculated as an alien, interdimensional being or having some kind of super powers.

Even if a UFO landed on the White House lawn, UFO researchers will still have much speculation as to the government's involvement, other planets, other aliens, and more. There is no end to the unanswered questions.

The ghost hunters have it had it the hardest, trying to explain a phenomena without a seen force behind it. To them, theoretical physicists may step in and help the explanatory process.  

We are not quacks to each other unless we think that our specialty is the only legitimate one. If you don't believe in Bigfoot but you seek ghosts, you might need to crack your mind open a wee bit more. We are all chasing the trail of evidence that is intriguing, whether it's shining disks in the sky, hairy creatures in the woodlands or slamming doors and apparitions.

We are rebels and revolutionaries, visionaries and seekers, researchers and innovators. For that, we should honor each other's place in the field of paranormal research.

Haunted Attractions: Pittsburgh

ScareHouse in Pittsburgh looks to be a blast this year. In fact, on their site, they are offering any who want a part-time job to work there for the season. The 3 themes are; The Forsaken, Pittsburgh Zombies, and Creepo's Christmas 3D. It runs September through October.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sedona Trip in a Nutshell From a Nut's Perspective

Annual Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk!

OH MY GOSH--IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! For those of you who don't know about my annual blogger virtual zombie walk event -- you are going to love this! This year, I have handed over the reins to one of the best zombie blogs out there -- Zombies Everywhere. Note on the right hand side of the blog here -- a button for the event. Click on it to sign up. This is how the event works: Any bloggers who want to join, can join. Just sign up. The event will be held on Friday October 19th. Prime Halloween season. You plan a zombie-related post for that day-anything you want from a giveaway to a poem, short story to short film, anything you can imagine. Before the event, the host sends you the links list for all the participants. Just put that at the end of your post so when folks are done with your zombie post, they can click on the next blog and go see another zombie posting, hence the term "zombie walk" - from site to site. This enables you to get a huge readership that day, possibly lots of new followers, and you make happy zombie-loving readers. Last year, we had 65 blogs on board and the average readership every day on their blogs was 500 reads. You do the math. That's a lot of hits and a lot of exposure. It's a super fun event and it's just a zombie-crazy thing. Last year, I gave away a prize to the best posting and it was an exceptionally hard thing to choose. So, click on the banner on the right and hop on over and sign up. It's going to be a fantastic Halloween season!

Arizona's Reds and Greens

Bullying In the Bigfoot World

I'd like to thank the Fantastic Facebook group Appalachian Paranormal and Cryptozoological Research who suggested I tackle this important subject.

Those in the Bigfoot online community might have noticed an absence of Autumnforest and many more people like me who want to have intelligent dialogue about something of great anthropological and social significance.  Here's the basic reason:

You can't argue with the village idiot because it's not going to make him smarter.

I left because of the massive troll hits on such sites and the fact that there was no discussion, only immature bullying by vague anonymous people who hide behind having no name or face so they can just take pot shots at everyone else. These little men are pathetic creatures and a fine example of why we might not be ready as a society for the introduction of Bigfoot into our accepted family.

I've watched some wonderful contributors in the field retreat, especially the female population in the Bigfoot world who have taken some of the worst threats and bullying.

It has come to my conclusion that when Bigfoot is proven and recognized by our society, he is in for a monster load of disappointment and embarrassment to possibly be related to such primitives.

If we use Bigfoot sites as a gauge of the culture of our society, we can only assume that we are not ready for the bigger questions. Proving Bigfoot is not the big issue. That will be done with DNA eventually, but what will be our true dilemma is how to categorize him, respect his space, allow him freedoms, while still learning about his life and culture.

How is that going to be possible in a society of people who are scared, angry, and hateful? 

