MK Davis Talks Bigfoot Vids

Anyone following the Bigfoot community has heard of MK Davis. The man established himself as a video stabilization expert with the Patterson-Gimlin film and since then has accepted people's evidence on video to review and stabilize and allow the public to make their own decision on the matter of Bigfoot.

His videos that he has transferred from video to DVD and shown on YouTube and Bigfoot sites have caught the interest of many, including myself. As a person who is skeptical about most people's videos and also very intuitive, this man had my attention. He's got good horse sense and most importantly he wants no glory or to cash in on the field of Bigfoot and that says a lot. He is simply giving us a service by putting this videos up and letting people decide what they think of the body of evidence. These are no dude in an ape suit running across and ATC rider's path or any of that kind of blobsquatch crap.

 He talks on this fantastic radio interview about the truth of what he's doing and how he learned to amp up volume and found lots of voices and language that wasn't heard normally. This smacks true for me too because anyone that had tried to hoax these videos wouldn't have filled them with hours of nothing and then a faint voice that can't be made out. These voices could have gone forever never being heard. As a paranormal investigator, I know the thankless task of watching hours of video of just nothing but space and nothing happening. That he can do this for such periods of time to extract a few moments of events that might have gone unnoticed, is a testament to his devotion to give video evidence and open a conversation about the existence and habits of Bigfoot.

This radio show will catch your attention like it did me. The evidence is so intriguing. You can find his videos on YouTube if you type in MK Davis. They are very popular passed around and talked about with the wonder and curiosity that I have for them.

There are very few people in the BF world I trust and this man has earned mine.