Monday, April 25, 2011

Josh Gates: You Rock My Adventure World!

I admit to a great admiration for Josh Gates from Syfy's "Destination Truth."

It's not just that the man is funny--although humor to me is HUGELY important. We can't really make new correlations and discoveries until we free up the tensions in our minds and bodies so we are receptive to new ways of seeing things. Creative folks understand the importance of humor. Scientists need to learn it and it should be taught to them in school. Taking a subject with such focus can sometimes make you miss the peripherals. That is why I started this theories blog, to take you outside of conventional ghost hunting "rules and regulations" inspired by the ghost hunting show popularity and pseudo-science involved.

I envied that Josh got to go pretty much anywhere on the entire planet he wanted to, but I do not envy his 16-hour flights, insane road trips, and hiking into nasty jungles with offensive creatures (no, not the cast, the critters!)

You either love or hate the show. I'm not sure why you hate it, except I have heard some people voice that it seems way too staged. Well, it's a huge venture that takes days/weeks and is being whittled down to about 45 minutes of your time, so they need to get it in concentrated form, getting across the insanity of the travels and the creepy locations with results. I don't know how the editors do it. They must cry when they have leave some of the funny stuff on the cutting room floor.

The show took a super sharp up turn when Josh had input as producer. I am sure he is an exacting guy. This man is very hard-driven. I could tell that on teleconference interviews with him. Not one "ah," or "um" from this well spoken man. He has his thoughts in a row and the quickest mind. His high level of intelligence makes him perhaps a bit quicker with the wit because he makes correlations fast. I totally relate with Josh in this realm. Sometimes, I can become a one-woman standup act when I'm multitasking. He's not just a celebrity figure and comedian, the dude is truly intelligent.

His cast members are my favorites too. I was hoping they would quit taking a backseat and start being showcased. I find myself loving and caring for each of them and Ryder is the most perfect counterbalance to Josh with her tomboyish tendencies and not putting up with sass from the boys. She is perhaps my favorite female on any reality show ever. Please don't lose her!

What I appreciate about Josh is that he also has a high respect for the world population and the cultures. He wants to hear their stories, document them, keep them in the Earth's folklore cache. He loves being greeted by people and greeting them. He is an ultimate host.

Now that Josh is hitting some huge places like Chernobyl, Suicide Forest and Antarctica, where can the show go next? I won't mention a Russian spaceship because I think the man just might snap his fingers and go!

Where do I want to see the show go? Other than taking me on one of their insane trips, I'd say I'd like to see less sea stories. I think we all agree they are limited and boring because even when they dive under the water, it's murky and ho-hum. I would like to see the Northwest Bigfoot country--the only BF place they haven't hit! I'd also like to see more in America stories and I truly enjoy like Antarctica where they do one story for a whole hour the most. I'd like to see more 1-subject-per-hour episodes and not just special occasions.

I inspire people to have adventures on my blog with my Adventures Sunday and shake up your life with simple ways to find novelty. I like to share my videos and pics from my crazy road treks. I hope to start doing my own video hosting so y'all can experience these things with me. I know the desert Southwest is a foreign land to most of you, so I like bringing it to life for you. Keep watching my blog and "Destination Truth." I promise that we will all be inspired to take on new exploits.

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  1. You can tell by the pics, I hold him in great affection--even gave him his necklace with my crappy photoshop skills.

  2. Goofy? Check.

    Witty? Check.

    Adventurous? Check.

    Glasses? Check.

    Easily photoshopped? Check.

    If you ever want a JG stunt double, I seem to be pretty compatible.

  3. ok you sold this show. I may watch it.

  4. LII;
    Send pics! Hee hee

    Please watch it. It's my very favorite show.

    (panting like an eager puppy) It's tough to stay calm. I think if there is a dude version of me, it's Josh.

  5. I am always very torn on if I think destination truth is real or not. Some times when I watch it I think yeah this seems credible and other times I think it seems very fake. But the one thing I have always admired about Josh is how respectful he is of the natives beliefs....he never mocks or judges and that's one reason why I keep watching

  6. I totally get ya. I know that first and foremost it's a cable channel selling sponsor spots and making cash. I try not to take it as honest research in the field. Real researchers are unsung heroes without huge corporate backing and totally unknown--that's where the real discoveries happen. But, for what he's offering and the constraints of having to make ratings--he is charming, intelligent, takes me to places I will never see, makes me laugh and sometimes teaches me about other cultures while getting goosebumps as he plunges into the dark unknown.

  7. When I saw this post earlier, I couldn't think of anything constructive to say about your...crush. I still can't; I'll see you in an older post!

  8. RR;
    I actually wouldn't date Josh, but I do admire him. I go for the more quiet and brooding types.