Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Annual Blogger Virtual Zombie Walk!

OH MY GOSH--IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! For those of you who don't know about my annual blogger virtual zombie walk event -- you are going to love this! This year, I have handed over the reins to one of the best zombie blogs out there -- Zombies Everywhere. Note on the right hand side of the blog here -- a button for the event. Click on it to sign up. This is how the event works: Any bloggers who want to join, can join. Just sign up. The event will be held on Friday October 19th. Prime Halloween season. You plan a zombie-related post for that day-anything you want from a giveaway to a poem, short story to short film, anything you can imagine. Before the event, the host sends you the links list for all the participants. Just put that at the end of your post so when folks are done with your zombie post, they can click on the next blog and go see another zombie posting, hence the term "zombie walk" - from site to site. This enables you to get a huge readership that day, possibly lots of new followers, and you make happy zombie-loving readers. Last year, we had 65 blogs on board and the average readership every day on their blogs was 500 reads. You do the math. That's a lot of hits and a lot of exposure. It's a super fun event and it's just a zombie-crazy thing. Last year, I gave away a prize to the best posting and it was an exceptionally hard thing to choose. So, click on the banner on the right and hop on over and sign up. It's going to be a fantastic Halloween season!

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