QUIZ: What Horror Movie Scenario Could You Survive?

It's that time again, my dearies, we're going to find out more about you! Count your a's, b's, and c's and see which one you get the most of. Scroll down and find out which horror movie scenario you could survive.

1. When it comes to school, I tended to have an easier time with...
a. Shop, Home Ec, anything hands-on learning
b. Dissecting frogs in biology class, things no one else wanted to do
d. Debate team, using my mind, solving puzzles

2. My cliche in school? I'd probably say I was...
a. Working class kid, regular guy/gal, average
b. Daredevil, adrenalin freak, sometimes a bully
c. A thinker, philosopher, debater

3. I most admire..
a. The Dirty Jobs dude, Mike Rowe, or Bob Villa the house fixer upper dude, handy guys
b. Donald Trump, Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Airlines, movers/shakers/daredevils
c. Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, the philosophers of old, thinkers/enlightened

4. I'm at a party and someone starts a fight with another person. I would want to...
a. Help out the person who tries to break up the fight--I'll be the added muscle to hold him still
b. Jump in there and get in the guy's face and shove at him, tell him to chill it. I'm not afraid of a fight
c. Be a sounding board to help people get their frustrations out and clear it up

5. Physically, I am...
a. Able to go on long hikes, okay with nature
b. Confident if I need to fight, but I'd rather intimidate and make someone back down
c. I'm confident in my intellectual abilities only

Okay, count your a's, b's, c's and scroll down. Find out which horror movie scenario you could survive.

**Don't forget, tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night. Feel free to come and go and hang out on here and talk back and forth. I'll be here hosting.**

a. Hills Have Eyes
b. Jeepers Creepers
c. Silence of the Lambs


  1. I could survive "The Hills Have Eyes" which is a good thing because driving around this state we get that eerie feeling that mutant humans are going to show up on any of those almost deserted roads. Nice to know that I can fend off those hillbilly creeps and be victorious!

  2. Julie;
    I think of that movie every time I'm in the car on the road with you and I think we might have run into some of those mutants in the old mining towns...

    You are superhuman!

  3. So mine says Silence of the Lambs. Does this mean the part of Agent Starling or the "it puts the lotion on it's skin, or it gets the hose again" chick?

    As much as I hate to echo the sentiments of any previous posters (see what I did there?), I would have to truthfully assert that I would survive all three scenarios as well.

    I'm pretty good with a Bo staff...

  4. Aaron;
    You are a fighter. You should be exempt from the entire test. I like to think I'd survive all three because there's a little demon inside me when someone messes with me. I feel sorry for any guy that tries. I'm a 5'8" athletic redhead and I am still a tomboy at heart. I also have absolutely no problem with the idea of plucking someone's eyeballs right out of his head. Not squeamish at all. Can you tell I used to have a stalker for a few years? I'd so love to find him and give it back twofold.

  5. You had a stalker? How did you get rid of him, is he in jail?

  6. I only wish. He tormented me in the mid 80s in CA. There were no stalker laws. The cops told me what kind of car he drove and that was about all they could do unless he threatened me. They said he liked to follow the girls he bugged So, I lived for years in great frustration. When I moved away, he didn't find me.

  7. I've been stalked twice which was a nightmare for me as well. My oldest and most unbroken personal rule is to never strike a woman, so I didn't have the options you might have had if it ever came down to a physical confrontation. Scary stuff... I eventually got a stun gun for the first one because she weighed upwards of 300 pounds. The math and physics for physical restraint just weren't there.

  8. I like who you take something so frustrating and make it funny. Yes, I don't blame her, Aaron. You are adorable. I got pepper spray too but I think I'd get more satisfaction giving him some REAL pain.

  9. Well thank you for the compliment, M'lady. You are quite fetching yourself! Inside and out...

  10. Hey, you been peeking at my insides?

  11. Only with every piece of writing I read of yours...

  12. Yes, I do rather expose myself. I haven't got a poser bone in my body. As Popeye would say, "I yam what I yam."


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