My New Art!

I wanted some new art for my place, things my ex wouldn't want me to hang up but that I love. Michael Myers is an obsession of mine. I find him to be very sexy. I found that Jeremy my favorite "izombie" blogger was a really talented artist and he had an MM piece I really wanted on canvas. He asked for a couple of pics of me to try some new stylizing techniques on. I am always game for new things and I expected him to turn me into something zombie gruesome. How does someone make a zombie look sexy? Well, he did. He did some cool glamor versions of me too that are super hot! Now, that's a talent! So, here's what this guy has been up to. Just imagine what he could do for your profile pic!

Here's what Jeremy did for my pic (two cool versions).

Here's the original he worked from...

Thanks Jeremy from Olivezombies!


  1. Yes, the pictures are definitely you and I love them. He did a great job. I particularly love the zombie pic.

  2. The art looks cool and sort of creepy.

  3. Good--it hit the mark. Cool and creepy--that's me.

  4. Beautiful. I like the fresco one.

  5. They look awesome! Jeremy did a great job.

  6. sharon

    YOU ARE THE BEST... sorry did i scream that, it was a honor being able to change you... that second photo is "sizzle" both versions... and of course the brassy, you are a total friend... i am happy you are out in the world making it a better place.

    michael came out very cool, great choice as he gleams over and protects his new owner. the others she now has protector, not that she needs one.

    thanks again, you are the best!

  7. The first one is great.
    Also, yeah, would love to see the original of the last one. :P

  8. Yes, I really love my MM picture sooooo much! I look up at him and he looks down at me and we have a mutual understanding that he will only attack intruders. Hee hee

    As for the art of me, that was just a really surprising pleasure. Very very cool!

  9. Not only does the apartment look gorgeous, but the the painting is frickin' AMAZING! Congrats on getting it!

  10. Thanks HN. It feels like my place. I need to live in it longer to feel like home. Sometimes, it just feels like a hotel room. I think it will take more touches. Perhaps if I get the vampire mannequins...

  11. Michael Myers is indeed sexy, so are you!
    Love all the pics, especially the cracked one.
    Great job, Jeremy!


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