As well, the very people who consider themselves journalists, researchers, and hunters, are rife with some of the most despicable types imaginable. There is lying, cheating, greed, egos, sleeping around, drinking, drugging, and sinister arrangements in some of the most "respected" organizations. There are ones who tout we should kill a Bigfoot and others who threaten anyone with a differing opinion. There are more than enough hangers-on who affiliate with a "big" figure in the field and hope to ride his coattails, and there are those who act like rock star groupies.

What I have to say to these people is simple. Get a real job. Work a real industry.  

Bigfoot is not an industry.

It will be left to the universities and scientists to deal with the anthropological significance of his unveiling. You are not big-game hunting. You are in entirely the wrong field if you want fame and fortune. Your behaviors and how you comport yourself in the industry are no secret. Everyone knows the dirty players and they will have no part in research or anything of legitimacy. It is best to fold up your tents and go home. We know who you are and we know how you roll.

It is not an issue of whether there is a Bigfoot, the real issue is how we greet a newly accepted citizen because so far on the Bigfoot sites, it's pretty evident we haven't come far since the past several hundred years when we hit the shores of North America.

What I have to say about those who are earnestly out there seeking their own interactions and experiences, who want to protect these unique people, and those who have joined teams in hopes of getting evidence; the future of Bigfoot enterprises following their recognition will be to either adapt or become extinct, just like the species.

There will no doubt be wonderful opportunities in preservation and conservation, archaeological exploration, volunteer positions, research, and more for those who honestly are concerned for Bigfoot and want to be a part of this exciting time in which man accepts another breed.

Anyone who wants to pursue capturing, harming or molesting Bigfoot in any way will have a world of hurt upon them. They will need to find a new obsession because it simply won't be done anymore without persecution. I hope to see people taking a new interest in the natural sciences and anthropology. We have so many mysteries yet to be solved like evidence of Viking landings in America and what happened to ancient tribes. I would rather see retired BF hunters unveiling secrets from our land than chasing and harassing our neighbors.

I am waiting for the tides of change and until the proof of Bigfoot is out there, I suppose there will be armchair idiots ranting and bullying like impotent little monsters. If we are lucky, they will graduate to some other form of pathetic entertainment when there is no debate about Bigfoot's existence.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Face Off tonight on Syfy

Does Taunting Ghosts Work?

You're sitting at home, quietly, minding your own business. Someone knocks.

Scenario #1: You get up and answer the door to find a group of people in matching t-shirts. They push past you as if you are not even there and begin to set up equipment in your home, barking orders at one another. Then, one of them raises a fist and yells at the room, "Hey, I'm here! Come and get me! You can scare the people in this house, but you can't scare me!"

Scenario #2: Same knock at the door. Same team of people in matching shirts. You let them in and they look around. "This is nice. Look at that! The authentic fireplace. This is a nice home. You must be very proud." They sit down at the table and have a little talk, gently encouraging you to join. "If you have something you'd like us to tell someone, please feel free to. We understand what it's like to miss someone you love."

If what we're dealing with here is the intelligence of those in the afterlife, then taunting is ineffective. Another thing I bring into the mix is that the homes I have studied and my own home I grew up in, all had one interesting element--emotions. Not emotions that are expressed, but ones that are not. It seems as if those who hold in their anger and torment create an energy that makes it either attractive to such spirit habitation or perhaps activates it, feeds it somehow.

The scenario of poltergeists being launched by adolescent girls with repressed anger really does seem to be involved in the other haunting features, as well, with the exception of residual. I have not found a house with heavy arguing that had a haunting problem.

So, why would yelling at a ghost and letting your anger out attract spirit energy? It wouldn't. Just the reverse should work. Walk around really pissed off at your team without expressing it. I can almost guarantee that you will be experiencing more action than the others all evening long. I had one person I hunted with who was anxious, depressed and angry, but kept it all inside, like a bubbling quiet cauldron. I've never known a better ghost magnet.

So, to taunt or not to taunt? It won't get more results and might just do the opposite. It appears as if ghostly activity retreats when people are aggressive, but it comes to people with repressed strong emotions like a moth to a light.

