Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: "Letters From the Big Man" & Giveaway

I have waited forever for this movie!!! Seriously--since I was a kid and first saw the survivalist movie "My Side of the Mountain," "Jeremiah Johnson," and "Legend of Boggy Creek."

"Letters From the Big Man" (click on link to purchase).

CONTEST:  I am giving away a copy of this movie to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment below by midnight EST and live in one of the 48 contiguous states, come back tomorrow to see if you won. If you sign in anonymously, give me a name when you write your comment or I won't know which anonymous to put into the hat for the drawing.

REVIEW:  I'm not sure how to write this review because "Letters From the Big Man" is probably my favorite movie I've seen as an adult. Yes, really.

This movie is done with the utmost respect for Bigfoot and for man and nature and the harmony of the three when we are following our hearts.

It is a slow-paced movie and it needs to be in order to put across the fact that, until man slows down and is one with nature, he will not find the Big Man. It's the same way in the ghost world. We rush around with equipment set up and meters and cameras and recorders and we forget the important organic aspect of communication--sitting still, silence, becoming keen with your senses, opening up your heart, slowing down your mind. The pacing of the movie is ideal for the message and the musical soundtrack I seriously want to own. If that was playing the background all day in my home, I would be the most happy woman in the universe.

I kept inserting myself into the lead female role in this movie. It was everything I ever dreamed of, being one with nature, trekking around Oregon woodlands, communing with nature, sketching, leaving some treats out for the man of the woods. Lots of people have attempted Bigfoot movies, but none has ever captured so accurately the essence of these woodland folks and their tenuous relationship with man. We have more to learn from him that he does from us.

Please see this film. I promise you that it will be your favorite Bigfoot movie of all time. I am simply speechless at this point and I so will leave it at that. It is truly the best $25 I have ever spent on something that gives me amazing peace and reunited me with my divine.


  1. Ahem. I am leaving a comment...

    And... From the title of the movie and the your post... it made me think of this:

    George: He walked into our kitchen and was eating out of our refrigerator. I thought we were going eat me, but he ate our daughter's corsage and then ate our goldfish!

    Sergeant: And where is he now, Mr. Henderson?

    George: In the bathroom.

    Sergeant: Oh, of course. How stupid of me.

    I can't.
    I love it.
    Childhood favorite!

  2. I'm presuming you bought a 2nd copy to give away. ☺

    1. I will be ordering it directly from the distributor to be sent to the winner. You couldn't pry my copy from my cold dead fingers.

  3. i looks like its going to be a great movie. still havnt had to opertunity to see it yet but i have been wanting to.

    brandon garrett

  4. OH OH OH OH OH ME ME ME EME ME--I wanna' see this soooooo bad!!!

  5. this is David and I have been hearing alot of good things about this movie so I know I have to own it just haven't had the spare cash to pick it up yet, who knows maybe this is my lucky day:-) but either way please keep posting here I am loving your insights and subject matter

  6. It sounds great. I would love to see it.

  7. Looks like an awsome movie! I haven't had a chance to order it,so hopefully this is my chance to get it..haha..add me please! Paul Hayes "BFSearcher"

  8. Looks like a very good movie and not the ones that you see on SyFy. thank Autumnforest for the chance to win.