Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awesome and Insane Bigfoot Sounds!

Zombietom69 on YouTube had this compilation up. It intrigued me. I've been fascinated with Bigfoot footprints, but the sounds recorded that people have taken to be BF are sometimes explainable and sometimes totally chilling.

Here is a supposed Bigfoot call entitled "Old Man" (warning, do not drink anything while listening--it will spew out your nose!) It cracked me up so much, I'd listen to it over and over again on my computer while doing things and my son would come in and roll his eyes in exasperation. His mom is such a dork! Seriously, if I were the type to carry a cell phone, this would be my ringtone.

I'm curious. Did any of those calls ring "true" to you. I think there is something about our animal side that recognizes other animals, especially "relatives."


  1. I never knew what bigfoot sounded like until now!

  2. Well, apparently he has many voices, or one of those is the real voice. It's like a game show. Will the real BF please step forward.

  3. That's some awesome stuff. Bigfoot is my hero.

    Nothing sounded to me so identifiable that you would be certain of its identity as an unknown. If you know what I mean :P

    I think there is something canid toward the end quarter as that was the only time the dog sitting four feet from my speaker actually acknowledged that there was sound coming from it. And she appeared pleased or hopeful; in my estimation as a biased observer.

  4. I still can't stop laughing at the old man recording--Samarai! I thought the injured one actually sounded fairly convincing.

  5. Awesome Share Autumn! There is a consensus that the best recordings are the "Sierra Sounds." Do to the amount fact that the recordings were done in the same remote area over several years. A retired cryptographer has claimed he has found LANGUAGE in the recordings. Check it out at

  6. Guy--I knew you'd have the insider info. I can always count on you! Thanks, buddy!