Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Does Taunting Ghosts Work?

You're sitting at home, quietly, minding your own business. Someone knocks.

Scenario #1: You get up and answer the door to find a group of people in matching t-shirts. They push past you as if you are not even there and begin to set up equipment in your home, barking orders at one another. Then, one of them raises a fist and yells at the room, "Hey, I'm here! Come and get me! You can scare the people in this house, but you can't scare me!"

Scenario #2: Same knock at the door. Same team of people in matching shirts. You let them in and they look around. "This is nice. Look at that! The authentic fireplace. This is a nice home. You must be very proud." They sit down at the table and have a little talk, gently encouraging you to join. "If you have something you'd like us to tell someone, please feel free to. We understand what it's like to miss someone you love."

If what we're dealing with here is the intelligence of those in the afterlife, then taunting is ineffective. Another thing I bring into the mix is that the homes I have studied and my own home I grew up in, all had one interesting element--emotions. Not emotions that are expressed, but ones that are not. It seems as if those who hold in their anger and torment create an energy that makes it either attractive to such spirit habitation or perhaps activates it, feeds it somehow.

The scenario of poltergeists being launched by adolescent girls with repressed anger really does seem to be involved in the other haunting features, as well, with the exception of residual. I have not found a house with heavy arguing that had a haunting problem.

So, why would yelling at a ghost and letting your anger out attract spirit energy? It wouldn't. Just the reverse should work. Walk around really pissed off at your team without expressing it. I can almost guarantee that you will be experiencing more action than the others all evening long. I had one person I hunted with who was anxious, depressed and angry, but kept it all inside, like a bubbling quiet cauldron. I've never known a better ghost magnet.

So, to taunt or not to taunt? It won't get more results and might just do the opposite. It appears as if ghostly activity retreats when people are aggressive, but it comes to people with repressed strong emotions like a moth to a light.


  1. Well this may explain all the activity I had in the home I owned with my ex-hubby all those years ago! Repressed anger....are you kidding me? LOL And sometimes, NOT so repressed!


  2. In my opinion, you get what you give.