Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Nightvision Kid - Proof of Yeren Breeding?

(Note his vertical pupil dilation--that is indicative of animals with nightvision and eyeshine like cats)

READ:  Born with unusual blue eyes, this boy's doctors were made aware of his condition when he was two months old after his father inquired about the boy’s unique blue eyes. At the time, doctors assured Nong Shihua, Yousui’s father that there was no cause for concern and the boy would be fine when he got older. As time progressed and Yousui got older, it became apparent that his eyes were displaying some “special” properties, which according to the video below, troubles the young boy’s vision during the day. His teachers began to notice when outside, Yousui would begin to squint and complain of difficulty seeing, while other the other children around him would not.
Despite his daytime difficulty, Yousui appears to display a superior ability to see at night — apparently he can catch crickets without the need of a flashlight — and when reporters from Heng County Television Station in Guangxi administered a test in which they gave him cards to fill out in a darkly lit room, he was able to do so without any problems. As you can see in the clip, when reporters shined their light on the boy’s eyes they seem to emit a blue-green light similar to a cat’s.
What caused the boy’s eyes to exhibit such special properties? Could Yousui’s eyes be the next step in human evolution,  an odd and rare mutation, or simply a hoax? For now, the answer remains unclear.

What intrigues me the most is that this nightvision/eyeshine capability is reported in Bigfoot and his kind. In a country in which Yeren is thought to roam, is it possible that some mixing in the gene pool gave a recessive throw-back gene?

Just a thought to ponder for now on this Mind Fuck Tuesday.

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