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Bigfoot and Aliens?

This ancient aliens is pretty badass cool.  It had me thinking about things, like aliens abducting humans for reproductive reasons, cattle mutilations, Bigfoot, Lizard Man, Dog Man.... Hmm...

Just love fucking with your mind on Tuesdays.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mysteries Beneath Our Noses: Stone Age Zombies?

Archaeologists in Europe and in the Middle East have found something quite puzzling-stone aged bodies with their skulls smashed. It would appear that several years after the bodies were buried, the heads were detached and smashed and then reburied separate from the body.

What makes this even more eerie is that they found on these 10,000 year old bodies that the heads were exhumed long after they were decomposed, so why bash them in then?

It also could be something as simple as family members still dreaming of the dead thought they could stop them from being "alive" still by bashing in their faces. There are a lot of theories, but the zombie apocalypse of the stone age sounds so much cooler!

MK Davis Talks Bigfoot Vids

Anyone following the Bigfoot community has heard of MK Davis. The man established himself as a video stabilization expert with the Patterson-Gimlin film and since then has accepted people's evidence on video to review and stabilize and allow the public to make their own decision on the matter of Bigfoot.

His videos that he has transferred from video to DVD and shown on YouTube and Bigfoot sites have caught the interest of many, including myself. As a person who is skeptical about most people's videos and also very intuitive, this man had my attention. He's got good horse sense and most importantly he wants no glory or to cash in on the field of Bigfoot and that says a lot. He is simply giving us a service by putting this videos up and letting people decide what they think of the body of evidence. These are no dude in an ape suit running across and ATC rider's path or any of that kind of blobsquatch crap.

 He talks on this fantastic radio interview about the truth of what he's doing and how he learned to amp up volume and found lots of voices and language that wasn't heard normally. This smacks true for me too because anyone that had tried to hoax these videos wouldn't have filled them with hours of nothing and then a faint voice that can't be made out. These voices could have gone forever never being heard. As a paranormal investigator, I know the thankless task of watching hours of video of just nothing but space and nothing happening. That he can do this for such periods of time to extract a few moments of events that might have gone unnoticed, is a testament to his devotion to give video evidence and open a conversation about the existence and habits of Bigfoot.

This radio show will catch your attention like it did me. The evidence is so intriguing. You can find his videos on YouTube if you type in MK Davis. They are very popular passed around and talked about with the wonder and curiosity that I have for them.

There are very few people in the BF world I trust and this man has earned mine. 

Cemetery Safety Bells & Cemetery Mementos

During the cholera epidemic in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, people feared being buried when they weren't completely dead. Many reported digging up graves of loved ones to find signs they fought inside the coffin to get out. As this would nearly be an impossibility with the weight of the earth on the coffin and lack of oxygen, the rumors did start hysteria. Patents were put out for these bells that would allow the newly awakened buried person to pull a string, ring a bell above ground that the groundskeeper could hear. Imagine how freaking chilling that would be to actually hear one go off? I had an idea for a zombie story about that but never got around to it.

The first recorded safety coffin was constructed on the orders of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick before his death in 1792. He had a window installed to allow light in, an air tube to provide a supply of fresh air, and instead of having the lid nailed down he had a lock fitted. In a special pocket of his shroud he had two keys, one for the coffin lid and a second for the tomb door.

Glendale, CA: GLENDALE - For sale: 123-year-old, padlocked cemetery with overgrown weeds and the remains of 40,000. Fire Department says it's a hazard, city says it's a public nuisance. Fixer-upper. Owner must sell. $1 million, or best offer. Any takers? State officials are forcing the sale of embattled Grand View Memorial Park after finding that late owner Marsha Howard resold grave plots, improperly disposed of the cremated remains of thousands of people and left the once-sparkling mausoleum and its surrounding property in shambles. David Baum, attorney for principal owner Moshe Goldsman, said his client has sent out fliers and hired a real estate attorney to sell the cemetery. But so far, nothing.

