Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Family Dynamics

Hey, like anyone else, we have family members who have our backs and others who are just, well, hot messes.

My brothers are reliable. The youngster likes to climb the trees and be the lookout which is cool, but his warning calls sound like a possum stuck in a tree hollow. I would rather my older brother do these things, but he's a bit gimp in his right hip from a bad fall. We work together to get food and look out for each other during our sleep time. Even though they sometimes goof off, we do work well together.

My sister, however, is kind of high strung. She sasses back and refuses to listen to our mother, but us brothers watch out for her. She is breeding stock, but honestly I don't know a Bigfoot dumb enough to make a go of that. She would likely beat him over the head and make those shrill screams that always make my stomach tremble. She can be a real bitch when she wants to be.

The man we called Father was put to rest last year after a long illness. We buried him in our favorite hollow not far off our throughway in the forest. I think about him often, but I do not pray or call onto him. It would be wrong to send a man to the next life and bother his voyage. He belongs to the spirit realm now.

In our family, I have the reputation as the scholar. Everyone asks my opinion on things because I'm a quiet thinker. I guess they assume a lot must be going on in my head, but honestly, I'm a bit of a slacker and procrastinator, so they aren't calling on the best guy. Still, with father gone, I don't mind shelling out advice, as long as they act on it. So far as my sister is concerned, I let her be a wild child, but keep an eye on her. Some day she might do something stupid like run off in a huff into some traffic on the roadway. Her emotions won't kill her, but those damn vehicles could.

All in all, it's a good family and I can't complain. Lots of my kind scattered to the four winds and never see each other again. Mine has remained intact and even have our distant relatives not far away. Upon occasion, I keep my eyes open for a pretty young Bigfoot. Hey, a guy can't help thinking about having his own family too.

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