Syfy--Give Me a Show Dammit!

So, Syfy will be starting a new show called "Haunted Collector" with a team that goes in search of haunted items. Argh! They really need a psychometrist-h-e-l-l-o?

Okay, so since they stole my idea to use my own skills in such a form of entertainment, I'd like to suggest this show:

"Paranormal Hostage" I go and knock on a random door and ask someone "will you commit to doing a paranormal investigation with me without knowing what or where?" If they say yes, I take the poor sucker (ahem) I mean person, along with me on a trip to hunt for Bigfoot or use them as a lure for the Jersey Devil or some other horrifying task. I enjoy a good deal of humor dealing with them along the way and leave them ultimately in a dark place to face a fear they never imagined they'd have to face.

Syfy, you can find me here. I'm on this damn blog every freaking day!

BTW: I also have an idea for a ghost hunting show that would be half amazing research/half Big Brother! I call it "Ghost House."


  1. I still like the "Strip Searching" concept, where every time something goes bump in the night, the team ditches an article of clothing.

    Maybe for HBO, instead of Syfy?

  2. It needs to have more of an NBC-vibe. Maybe Survivor: Psychic Island.

    They can make a whole show on haunted items? That seems more like a segment than a dedicated show.

  3. LII;
    Naked ghost taunting--now that'd be a blast!

    I agree. I wouldn't do a show about it. I've always wanted antique shops to hire me out. If they group items the right way, people would buy like mad, but some shops, people go inside and want to leave fast--that's the mix of items not relating to each other psychically and everyone picks up on it.

  4. I have this great idea for a show: we have a small crew of people, where they try to disprove (or "bust") movie stunts and urban legends and myths and - oh damn, that's been done already.

    Never mind.

  5. HN;
    It's like mama birds regurg'ing the food to the young. I want something original but also something that will be so different every week, I'll be totally enthralled. I love my Paranormal Hostage idea. I think taking some dude from the suburbs and plunging him into a shamanic ritual on Easter Island or some nighttime campout for Bigfoot would be so cool. It'd be funny but it'd be scary and insightful. As we get to know each other, another person would leave there than the one who arrived--he'd be changed forever.


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