Want something super creepy? How about gruesome embalming and mortuary pics?

Want to buy a piece of a cemetery? How about popular architectural salvage stores like Relics in Phoenix where they often times get headstones from cemeteries.

How about a vintage wheelchair like the one in "The Changeling"?

Hair wreaths
from the 1800s were popular mementos. Hair from the deceased was woven and put into a picture frame.

From headstones to rusted gates, old stone statues and mortuary tools, from coffins you can make into coffin tables to old gurneys that can be turned into buffet tables, there are a lot of inspiring and creepy cemetery-related items one can collect. Oh, and if you're into magic spells, don't forget your coffin nails and graveyard dirt!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Evening Movie: The People

Tonight's creepy movie is a 1972 film about a teacher going to teach at a very close-knit community where she finds out they are quite...unusual.

Geek Zodiak

Find out what your Geek Zodiak is. Of course, mine is ALIEN.

What Is Bigfoot?

Here are only a few of the explanations folks are tossing around -

Interdimensional: Many claim Bigfoot disappears in thin air, comes out of portals (Hunt For the Skinwalker--an excellent horrifying tale), and that their tracks just stop in mid stride. For folks in this camp, it's also evidence that BF is hard to find. He simply goes in and out of our 3-dimensional space. I think we'd all have to agree it would take a certain amount of energy to open up a portal and that should be something heard or seen or come across by campers, hikers, and hunters. Not so sure about this explanation, but I am a huge fan of interdimensional concepts.  

Ape Divergent: Black, hairy, big, strong, lives in the wild. It must be ape, right? Some, like Matt Moneymaker and Jeff Meldrum, have spouted the "Bigfoot is an ape" assumption. I can see where they get that from a very basic point of view. They don't seem to favor technology, but natural living which would make them more beast, right? They are hair covered and strong and big, right? It skips over the part of upright walk which it does as readily as we do, as well as their obvious intelligence in being able to keep themselves well secreted. I admittedly am not in this camp at all.  

Ancient Giants: Large skeletons, around 7-feet tall and taller, have been discovered around the world. Were these just aberrations like those with pituitary gland disorders or were they a race we thought time had forgotten, but like the cholacanth fish thought long extinct and found again in recent times, it popped back into our view right under our noses? This seems very plausible, and yet I would want to know what kind of verification we have of these giant skeletons. I've seen some ridiculous pics from Russia and the Middle East that were hoaxes, and I hear people talk often about them being found, but I'd like to know first if they have been discovered in groupings where it's not just one random tall skeleton, but a family of them.

Nephilim: Referred to in the Bible as the heroes of old, men of renown. They were reportedly the children born to the "Sons of God" by the "daughters of men", and are described as giants. I understand that there is much debate as to whether they were just the fallen or cast out or if they were giants. Interpreting these old Hebrew stories is always a difficult endeavor and to take them as fact another difficult endeavor, but I understand that to explain something that defies evolution and also defies God's design of man, this would be a tidy explanation that still works within the Bible's teachings. I am not so caught up in the concept of a spiritual being taking human form and mating with women and especially giants. It seems to me logically that these women would have raised their babies and those children would have breed among man and yet Bigfoot keeps themselves quite separate from us.  

Ancient man: This is the most popular theory, especially that BF could be a descendent of Austrolopithecus, a hairy, enormous creature in the family of man that we assumed didn't survive the evolutionary process. This assumption has the largest path of followers and for good reason. It's a pretty logical assumption. Bigfoot does not scramble around on all four and act like apes, seems intelligent and is upright, but certainly isn't building skyscrapers and driving a BMW. So, ancient man, right? This has its merits and it's entirely possible that they somehow were able to mate with ancient man to create today's Bigfoot. I have a theory that ancient man was able to breed with a larger group of divergent types because of the spread of man across continents and the lack of general population of their own kind to breed with. Like a lion and tiger being able to breed, perhaps man could breed with a very different form of man.  Over time, as he settled into communities and bred within, the need to breed with a wider grouping was no longer necessary and hence today man cannot breed with others such as chimps. Just a thought, but something to consider.

