Josh Gates Journals: Season Ender! MUST SEE! Antarctica!

It's the season ender of Destination Truth and I have to say that I got a chance to preview this episode and it was my very favorite one they've ever done. There were moments of it that read like a really good horror movie remake of "The Thing." I got shivers several times and it takes a helluva lot to get that reaction from me.

It's time for my final Josh Gates Journals (I've-got-a-tweenage-crush-on-Josh journal entries)

Journal Entry: 04/19/2011

Josh is going to Antarctica! I have never been so nervous in all my life! How could his season end already??? OMG! What will I do?? I wish I were there to help keep him warm and protect him from the ghosts of the abandoned research stations. Oh, Josh, you don't have to be so strong and brave with me.

I know people think that Josh is totally brave and fearless, but I can see it in his pretty eyes, there's a little kid inside who is unsure and worried. He may look like Indiana Jones and he may joke around like Joel McHale, but Josh is just a big marshmallow. A big, cuddly bear of a man. (sigh)

Josh, stay warm. Don't go out in the cold without your warm boots and coat. Please don't feed the penguins, who knows where they've been! LOL.

I'll be watching you on TV, my love, but I will be thinking about snuggling with you under a big fur blanket, winds whistling outside, just the two of us...and the film crew, and the sound guy, and the producer, and the team... Okay, I guess it's just well I'm not there, Josh.

Until next season, my dear, I will cherish this episode--my favorite one yet!

**Don't forget that the show tonight is followed by "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen."**


  1. looking forward to it!
    that's the first thing that came to mind, "The Thing" spooky

  2. Looks great but sad to see the season end so soon.

  3. thers's probably nothing but wind there 24 7.

  4. Echo;
    You're pretty close. It is definitely windy, but what they run into--not the wind. Very cool. I'm watching it in the dark.


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