"Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" by Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson is the most unusual URBEX book ever written.

Julie and I pieced together a most interesting urban exploration book based on sites in the Arizona desert, everything from a factory to a motel, a derailed train to an apartment complex. We went to 12 locations. Julie photographed the deteriorated structure and I did a psychic read on an item from the location. From these encounters, we pieced together 12 chapters that combine photos with a psychic read story of a moment in the past and the people involved. It brings to life a now dead location and also proves that, even though a place appears to have no life, it still contains its memories. As well, Julie has an Etsy shop, Backroads Treasures where she made items based on the debris in abandoned sites and photographs with a steampunk feel to it.

This book can be found on Kindle and Nook.