Alien:  There is a growing group of people correlating UFO sightings with Bigfoot areas and taking the concept that Bigfoot seems to disappear mid stride and cannot be found easily to mean that he is of an alien race, perhaps taking a little rest stop here on the way to the Vega System. Should this be a race of aliens who either settled here or visit here, they are certainly the worker slaves and not the drivers and designers of sleek traveling ships. They simply aren't made to be high-tech.

So, what is Bigfoot? Hopefully when we do find out, we will take that information with the proper amount of reverence, first for the fact we proved he existed, then for the fact he knows to evade us, and lastly for whatever he is found to be. This opens a whole new door for science and I do hope it sparks a generation who seeks answers in anthropology, ancient records, and curiosity about the other wonders yet to be uncovered.  

He might not just be a myth any longer, but he might be the poster boy of a new era of discovery.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Creepy Nasties: Cascade Creature

A remote-controlled underwater camera captured a crazy ass creature. This one is just fascinating and looked like a cross between a satin sheet in the water and a sea ghost.

Some said it was a hoax online. It was identified by a marine biologist as a kind of jellyfish called a deepstaria enigmata which is rarely seen. It undulates and turns inside out.

Oh, and if you wondered about the white appendages--it's his gonads.

Creepy Unknown Skulls

This mummified elongated skull was found in Peru. It has strangely huge eye sockets.  Making the mystery even more creepy is the anterior fontanelle as found in children under one year old, but two adult molars in the mouth. The 20-inch skull is nearly as long as the body. Supposedly Spanish and Russian researchers came to look it over and pronounced it not human, but need some time to decide what it is. The mummified specimen had remains of an eyeball which are being checked for DNA. Now, it wasn't unusual for them to wrap baby's heads so that they would be reshaped and elongated.

Skulls found not far from the Nazca lines in Peru were elongated on purpose when a baby was young and the skull pliable. Why they felt the need to have a head shaped like this remains a great mystery.

The starchild skull is a 900-year-old skull found in a cave in Mexico. It appears to be a 5-year-old child with some very unusual features, such as a cranium larger than the size of an adult. It also has an optic nerve that attached at the bottom of the eye instead of behind it. The back of the skull is flattened but not by unnatural means. Interestingly, DNA has shown the mitochondrial mama DNA to be human but papa's nuclear DNA is still not able to be recovered. 

This odd fat skull (above) showed 15% larger than normal eye sockets and a cranial capacity that is twice an adult human.

Learn more about these skulls in this fascinating article.

Friday, August 24, 2012

1,000,000 HITS!

Thank y'all for making it happen. Ghost Hunting Theories just hit the 1,000,000 views mark. I have a helluva lot planned from now through Halloween and you don't want to miss a bit of the crazy train ride through all things creepy, horrifying, unsettling, and baffling.

Simple Costumes: Make It a Zombie

Anything can be a zombie-just some ideas:

Wear a bathrobe and hair cap, carry a back scrubber and wear some slippers.
A wedding gown.
A sports fan costume with your zombie face painted half and half the team colors.
Surgical scrubs.
Victorian heroine.
A big hair 80s mall rat.
A rock star.

How to go about the zombie pallor:

SKIN:  I use Elmer's glue for fake flesh. You can beef it up more by adding shredded bits of paper. Newspaper works well because it can become very fluffy. In fact, there is shredded paper in bags for paper maiche making in craft stores and that is ideal and powdery. Mix it into a paste with Elmer's and place it onto your face into whatever configuration of scarring or dead flesh you want. I like to do a mix--if I have a wound, I use the paper to build it up. If I plan to just peel back some flesh, I use the Elmer's. Put it on nice and thickly. Let it dry well.

