Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ancient Giant Proof Still At Lovelock Cave?

On the July 16th episode of Paranormal Geeks Radio (click here to hear first 40 minutes of show talking to them), we had MK Davis and Don Monroe speaking to us from the opening of Lovelock Cave in Nevada, the infamous site of the battle with the red-haired giants who, according to Native legend, were burned inside the cave many thousands of years ago.

After these researchers went inside, this is what they found -

With MK's permission, following a further study in the cave, I'm happy to be able to share some photos he shared with me.

This knife and its sheath have been used to get a measurement. It is 18 inches. Look at Don's hand compared to print!  If the proportions are equal to regular humans, this being would be 18 feet tall!

Besides what appears to be dermal ridges showing in the soot/fat mix that appears to be the basis of this hand print (from the cave ceiling and further legitimizing the story of a conflagration with the giants inside), the impression shows more pressure on the thenar eminence of the palm and the first three fingers, which is typical for anyone pushing or lifting something heavy (just hold your hands in front of your head as if you're cradling a boulder - the inner aspect of your hand settles that weight).

It will be interesting to see further evidence to see if this might be an actual hand print. If it is, I think I have my own personal take on this:

The cave's floor is an unnatural floor built up after years of guano mining and back fill following that, as well as the wood floor put in by The State.  If that were so, then the hand print likely for this 18-foot tall being would have been made on a boulder near the top of the original cave and the substance on its hands was from the ceiling, having steadied its hand there as it entered when the substance had not yet had the time to harden over decades or centuries.  My scenario would suggest that not all the giants were in the cave at the time of the killing and this member came back to bury the dead, perhaps leaving them behind a stack of boulders in another section of the cave. Of course, this is only theory, but it would explain much of the location of the hand print the fact that a dying giant would not be touching the melting burning ceiling and leaving hand prints, it would have been done after, but before the substance hardened. (read my upcoming post on Wednesday about Pyramid Lake and Lake Titicaaca to learn much more about these theories)

MK has been kind enough to offer to be back on Paranormal Geeks Radio to discuss this research and I will keep you informed when he will be on. It's our hope that we can get a discussion going about this subject and about gathering evidence and putting the puzzle of the past together.

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