Adventure Sunday: Spontaneous Romantic Jaunts

Breathe life into your life--or your relationship and be spontaneous with a day trip.

KID-DIRECTED TRIP: Got kids? I suggest you let them pick a piece of paper from a hat: one says "pick the town" one says "pick the food" and one says "pick the picnic place." Pull up the map, let someone pick the town within 50 miles, when you get to the town, let one of them pick the place you pick up lunch. Then, drive around and let one of them pick the place to stop and picnic.

Pick a town within the day's drive and pull up the town's calendar of events online. See what's happening there on the weekend. Go there just for that event.

CARNIVALS: Go find the fun on the traveling midway site to find a traveling carnival in your state.

DRIVE-INS: Consider taking your loved one or family or friends to a drive-in theater. They might be in another town, but the trek will be worth it!

Zombie Walk: If you have some good friends who want something to remember, consider looking up zombie walks and plotting and planning for the next one in your area. Start shopping online for makeup and thinking about coming up with a hilarious costume to zombify, like a Victorian era zombie or a zombie cowboy.

Personally, my three most romantic and favorite dates ever--roadside carnival, drive-in theater and sitting out in the desert and looking for UFOs with music playing, cold beer in hand. Of course, making out in a cemetery might be high on the list too.


  1. The biggest 'spur of the moment' trip I ever made was a 4 or 5 hour trek to Hershey, PA from Cleveland, OH. It was summer, and my dad's fiancee was already planning to go, so my dad and I just hopped in the car and followed. Fun times :)

  2. We need to do a zombie walk. That sounds like fun!

  3. LW;
    It's all about the fun and laughs--if you're living your life right, they outweigh the tears.

    I like that! Man, I got so sick there! I went into the factory, had the tour, bought the 5-pound Hershey's bar and ate like half of it and then went on a ride. Yikes!

    I am keeping my eye on zombie walks in the cooler months so our makeup doesn't melt off.

  4. You lost me there for a second when you combined kids and romance, but otherwise I loved these ideas!

    Too bad the drive ins up here are only open June-September.

  5. indubitably... hence my moniker! ;) lol


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