MAKEUP:  You can get makeup at the store that is already gray and ready to go for a base for your face over top of the fake flesh, but if you have women's makeup, you can rig this yourself. First, I suggest you take violet or purple shadow and dot it under your eyes, along the wounds you plan to make and then just mottle it around in finger sized dots here and there. Mix the woman's foundation with black or gray eyeshadow to make a nice gray tone to pat onto your face with a sponge. Where you want dead skin, peel back some of the glue. If you want a wound, take a toothpick and work an opening into the thick glue/paper mix and then take black eyebrow eyeliner or eyeshadow into the hole to make it look deep and nasty (see wound above) and add blood. For brusing, you can pat purple eyeshadow around the inner part of the wound opening and then around that, some green, then outside of that some yellow. This gives a bruise effect.

HANDY OPTION: There are things in your kitchen you can use for makeup including cornstarch, ketchup and ashes from some burned wood. In a pinch and at the last minute-you can decorate yourself from the kitchen if necessary. 

Dolphin Rape???

(Flipper's name takes on a new meaning?)

You think "Jaws" made you scared to go into the water? You think "Deliverance" made you scared of sodomy? How about if we put the two together in the most unbelievable scenario possible -- dolphin rape.

Here's how it is explained, "Male dolphins are known to gang rape other dolphins, male and female, and they are not real picky about what species they mate with. There is a news story every year or so about dolphins trying to rape swimmers.

"The woman taken by the dolphin was 37 year old pilates instructor and professional dancer, Tanya Halerfan of Liverpool, NY . Authorities are still looking for Halerfan.
Bob Grunderson of the National Coast Guard made a statement to the press stating, “Our search for Miss Halerfan or her remains will continue though we hold no hope of finding either. In past experience with cases of dolphin kidnapping and sexual assault the victims are usually never found.”

"Researchers studying dolphin behavior have been noticing an alarming trend in recent years. They have discovered rogue packs of adult male dolphins gang raping swimmers in open waters. Human decoys fitted with tracking devices have been dumped in open waters and observed from helicopter."

"Scott Randleston of the Dolphin Research Institute of Boca Raton, has been studying dolphin behavior for 17 years, and came up with the decoy program. “In every case the decoy was set upon in a short time by groups of dolphins ranging from 8 to 20 young males. It seems there are gangs of dolphin predators roaming the open waters looking for humans to sexually assault. The dolphins in each case were observed circling the swimmer as one of the group grabbed them with their penis and dragged them under, then the others followed. You see dolphins have a prehensile penis, it is full of powerful muscles and they can wrap it around objects, such as a human wrist, ankle, neck, or waist. One could compare it to a boa constrictor or an elephant trunk….The decoys never resurfaced in any of the studies…. We tracked one of the decoys to an underwater cave where it had been repeatedly raped and torn apart by the dolphins. ”

"There are at least 14 cases of dolphin rape reported each year in the United States, these usually occur near the shore where victims are able to escape before they can be dragged into a dolphin rape cave. There is no real estimate of how many deaths are the result of dolphin rape each year as many of these occur in open water where there are few eyewitnesses if any."

I'm completely unsure if any of this is true, but its made for a most unsettling consideration -

...And it would appear, Sea World has just taken on the task of being the next Mustang Ranch for the wet ones.

Here's another thought -- where do you think mermaids come from, eh?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Zombie Housewives Logos

These are going into the Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse shop each day on tons of items from tees to cups, messenger bags to hats.

Pygmy Troll??

Was this really found in Africa? Don't know, but it's freaking creepy-rama! Happy nightmares!

Creepiest Horror Movies

Creepiest soundtrack:  "Phantasm" (runners up - "Halloween," "Exorcist")

Creepiest Tormenters: Alone in the Dark (runners up - "The Strangers," "The Hills Have Eyes," and "Last House on the Left")

Creepiest Haunting: "The Changeling" (runners up "The Haunting," "The Amityville Horror")

Creepiest Killer:  Michael Myers "Halloween" (runners up Dr. Hannibal Lecter "Silence of the Lambs," Jigsaw "Saw.")

