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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Hair Samples

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Field Visit #30

October 11, 2015

Here we go again. Another Sunday visit to the sites. I left home and arrived at the park at 1:35 p.m. The temperature was 85 with a blue sky with high clouds. It was warm. As usual, I did my bike ride of 7+ miles. 

At 1:45 p.m. I rode to the far east end of the trail and stopped at the P.R.O.W on the return end of the ride. I went over to the east entry point and looked at all items. nothing was out of place. I decided to go to the old #2 entry site off the P.R.O.W. This is on the east side, further down, approximately 50 yards from the trail. This is the same spot in 2014 were I found the trees broken over pointing directionally. I feel I need to do some set-ups here again. 

On this trip to the sites, I took 38 photos. I will start now with the report thru the photos.

#1. thru #7. At the one spot were several tree pointers had been located, I put up a group of branches/limbs vertically to draw attention. This is around 25 yards inside the east tree line from the P.R.O.W. the second photo shows the set-up from the P.R.O.W. The other photos show a closer look at the set-up. On a horizontal limb, I have put marbles and polished rocks. On the ground, I laid out limbs at an arrow pointer, pointing to sight 1B over 2 miles from here. On a close by tree, I attached a page of ancient Native American drawings in a plastic cover. Will there be any interaction here??? I wonder.

I left the P.R.O.W. at 2:55 p.m. for site 1B. I got to the entry point at 3:10 p.m. and went into the site. Again, anytime, I enter the site, I do the following: Whistle a specific tune, make my presence known verbally and mentally in speaking my name and singing a tune. I will also blow on my flute and also do some knocks with one of the 2" x 4" wood studs. I also have a survival whistle which I blow a particular way to heard. all these are my on-site signatures.

#8. The Scrabble word dice have been scattered at the rear of the pipe. Probably a raccoon - ???

#9. thru #12. Previous set-ups with small items have been scattered?? Could be critters - ??

#13 thru #19. The 2 black water meter covers show that items from the previous set-up have been moved with some items, including 2 polished rocks, on the ground by the pipe. 

The awesome item change is that the 'Wilson' is now facing to the south. From the previous visit, 'Wilson' was facing east. I do not buy that a raccoon, armadillo, hog, deer moved the ball to the south.

#20. thru #26. The blue hanging bag had all food item removed. The various wrappers and bags could be seen on the ground in the immediate area. The blue bag had holes under the bottom and sides.

Starting with photo # 27, I do some re-arranging of setups and do some new ones.

#27. I added some limbs and a blue vertical limb to the white rock and wood piece. This was at the arch opening.

#28. I hung a montage of taped 'BF' drawings in a cover sheet to the teepee formation. Will it be left alone?

#29. Same as #28 but from a different direction.

#30. and #31.  I added 2 drawings to one of the ball buckets. I hope the meaning is clear from the drawings. I would like for a 'Forest Person' to deposit any found balls in the area into the buckets on the tree. These were drawn by another 'BF' researcher friend. I really appreciate his help.

#32. thru #34. I turned a black water meter cover over and added a number of small items into the squares. I then placed 'Wilson' on top with other added items then placed all on the top of the storage pipe.


#35. and #36. I put up fly paper to see if any hairs could be collected. Hair was collected from the fly paper from photo #35 and sent to my 'BF' researcher friend. He will determine the origin.

#37. and 38. I took all the painted water meter covers and make a new set-up

It was enjoyable to be out here today. It would be great to find someone as dedicated as me to share the adventure with and be committed to come out here with me weekly. Maybe I'm meant to go solo on this project. We'll see.

This concludes field report #30 for Sunday Oct. 11 2015.

**Tomorrow's post is Long Island Sasquatch #4 by researcher, Karl Sup**

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