Mind Fuck Tuesday: Poltergeists and Emotions

I was not plagued by poltergeist activity after leaving my childhood home and entering my latter teen years. I figured it was past me. I still could not wear a watch without killing it within 1-2 days, but other than that, I had only the occasional TV turning on when I entered the room or store alarm going off or street light turning on. I didn't give those much notice because without consistency, one never knows what caused them.

But, one day when I was in the worst part of my dying marriage and had so much repressed anger that I worked out 2 hours a day and still could not find a release, I was in the grocery store. I live in what was once a retirement area, but became the breeding ground for yuppie families. Still, the elderly like to shop at this small local grocer.

I entered the end of an aisle where an elderly woman was picking out a few items. I pushed my cart just past her and stopped it so I could walk freely up and down the aisle and pick up what I needed.

As I stepped away from the cart, in front of me a package of oatmeal fell to the ground. I stopped and picked it up and put it back. Then, as I straightened up, behind me I heard a plastic container drop. I looked over to see a coffee canister on the ground. I picked it up and put it back.

When I straightened up, the elderly woman was staring at me, her mouth unhinged. I figured she was surprised to see someone being considerate enough to put away items not left securely on the shelves.

I took two steps to go for the cereal when a box of granola bars fell down directly in front of me. What bothered me most is that out of my peripheral vision, I saw that shelf with the boxes on it and it looked like two of them were moving, or as if one behind the other one pushed the front one to the ground.

I looked around as if I were guilty of some crime. The old woman shook her head and said, “that just went right for you, didn't it, dear?”

I nodded. I thought it was a funny way to say it, but I put the box back and then stood up, refusing to move at all. Perhaps somehow I was causing an imbalance in the floor, making the shelves move somehow and toss items. I smiled when I realized all was quiet and still.

Then, just as I began to pivot to go back to my cart, two more items toppled from a shelf about 10 feet away.

The old lady turned at that point and rushed off. Of all the strange instincts, I chased after her, half wanting to stop her from telling anyone.

I got my cart and decided not to pick up items and put them back. It seemed to be a horrible chain of events.

Later on that evening, I finally let my anger out and voiced my desire for a divorce, but those items on the shelf kept coming back to mind. I hadn't done my 2-hour workout that day, had no release for all the frustration.

What if our emotions do not know the boundaries of our bodies? What if they can thrust out like an aura and infect others with anger, sadness or anxiety? What if they can actually affect the harmonic resonance of objects and make them shake and move?

As I further my research into fourth dimension concepts to co-author a book on the subject, I am struck wondering if perhaps the physical limitations of the body in the third dimension are countered by another aspect of us that can enter the fourth dimension because it does not have form stopping it. Whether this is the human soul or not is yet to be seen, but I will continue probing this most interesting theory and you will be hearing more on it.


  1. I think that you may be on to something. Consider that our eyes see in 2 dimensions the brain takes the information from our 2D eyes and constructs a 3D world.

    Is it possible that the brain is creating 4th dimension activity as a coping mechanism or is it part of the "fight or flight" mechanism?

  2. Very good point! I have to admit that at the time, I wasn't actively thinking about my anger, but you know how when you're preoccupied, you look off into space and if someone said "whatcha thinking?" You couldn't say? It's that sort of simmering emotion that one is not aware of that seems to be the most powerful. There is no reason to think that just because we are 3D we do not press ourselves into the fourth dimension as a 2D picture or TV screen, piece of artwork or computer screen can be in our 3D world. They utilize the paper and the screen to exist and perhaps we utilize our bodies to exist in our 3D, but we still exist in the 4D.

  3. It's strange how things happening around us seem to coincide with what we're thinking or feeling... Things as simple as hitting all the red lights when you're running late, when you never do otherwise.

    I've always wondered if my negative energy is affecting the world around me or if it's just my negative perception skewing my view of what is happening. I've always been told the latter is the truth but I have to say, I don't see how in a world that is entirely comprised of energy that we can't see, hear, or touch, how could our energy not be impacting that in some way right?

    After all, the same people telling me that "the world isn't out to get me" when I feel that way, are the same people telling me to "think positive" because it creates a positive outcome... A tad contradictory isn't it?

  4. Doc;
    Yeah, I know from a psychic and empath way of dealing with things that certain people are Debbie Downers. It's not just what they say. I was at a party one time and there was someone standing near me. I couldn't see his face and he wasn't talking, but I suddenly felt really sad and a bit resentful. Then, the feelings grew and grew and finally the guy started spewing to his friends how everyone was fucking up his life from his boss to his wife to his dog! I realized then and there that I was sensing all the emotions he was about to blow. When he was done with his resentful speech, I felt relief immediately as if he too dumped his shit and felt better. I often times know someone is about to contact me and that sense is actually one of intent. We feel someone thinking about contacting us and we are active in their mind, and no our ears don't burn but we start thinking of them out of the blue--it's a sign someone is concentrating on you and they do that before they contact you. It's an intriguing phenomena. I know I keep a super positive vibe leaving me and I know it affects the people around me and hence my world is better. I think it's the old "more flies with honey than vinegar" motto at work.

  5. what makes you think it's 4D, what if it 2D and all phycis powers aere acrually 'regress' and not a 'progress'?

  6. Echo;
    An interesting concept. I guess the assumption is that from the flat world of 2D to the 3 dimensional world with front/back, side/side and up/down, there is a 4th that has more dimensions to its existence and there for to us limited folks in D3, it would seem metaphysical or paranormal.

  7. Maybe it wasn't a poltergeist? What if it was a rage-induced telekinesis of sorts?


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