Creepiest Setting:  "Silent Hill" (runners up "30 Days of Night," "Gothika")

Winner of the Letters From the Bigman Giveaway

Congrats David! Everyone else, please consider getting the video at their site. It is sooooo worth it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Family Dynamics

Hey, like anyone else, we have family members who have our backs and others who are just, well, hot messes.

My brothers are reliable. The youngster likes to climb the trees and be the lookout which is cool, but his warning calls sound like a possum stuck in a tree hollow. I would rather my older brother do these things, but he's a bit gimp in his right hip from a bad fall. We work together to get food and look out for each other during our sleep time. Even though they sometimes goof off, we do work well together.

My sister, however, is kind of high strung. She sasses back and refuses to listen to our mother, but us brothers watch out for her. She is breeding stock, but honestly I don't know a Bigfoot dumb enough to make a go of that. She would likely beat him over the head and make those shrill screams that always make my stomach tremble. She can be a real bitch when she wants to be.

The man we called Father was put to rest last year after a long illness. We buried him in our favorite hollow not far off our throughway in the forest. I think about him often, but I do not pray or call onto him. It would be wrong to send a man to the next life and bother his voyage. He belongs to the spirit realm now.

In our family, I have the reputation as the scholar. Everyone asks my opinion on things because I'm a quiet thinker. I guess they assume a lot must be going on in my head, but honestly, I'm a bit of a slacker and procrastinator, so they aren't calling on the best guy. Still, with father gone, I don't mind shelling out advice, as long as they act on it. So far as my sister is concerned, I let her be a wild child, but keep an eye on her. Some day she might do something stupid like run off in a huff into some traffic on the roadway. Her emotions won't kill her, but those damn vehicles could.

All in all, it's a good family and I can't complain. Lots of my kind scattered to the four winds and never see each other again. Mine has remained intact and even have our distant relatives not far away. Upon occasion, I keep my eyes open for a pretty young Bigfoot. Hey, a guy can't help thinking about having his own family too.

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Review: "Letters From the Big Man" & Giveaway

I have waited forever for this movie!!! Seriously--since I was a kid and first saw the survivalist movie "My Side of the Mountain," "Jeremiah Johnson," and "Legend of Boggy Creek."

"Letters From the Big Man" (click on link to purchase).

CONTEST:  I am giving away a copy of this movie to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment below by midnight EST and live in one of the 48 contiguous states, come back tomorrow to see if you won. If you sign in anonymously, give me a name when you write your comment or I won't know which anonymous to put into the hat for the drawing.

REVIEW:  I'm not sure how to write this review because "Letters From the Big Man" is probably my favorite movie I've seen as an adult. Yes, really.

This movie is done with the utmost respect for Bigfoot and for man and nature and the harmony of the three when we are following our hearts.

It is a slow-paced movie and it needs to be in order to put across the fact that, until man slows down and is one with nature, he will not find the Big Man. It's the same way in the ghost world. We rush around with equipment set up and meters and cameras and recorders and we forget the important organic aspect of communication--sitting still, silence, becoming keen with your senses, opening up your heart, slowing down your mind. The pacing of the movie is ideal for the message and the musical soundtrack I seriously want to own. If that was playing the background all day in my home, I would be the most happy woman in the universe.

I kept inserting myself into the lead female role in this movie. It was everything I ever dreamed of, being one with nature, trekking around Oregon woodlands, communing with nature, sketching, leaving some treats out for the man of the woods. Lots of people have attempted Bigfoot movies, but none has ever captured so accurately the essence of these woodland folks and their tenuous relationship with man. We have more to learn from him that he does from us.

Please see this film. I promise you that it will be your favorite Bigfoot movie of all time. I am simply speechless at this point and I so will leave it at that. It is truly the best $25 I have ever spent on something that gives me amazing peace and reunited me with my divine.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Nightvision Kid - Proof of Yeren Breeding?

(Note his vertical pupil dilation--that is indicative of animals with nightvision and eyeshine like cats)

READ:  Born with unusual blue eyes, this boy's doctors were made aware of his condition when he was two months old after his father inquired about the boy’s unique blue eyes. At the time, doctors assured Nong Shihua, Yousui’s father that there was no cause for concern and the boy would be fine when he got older. As time progressed and Yousui got older, it became apparent that his eyes were displaying some “special” properties, which according to the video below, troubles the young boy’s vision during the day. His teachers began to notice when outside, Yousui would begin to squint and complain of difficulty seeing, while other the other children around him would not.
Despite his daytime difficulty, Yousui appears to display a superior ability to see at night — apparently he can catch crickets without the need of a flashlight — and when reporters from Heng County Television Station in Guangxi administered a test in which they gave him cards to fill out in a darkly lit room, he was able to do so without any problems. As you can see in the clip, when reporters shined their light on the boy’s eyes they seem to emit a blue-green light similar to a cat’s.
What caused the boy’s eyes to exhibit such special properties? Could Yousui’s eyes be the next step in human evolution,  an odd and rare mutation, or simply a hoax? For now, the answer remains unclear.

What intrigues me the most is that this nightvision/eyeshine capability is reported in Bigfoot and his kind. In a country in which Yeren is thought to roam, is it possible that some mixing in the gene pool gave a recessive throw-back gene?

Just a thought to ponder for now on this Mind Fuck Tuesday.

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Bigfoot: Forest Commandos?

It came to my attention seeing the compelling videos being released by MK Davis online (many vids found here) that Bigfoot seems to have some exceptional commando skills. Are they the forest commando equivalents? Well, he's managed to hide quite well and, interdimensional escape theory aside, he seems to be able to just back himself into an environment and blend.

Assumptions we can make: 
They are rarely seen. There is enough for a breeding population in quantity. They are also very large and with a high caloric need, so they would have to be experts at getting food efficiently, quickly, and with as few a bodies out in the open as possible.

This would require the use of bushes, trees, and shadows to help them blend in. Because of height and risky open areas, they would need to be extraordinary runners, creep-walkers and hoppers on all 4's. We see those features in some of MK's released videos. There appear to be ways to minimize their enormous size and therefore their vulnerability at being seen.

That they do have body hair is probably to their advantage in being able to retreat into shadows. Imagine a naked human male in the woods and then a Bigfoot--one could step back and be lost in the shadows, the other would still be glaringly apparent.

So, their musculature and their hair have helped them in environments with wide temperature changes and the need to pull their body weight up into trees and run and creep and even commando crawl and jump far distances. The BF I saw in the Sierras had extraordinary thigh and butt muscles--those would be critical for a runner but also the upper body strength to be able to pull up such a weight.

I've read some reports where people say a Bigfoot climbed a tree and made himself blend in with it, tuck himself up to become part of the tree. Being able to stop and be very still so your movement doesn't give you away, being able to take one step back behind a tree, being able to stay low and move fast through open areas--all critical to his survival and lack of detection.

The movie "Red Dawn" showed man going into BF's environment and surviving and hiding from the invaders who are trying to find and kill them. They developed many of these characteristics.

Keys for survival:
Blend in, use what is available, and adapt your physicality (weather tolerance, strength, dexterity, agility, and 5 senses) to withstand it. There isn't just the issue of hiding from dangerous humans, but also the need for hunting/fishing and other acquisition of food sources and shelter that would mean an ongoing robust health and constitution.

Ultimately, looking at this commando of the woods, I am not only extremely impressed and so very proud of this race's ability to survive in spite of our general population's encroachment. I believe that, as we have the highest respect for our special ops forces, we must also respect the kind of skills and drive it takes to be a forest commando.

I am happily reminded of Inspector Clouseau and his desire to keep his skills intact by using his houseboy's ninja skills to surprise attack him.